Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Nose Knows to Laughing Chewbacca Mask Lady 
A ridiculous but well written poem 
A ridiculous mom and her new mask 

The Nose Knows (light poetry) 

Recall when I played with your toes
And how they got stuck in my nose
The hospitals were all closed
So we went to your Auntie Rose
I can’t repeat the words she chose
For flower then sprouting from nose
She shouted to take off our clothes
As she rushed to get garden hose
And then for some pictures we posed
I asked her why she needed those
A secret she wouldn’t disclose
To guy with a girl in his nose
Then hose in free nostril impose
Twas then that my worries arose
What act had the brainless proposed
As off to some faucet she goes
The last words I heard There she blows
As all that I knew blew from nose
When I had escaped heaven’s throes
The girls replaced laughter for woes
As once more my weakness exposed
You’d think that by now we’d be foes
But there they were putting on shows
And this time I covered my nose 

Does poetry have to be serious? Let's ask Dr. Seuss. One might say (and with good merit) that this is a ridiculous poem. It does, however, follow a very tight meter and rhyme scheme. Oh yah? What about the "ed" in the third line? All the third lines end with "ed". 

I'm a "leg man". Some men like breasts, Some men like butts. I like legs. Arlene had great legs. Her problem was a bit lower. She had a BIG shoe problem. She had a real shoe fetish. Arlene's shoe stash rivaled Imelda Marcos'. She owned shoes that she never wore (except in the shoe store). Now, I could have gotten real frustrated and mad. Instead, Arlene went out of her way to take care of her feet. Now I had great feet and legs. Arlene convince me (with those great legs and feet) how important shoes were. Arlene's shoe size was 6 and a half. Does that give you a hint of what happened next? I said Arlene had a shoe problem. She solved it. 

One more story. English was one of my favorite subjects in school. In high school, I learned that teachers were just people going to work, With this in mind, I tried to add a touch of humor to all my English writing assignments. I did this to entertain a person who had to read countless papers and to make my papers stand out. And stand out they did, all the way through college. I was never the best student in class. I believe those papers won me extra attention from my teachers and helped keep English fun. 

Okay, we have a tale of beautiful feet and a bit of fun in English class. Put them together and we have this poem. That may be a stretch. But fun can be found everywhere. One thing that problems hate is a smile and the sound of laughter. Let us allow a smile and a laugh into all aspects of our lives (including poetry) and enjoy. 

And for complete nonsense: Ernie Kovacs "Nairobi Trio" 

Are we laughing yet 

As the legend goes, Chewbacca, of Star Wars fame, was inspired by George Lucas seeing his own dog sitting up on the passenger seat of his car. A Chewbacca mask is available at stores, which also includes Chewie's voice. With that said, meet Candace Payne. She went to Kohls and found this hidden treasure. Candace made a selfie when she got back to her car with her price. 

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Be happy for this moment. 
This moment is your life. 
Omar Khayyam

Friday, May 20, 2016

Flower’s Dancing Dream to Every Prom Ever 
A flower, a dance, a kiss, a dream 
If that's too much - How about the prom that wasn't 

Flower’s Dancing Dream (English sonnet) 

You are the flower dancing through my dreams
A kiss that promised whisper of a breeze
That Joy which hold my heart within its seams
A memory the stars await to please
You are the dream enhancing flower’s dance
And taught the breeze the whisper of a kiss
Within your seams my heart gave Joy chance
While stars awaited memories as this
And dreams of seams which breezes please anew
Are melodies the thought of you invite
A chance to dance and share this kiss from you
Are medleys which only you incite
And when my flower’s dancing dream is through
I turn and kiss my memories good night 

The freedom of a lover touches this English sonnet. We might have picked up on some of the word play that was going on. We might have picked up on the use of metaphor. We might have picked up that this English sonnet doesn't strictly adhere to the form. What is important is that we flowers are swept up in a dream. 

I have mentioned how important dancing was to Arlene. It took her years to make me into a dancer. By the time we were married, I was ready. And boy, did we look good. The disco era was stating and Arlene and I were very much a part of it. We made many friends, who were dancers and kept us dancing by finding us venues as disco was collapsing. When we became parents our dancing turned mainly to our home. When we joined Masonry, Arlene and I were part of a group who brought dancing back into the fraternity. The boys liked our dancing so much that we were constant guests at dances the fraternity held throughout the Bay Area. Some of our members were members of other clubs which also invited us to their dances. Arlene's biggest thrill was to dance with Prince Haakon Magnus of Norway, when he was attending school in Berkeley, at a dance held by the Norwegian Club of San Francisco. My biggest thrill was to dance with Arlene. 

