Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Your Time to Cowboy Vs Outlaw 
One man stands up to his destiny 
Another man stand up to an outlaw 

Your Time (English sonnet) 

Here is your time this moment meant for you
To touch the world and show it who you are
A peaceful scent perhaps a shooting star
A destiny now opens to your view
Yours is the voice heard calling from afar
A whispered sigh perhaps a windswept coup
I’m here oh world now watch what I can do
It’s time to bring your fashion to bazaar
And days to minutes join the passing stream
To hide in caverns shaded from the sun
A misty shadow comes to claim this dream
And though you fight you know it has begun
As you awake to world with strange new gleam
Here is your time enjoy what you have done 

A bit of inspiration in the form of a English sonnet. In the first part (the quatrains) we have a perfect world where everything is sunny. A voice is calling to our success. As the couplets arrive, so does a shadow. It is bent on stealing our dream. As we awaken, we realize our success. 

I was extremely lucky. I had a teacher, Mr. Land, I had teachers, who helped me succeed. I had a boss who taught me the value of being a hard worker (not only in pay, but in the praise and respect of other). At Chevron I learned the power of positive thinking. Yes, I became an egotist. Why not? Everything was going my way. At Chevron, I was put in charge on 14 people. I shared with them some of the things I knew and added fun to the job. At the same time, Chevron initiated an incentive program. The first project, with me in charge, was completed early. We all got a bonus. I got a bonus because the team was motivated. On we went. Success after success.  I looked really good. My ability to work with people brought me unbelievable projects. When I got involved with the Masons my attention eventually turned to charities. To curb my egotism, which was growing, I served others coffee and cleaned tables. I began to see, my successes were raised upon the the shoulders of people who respected me. Some of these people wanted to be like me. Looking into the future, a brother mason and I established a Masonic education school. At the school anyone can learn about Freemasonry, members can learn and teach ritual, people learn from each other to let their talents shine. The success of the school speaks in blood drives, care in the city's public schools, traffic safety, community projects and more, But most importantly: people who shine.  (The School is open to everyone each Monday)

From my experience everyone has a gift or two. Something that they do exceptionally well. The greatest shadow that we all have to overcome is doubt (fear in the form of doubt). Some successfully overcome this handicap. Others do not or do not completely. Of those that do not, they spend their lives wishing or ignoring. In today's world, where help is at our fingertips. this is unfathomable. But I believe that if we see, if we want, an attainable path will appear. We all possess a gift, a special talent. Another thing to keep in mind is that our gift is not the same as others. For example, we not have a gift in automobile repair. We have a gift for art. We can draw a motor. Think abut that one. Our time here is limited, What are our talents? Shine at them. Let others be inspired by your light. And Enjoy.

Need some more motivation: Frank Loesser "I Believe In You" 

Now boys let's not fight 

The cowboy of myth and reality had his beginnings in Texas. There cattle grew wild with few natural enemies; by the end of the Civil War there were an estimated 5 million of them. It was then that the cowboy entered his twenty-year golden age, 1866-1886, the era of the open range and the great cattle drives. There were good cowboys and bad. There are loads of books and movies about the meetings of the two.  ScottDW has captured a rare meeting of the two. 
We haven't seen a clash like this one. "OLD WEST DANCE BATTLE - COWBOY VS OUTLAW! // @ScottDW" 

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George S. Patton



  1. I can write any story on anything, but ask me to fix a car or draw something, and yep, SOL on those. All have a gift indeed.

    1. ...and write stories that rhyme! (no less)
      What an affirmation
      Thank you

  2. I was brought up to believe that everyone has a special gift.
    Mine has not yet appeared.
    Or is well disguised.

    1. You volunteer. You care about people. You write...
      Need I say more?
      Thank you for all you do

  3. I find I can write a poem on any subject, once I wrote about a common garden green pea.
    Wonderful poem Martin and post.

    1. You can also make people happy.
      Thank you for all your gifts

  4. What a thought provoking post and the poem is beautiful. I am glad you did well and also did good things for others.

    1. Thank you for your kind thoughts.
      We are born to help

  5. even the dumbest person has gifts. some people do help others to bring forth their gifts, others choose not to show their gifts.

    1. You are so right.
      Thank you for the gifts you bring to me