Saturday, April 30, 2016

Poets Unite to Worst Army Ever 
Poet raise their glasses to unite 
An army finds reasons not to fight 

Poets Unite (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Now stand aside us lovers one and all
As we the lost lamenters share our song
A common dirge for those who don’t belong
The sweet soft kisses veiled by parasol
Raise high our words to heavens we arouse
Make symphonies from not so simple sighs
Expound the mystic world in lover’s eyes
So not for aught our dreams of love espouse
The rambling of rabble oft draws ear
Too timid to turn thoughts into a pulse
To bare themselves would cause them to convulse
Such hold to reasons why they are not here
Let us who weave of love together stay
Creators of the world where lovers play

Why should it surprise, that poets use a Shakespearean sonnet as a rallying cry?  As one might suspect, the lines are filled wit layers of meaning. The speaker has 14 lines to toy to the tastes of his peers and rouse them up. Was he successful? 

When my life changed, I decided to be a writer. I would like to share a thought or two in order to motivate. I don't consider myself among the best. I just do what I do. I have been at this for six years and have seen many individuals come and go. Anyone who enters this world thinking they will be an "overnight sensation", all I can say is I encountered a few, so it is possible. I am not one of them. Some writers have invested a long time developing a following. Some writers have dropped out of sight. I run into a few of them every now and again on Twitter and Facebook, asking me how I'm doing. 
Considering how tricky the business of writing can be, take heart. I don't think ability, talent or skill are entirely a measure of success. I think luck, timing or something else comes into play. There are also "those" people. We know who I'm talking about by their comments. They know more or better than us. I know them because I was one of them. This should give us some insight into "those" people. Thanks to kinder hearts, a conscience, the loss of followers and a positive nature, I made a much needed correction.
Most important: never give up hope. We may not all be Shakespeares. But you are the best you. And that's saying a lot. You want to be a writer? Be one. Who are we to tell you, you can't? Who are we to scoff your loyal followers (commenting or not)? We must believe in ourselves. If we can't believe in us, how can we expect others to? If we decide to stop writing it is because we chose to follow another dream. And who can follow a dream, but a dreamer, a creator, you. With so much potential, what are we to do, but enjoy. 

Back to the poet: Thomas Morley "Sing we and chant it" 

From the glory of poets to to the not so worthless world of laughs 

With the 4th largest military in the world and a $26 billion in investments and military aid, Iraq is considered to have one of the worst armies in history. Their biggest problem? Loyalty. Leave it to Smosh to uncover a contender in the war of worst armies.  It seems that, way back when, the Alliance of Hecoxia have lived in fear of the other kingdoms. Smosh has (supposedly) uncovered the events of the day of the almost great encounter. 
Abviously, no one was injured on the day filming this sketch. "WORST ARMY EVER" 

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Don't ever doubt yourselves or waste a second of your life. 
It's too short, and you're too special. 
Ariana Grande

Friday, April 29, 2016

Blossoms Of A Dream to Proud Thug 
From the sweetness of a dream 
To a thugs' meeting 

Blossoms Of A Dream (free form poem) 

How did it happen
Those heartbeats ago
When a dream began
Its season’s bloom
There was a glow
There was a wonder
There was a something
A light to a door
The flowers did gather
There under the tree
To share of their splendor
To welcome tune played
There was a flow
There was a freedom
There was a moment
A glory of all
But the winds of time
Cast blossoms of dream
To other proud trees
Shading their flowers
There through unknown
There memories grew
There present met a past
Sweetened by a tear
And under its tree
A dream once alive
Renews the dying others
As it waits its turn
Where did it go
Where was the purpose
Where were the blossoms
Growing in the distance

An inviting fantasy wrapped up in a free form poem. The poem hoping to have two main effects. One is to draw us in. Though the words are not exact, they seem to draw us in. Strangely, we are drawn in in like a scent to a warm welcome wind. Another, is to point to the never ending moments, seasons of love. Notice the poem is divided into three parts. It begins with "How did it happen". Then it turns to the "realities" with "There was a flow" (the fourth stanza). The last stanza begins with "Where did it go". An ending or a new beginning? 