I'm not suggesting we all take up dancing (though it is fun). Dancing is a metaphor for living, Living and all the things that go with it. Arlene and I shared an amazing dance. We shared an amazing life. What is your dance, traveling, sorts, dining, an evening together, getting lost in those eyes... ? If you are seeing the picture, there are many kinds of dances. Some individuals like waltzes and some like to shake their body. Some individuals like camping and some like resorts. There is only this time. There is only one you. Take the dance (life) that is dear to us and make the most of it and enjoy. 

Speaking of dancing: Lisa Ono "Dancing Flower" 

Hopefully dancing was never like this 

High school yearbooks did not start covering proms (short for promenade) until the 1930s and 1940s. Historians, such as Meghan Bretz, believe proms may have existed at colleges as early as the late 1800s. Not satisfied with theses findings, the folks at Smosh thought about doing a little research of their own. Maybe they could unequivocally find where proms had their start.
After 12.5 minutes of research, they found that they were out of soda and put together this video instead. "EVERY PROM EVER" 

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Simply enjoy life 
and the great pleasures that come with it. 
Karolina Kurkova

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Madness to If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans 
Tankas about states of mind 
To test our sanity a meat acts like a vegan 

The Story (tanka) 

I heard a story
They told about a legend
Fanciful and free
Imagine my state of mind
When their tale led back to me 

Madness (tanka) 

Darkness claimed the night
When victim fell into lair
Of madness and death
And with the last screams was heard
Forgive me for what I am 

Wake Up (tanka) 

We all must wake up
With the choices which were made
The reasons aside
May become places to hide
Our courage to persevere

To toy with our minds, the tankas are back. The key to a tanka is in the beats. Each line should stay within the beat pattern, as follows: 5-7-5-7-7. Rhyming is optional. In these tankas I have tried to weave ideas open enough to allow each reader to add their own unique flavor. 

Yes, that was me, sitting with my then wife to be, Amor. I was sporting my Masonic Knight Commander of the Court of Honour hat. This crazy man would eventually become a 33 degree Mason. The whole story began with a music teacher, Johnny Land. He taught me to always be a good student and follow my dreams. Then came David Lubinski, who owned the M and M restaurant, where I once worked. He taught me my work ethics. Then came Chevron, who showed that anything was possible. People who say, "money can't buy everything", never worked near oil company executives. 

Thus was a crazy man formed. A crazy man who would serve his wife as she became president of the PTA and got parents and their children's school closer together. The same crazy man who would coach youth soccer for years. The same crazy man who would return a fraternity's attention to our public schools and bring that fraternity's support for Toys For Tots back to life. All this and more were accomplished by a crazy man. A crazy man and all the individuals who believed in his teachers. Oh, that 33rd degree was the work of many people. Starting at Johnny Land. 

Now one looks at my life and says, "Wasn't he great." I was simply doing my best to fulfill my part in this thing called life. I believe we all individually have our own calling: from being the president to planting a seed. I believe one is as important as the other (especially from my perspective). Who is to say I could have achieved what I did if so-and-so hadn't been there. And so the rest of life goes. Grasping our importance to how things work, how important it is that we stay true to ourselves and be the best "me" we can be. And as that next seed is planted and grows enjoy. 

In a toast to that crazy world: Gnarls Barkley "Crazy" 

One more reason to consider becoming a vegan 

Did you know that in America a hamburger may legally contain up to 30% fat? That is one more bullet in the arsenals of the vegans. JP Sears of Awaken With JP, may have one more bullet, as weird as it may be. You've heard of reverse psychology. This video solves the oldest riddle of the ages, what if meat eaters acted like vegans. And therein lies the tasty "fat in hamburgers". 
So is this a pro vegan message in disguise? You decide. "If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 35" 

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Today you are you! 
That is truer than true! 
There is no one alive who is you-er than you! 
Dr. Seuss

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Could I Have Loved You More to BgA - Boys generally Asian 
A lover wonders the dream of "could I have loved more" 
Boys wonder the dream of forming an Asian boys group 

