Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Wishes Gathered to Jury Box Boredom 
A man who left his wishes build up 
A genie in court to grant wishes 

Wishes Gathered (English sonnet) 

The wishes gathered there beyond the sea
Of things which were forgotten long ago
Among the myriads of were not so
Which dwelled within a heart too bound to see
Too bound by empty fashions life would show
Too bound by other’s views of how to be
Too bound by fear of secrets told of me
That wishes were a dream he would forego
And so he grew atop the world he knew
So proud of all that lingered in his sight
Reward he bought in all those bound by years
But in some sea a raging storm was due
It struck upon the quiet of his night
As waves of wishes reappeared as tears 

A man's sea of wishes wash ashore in this English sonnet. In the first half, we have a man who put his wishes aside. This causes an ostinato that clogs the second quatrain. As the second part begins (the triplets), the man seeks refuge in his accomplishments. As the end comes. the man is overtaken by the sea. 

When I was moving up the ranks in Masonry, I would visit the sick and shut in. I was not part of the sick and shut in committee, I was just an officer of the Lodge. By my fifth year of this practice I became very popular. A few people attributed me with magical healing powers. I just left it at that. In that fifth year, a wife asked me to visit her husband in the hospital. He was a very successful business owner. He was seriously ill. Facing death. He was very happy to see me and the chocolate cake I brought him. We talked for hours as his wife entered and left the room. He shared with me his life and how he became so successful, As time went on he shared with me the many, many sacrifices he made to bring him to this point. As he went on he told me of the wishes and moments he had put off. He started to cry. He shared with me how deeply he feared death and the regrets of his decisions. I stayed until the sedation the nurse gave him and the tears set him to sleep.  That night, I reflected on how lucky I was not to have put of my dreams and wishes. 

The story has a happy ending. The man's operation, though risky, was a success. He sold the business. I never saw the man again. ...because he was catching up on some wishes. 

This whole thing, the sonnet and the story, is about not putting off our dreams and wishes. I have been around death more than most. Death is generally easier to accept by those who lived a satisfying life. Do the things we want to. Live those dreams. We may not be able to do them all, But do as many as possible. Do not put things off too long. There may be some dreams that are out of reach. 1) Are they really? 2) Where there is a will, there is a way. 3) Can the dream be modified? 4) How are others doing it? Accept that you are special. Life has a beginning and an end. In the middle, write your story. The world is your pages, your ink. And in every chapter, Enjoy.  

Let's stay on the subject: Beach House "Wishes" 

Now the sillier side of wishes 

Slim Jim, invented by Adolph Levis in 1929 in Philadelphia, is an American brand of jerky snacks or dried sausage sold globally and manufactured by ConAgra Foods. Greg the Genie is Slim Jim;s latest spokesman. Here Greg is called to court to defend one of the jurors. 
Slim Jim may be good, but eating it does not guarantee a genie will appear. "Greg the Genie: Jury Box Boredom" 

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Some people want it to happen, 
some wish it would happen, 
others make it happen. 
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  1. Yeah, putting things off is never good. But one has to be realistic too. Because if you go for a dream, just one dream, and are blind to anything else, you could end up on a street corner, bringing death on quicker. Those who say "follow your passion" are already rich so they can follow it. More needs to be done to attain a dream than to simply go for it, but it can and should be done.

    1. Great point you made. As I have stated, I was never rich, but I was lucky.
      The thing with this man, he had put off too much.
      In the end, it is a individual thing.
      Thank you

  2. I live by the sea both here and when I lived in Spain.
    I used to ....and still do walk along the shore and think how to make my dreams come true, some have already materialised by the publishing of my four books. But I have personal hopes for the future guess I will have to walk along the shore more often.
    Great post Martin.

    1. We'll be in the UK performing in concert next year

    2. A walk along the shore sounds nice

    3. Yvonne, Sounds to me like all is good. As long as you are happy.
      Follow your dreams
      Thank you for your praise

    4. The wiggles, Good luck in the UK
      Thank you for dropping in

  3. Life is for living. Dreams are a part of that - but only a part.

    1. Point well taken
      Thank you for this wisdom

  4. I love these words "The wishes gathered there beyond the sea
    Of things which were forgotten long ago" I think they are powerful and beautiful as are your thoughts...

    1. Thank you
      Perhaps these words awakens something

  5. The man was lucky to catch up on his wishes, not many people get the opportunity to do so.

    1. Let us learn from this story.
      I know you live you dreams.
      Thank you and dream on

  6. I think small wishes can be obtained it is the bigger dreams that are more difficult. Especially, when you give up too much of your own life to get to that point of success. So, one might ask what is the price for the dream. I don't remember which first lady said something along the lines of what will you regret when you are older, missing a day of work or time you should have spent with your family. Just something to consider.

    1. Wonderful consideration! I was very lucky (and very imaginative). In the end, it is an individual thing.
      Thank you for this valued perspective

    2. It is an individual thing as we all live different lives,heck maybe one doesn't even enjoy their family. You are indeed lucky and imaginative..You were graced with "true" love..

    3. Thank you for sharing these thoughts.
      Follow Your light

  7. We may not be able to do them all,
    But do as many as possible

    That is true Martin! One can only do so up to a point. But as long as it brings satisfaction it is way a success!


    1. From what I've seen, This is true
      Thank you for your affirmation