Saturday, May 14, 2016

Whispered Wishes to Spider-man 2 - Pizza Time 
Whispered wishes race through a lover's heart 
Spider-man races to deliver pizzas on time 

Whispered Wishes (lyrical poem) 

Whispered wishes in the wind
Monuments of tender times
Soft smooth music lovers’ rhymes
Waiting somewhere to return
Drifting dawn of damsels’ dreams
Beauty guiding Joy’s delight
Every hope a heart holds tight
Echoing its silken strains
I’m coming races heartbeats
I’m coming casts a kiss
Wait there another moment
Wait there to see once more
Fancies flowing undefined
Limitless commands the mind
Here forever soul resigned
Embers’ memories entwined
I’m coming rainbows’ promise
I’m coming rains desire
Wait there a precious lifetime
Wait there a treasure dear
Still as starlight soothes the skies
Whispered wishes linger on
In scene which lovers had drawn
Waiting always to return 

A lyrical poem that cast rhyming to the wind. This lyrical poem has four verses and two choruses. Note the first two verses use light rhyme patters and the choruses don't rhyme at all. The third verse depends very heavily on rhymes and the last verse returns to the origin light rhyme pattern, There is a reason for this. Being a lyrical poem, we have kept the beats very tight. 

Drift with me. I know we have all been there. A moonlit night. A quiet romantic dinner for two. A park bench set aside from the rest of the world. Caught in a moment with that someone special. Countless are the scenes. We gaze into those eyes. Something takes us over. We try to figure "it" out and "it"is gone. Or maybe we're thinking of that someone. ...a special moment. A something comes upon us. We focus on "it" and "it" is no loner there. 

I know we have all been there. "It" is more than a feeling. "It" floats just beyond any attempt to define, confine, limit "it". There is only one way to take "it" in. Acceptance. Such is the realm of love. Perhaps I'm a bit out there. I believe love is an example that there is something more to life.I will listen as someone tries to explain it to me. But we will drift in our lovers, unquestionably taking in the experience, this gift and enjoy. 

Are we ready for this: Blank & Jones "Days Go By" 

Pizza anyone 

The first known pizzeria, Antica Pizzeria, opened in Naples, Italy, in 1738.  Peter Parker, Spider-man, Spidey, has had many different professions. There is major controversy about these jobs. Everybody enjoys a bit of controversy.  Clipocalypse has upped the ante on the Peter Parker job controversy. They say they have actual film footage of Spidey at this job. 
That certainly looks like Peter Parker. "Spider-man 2 - Pizza Time !" 

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Love is an endless mystery, 
for it has nothing else to explain it. 
Rabindranath Tagore

Friday, May 13, 2016

Sing Once More to The Knife Guys Return 
Confusion hits the heart of a lover 
Confusion hits the stage of a late night TV show 

Sing Once More (free form poem) 

Daughter of beauty sing once more for me
Sing of the rays of hope mornings will bring
Jewel covered blossom promising more
Luster of sunshine’s kiss welcomes a dream
Dance of enchantment sing once more for me
Grant me a flavor to fill out my day
Scent every purpose which my heart breaths in
Lavishing meaning in each moment’s grace
Confusions which wander darkness of life
Testing their skills against the hands of time
Waiting a weakness to fill with their lies
Their happiness lies in death of a song
Evening has found me again at a shore
Tattered in fashions I don’t really know
Turning to the arms of person I love
All that I live for sing once more for me 

Is this really a free from poem? Some may suggest that this is a Modern Italian Sonnet. The poem doesn't rhyme. Ii falls (somewhat) into both forms. The problem lies in the repetition of the words "...sing once more for me." These words are the essence of the lover's message. The words are taken away as confusion  hits in the conflict stanza (the third stanza). The words return at the end of the poem. A happy ending. Happy except, is this really a free from poem? 