Could I Have Loved You More (lyrical poem) 

Could I have loved you more
It’s not for me to say
The dreams worth living for
Are tears of yesterday
Our kisses flowed like rain
To sweeten bitter shore
And with each new refrain
Could I have loved you more
It only took my heart to see
We drifted in a fantasy
Where often things lose clarity
Except that you are still by me
Could I have loved you more
When sighs were swept away
As we let passions soar
And it ignited day
Where kisses followed rain
Searched for ways to shore
With you amid the pain
Could I have loved you more
It only took my heart to see
The agony of feelings’ plea
Without a word to set them free
Foretelling their calamity
Yet as we mask this troubled sea
Which shadowed our reality
It restores my clarity
Just knowing you are still by me
Could I have loved you more
Is there another day
With wishes to explore
What a dream may say
While kisses have their reign
Along our sweetest shore
Another may explain
Could I have loved you more
Just knowing you are with me
Could I have loved you more 

Another form: A lyrical poem. This lyrical poem has a two part chorus. The first part begins and the second part ends with "Could I have loved you more". The verse lines all rhyme with "me". The verses have eight beats, while the choruses have six beats. The song ends with a coda, combining the verses (seven beats) with the choruses. 

Could I have loved you more? There is a classical lover's question. I know I could have loved her more. Both in feelings and expressions. I could have loved Arlene, in feelings, until my head exploded. But, I think I did pretty good (even though my head didn't explode). 

I've gone over, in these editions, Arlene's surprise trip to New York, the very special planned dinner, the clothes shopping, the dances, the love letters and all the memories you have grown to enjoy, Here is one more cute memory. I secured a spy at Arlene's place of employment. My spy would tell me if Arlene mentioned at work that she wished for something or wanted to go somewhere. Like magic, at the home-front, Arlene's wishes came true. Whether a special treat, a show she wanted to see, a place she wanted to go, I would try to surprise her. Here is where things get cute. Arlene was much too smart for me. Yes, she knew about my spy. She loved our romantic excursions where I would whisper, one more time, "Could I have loved you more." 

I am certain we all have special memories of our adventures in the realms of love. Maybe our memories didn't include the Eiffel Tower, in France (which I didn't see either). But we all carry special memories in our hearts. Moment we made with that someone special. Moments which are unique to only two hearts. Could I have loved you more? Image that a couple could have fashioned what two hold so dear. Wondrous isn't it? And there is tomorrow waiting for this and more. And if our head doesn't explode, let us let our hearts rejoice in, "Could I have loved you more" and enjoy. 

We probably suspected this song was coming: Riz Ortolani and Nino Oliviero "More" 

Some people dream of love - Some people dream of boys bands 

By record sales, Orlando, Florida's A. J. McLean, Howie D., Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson, and Brian Littrell of The Bakestreet Boys was the top boy band, at over 130 million albums sold. While we, in America, are watching our boy bands, South Korea is conquering the world with K- Pop (Korean-Pop). Though K-Pop includes girl groups, most of K-Pop's success (money) is credited to the Korean boy bands. These boy bands can sell a million albums on the day of release, not to mention the adoration of the girls. Nigahiga Channel has created a video about the formation of one of these K-Pop bands. 
Introducing BgA (Boys generally Asian). "BgA - Dong Saya Dae (똥싸야돼) M/V" 

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Love is when the other person's 
happiness is more important 
than your own. 
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Friends to Up & Up (Coldplay) 
A girl wakes up from an illusion 
Coldplay uses illusion to wake up the possibilities of imagination 

The Friends (story/poem) 

A tale of a charming lost lady
Whose life wasn’t all it could be
Who now spends her night in her darkness
In drinking a past memory
Reflecting on far away voices
Come to me come to me come to me
Her life wasn’t always so pointless
Her blessings were songs her friends sought
New fashions adventure love stories
All these were the gifts that she brought
Confusion delusion illusion
These things ruled the night when they fought
She calls them but no one will answer
As she drifts through her misery
She thought that her friends were much closer
Her tears wondered how this could be
Then once more a whisper was calling
Come to me come to me come to me
By mirror she kept precious picture
Her friends from time long before
Our hands will be comfort in sorrow
Was bond to each other they swore
Her cries filled the bleak ever after
As picture crashed down on the floor
In time all her friends came to see her
And offer forgiveness’s plea
But they found her abode now empty
And wondered what they couldn’t see
There within a picture was a face
Come to me come to me come to me 

A story, a mystery, an awakening combine to bring us this poem. This poem uses a loose form of rhyming as it conveys a message. This was done on purpose. The poem uses an echo verse, "Come to me come to me come to me." As the poem progresses this line takes on different meaning and a different source. 

