Saturday, May 28, 2016

I Dream to The Bose Shhh 
A lover shares his dream 
To help him sleep Bose as invented a noise reducer 

I Dream (poem)

I dream of a palace not far away
Where my love and I can quietly stray
And world wrought with problems has little to say
And whispers and kisses frolic all day
I dream of fields where flowers go
Where loving her is all I know
And rivers have a gentler flow
And star crossed eyes put on a show
I dream of memories
That put our hearts at ease
And storms become a breeze
Each breath is filled with these
I dream of her
Who made love stir
And how we were
What most prefer
I dream
A gleam
From stream

As the lover dreams it is up to us to design a name for this form. As this poem progresses, it becomes obvious what is going on. The  lines are growing shorter as the poem comes to its conclusion. The speaker is falling asleep. The last four words could be a bit disturbing. But let's reflect. Could his sleeping dream be better than his waking dream? 

One would be hard pressed to convince me that we cannot live our dream(s). I am not rich nor a world traveler. Those things were not part of my dream. Like the poem suggests, Arlene and I spent our moments exploring our world. There were picnics, boating, dinners, and theaters. There was dancing, outings, walks and playgrounds. There was trying new things. revisiting memories, out with the crowds and dreams set alone. All with kisses ad hugs and endless moments getting lost in those eyes. This was my dream. I have accomplished some things that others might suggest were greater dreams. Greater for who? Sure, I live in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. But those who believe in balance, like I do, know that for every up there is a down. I lived my dream and through me, others have lived theirs. 

Can we all live our dream? As I have accomplished so much and lived my dream, I can only say yes. The going consensus says, "first you must believe in yourself." Then know what you (not someone else) really wants. What will it take to make you happy, to make you satisfied? Be aware that things will trick you, fool you, try to hold you back. But you are special. There is no one else like you. I believe, this time was set aside for us to use. For us to dream. For us to enjoy. 

Here is a dream song: Diana Krall "Don't Dream It's Over" 

Ever dreamed of complete silence 

Bose Corporation is a privately held corporation, based in Framingham, Massachusetts, that specializes in audio equipment and was founded in 1964 by Dr. Amar G. Bose. Now, according to Ryan O’Quinn, Todd Wilkerson, Matt Reithmayr and Dallas Lawrence, of Dude Day, Bose is coming out with a new speaker. Instead of putting out great sound, it cancels great sound. 
There is only one problem (or four, depending on how you look at it) the boys are comedians. "The Bose Shhhh" 
(The Bose Shhh is NOT available at stores near you.) 

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For, verily, great love springs from 
great knowledge of the beloved object, 
and if you little know it, you will be able 
to love it only little or not at all. 
Leonardo da Vinci

Friday, May 27, 2016

Altered Dawn to Thirty Years Ago 
What dream has possessed this lover's mind 
What reason has possessed this house 

Altered Dawn (English sonnet) 

What is this flower dares to share your name
As if it had some beauty to compare
To all the wonders still lay hidden there
Where shadow have no hope against your flame
What is this scent of shame which tames the air
Which doesn’t share your flair or will to frame
A scent of memories which are the same
Amid a world bereft and unaware
Return you dreamer of an altered dawn
A soul still drifts upon the morning’s light
With eyes still lost amid the sparkling dew
What flower dares what dreams are built upon
The scent of it adds tears to my delight
Whose dreams are made of memories of you 

Word Wizardry adds delicious sweetness to this English sonnet. This sonnet is packed with metaphor. For example, a flower is not just a plant. It can be anything beautiful. In the quatrains, watch for the word play (dares, share, compare, etc.). This was done, not just to imitate a lover, but to make the most of 14 lines. In the quatrain, we have a lover gone wild. Something calms him down, a little, in the onset of the triplets, 

I'm sure that many can relate to this. When I was a teenager in love, Arlene was everything and everything was Arlene. Everything beautiful was beautiful compared to Arlene. If it was sweet, it was sweet compared to Arlene. The world was Arlene. I was a teenager. That explains it. At what point will I stop being a teenager? Sure, I grew up. I gathered responsibilities, demands, callings. But with every dawn, there was Arlene. The purpose for it all.. The world tried unsuccessfully to cloud what was really important. Sure, we no longer hang all over each other, but it was not uncommon for people to wonder who was that couple kissed by the moonlight. I'm sure that many can relate to this. Just wanted you to know. I felt that way too. 