One of the things, or behaviors that allowed the luxury of being so different was my need to be among the best. I was always a bit "out there". Imagine going to a Chevron headquarters business meeting and in walks this guy with colored hair and one long dangling ear ring. On casual Fridays, I wore plain T-shirts and a tie. But I earned the reputation of being the "best". The price of being up there was stress. My stress was so severe that my hands broke out in rashes that would crack and bleed. (Lotions proved ineffective.) 

Here's where Arlene comes into the picture. In college, I was a fencer. A saber man. It is a painful sport. My instructor taught me to have my girlfriend kiss my wounds. The kisses would make the pain well worth it. He was right! And as Arlene helped ease this saber man's pain, she made all my stress worth it. And when the cause of the stress was gone (and I performed exemplary), boy did it feel good. Add Arlene and I was euphoric. 

Okay, this example was a bit from the extreme side. Arlene was my reason for the day. And now, as I face my final challenge, Amor is. I'm certain many of us can relate to this poem. Someone who "makes life worth living." Something that comes up to threaten our happiness. Then, like a storybook, "our reason for the day" wins out. Yes, the "reason for the day" is not limited to a lover. Our life is a wonderful story. One for us to listen. Listen and enjoy. 

Some romantic music: Grassskirt "Pleasant Dream" 

If we think that cut a little close to real life, then... 

I bet you didn't know comedian Will Ferrell raises money for charity, including his Scholarships for Cancer Survivors campaign through Crowdrise. Even wilder, it is rumored that Will runs a late night knife company called The Knife Guys. The company sells knives at bargain prices. (Or so the rumor goes.) But who can believe the antics of Will Ferrell? 
If you want more information about The Knife Guys, send all inquiries to 123 Just Kidding Way. "The Knife Guys Return! (featuring Will Ferrell & Ryan Gosling)" 

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Love will find a way through paths 
where wolves fear to prey. 
Lord Byron

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sat There Softly to Head in the Clouds 
Lovers under the clouds find what they were searching for 
A couple under the clouds find more than what they were searching for 

Sat There Softly (Italian sonnet) 

He sat there softly gazing at the sky
With dreams of something passing through his head
For some tomorrow answers will be shed
But here and now just empty clouds float by
She sat there softly pondering the ground
As wishes weaved sweet songs amid her heart
Perhaps tomorrow fantasies will start
But until then her Joy with flowers found
They sat there softly drifting mid their love
Here life unleashes wonder on their soul
And in tomorrow will they still be whole
But warm embraces now they’re thinking of
Now empty is the place where lovers sat
For time and change have taken them away
It is tomorrow where these two now play
But yesterdays no place as soft as that 

Toying with the mind, is an Italian sonnet. This love sonnet gives a mind a lot to drift upon. First we have a boy drifting with the clouds. Then we have girl floating with the flowers. Then we have couple somewhere in the middle. Then they are gone. Here is where the reader's imagination joins the sonnet. The only clue we are given is the word "soft", at the end. Were these two together all along? Did they finally meet? What is meant by "sat there softly"? Does this sonnet refer to some afterlife? Love is magic. Have fun trying to figure it out. (Or just taking it in.) 

A little more down to earth than the poem. Arlene and I dated for almost five years before moving in together. It's funny, during that whole time, I never picked up on how unalike we were. How important dancing was to her, and I couldn't dance at all, should have given me some clue. I guess we were just too madly in love. When we were faced with running a household our differences and shortcomings gave us a bitter taste of reality (as a couple). 

Or love (and a fairytale palace in the sky) got Arlene and I through it. It turned out, we were very different, but we shared a common childhood and a magical teenage love. Arlene saw that if we learned to work with, enjoy our differences we might be so much more. The cards were stacked against Arlene and I. It was often predicted that we wouldn't last. I have often said that when it comes to individuals 1 + 1 = so much more. So it came to be with Arlene and me. We became Arlene and Martin as opposed to the Kloesses. 

Arlene and I, though great lovers, were souls apart. Though I believe, there were moments we met, touched and danced as one, before we parted. Perhaps to feel that good once more is what helped keep us together. Maybe it was just meant to be. Love is magic. And as we take it in or try to figure it out, enjoy. 