Call me a "love-sick romantic". I don't think love ever dies. I don't mean just the concept of love. I am talking about that first kiss with Malana, that perfect day of Arlene's and my wedding, that time of wonder when Amor and I went to Las Vegas. I believe that lovers are like flowers Though we are all unique individuals, we are spreading a scent, a seed, a memory (of love) that will repeat. Repeat in other flowers. Repeat in other moments. That first kiss with Malana, was done before by another and will be repeated by another and another and another... Oh sure, it was not exactly like ours, but we were an important part of its eternity. It is hard to explain, but I hope we are beginning to sense, to feel, to understand, what is being expressed. The love we have, is seen by others (in one form or another). The "pollen" is spread. A moment is reborn. again and again and... Think about it. Malana wasn't just born a great kisser. We all learn and grow. The knowledge, ideas, experience comes from someplace. Have you ever experienced young lovers who seem oddly familiar? We may not share my belief. But there is something more to love. Some magic to the moments we make with another. Some meaning in the winds of time calling us to enjoy. 

While we reflect, here's a love video: Secret Garden "Nocturne" 

From the sublime to the mud 

According to the internet (who we know we can all believe) when it comes to Hispanic street gangs we do not turn to Mexico but a few miles north, to the county of Los Angeles who, as of 2015, bears the weight of over 500 Latino gangs. That's why we turn to east coasters Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, of Key and Peele. This comedy team knows very little about any gang, but they sure are funny. Plus, it is rumored, they both know how to work the internet. 
One more extra. They wrote a sketch about a Hispanic gang. "Proud Thug" 

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A lot of people like the idea of eternal love 
and eternal romance. The notion of love 
that is more profound and deeper 
because it is eternal is very powerful. 
James Patterson

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Something Has Changed to Crabby Transformation 
Tankas about change 
A smile changes to fear as an alien changes 

A Truth (tanka) 

Once there was a truth
Which people refused to see
It didn’t suit them
But they stored it in closets
Just in case the fashion changed

Something Has Changed (tanka) 

We wake up one day
To find the whole world has changed
The air is sweeter
Everything seems more alive
Maybe we just fell in love

The Familiar Voice (tanka) 

They mourned at the loss
Of someone who had changed their lives
On that cloudy day
But echoing from mirrors
They felt a familiar voice

Three examples of the tanka form of poetry. It is easy to create a tanka. It is just a matter of counting syllables. A normal tanka has 5 lines following this syllable scheme: 5-7-5-7-7. Rhyme schemes are optional, Tankas do not have to rhyme at all. One of the top tanka writers on Blogspot is Rika Inami. Hit this link and be taken to her blog. 

I don't need to tell you that one of the facts of life is change. Some doors close and other doors appear. At my age, I look at my fair city and reflect in how much it has changed. It has gotten so expensive. I grew up on 24th street, in the sunny Noe Valley. We kids used to play in the streets. Kids can't play in the streets there anymore. There were delicatessens everywhere, where one could buy delicacies from around the world. Delicacies that are no longer available. Even the famous San Francisco sour dough French bread has changed. We used to have horse back riding in Golden Gate Park. No more. Dancing in ice cream parlors, familiar policeman walking the streets, your choice of boat on Stow Lake, clothing stores where they knew your name, mom and pop stores on "every corner" and much, much more. Gone. 
Then I think back, how I looked forward to all the new things. How I enjoyed and took advantage of the things that were and made them part of a memory. I think back at all the changes I participated in making and now cry about. At how much I have changed. Yes, I am older, but did I get better? I think back and reflect was it all made for me? Was it, is it all made for us? Change is inevitable. We can cry about the things that are no longer here or we can enrich our memories while they still are. We can lament the things that no longer are or rejoice that we were part of them all and that they are part of us. And when the next door closes there should be no question in our mind, "Did I enjoy?' 