Who am I to discuss love? I believe love is beyond any attempted explanation. I believe the best we can do is accept what love means to us, individually. Listen to and respect other's concept of love. But keep in mind it is their blessing of love. No greater or less than our love. So beyond our understand that love lives beyond any limitation. Imagine that. We are granted this wondrous gift. A gift unique to us alone. I believe when couples fall in love, a new realm, a new reality is formed. Ageless, With a meaning all of its own. And where does it all lead? Let's find out. Let's find out and enjoy. 

How about this for a love song: DJ Okawari "Flower Dance" 

Believe it or not, there are things that can't be believed 

Found over 2,000 years after her death, Lady Dais of the Han Dynasty, one of the world’s well- preserved ancient human remains was buried in a mysterious liquid that scientists still can’t replicate. Believe that unexplained mystery? Then you will have little problem explaining this unexplained mystery uncovered by Cool Kid Comedy. It seems 30 years ago something happened in this house.
If anyone can explain the explainable of this video, please explain it to the rest of us. "Thirty Years Ago" 

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Heaven would indeed be heaven 
if lovers were there permitted 
as much enjoyment as they 
had experienced on earth. 
Giovanni Boccaccio

Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Window A Memory to Welcome to Gainsville 
A window teaches a heart to sing 
An artist teaches the wonders of weight training

A Window A Memory (Italian sonnet) 

I find myself again beneath your realm
A window to my light my hopes my dreams
With feelings which my heartbeats overwhelm
As soul is floating on enchantment’s streams
Is there forever’s morning will appear
To teach a world to blossom with a song
A timeless ray of heaven will cohere
This memory to last a lifetime long
I never knew a second moved so slow
Nor felt the hidden whisper of a wind
Of shadows hinting that she might not show
A gloom the light of you will soon rescind
I find myself again beneath your sill
A window which will soon be graced by you
And stories of tomorrow we’ll distill
Till wedding bells will make those stories true 

When we peel back the layers and layers of love, we will find an Italian sonnet. There is nothing special, word wise, in this sonnet. It is simply a lover trying to paint a mood. Notice how the conflict stanza (the third stanza) adds a bit of flavor. The ending,  kind of, sounds like a marriage proposal. 

When we were dating, Arlene's room was on the third floor. She had a single window facing the street. Whenever I went to be with Arlene, we would have an exchange, with me on the street and Arlene at her window. As her window came in my view, I would have thoughts, similar to the sonnet's and as a love sick puppy. Here is a romantic touch. Arlene always seemed to know I was there, without me calling her or ringing the doorbell. (Clue: She was a love sick puppy too.) 

When Arlene and I moved into the palace in the sky, the window days gave way to other lovers games of the heart. We tried to recreate the window days at a family gathering. It didn't work. It wasn't the same. The window days  were transformed to a pleasant mind trip for two hearts to take when Arlene ad I cuddled under a soft blanket.

I believe memories never die. It is we who must move on. Look at us.. There is no now. We are constantly moving toward tomorrow. It is our nature. We can carry pictures with us of the precious moments we made or were part of. We can enjoy those pictures under a soft blanket. But to stay... Tomorrow is waiting for its own memories. Memories only we can make. Yes, only us. What a wonder we are, to have created so much that even tomorrow is waiting for us. And as we pause to catch our breath, enjoy. 