Some music for the mood: Manuel Franjo "Tiempo" 

What have you dreamed in the clouds 

It takes somewhere between a few minutes and an hour for clouds to be created. Sometimes clouds appear to take shapes. Have you ever looked up at clouds and used your imagination to make shapes in the clouds? The cast of Studio C have gone one step further. We have two lovers letting their fancies drift in the clouds. 
Lesson here: A person's imagination can be dangerous. "Head in the Clouds" 

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Your task is not to seek for love, 
but merely to seek and find all the barriers 
within yourself that you have built against it. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Her Night to The Muppets Perform "Ms Jackson" 
A girl breaths meaning to her desire 
A puppet recounts a troubled road with the object of his desire 

Her Night (English sonnet) 

A something passed forgiveness stirred her night
A something even moonbeams could not share
This something that no heart in love should bear
Was something which her hopes had tried to right
Oh dream a little longer maiden fare
Let sweetest memories make worries light
May magic always dance within your sight
May promises of springtime scent your air
While somewhere very distant shadows play
So mindless of the pain it will confer
A somewhere where the heartless often stray
Who sacrifice the way when passions stir
He’s somewhere in the night not far away
And while she dreams of him he’s kissing her 

Magic and love in an English sonnet. Here we have some interesting things going on. In the first quatrain, we have "something". In the second quatrain a little abracadabra goes on, as our heroine gains some reassurance. Here's where the 4-4-2-2-2 English sonnet works so well. Not only are the quatrains replaced with couplets, the "something" is replaced with "somewhere". The ending is where our imagination comes in. Is he there? Is he in her dreams? Is he dreaming of her? You call it. 

Does this poem (or explanation) sound familiar? Before Arlene, there was Gloria, who I spent nights dreaming about. In my mind, she was much too attractive for me. So I thought. I would find out years later, Gloria dreamed of me. A revelation that changed me. There was a girl (Arlene) who dreamed of a boy (me). After a tear that boy (me) would dream only of her (Arlene). After Arlene. there was a boy in a man's costume who convinced a woman that dreams do come true. And so, Martin gave Amor the courtship and wedding of her dreams. Rubies became this girl's diamonds. (But, that's another story.) 

There we have it. Three examples from my life. Oh sure, I left off the "something".  Let the somethings drift. We, the dreamers, follow our imagination to light. And when we are kissed by our dawn, it is to us to enjoy. 

I'm not sure why, but I thought this song fitting: Giacomo Puccini "Un Bel Di Vedremo" 

Does bad news sound better coming from a puppet - You be the judge 

On October 3, 2000 the alternative hip hop duo OutKast released their hit "Ms Jackson". It made it to number 1 in Germany and number 2 in Great Britain. In 2011, "Ms Jackson" made 81 on the 150 Best Tracks of the Past 15 Years. On May 2, 2016 Gonzo and Kermit the Frog of the Muppets, working with Adam Schleichkorn of Is This How You Go Viral, thought they could take this hit and do much better. 
Let's wish them luck or at least enjoy a few chuckles. "Outkast | Ms. Jackson | Muppets Version" 

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All my dreams came true 
the day that I met you.

Is This The World to Outside (The Commercial) 
A lover discovers a world 
Computer geeks discover a world 

Is This The World (Shakespearean sonnet) 

When summer’s dreams we shared have turned to white
And all that we once knew now crowned with snow
And cloudy nights remove our star from sight
Is this the world which I have come to know
Soft haze now glaze our windows once so clear
A gentle fire reminds us of the cold
Outside a wind reminds us more is near
Is this the world whose promise was foretold
The flowers once were spring a memory
Return again to warm our endless night
Perhaps again tomorrow we might see
Is this the world which once was my delight
Is this the world or just a dream come true
Is this the world now aged in I love you 

A world realized through a Shakespearean sonnet. Three stanzas of warm memories return as a lover reflects on his world. As the rhyming couplet is reached we discover there is much more. A bit more subtle: All of the "Once" hidden in the quatrains are replaced by "Now" in the last line of the sonnet.

