Saturday, June 4, 2016

Forsaken to LEGO Ghostbusters 
A specter enters a man's bedroom 
Ghosts enter the land of LEGO 

Forsaken (Shakespearean sonnet) 

I woke alone in this forsaken place
Uncertain of the hour the sun had fled
Discomfort has me in its cold embrace
The very walls now whisper of a dread
My heart is beating seeking some escape
My mind is clouded how did I get here
Our past alas is shrouded by some drape
Whose covers hover near my present fear
My silence has awakened distant sound
I swear I feel its foul breath come my way
Its shadow soon consuming all around
There’s nothing left for me except to pray
And there in prayer the shadow let me free
To share a night that happened once to … 

What if Edgar Allen Poe wrote a Shakespearean sonnet? The speaker tries to paint in our imagination a picture of what is going on in his mind. In three quatrains his situation gets worse. Just when things seem to get better, in the rhyming couplet, the last word is omitted. By keeping the rest of the sonnet tight, in rhymes and beats, the ending surprise is made more effective. 

Ghosts and the supernatural, I want to believe. Unfortunately, I have come across too many charlatans who have robbed me by their trickery and misleading people.Then there are those people who are anxious to point out how a trick or illusion is done, whether it was sought for or not. I might be a culprit in my own conundrum. I have practiced a few small tricks to entertain my friends. I am aware how skill can mislead people. Then there was my house. When I bought it, it came with some mysteries, namely voices in the fireplace, the sound of walking in the front room and the strange lights. One by one I found the cause of these mysteries and corrected them. So here is a person who wants to believe in ghosts, but has a history working against him. Still, I keep my doors open. I believe there is something more. 

There is something more. Not everything is attached to a reason. No matter what science proves to us about the world, it is our eyes that take it in. Science. Even there, we have that man who wants to believe in ghosts, as today's new "facts" are constantly being challenged and sometimes changed. So, where do we turn to? In the end, who can we turn to? Whose eyes take in our world? Hence, how important it is to know, to keep within our heart, how special we are. How unique we are. The world as we know it starts here. So enjoy. 

How about a song to go with that sonnet: John Carpenter "Halloween" 

I ain't afraid of no ghosts, especially if they're made of LEGO 

LEGO is the world's largest manufacturer of wheels. The company produces 306 million a year. While our minds are wrapping its wheels around that, here is an epic re-imagining of the classic Ghostbuster film by Digital Wizards Studios. Eight artists with a combined collection of over $100,000 of LEGO bricks spent 2000 hrs over the last 5 months: building, animating, lighting, composting and composing for an animated marvel. 
The more we loved LEGO, the more we're going to enjoy this. "LEGO GHOSTBUSTERS" 

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The best monsters are our anxieties given form. 
They make sense on the level of a dream 
- or a nightmare. 
Victor LaValle

Friday, June 3, 2016

You Should Have Seen to Every Girlfriend Ever 
There was the memory of a magic couple 
Then there is the silliness these girlfriends 

You Should Have Seen (English sonnet) 

You should have seen them dance they said to me
This couple with their hearts now open wide
A dream come true is where their hopes reside
This pair who shared what love was meant to be
They spoke of love that could not be denied
With every turn a flame for all to see
Of what it’s like to let one’s passions free
With every word they shared I sat and sighed
They spoke of things they felt so long ago
They moved in dreams to music meant for two
And when they kissed the room was set aglow
You should have seen the magic in their show
Sad couple who now shred the lovers’ view
And in the end I only said I know 

A memory returns to its source in this English sonnet. Notice that the beginnings of the quatrains are repeated in reverse order in the triplets. Also notice the triplets do not follow the classic rhyme pattern of CDE - CDE, but adopted instead, CDC - CDC. Another point is the word "they". If there was some confusion if "they" referred to the couple or the other people, then the sonnet worked. 

The team of Arlene and me accomplished many great things. Most notable was reestablishing a school's PTA, the youth coaching team and most notably the couple in charge of parties at the Lodge. All of these are ancient history now. The memories of what Arlene and I did lives on in others and other places. Many times I would go out and have someone say, "Aren't you Martin". 