Keeping with the theme: David Bowie "Changes" 

When we think about it, there is an element of magic in change 

Believe in space aliens or not, it has been good for some insurance companies. More than 40,000 Americans have taken out insurance against being abducted by aliens. Meanwhile back on earth, famed magician Michael Carbonaro has some fun with an absolutely great victim. I don't know what's better, Carbonaro's illusions or his guests reaction to them. 
Carbonaro plays a professor and his guest plays an assistant who helps him clean up before... well watch and enjoy the laughs. "The Carbonaro Effect - Crabby Transformation" 

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The first step toward change is awareness. 
The second step is acceptance. 
Nathaniel Branden

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Perhaps to The Internet is Down 
A lover must deal with the loss of his love 
Friends must deal with loss of the internet 

Perhaps (round) 

Some shadows in a distant window there
Perhaps some whispers in my memory
Refreshed my tears thus made it hard to see
This test of something come to steal the air
My mind my heart the bitterness of pain
There never was a kiss so hard to bear
Except for this the rest I’m unaware
Perhaps some distant star might help explain
Was this the ends of all that we’ve been through
Was this the silence mid that sweet refrain
Perhaps this truth will melt amid some rain
Which promise flowers there is life anew
Perhaps behind the pain some clarity
Forgotten past returning to my view
This window to how much I once loved you
Those shadows there were born of you and me 

A round disguised as an Italian sonnet. What makes this a round? Follow the rhyme scheme. Each beginning and ending rhyme leads to the middle of the next stanza, The last stanza leads back to the beginning. (ABBA CAAC DCCD BDDB) One added note. Did we notice that the word "Perhaps" appears in each Stanza? "Perhaps" appears once on each line. Why? 

I lost my childhood sweetheart, Arlene, in August of 2003. We had been together since I was 14. I was devastated. Through the love, care, understanding and encouragement of my friends, family and associates I made it through this dark times. With their encouragement and help I would eventually meet, court an marry my present wife, Amor. 
The poem deals with a dark cycle. An endless abyss. A cycle that many have fallen into, who are faced with pain and sorrow. A cycle I might have been given to had it not been for the concerning hands of individuals. Strange that I didn't see, that I was unaware of this endless pit, inches from my feet. After all, I had helped others who were walking a cloudy path, similar to mine. It leads me to believe: it is easier for our "eyes" to see the footsteps of others than our own. 
I have still fallen into an endless pit. Thank goodness Arlene and I made so many joyful memories. Thank fate that I met Amor, who can bring light to the darkest night. Perhaps. Even when things are not going well. Perhaps. Even in the darkest fog. Perhaps. Even when there doesn't seem to be any hope in sight. Perhaps there still a reason, a purpose to enjoy. 

A loss song I pray that few can relate to: Michael Jackson "She's Out of My Life" 

In today's world losing the internet might be the end of it 

About 3.17 billion people use the internet, of which 50% are on Facebook (per  Statista 2016). With so many people on the internet, imagine if the internet went down. Worse yet (yes, it could get worse), imagine the internet going down as a musical. Sound unbelievable? The crew of AVbyte, along with vine phenomenon Thomas Sanders, have come out with a new video featuring a new musical they're working on, about the internet going down. 
They hope to have the full production done just as soon as all of the crew members can get off of Facebook. "The Internet is Down - THE MUSICAL feat. Thomas Sanders" 

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And I think that I cried for days, 
but now that seems lightyears away, 
and I'm NEVER going back to who I was 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Whisper In The Wind to Clark Kent's Problem 
Lovers search for secret in the wind 
An office searches for Clark Kent's secret 

Whisper In The Wind (English sonnet) 

A whisper in the wind so gently fell
Upon a sleeping garden rich with dew
The tears of dreams still waiting to come true
Amid the blossom of dawn’s morning spell
This whisper in the wind its secret flew
Across the hearts of flowers which there dwell
Who felt the wonder there among them swell
Their light and reason soon would be in view
A moment of silence took all around
A chorus of beauty waits to astound
What whisper in the wind is so profound
Come see the glory and meaning to this
Amid such perfection how could we dismiss
Now whole world waits to feel true lovers kiss 

A slight variation of an English sonnet. Normally this version of the English sonnet has triplets that follow this rhyme scheme: CDE CDE. I have chosen to let each triplet rhyme with itself. Notice how each stanza uses the words "whisper in the wind" until the mystery is finally solved. And of course, all of this is for a kiss. 