This sonnet sounds like an old couple reflecting on their past. See the picture I have chosen? That, pretty much, was Arlene and I wrapped in a blanket on cold winter nights. (And spring and summer and fall. Okay, it didn't even have to be cold.) If it was night and I heard soft romantic music, I knew a fluffy blanket, two champagne glasses and Arlene were on the way. Arlene and I enjoyed a storybook romance. Arlene enjoyed cuddling and talking about "remember whens". I'm not complaining, except she always seemed beat me to this setting this mood. We laughed. We sighed. We never got tired  of touching, once more, those magic moments within a new special moment. It all started when Arlene and I first moved in together, in our palace in the sky and ended 32 years later, when Arlene became ill. Was this the world? 

I am confident we all have our ways to past delights. Maybe not as obsessive (though immensely enjoyable) as Arlene's. Never forget that we too are lovers. If you like romance novels or love stories on screen, never put aside the greatest love story of them all. And enjoy. 

This calls for a love song: Cilla Black "You're My World" 

There is a world that is being forgotten 

According to the Outdoor Foundation only a shocking 50% of Americans are estimated to regularly engage in outdoor recreation. Whether or not this estimate is accurate it is agreed that electronics is taking more and more of our attention. So much so that James "Jimmy" Tatro, of Life According to Jimmy, has put together a Public Service Commercial. Wait. I'm watching this on an electronic devise. 
Since there doesn't seem any winning, remember laughter is a form of exorcise. "Outside! (The Commercial)" 

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Love isn't something you find. 
Love is something that finds you. 
Loretta Young

Monday, May 9, 2016

Let’s Live to Tickling Is Dangerous 
A couple finds everything they want by living life to the fullest 
A man finds everything they want by tickling 

Let’s Live (English sonnet) 

Let’s laugh with Joy the meaning of our day
Rich scent of beauty which the flowers share
And be the breath within each moment’s flare
Imagination’s fields await our play
Let’s kiss the blessings found in everywhere
And be each minute’s reasoning to stay
A taste of wonder’s eloquent bouquet
A memory that we were truly there
A distant sunset waits to bring on night
And cast its season lasting no return
With songs it formed so very long ago
But here amid the glory of our light
While flames of passion in our hearts still burn
Let’s live a life to be the future’s glow 

Freedom in form in an English sonnet. An invitation (Let's) is expressed in the first two stanzas. It is not in the third stanza, as the message changes. The poem ends with this important invitation. The challenge of using the sonnet form to convey this invitation is there is only a limited number of lines. Hence, words like " flowers" can mean so much more, like: things of nature and beauty, lovers, thing that make us feel good, memories, and such. So we pack a poem about life. 

Life has dealt me a challenging final hand. But I have no grounds for regret. I have done, accomplished, seen, experienced, changed so much. I married my childhood sweetheart. My current wife will not let me be unhappy. I live in San Francisco, California and experienced a period of time that was magical with friends and teachers who opened many doors. I can honestly tell peoples, money is not the only wealth. 

The message, motivation of the sonnet is simple. Live life to the fullest, wherever you are. "Wherever you are" refers to us as individuals and what it takes to make us happy, satisfied. I say "us" because we are bombarded with things, ideas and products others sell us that are supposed to make us happy. Living in San Francisco, California can be distracting or confusing (or thrown away). Like the words in the poem take on different meaning to different individuals, the fullness of life is unique to us. Focus on you and what makes your heart beat. I believe, and have been shown the ultimate goal of humans is happiness. Not only our own happiness, but everything. Yes, everything. The violence of the world is constantly being pushed in our face. It's hard to see how far we, as humans have come. Thus, how important it is that we live our life to the fullest, that we may be the best piece of life's puzzle. How important it is that we enjoy. 