To go with this theme: Armik "Your Touch" 

How about a little weight training to keep our heart strong for love 

Weightlifting has a lengthy history. For many prehistoric tribes, the traditional test of manhood was the lifting of a special rock. The competitive lifting of stones still persists locally in Germany. Put all your rocks away and meet Jack McStack Rack, of RocketJump Lift Team. Jack is one of the masters of the gains one might achieve by pumping iron. He is about to show us 4 new and incredible exercises. 
Watch the entire video before attempting to leave the comfort of your chair. "Welcome to Gainsville" 

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Keep all special thoughts and memories 
for lifetimes to come. Share these keepsakes 
with others to inspire hope and build from 
the past, which can bridge to the future. 
Mattie Stepanek

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Cloud to Deadpool Pranks Spider-Man 
A cloud gathers a man's mistakes 
The street gathers Deadpool's mistake 

The Cloud (English sonnet) 

He wanders through the cost of his mistake
The mist with which tomorrow is endowed
The veils of reasons to his present shroud
A path the stars in heaven do forsake
His hopelessness is captured in a cloud
Which steals the tears a broken soul may make
Each one a promise never meant to break
A promise meets the fields of disavowed
They gathered there to share is his regret
The answer to his sorrow and his pain
They talked of times they never will forget
But why he left this no one could explain
And as they said goodbye and sun did set
A lonely cloud released its telling rain 

A fantasy, a legacy, a parable, an English sonnet. A man appears in the quatrain. He seems to be burdened with problems. The man disappears as the couplets appear. The man is replaced with people who knew him. As they discuss the man a cloud releases his tear (or the reason for his tears). 

This sonnet may sound familiar to some of us. It is a familiar tale throughout history. Allow me to share the tale of Ken. When I was a youth soccer coach for San Francisco Vikings Soccer we coaches had to go to monthly meetings during the soccer season. One of the people in charge was named Ken. Ken was a nice enough person. I'll go so far as to say, he was the nicest person in the Viking's governing board. But at each meeting he would rant and rave. Ken's favorite words were, "You people just don't get it." He was right. We could see, we couldn't understand the reasons of his rants. Ken died unexpectedly of a heart attack. Many of us went to his funeral. At the reception we shared fond memories of Ken. Strange as it may sound, Ken's rantings became clear as we were talking about him. The league was dying and Ken wanted us to open our eyes. No, it wasn't raining that day. San Francisco Youth Soccer is doing fine today. It boasts over 8,000 players in 2015 and is expecting more for the upcoming season.

Whether it's making someone smile at dinner or saving a city's youth soccer program, we all have within us a desire to contribute. A desire to be more. A desire to be a valuable part of it all. It's there. It's calling. It may be one grand goal. It may be many goals. It could be a combination, small and large. Go with your dreams. Live your dreams. Know that they will come to pass, someday. You are that important, in the nature of things. Believe it. Know it and enjoy.

To go with all of this: Dansonn Beats "Leaving the Past" 

Lest we get too sublime... 

A prank is a a practical joke played on someone. Want to learn more? An American humorist, H. Allen Smith, wrote a 320 page book in 1953 called "The Compleat Practical Joker". Deadpool has decided to get in on the prankster act. His victim is Spidey. The boys at Nukazooka hve caught the entire prank on video, 
With great power comes great prankability, but not necessarily the brains. "Deadpool Pranks Spider-Man" 

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We are all part of the same energy that envelops. 
Persis Khambatta

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Goodbye to Farewell Mr. Bunting 
A last goodbye 
A shocking goodbye 

Goodbye (English sonnet) 

He knew his world was coming to an end
He saw it clearly written in her tears
A love a celebration of the years
Is stricken by the realms of let’s pretend
What words can put a meaning to his fears
What meaning can give reason to portend
To help a broken heart alone transcend
This cloud of pain till hope again appears
And in that long and lasting memory
When all that’s left is just to say goodbye
So far away from all the hows and whys
He stares ahead at all which now must be
And in a distance hears an angel cry
And there within his lover’s arms he dies 

A heartbreaking mystery leads to tears and this English sonnet. We know something sad was happening in this sonnet from the first line. This sonnet draws us in, but holds back what we all want to know. This sonnet is an example of holding back in order to build suspense. More, it is an illustration of the confusion surrounding death. In the end, is it only the person who dies? 

The sonnet is heartbreaking enough. I am not going to recount Arlene's death. Instead... As a masonic orator, my forte was the Masonic Funeral. I was in big demand. From 1999 to 2010 I performed 147 funerals and served as chaplain at least as many services. The ritual last 6 to 10 minutes (depending on delivery). The service and prayer a steeped in Masonic legend so that it may be performed in the broadest religious environments. 