As the couple in charge of parties, Arlene and I put on quite a show. Not just in the parties. We were that romantic couple. We liked to eat at restaurants that were also popular with people we entertained. One evening we overheard a couple, in an adjoining booth, describing a party they went to. They talked about a romantic couple who stood out at the affair. As they went on with the enjoyable story, Arlene realized they were talking about us. Imagine their surprise when they found out they were at a booth next to the lovers of their story. 

I believe we all bear the gift of changing the world. I believe we are all a unique part of the puzzle called humanity. We may be unaware of the important part we play. Think of the potentials of a simple kind act. Kind acts can be as simple as a smile. A smile that lightens someone's day. Think about all the kind acts we offer everyday. Memories to others. Seeds that are planted. Yes. we can change the world. We are that special. And in the dawn when the fragrance of our seeds returns "You should have seen them", you will enjoy. 

Shall we dance: Il Divo "I Can't Live Without You" 

From the sublime to the halls of the silly 

In dating, avoid negativity, as it is the biggest turn-off during a date.  Be happy and optimistic, some studies show that people find it hard to walk away from happy people. Which brings us to tis video. Avoid making videos like this, if you want to attract women. Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox got around this (and the wrath females everywhere) by giving Olivia Sui and Courtney Miller, of The Smosh Squad, credit for writing this sketch. 
If we learn anything from this, always clear our mouth before laughing. "EVERY GIRLFRIEND EVER" 

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To witness two lovers is a spectacle for the gods. 
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Our Dream to Moving Day 
Some couples dream of love 
Other couples dream of moving 

Our Dream (lyrical poem) 

Come fly
The sky
With me
And see
A stream
A dream
Come to
Our view
A star lit night
Too set moods right
Soft hearts await
To meet their fate
So why
Not try
To flee
To free
That gleam
Our dream
Come true
A moon lit light
To guide our flight
The world can wait
While we create
Creating dreams for you and I
Another windswept memory
Created on edges extreme
Where music of passion break through
To my
Soft plea
And see
The skies’ delight
Within our sight
Our dream
For two
Who knew
It’s not too late
The rest can wait

A collection of short ideas create this lyrical poem. This poem is founded more on beats than on rhymes. The lines have 2, 4 or 8 beats per line. The stanza with 8 beats per line doesn't seem to rhyme.  In fact, it rhymes with preceding stanzas. One more thing is hidden in this poem. 2, 4 and 8 are divisible by 2. What do lovers feel that is divisible by 2? 

I am the kind of person who can do the same thing over and over again. But the longer I'm hooked in a routine, the more I yearn for something different. Don't get me wrong. I like variety. There was a time, I would try any new thing. One riddle beyond the way I felt was Arlene. I say riddle because in and with Arlene everything seemed different. And I say seemed because I wasn't sure. As an example: Arlene enjoyed a specific routine of cuddling. Strangely, though always quite similar, it always felt quite different to me. Perhaps it was Arlene. Being with her... Having her by my side... I put all else aside. The world will always be there, but each moment with Arlene... 

I am certain many know, have felt what I'm talking about. Isn't it amazing how people can touch each other? I write a poem and it touches a page of one's life. A stranger smiles at us and there is something more to it. Have we ever wanted to thank or say something to someone, but just didn't have the right words? We do something special for that person and our actions transform into the perfect meaning. We go beyond words. We are amazing. Listen and nature will affirm how wonderful we are. Breath in your richness and enjoy. 