I hope we all know, what a fool I am for a kiss. I'm sure, in other editions of this blog, I will go into more details. For now let me talk about poetry, styles and creativity. First off, I do not consider myself an expert or a master on this subject. This is only my personal opinion. When I was going to school, I was blessed with many great teachers. One of these was Mr. Walters, my Shakespeare Literature instructor. Mr. Walters felt it was important to learn other forms of poetry to appreciate the works of Shakespeare. We had a lot of homework and a lot of writing. Mr. Walters made it all easy. He was a great motivator. So was Denise, who I did most of my work for. But that's a different story. What impressed me most and left a its mark, even today, was Mr. Walter's lessen, "There are no absolutes in poetry." When we students had an assignment to write a poem in a particular style and we broke that style, Mr Walters would ask us why. As long as we had a reason, the poem was acceptable. All reasons were accepted. When we finally got down to learning about the works of Shakespeare, Mr. Walters would have us learn by engaging in class discussions. He actually said very little. Whatever direction the class went was up to us. There was no opinion too "out there". Did we really get "A Midsummer Night's Dream" or "Hamlet"? I don't know, but the discussions... 
The point is : who is to say our avenues of expression(s) is not correct? That poem, that painting , that song, that dance move is no good because... Sure, everything created by humans can be made better. To be made better, isn't it best to focus on what is good? People tend to do better if encouraged with positives. We also learn faster. We are all blessed with creativity and an avenue of expression. Limitless. As individual as we all are. It all starts from "here". So enjoy.

Back to the lovers and the kiss: Secret Garden "Windancer" 

I know what you're thinking - That was super man - Talking about Superman 

Originally Superman could not fly. He was merely able to jump great distances. The ability to fly was added later at the request of Max Fleischer Studios. Meanwhile, working at an office is Clark Kent. Clark's coworkers begin to wonder why he keeps disappearing whenever Superman shows up to save the day. 
Follow the folks of Trophy Husbands as the mystery is solved. "Clark Kent's Problem" 

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Soul meets soul on lovers' lips. 
Percy Bysshe Shelley

Monday, April 25, 2016

Lingered Into Night to Housework (Work parody)
Lovers enjoy the magic of the night 
But first there's housework to be done 

Lingered Into Night (Martin verse) 

Within my arms we lingered into night
With vast horizons there before our sight
What dreams what wonders waited to ignite
What will unfold to fashion our delight
Somehow the moon was saying so much more
I never saw the stars so bright before
And with each instant how my heart would soar
Within my arms the key to heaven’s door
Uncertain of what happened there that night
We kissed as we did many times before
Imaginings or did we really soar
With lovers’ breeze to heighten our delight
Amid the stars we gazed at so much more
Our endless Joy was spread beyond mere sight
A world awaited us two to ignite
A welcome light adrift on fortune’s door
Now was it real or was it sheer delight
These lovers’ dreams are easy to ignite
But when I looked into my starry sight
Within my arms we lingered into night 

Another Martin verse to demonstrate another effect. This poem doesn't use a conflict which should be resolved. Instead, as stanza by stanza evolves, the poem heightens, like a wave. Then as the poem draws to an end, like a receding wave, the poem comes to a rest.  By using a Martin verse, which typically ends with the same line it began with, the ebbing effect is more pronounced. 

It's hard to tell, from where I sit now, if it all really happened. The dances, the places, the people, the praises, the glories, the kisses, the life. There are the memories, the pictures, the people sharing once again, "remember when". It is hard to believe it really happened at all. And here I am sharing it all with you. For whether it really happened, what does it matter if it not implanted in others? 
There is a wonder. Look around. Nothing really dies. Nature seems to show things transfer from one thing to another. Why not memories? Why not moments? Aren't they things of energy? (I don't really know.) Here's another thought to ponder. Have we ever seen lovers younger than us repeating something we did? Awakening memories. Coincidence or something more? (I don't really know.) But it is romantic. It is a light we all carry with us.
Now we could invest in words or enjoy that marvel, which is us. We can create one more moment, trusting it will not die. That it just might find its way to forever. Or we can be the echoes of other's moments. Life is wonderful and we are part of the celebration. The sun rises in the morning so that we can be, rejoice, create. It's hard to tell, from where I sit now. And someday you may find yourself sitting here too. Until then, enjoy.

