Tuesday, December 27, 2016

When to YouTube ReRyan (2016) 
Lovers look back at a glorious lifetime 
Ryan Higa takes a humorous look at trends of 2016 

When (English sonnet) 

When will we see a night like this once more
When silken stars will wonder what we’ll do
With this their moment mid the moon kissed hue
When sighs of lovers make the flowers soar
When will we see a dream like this come true
When chance will open every longed for door
With melodies we’ve never felt before
When sighs of lovers fills my heart with you
I’m sure that we will dream another night
I’ll hold you tight and linger in a kiss
So sure that we have memories in sight
Another passing smile I would not miss
When will we see this moment of delight
For other dreams and nights will not be this

Lovers linger for a time in a moment in this English sonnet. The quatrains are very structured. This was done to build a familiar memory. When the couplets take over the sonnet looks toward the future. Then we return to a memory and the message of the sonnet. 

It was just another night with " the crew" at the dance club. It was a moderately slow dance. A chance for lovers to hold one another on the dance floor. Arlene and I looked into each other's eyes, knowing that this time will never come again. We had done this many times before. This time was different. Disco was on it way out and Arlene and I would soon be entering into a new stage of life (parenthood). Other than his cries, which were more like a shriek, Peter, our firstborn, was a dream. Arlene and I were very happy. We looked into each other's eyes. It returned again, "This time will never come again." I miss those disco days. I miss when Peter was a baby. I miss so many moments in my life. Yet I carry with me a satisfaction, for I knew, I lived as if "this time will never come again." 

So should we all live our life. Long or short. life is what it is. We cannot go back in to the past. We can attempt to relive those precious moments. It is okay to miss what once was. But now... Make the most of now. It is human nature to take things for granted, and life flies by. Instead, "take a little longer to smell the flowers." Don't allow yourself to fall into a rut. Even little things will make a world of difference. It is hard to remember times that are alike or that run into each other. It is easier to remember the special times. If we were going to die tomorrow, how would we live today? Well, tomorrow will be different and now will join the past. Take hold of the present. Make the most of who we are, this time, our moment and Enjoy. 

A little motivational music id in order: Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston "When You Believe" 

Basketball fans are going to love this 

The Warriors Blew a 3-1 Lead refers to a series of jokes about how the NBA’s Golden State Warriors lost the 2016 NBA Finals to the Cleveland Cavaliers after having three wins against Cleveland’s one in the Best-of-Seven series. That season, Golden State set the record for wins in the regular season with 73, and had the league’s first-ever unanimous Most Valuable Player in Steph Curry. Despite needing only one more victory to win the championship, Golden State lost the following three games and the series. This made them the first team in NBA History to blow a 3-1 series lead in the NBA finals. The jokes are a way to troll Warriors supporters who claimed the team was the best in NBA history. With this in mind enjoy the last of Ryan Higa. of  nigahiga, as he takes a look at 2016's biggest trends. 
Pay attention as Ryan pokes some fun at 2016's biggest trends and the Warriors. "YouTube ReRyan! (2016)" 


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  1. Taking time to smell the roses sure is the way to be, as we never get out in the end anyway, so may as well enjoy things while we are above ground.

    1. That was an interesting way of putting it.
      But what does one expect from an interesting person?
      Thank you

  2. What a lovely poem and beautiful thoughts. There is great wonder in appreciating the moment...

    1. Thank you for the praise.
      The moment is us

  3. The little things (roses included) are huge in my world. And I am so very grateful for the joy and delight they bestow.

    1. Thank you
      and we are very grateful for the joy and delight you bestow

  4. It seems a long time since roses were in bloom.
    Great poem Martin.

    1. They will bloom again. It is their nature.
      Thank you for your appreciation

  5. When will we see a dream like this come true
    When chance will open every longed for door

    I wonder do we ever see a dream come true again, perhaps it is something magical in the moment and once the moment is gone it cannot be re-enacted as variables change ever so slightly. Maybe, some dreams never happen except in the dreamscape.

    Your poetry is lovely as always! I am glad so many of your dreams were awaken in the realm of reality. May it always be so for you Martin!

    1. That is a good question you have about dreams. I have put on many performances. There was always something different.
      Thank you for the gracious compliment

  6. After reading your words for Wednesday, I am in the mood for a tight hold and linger kiss of a crocodile... great poem even without my added crocodile.

    1. Oh you were there too
      Glad you enjoyed
      Thank you for dropping by here

  7. Disco Days - remember those days well.
    Always take time to smell the roses which are blooming well at the moment.
    Happy New Year.
    Those two sing well together.

    1. Donna Summers
      I love the memories you post
      Thank you and Happy New Year to you