Need something more to think about: Nicos "Secret Love" 

Moving on your mind 

According to the Employee Relocation Council, there are only two other life events that are more stressful than moving: death and divorce. Never the less, BuzzFeed Video has found a couple who want to move. BuzzFeed & XFINITY have put together a video to help them and us make moving a bit easier. 
Moving might remain stressful, but laughing at this video may help lower the stress level. "Moving Day // Presented by BuzzFeed & XFINITY" 

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Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. 
They're in each other all along. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

It Calls To Me to Pool Fart 
One sound starts the promise of the day 
One sound ends it all 

It Calls To Me (English sonnet) 

It calls to me each instant of the day
With every breath and passing step so clear
From morning light refreshing night it’s near
It calls to me in some enchanted way
It calls to me mid every song I hear
And with each heartbeat I am led astray
To lavish blossom in life’s rich bouquet
It calls to me in every Joyous tear
There was a time when dreams seemed hard to reach
And each day passed as countless years before
No hope no cause no call to harken to
There rose a dawn so rare would heaven breech
The kiss of promise wishes filled with more
It calls to me in every thought of you 

A refrain in a lover's heart brings together this English sonnet. The refrain we're talking about is, "It calls to me". It begins and ends the quatrains in this sonnet. It disappears for five lines and then reappears at the sonnet's conclusion, with the answer. The desired effect is: To put the reader in the same frame of mind as the speaker. What is this constant call that makes the world so perfect? What would things be like without this song? "But everything's alright because the reminder , the essence of you (his love) is there." An example of how words can create a structure. 

Pretty straight forward, here. I really love my wife. I can't imagine a word without her. Let me use this moment to explain another spark of magic with you. Arlene was very beautiful. Amor, my present wife is beautiful too. I believe some of a woman's beauty is a direct response or result of the person she holds special. Oh, a woman can look beautiful on her own. But add the right attention of her desire and she becomes more. Whether a direct response of her treatment or an "I did it" attitude or some other gift of nature women process. I know a lot of couples. Women whose husband treat them special tend to look better. There is this old hunched back lady. She retains her beauty because, I believe, her husband really loves her. Or is it something else? Maybe the love in the air clouds the vision. Maybe I'm just a romantic. Regardless, I will continue to treat my wife special and lavish her with attention. I enjoy her beauty. (Not to mention the kisses.) 

We talked about my belief in making a woman more beautiful. What about us? What about the world? First of all, I believe, we are the world. No one person can change the whole world. Find than one thing that we feel strongly about and fix it or help to fix it. Stay focused. Maybe we can take on one or two more world changing projects, but be careful not to become defused. You will be surprised the wonders you will achieve. Imagine if everyone fixes one little piece of the world. There are enough things that need fixing to go around. And where does it start? I know many of us have already started. Remember that we are the world. You are a very important part of the great puzzle. Believe it! Spark the beauty which only come from you and enjoy. 

Back to the sonnet: Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance 
Cole Porter "Day and Night" 

By reading the title we know there's farting and a pool, but there's more 

The chemical makeup of water is two parts hydrogen, one pat Oxygen. The chemical makeup of the average fart is 59% nitrogen, 21% hydrogen, 9% carbon dioxide, 7% methane and 4% oxygen. This may be of some value as we watch this video (or warning) from Freddie Wong and his pals at RockJump. 
Remember this video the next time we are in a swimming pool and we feel a fart coming on. "Pool Fart!" 

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Who would give a law to lovers? 
Love is unto itself a higher law. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hands to Tinder: The Superhero Movie 
From the hands of lovers 
To the hand of a superhero 

Hands (Shakespearean sonnet) 

We travel through a world we cannot know
With signs placed all around we cannot read
We’re confident there’s nothing which we need
While hands remember never to let go
And so we wander carelessly along
Into a world which wonders why we’re there
When others of our kind it didn’t spare
Whose hands forgot the meaning of their song
So long to dreams without a scent of dew
So long to shattered hopes along the way
We’re strong enough to kiss away dismay
Whose hands remember what they hold on to
Our view of all that’s lurking up ahead
Is strengthened by these hands which now are wed 

Lovers' hands form this Shakespearean sonnet. Yes, there is Word Wizardry at play in this sonnet. We have the "cannots" in lines 1 and 2, of the first stanza, which is answered by "So longs", in lines 1 and 2 of the third stanza. The second beat in lines 1 rhyme with last word of the preceding stanza (i.e. so and go). The rest, I leave to you to discover the others. Have fun, but remember love comes first. 

