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When The Winter Finds Us to BlackFace: The Sacred Legend 
Follow the fate of a loving couple as winter approaches 
Follow the fate of a cruel colonist as he wanders the forest of destiny  

When The Winter Finds Us (free form poem) 

When the winter finds us in spring’s morning
Will the hearts of flowers still scent night
The rain of years may wash away the moments
The sun will shine in yet another day
And there we stand still holding hands with strangers
Wondering amid the precious flow
Whether we had wandered our youth wisely
Or whether we were victims of our fate
When the winter finds us in summer play
Will the days remain as vast and endless
Moments wanting more than moments of before
Till memories once treasured are confused
And there we stand believing in lost teardrops
Spending nights recapturing what was forgot
Wondering were we the lovers of long ago
Whose moonlight kisses missed moments like this
When the winter finds us in fall’s evening
Will the music still ignite past feelings
Eyes still hold on to what we hope is true
As things long familiar waive a goodbye
And there we stand looking at each other
A little closer yet lifetimes away
Wondering beyond all of the heartbreaks
Wandering miracles splendor come true
Kiss me one more time to make this moment
Kiss me one more time forevermore
And when we close our eyes to the seasons
Then the winter finds us in spring’s morning

A life unfolds for a loving couple in this free form poem. This poem is generally divided into sets of two stanzas as winter approaches. Each set is a portion of a coupe's life. When winter finally appears the lovers kiss one more time and the two stanza progression is broken. There is a pleasant reason for this, besides returning to spring. 

It was a great life. Arlene and I were on the Mississippi River. The day after tomorrow we would be flying home. It was the end of the spring of our lives. Disco was dying. Arlene and I were no longer those crazy teenage lover. Our hearts would return to our "palace in the sky" (our first apartment). We had survived the darkest times of our lives and we were still together. Oh, such wonders, such dreams were set before us in those disco days. 

Peter, our son was in the back of a taxi, waving goodbye, when summer was over. He was off to college. Arlene and I were very involved parents. We taught our children to read before they entered kindergarten. Weekends were made for the family. At school, at sports, at extracurricular activities Arlene and I were there. Always on our minds was this time would be over. With this in mind we made memories. Arlene and I only had two children, Peter and Robin, but the memories of that summer lifetime was endless. 

Our fall was a bit odd. Arlene and I were expecting to spend those years, just before old age sets in, doing things we missed doing while we were parenting. Instead, we were thrown back to our 20's. I had become a Mason. Arlene and I threw these large and successful parties and events. These parties and our popularity out on the dance floor made us popular and sought after guests at many other events of other organisations. In the fall of our lives, we were reliving our spring.

So much for life being like the seasons. Or is it? I am now an old man, who has lived a long and full life. From where I'm sitting, I believe, life is ours to live. I say this, keeping in mind that I was very lucky. Or was I? I am not a music teacher. I am not a song writer. I am not a photographer. These were dreams that didn't work out. But the things that did work out were things that I hadn't originally planned. Keeping in mind, life is different for all of us. Keeping in mind, we are all individuals. This is our life. Even if there is a life after this, each season of our life is over. All we have is now. But now I'm stuck at work. It is still our now. Use it. Shine. We are all special. One of our greatest enemies is, "I wish I would have." It is your life, season, now. Life it. Be that Dream. Enjoy.

Some kissing music for that poem:  Justin Guarini "Timeless" 

What if 

ESMA is an applied arts school,in France, with over 20 years of experience , which saw the birth of many graphic designers, photographers, designers space or 3D animators. Its students Nicolas Salsedo, Clement Vitroly, Mohamed Amine El Faqir and Bertrand Carriere have come together to bring to life a Hindu legend. It is the story of an English colonist who is decided to find and kill a monkey supposed crowned in the Indian forest.  
What if this is more than a legend. "CGI Animated Short Film HD: "Blackface Short Film" by Blackface Team" 

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Life isn't about finding yourself. 
Life is about creating yourself. 
George Bernard Shaw


  1. I found this poem very moving as I recall "The Winter" in the life of my late husband when he was told of his terminal illness. Eighteen years have now gone by but thanks to your remarkable poem I can get some comfort from "The Winter" of my marriage.

    1. My sympathy for your loss.
      I am so happy this poem brought you some light.
      Thank you and may peace be with you

  2. Another great read. Good morning Martin.

    1. My morning is good now
      Thank you for the compliment

  3. Life is sure different for all indeed and if we keep pushing ahead, whether we thought we'd end up where we are or not, it always finds a way.

    1. That is great insight
      Thank you for adding such wonderful value

  4. I don't think any of us know where life will take us. Which is part of its challenge and part of its charm. I can remember a poster in India 'Life is a duty. Do it.' And while the language is harsher than I would use, do it is what I do...

    1. Life indeed is a challenge
      Thank you so much for granting us your perspective
      May the light always be with you

  5. I'm glad that you have such lovely thoughts on your life. Your poetry is so beautiful.

    1. Glad that you enjoyed.
      Thank you so much for your kind words

  6. I know too many people who thought in the winter of their life they would travel and do the things they dreamt about once retiring, unfortunately it doesn't work out due to bad health or death of a spouse. I say live in the "now" if you can. Sometimes, plans change and life unfolds to open a different path. You have had an unusual life filled with blessing. May it always be so Martin!

    1. What a powerful write!
      Thank you for your blessing
      May it always be so for you

  7. "Will the days remain as vast and endless
    Moments wanting more than moments of before"
    Even to stand together and have this wondering is already tohave more than many are granted. Oh, why has it taken me so long to visit? Beautifully created.

    1. It is an honor to see you her. I really enjoy your poetry.
      I so agree
      Thank you for this delight

  8. Beautiful -- "A little closer yet lifetimes away" -- that is exactly how it feels sometime!

    1. So well put
      Thank you for stopping by
      May the season shine its light on you

  9. When the winter finds us in fall’s evening
    Will the music still ignite past feelings

    A question many may be asking hoping for a good answer


    1. Good of you to think of them
      Thank you and bless you

    2. Posted a comment but I think it's disappeared?