I have been blessed with many good friends, including a doppelganger (a person who looked just like me) who I met in the 8th grade. I come from a time when "good friends" were for life. Those where the words and that was the message engraved in my being. Maybe it's just me or maybe it's today's reality. I don't see the good friends anymore. Except the doppelganger, Mike, and even he has change (direction). We no longer look alike. 

I went through at least 5 drastic changes in my life. Most of my close friends vanished with the times. The most notable was my drug days. When I completely stopped using drugs, I lost all my druggy friends. My friends changed as I moved up at work, as my interests changed, as our lives changed. Throw into the mix, I was a bit different. (Okay, completely unreal was more me.)

I thought I was a pretty good friend. I tried to make myself available whenever friends needed help. Often times, Arlene had to step in. She felt people where taking advantage of me or simply wanted my attention. Then there were the shear numbers. But looking back, all of my successes was due to my friends: Getting me involved and supporting me. I may have lost a lot of friends, but the shear numbers... 

Whether one, a few or many, friends are a blessing of life. It is my opinion that we do not allow anyone or anything to define or limit our friendship(s). They are our friends. The bonds that brought and hold you together with your friend(s) are personal and unique. And each friendship is bound by its own special connections. Friendships are, let's face it, one of the myriad expressions of love. So while we have this time, let's take the friendship(s) we have and enjoy. 

To go with the poem, I've selected: Giovanni Marradi "Garden of Dreams" 

Even if you're not a Coldplay fan - You gotta view this video

Coldplay is a British rock band formed in 1996 by lead vocalist and pianist Chris Martin and lead guitarist Jonny Buckland. They have won numerous music awards and to date have sold over 80 million records. Coldplay's latest album is "A Head Full of Dreams". With the help of video directors Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia, the band has just released a video version of "Up & Up". The new video has exploded interest in the song and the album. 
You are about to find out why. "Coldplay - Up&Up (Official video)" 

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Acceptance and tolerance and forgiveness, 
those are life-altering lessons. 
Jessica Lange

Monday, May 16, 2016

Senses’ Destiny to Flying Dog Brings Joy 
A lover's destiny is locked in his senses 
A flying dog challenges people's senses 

Senses’ Destiny (round) 

He turns his thoughts again to roam the sky
Beyond the edge of all that he can be
To wander past his senses’ destiny
And bid his weary world profound goodbye
He settles in the flowers of his soul
Where traces of a Joyful heart now fly
And whispers lost in dreams wait one more try
A purpose for his reason to be whole
He feels no need for darkness or the light
When countless wonders seem to guide his stroll
Toward existence unknown waiting for goal
And no time to hinder his way or his flight
Then he hears a voice from some memory
A beckoning need his senses excite
A promised forever to which held tight
Which calls out to him please come back to me 

An endless round disguised as an Italian sonnet. Make no mistake. This is a round. Lines one and four are echoed in lines two and three of the next stanza, all the way back to the beginning of the poem. (ABBA CAAC DCCD BDDB) In theory this poem has no beginning or end. Notice that even the last line is calling him back. 

Ever wonder what it would be like to relive the most wondrous portion of our life over and over again. Who knows? Maybe we do. I can't remember. And that isn't the point of the poem. What would it be like to go through the best moments of our life over and over again? There are some who think that this would eventually lead to torture. (The endless repetition.) Other people believe we would get used to it. (Acceptance) I'm from t school who likes reliving pleasant memories and creating new pleasant memories. 

Arlene and my favorite place to vacation was Disneyland and the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim. This is because we went there on our honeymoon and were blessed with a perfect day. Yes, a perfect day. One we will never have again. The one thing about a perfect day is so much can go wrong. But Arlene and I faithfully tried to relive this moment, undaunted. We even tried to recreate this precious moment in Carmel, which was a close romantic get-away. Arlene and I were very lucky in our escapes. We rarely had big problems stand in our way of enjoyment. Maybe this might give a clue to a perfect day. So, here we have a person who has lived perfection, wandering to relive that moment eternally. 