Back to the romantic mood: Fausto Papetti "My Love Serenade" 

But first there is "Work" to do 

Barbados, Rihanna's birthplace, officially celebrates Rihanna Day as a national holiday on the eve of her birthday, February 20th. Rihanna has a new hit, featuring Drake, on the charts, "Work" Many of her faithful fans are expressing concern, saying that they can't understand the words. Into the picture comes Deva Daporto of My Life Suckers. She thinks she has hit on the full lyrics. After watching Rihanna's original music video, Deva suspected she might be a little off.
So after talking to Rihanna, Deva decided to make this parody and suggest that Rihanna fans check the internet for the true "Work" lyrics. "Rihanna - Work ft. Drake Parody - HOUSEWORK" 

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I have no companion but Love, 
no beginning, no end, no dawn. 
The Soul calls from within me: 
'You, ignorant of the way of Love, set Me free.' 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Kiss Me to The Only Way To Hug A Bro 
When lovers hug kisses could follow 
When bros hug it could be uncomfortable without proper etiquette instructions 

Kiss Me (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Kiss me as each new sun blesses the morn
Kiss me for that promise we made that day
As flowers in mirrors of spring are born
Kiss me that always will not pass away
When mood start to stray kiss me to regain
And tune touches heart kiss me in that dance
As our love is reason’s sweetest refrain
In the dream we made kiss me to enhance
Oh I could be happy floating on smile
Or drift through the magic deep in your eyes
And I could hold you much more than awhile
Or simply adore what whishes supplies
But if you want see how happy I’ll be
Why not put all else aside and kiss me

A Shakespearean sonnet with a kiss of cleverness. Did we see it? "Kiss me". Those words lead off every line but the third in the first stanza. The second stanza is a little different, but "kiss me" is still in every line, except the third. In the conflict stanza (the third stanza), which seems very positive, except there is no mention of a kiss. When the sonnet ends, there it is again. "Kiss me." 

As I have said before, I am a real sucker for a kiss, When I was a young man, it was those French kisses and often. As I grew older, I began to appreciate a nice par of warm lips and the excitement of anticipation. My first real kiss was at 24th Street and Castro Street, with a girl named Malana. When I look back at my life, I never became wealthy, because, I believe, things like kisses were more important. 
What is wealth? Is it really important? Is one individual's wealth the same as another's? Is one individual's success the same as other's? I don't think so. I believe many of us are led to believe things that may not hold true for us individually. I believe, in the quiet of our heart, we all know what is truly and uniquely important to us as unique individuals. Short or long, life is what it is. One of the things life is, is a gift granted to us. To be all we can be. To be the best "me" "I" can be. Let me whisper this to you. I had a pretty amazing life. Did I accomplish all I wanted to? No. But I did pretty good. I am satisfied. Some people like money. I like kisses. What do you like? What is truly important to you? It is our life (not "their's"). We are the only measure of our own success. Know that you can and you can. And as we venture forth on our own individual path toward fulfillment, enjoy. 

On the subject of kissing: Sixpence None The Richer "Kiss Me" 

Yes, it is okay for bros to hug each other 

Studies have proven that hugging lowers one's blood pressure, especially if one is feeling anxious. Well, what if one wants to hug his bro? This can cause an anxiety hugging is suppose to reduce. Plus the conundrum of the whole thing. Our friends at Buzz Feed Video have come up with a solution to this dilemma. They have put together a video of the step by step etiquette for bros wishing to hug each other. 
You might want to put a copy of this on your mobile devise, if only for laughs... which also lowers blood pressure. "The Only Way To Hug A Bro" 

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Rich or poor, every child comes into the world 
with some imperative need of its own, 
which shapes its individuality. 
Lucy Larcom