Need some extra Ra-ra: Charles Strouse "Lot of Livin'" 

If that didn't tickle our fancy 

During the 16th century, tickling was used as a form of corporal punishment. Ancient Romans punished their prisoners by tying them up and soaking their feet in salt water, and then letting goats lick it off. And we thought tickling was simply to make us laugh. The folks at BuzzFeed Video have come across a brand new power of tickling. Here is their documentary of a young man who has unlocked a mighty power. 
Before we laugh this away, let's remember the 16th century. (My, we're old!) "Tickling Is Dangerous" 

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There is only one success, 
to be able to spend your life in your own way. 
Christopher Morley

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Every Dream to Security Guard Catches Fire 
Can a dream survive the fire of an unexplained misunderstanding 
Can an office visitor survive when an unexplained fire breaches security 

Every Dream (repeating poem) 

Had every dream now come to this
A boy and girl a last goodbye
As time stood still mid moonlit sky
There was no lasting parting kiss
Just teardrop from an angel’s eye
That touched a heart and would not die
The next day passed in misery
Had every dream now come to this
When in the streets what did she see
Her wish there waiting patiently
His open arms awaiting bliss
A world of Joy at last set free
As warm wind passed their feelings grew
Till realms of them was all they knew
Had every dream now come to this
Each morning held a new blessed hue
A memory awaited two
Another dance they dare not miss
Then came a time that was amiss
When kisses turned to argument
And passion fired each long lament
Had every dream now come to this
Each day now rained in deep decent
Till stars did wonder where love went
Then one day hearts saw through the pain
The reasons why they would dismiss
What there was lost they would regain
In endless love they would remain
Had every dream now come to this
It came to this let kiss explain
And so in Joy each day a year
Each memory brought so much cheer
They could not see their last abyss
That for his love the end was near
An so he cried an angel’s tear
Had every dream now come to this

One line, the same words changes meaning as the poem progresses. The poem doesn't explain what caused a couple's mishap. It only covers the confusion in a lover's soul. As the poem progresses the line, "Had every dream now come to this", and its associated rhyming line move down one line move down one one line until the key line reaches the end. What is interesting is, the same words take on a different meaning as the poem progresses. There is one more interesting thing about this poem. The last stanza. Did the couple really get back together or is it a dream? 

Arlene and I didn't argue until after we were married. Our arguments would consist of yelling and me sleeping on the couch. I struck Arlene once and felt so bad that I never even thought of hitting her again. Our fights never lasted long. I loved to cuddle with Arlene. So sleeping alone, on the couch kind of worked again this. Then there was the make-up kiss and the occasional dinner. That's right, occasionally Arlene and I went out after a argument. Of course, Arlene always had the power to speed things up,

Arlene and I are hardly examples of this poem. We were lucky. Luckier than some of our friends, who came knocking at our door, when their relationships went soar. Countless where the stories. Some got back together. Some did not. (Isn't it strange, people with relationship problems came to Arlene and me?) 

Lucky or not, I often wonder what effect our spats had one us. One could say we were strengthen by our surviving these arguments. I believe all arguments are bad. I believed this even as I gave in to one more fight. Why did I give in? (That's another discussion.) So here we are. A person who couldn't control himself telling others fights in relationships are bad and should be avoided. Maybe just knowing and accepting helps. In any case, good luck and may the best of everything go with you and find a reason to enjoy. 

How about a motivational love song: Francis Lai "Love Story" 

This gives new meaning to our security is on fire 

The first full body security scanner was developed by Dr. Steven W. Smith, who developed the Secure 1000 whole body scanner in 1992. Though he maintains the copy right, innovations to his devise has been taken over by a number of companies. As mind boggling as Dr. Smith's brain child has become. mishaps do occupationally happen. None like the mishap famed magician Michael Carbonaro stages for an office visitor. 
The question is: which is better, the trick or the office visitor's reaction to it? "The Carbonaro Effect - Security Guard Catches Fire" 

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Happy Mother's Day 

Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth 
until the hour of separation. 
Kahlil Gibran