And what about you? Have you ever touched upon perfection? We may have to drop away what others have sold us and listen to our own heart. A day, a moment, an eternity, a look caught in those dream filled eyes, a sunset captured as two hearts meet and drift on and on. And when we hear it calling us back, follow your heart and enjoy. 

Now let us sit back and enjoy: Angel Voices sing Abba "I Had A Dream" 

Coming to a pet shop near you 

An American Animal Hospital Assoc. poll found that 33% of dog owners admit to talking to their dogs on the phone and leaving answering machine messages for them while away. Believe that? The next thing they'll tell use us dogs can fly. Well. as a matter of fact (or YouTube hits), Scott David Winn, of ScottDW, has created a new video. A video about a flying dog. No silly, dogs can't fly. Everybody knows that. It's the shoes. 
These shoes will soon be coming to a pet shop near you. Be coming as soon as someone invents them. "FLYING DOG BRINGS JOY!" 

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Life is a song - sing it. 
Life is a game - play it. 
Life is a challenge - meet it. 
Life is a dream - realize it. 
Life is a sacrifice - offer it. 
Life is love - enjoy it. 
Sai Baba

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Star Of Heaven to Soldier Richard has a magical gift 
A lover turns to a star to grant him a gift 
A magician amazes everyone with his gift 

Star Of Heaven (Martin verse) 

Oh star of heaven pure delight
Make one more dream come true tonight
A moment by your blesséd light
A wonder to make all things right
A world impassioned by your glow
Such Joy is felt within your flow
One final wish a heart would know
A memory might you bestow
What splendor would dance with delight
Imagined blossoms endless flow
In paradise which few may know
A wonder only you make right
If ever hope should lose your glow
Forever’s sorrows start tonight
And there is no more use for light
What else could emptiness bestow
My wonder of everything right
The reason that I feel so light
Will you grant me your gift tonight
Oh star of heaven pure delight 

What star is being addressed in this Martin verse? Before addressing this question, where did Martin verse come from? I created this form in 2011. I was inspired by the symphony musical form. A rhyming set of words is introduced. A second set of rhyming words is brought into play. The two sets of rhyming words are mixed together. The original words are brought back in reverse order. As to the initial question, as one might suspect, the star refers to at least three things (in one): a star, a lady and a dream. 

A little game I enjoyed playing with Arlene was a "surprise evening" (it really didn't have a name). I would leave little clues throughout the day, where I thought Arlene was sure to find them. If I was successful Arlene would be ready (dressed and all) for what the surprise was. The surprise might be anything from a dinner, the theater, a trip to a spa, a night out withe girls and more. Arlene thoroughly enjoyed this game. It was a way to add a little more excitement to a great evening. 

What does this little game have to do with the poem? Nothing in itself. The game did require a little insight on the part of Arlene and myself to be successful. The poem required a little skill to blend three things into one idea. If we think deeply into a kiss, there is desire, a message and a person. Add to these a phone message ("I'll kiss you when I get home") and "Oh boy". 

May our love stay forever young. Love in itself never changes. It is humans nature that gets things confused. We, the dreamers, can touch upon our star. We can bask in our blessing. It is up to us... through us... that possibilities become real. But we knew that. So let us continue our dream, and enjoy. 

And let us also enjoy this: Groove Lovers "Mediterranean Star" 

Love is one form of magic 

One of the most famous illusionists was Baron Wolfgang von Kempelen. In 1770 he devised an automated chess player that took on all challengers. Benjamin Franklin played against the machine in 1783 and lost. Today Magicians still manage to stay one step ahead of imaginations and continue to amaze us. One of these is a 25 year old magician. named Richard Jones. Richard used his skill to Wow the imaginations of the judges of 2016's episode of Britain's Got Talent. 
We can try to figure out how these illusions were done or we can take in the performance. "Soldier Richard has a magical gift for the Judges | Week 2 Auditions | Britain’s Got Talent 2016" 

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However much I might try to expound 
or explain Love, when I come to Love itself, 
I am ashamed of my explanations... 
Love alone can explain the mysteries 
of love and lovers.