That being said. a little lesson. I was once asked, by the family, to perform at a Greek Orthodox church. The priest had never seen a Masonic funeral and was very suspicious. He didn't want to have the masonic service at his church. I met with him in private and let him read the words I was going to recite. He agreed to let me perform, in respect to the family. There were two other concessions. We masons could not perform the processions that normally are part of a Masonic funeral and we were asked not to wear our aprons. At the reception. all the guests stood, talked and ate. I hand one toast of ouzo with the widow and her two sons. Then here comes the priest. He had watched me perform. He was very sorry for his behavior. "Thank you for opening my eyes", I still can remember him saying. He said I and the Masons were always welcome to his doors. 

Let us put aside the daily hum-drums for more important things. Too often the regiment of what we are use to clouds us from seeing that flower at our feet. It fools us. We don't have time. That's not the way we used to do it. And so routine welcomes one more guest. Let us put that aside. We are so much more. Our world has so much more to offer. And when comes the time to say goodbye, we may say thank you. But until then we can enjoy. 

Some music to go with the sonnet: Apparat "Goodbye" 

Warning - proceed at your own discretion 

The most well known 2-word poem is entitled ‘The Shortest and Sweetest of Songs’ and it simply reads ‘Come Home’ by a poet named George MacDonald. Never heard of that one? Well, when we think of poetry and movies, what film comes to mind? That's right "Dead Poets Society". And what's the big scene? It seems the writers of Saturday Night Life decided to make some improvements to that scene. 
Last warning - Not for the squeamish. "Farewell Mr. Bunting – SNL" 
(No poet was harmed in this making of this sketch.)

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Just as the body goes into shock 
after a physical trauma, so does 
the human psyche go into shock 
after the impact of a major loss. 
Anne Grant

Monday, May 23, 2016

His Dreams to Beet Dip 
One man's heartbeat is lost with his dreams 
One man dreams of the perfect beet dip 

His Dreams (Shakespearean sonnet) 

The dirt of the gutter would find his dreams
Just floating away with little to say
Another let down in life’s many streams
Has painted his day with colors of grey
Existence in tears seemed his destined fate
Each heartbeat of hope a reason to mope
So he cast off his dreams to ease the weight
No more mires to grope no shadows to cope
But there to the gutter came stranger’s hand
And so full of care they pulled dreams from there
There with the silence tried to understand
With so much to share this scent in the air
Amid his darkness he heard the word sir
Imagine the stir his dreams were with her 

A bit of word play and a happy ending comprise this Shakespearean sonnet.Word play? This sonnet contains two sets of rhymes. Follow lines two and four. On beats five and ten the rhymes are echoed. This sonnet ends with one more mind teaser. Who is this "her"? 

This poem is about hope. I have been very blessed in my life. Sure, there were some dark sides, but I had Arlene, my friends and now Amor. In regards to the sonnet, I was more of the stranger's hand. In my volunteer and charity efforts I have been fortunate to come in touch with many people. Some of these people turned to me as something more. 

One of these people was Danny. Danny went on disability and became unable to work. This was very depressing to him. I was coming up with a new way to teach Masonry to new candidates. A new idea to an old institution was a bit of a challenge, especially coming from a "wild guy". Danny was one of the guys who believed in me, along with a number of the conservatives (Namely Fred Nielson). As the school of instruction proved itself successful, I turned to Danny. The man had a real love of history. He was a great researcher but a poor teacher. One night I got an idea to ask the students, how to improve the class, especially the instructors, beginning with me. The feedback was strong, but positive. Danny took his to heart. His teaching got better and better and better. I threw in a few performance tricks (acting) and a new man was born. One night, Danny shows up, happier than I had ever seen him. His disability was rescinding. He was able to work again. Danny credits me and the school. Was he right? I don't know. 

Danny is now helping others. I believe it is within each individual to be a "helping hand" to others. Have you ever been walking and have been greeted by a stranger's smile? The power of something so simple. Sure, there can be found examples of human misconduct, of human blindness. I do not accept it. That is not us. We are part of a better world. A caring world. A world that is ready to offer up a smile, a helping hand. We should claim our part of this dream and enjoy. 

And the beat goes on: Deep Sound Beats "Hope" 

Beet anyone

One of the earliest known benefits of the red beet is its use as an aphrodisiac during the Roman times. Beets have been found to contain high amounts of boron, which is directly related to the production of human sex hormones. The only problem is that many of us don't like the taste of beets. Gregg, of You Suck At Cooking, has solved this. He has a simple recipe to help us enjoy beets. If he can only get serious, we might stop laughing long enough to try his recipe. 
Oh yes, beets are rich in other nutrients. "Beet Dip - You Suck at Cooking (episode 39)" 

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The purpose of human life is to serve, 
and to show compassion and the will to help others. 
Albert Schweitzer

Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Love Which Wasn’t Meant To Last to She Loves You, Bro 
A couple who challenged the stars 
A boy who may have misread the stars 

A Love Which Wasn’t Meant To Last (villanelle) 

Such beauty have the flowers all amassed
To grant some meaning to a pointless dawn
Upon a love which wasn’t meant to last
The stars of fortune watched as kisses passed
They only saw what hearts in love had drawn
Such beauty have the flowers all amassed
Upon a sacred book was promise cast
And on this pledge did many mornings spawn
Upon a love which wasn’t meant to last
Soon came dark clouds much harsher than the past
But on some ledge their hopes still teetered on
Such beauty have the flowers all amassed
But from some hell there came a final blast
The light so bright and happy days was gone
Upon a love which wasn’t meant to last
Yet till the end one promise held them fast
And all for this was magic built upon
Such beauty have the flowers all amassed
Upon a love which wasn’t meant to last 

A love that wasn't meant to last bring together the pretty tight villanelle form. The villanelle form of poetry uses and repeats the first and third lines of the fist stanza as the poem progresses thus: A1 B A2 - A B A1 - A B A2 - A B A1 - A B A2 - A B A1 A2. In classic form, the lines should e written in iambic pentameter. It took me a couple of tries to write a good villanelle. Once I wrote my first one, the rest came easy. 

Even when we were dating, Arlene and I were a colorful couple. My mother encouraged me to work since I was 12. I was a paperboy, a houseboy, I cleaned windows and other odd and end jobs. So I had money. Throw into the mix, my teacher, Johnny Land, who introduced and opened a world of possibilities. So when Arlene came into the picture, these hot teenagers did things. Everything went along like a dream. When we planned to get married, Arlene's father offered us a big wedding or a big down payment on a house. We chose the big wedding. 

After the wedding, reality set in. The teenage madness started wearing off and I started to notice Arlene's flaws and I'm sure Arlene was seeing mine. It wasn't long till we started to argue. To add fuel to the fire, our friends told us that our love wouldn't last. Even astrologers predicted our romance would be challenged. And we were challenged. Have you ever heard the saying, "Blessed be the ties that bind." I believe the "ties that bind" are life's experiences (good and bad). Some may say it was the religious wedding that kept Arlene and I together. I believe it had something to do with our "ties". I also believe all our shared experiences were "ties". As the arguments continued, these, I believe, became our strongest "ties". Love eventually won out. Arlene and I were a bit worn and battered, but we were together. 

What is the message to all of this? I don't really know. I am no relationship specialist. I appreciate that we are all individuals. Perhaps this little insight may spark some reflection. This is our time. Make the most of it. Use our moments to forge our "ties". We have within ourselves  the strength to meet life's challenges. And when we see the strength of our "ties" we can face what is to be and enjoy. 

How about a song to all of this: Promid "Dependent Heart" 

Who knows more about love than a bunch of guys (?!?!?!) 

Many of us have a conscious list of what we want in a partner, but we also have an unconscious one that fulfills a part of us that we have not yet developed, says licensed psychologist Rachel Needle, Psy.D. What does all this mumbo-jumbo mean? Let's asks the boys of Studio C. They seem to have some insight into the unspoken flirtatious advances of a woman. They share their knowledge (or lack thereof) with their friend. 
Who knows more about love than a bunch of guys? - Just about everybody. "She Loves You, Bro!" 

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There is always some madness in love. 
But there is also always some reason in madness. 
Friedrich Nietzsche