Call me ridiculous, but there was something in holding Arlene's hand. Oh yes, I loved the kisses. I am a "kissing freak". And hugging....Whether to comfort in times of trouble or setting moods for romance or just because they feel good, there's always time to welcome hugs. But holding hands, at least for me, there is something more to it. There is the, "We can do this", that holding hands seems to convey. There is, "I am right here by your side", on those strolls. Somehow holding hands says, "I love you", without saying a word. Arlene and I both had a troubled childhood. When memories came back to haunt us, holding hands brought us strength and hope against those memories. These things and so much more was the language, the meaning, the world beyond words of holding hands. Oh, we have felt it too. Perhaps I'm not that ridiculous. 

An outstretched hand is not limited to lovers. A handshake; a pat on the back; helping someone to their feet; showing direction are just some of the ways we may be the blessing of someone else's life. Imagine, if every hand in the world offered its love to one person. That's two hands. I don't know about other people, but I get a rush helping others or making them feel better. So I am motivated to do more. "But, what can I do?" It starts with a smile. And like the unspoken language of holding hands, which goes beyond words, our heart will guide our actions. Our hearts. Our actions. "But I am only one person. What can I do?" When tomorrow comes and one more person is happy to see your smile, you will find out. Look around you. That is your world. Take it by the hand and show it that you care. And when it smiles back at you, enjoy. 

How about a little more love: Georg Deuter "Hands of Love" 

From the sublime to the sub-lime 

Tinder is a location-based dating and social discovery service application, founded by Sean Rad, Jonathan Badeen, Justin Mateen, Joe Munoz, Whitney Wolfe, Dinesh Moorjani, and Chris Gylczynski on September 12, 2012. Rumor has it, Tinder wanted to hit the big screen. The boys at Rooster Teeth got wind of this and went to work. There was only two problems. The boys were really into superheroes. Imagine fashioning a superhero around a dating service. 
Two - The rumor was entirely made up. "Tinder: The Superhero Movie" 

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I'm not asking you to walk in my shoes; 
I'd never wish my afflictions on anyone. 
But could you walk beside me on secure ground 
and reach to hold my hand? 
Richelle E. Goodrich

Monday, May 30, 2016

Fans Of Youth to Yoga Pants Rap 
Some people want to stay young forever 
Some people simply want yoga pants 

Fans of Youth (English sonnet) 

They set out once again these fans of youth
To finish fancies not so far away
From all the things so different today
Beside forgotten rivers of the truth
They sing of other things behind their mind
In flavored fashioned songs from their old home
A sacred silent bond with which they roam
Creates imagination this refined
Their laughter covered reason for all tears
Of those that found a part amid their heart
To set one’s own reality aright
These saints of old returning through the years
Of washed out fears while memories impart
With fans who dreams of them another night 

A song of youth fills this English sonnet. When people say sonnet, what mostly comes to mind is the Shakespearean form. There is nothing wrong with that. But as we can see here, the English form of sonnet may be more suited to express an idea. We have two quatrains to paint a general background. Then comes the triplets (Couplets can also be used). I have used the first triplet to set up some problems, in the form of reflections. The second triplet draws the entire sonnet to its conclusion. 

Aging is another topic that I might not be an expert at. I was blessed with a pretty good body. I can be called old, but beating me at tennis is another thing. I have always walked to the beat of a different drum, so I'm accustomed to acting, to thinking, to behaving differently. I have mentioned that at 40 I joined and organization, whose members were in their 50's and 60's (to be nice). I was in my 20's again. So as far as age goes, I believe, it is a frame of mind. The body gets older, but the mind, the attitude... But Martin, it is hard to dance with a walker. Some children are born (sadly) who will never dance. Think about that. Arlene and I never had a problem revisiting our youth, in the shadow of disgruntled lookers-on, thinking act your age. That was our age, going down slides, riding the merry-go-round, play hide and  seek and kissing. 50 year old teenagers kissing and holding hands and sharing an ice cream. Ageless. 

We cannot turn back time. We cannot make our body younger than it is. But the mind... I believe (crazy as I am) the mind has its own playground. There is an unwritten rule, that says when we reach a so-and-so age, we "must" act like this. Then there is, "I feel so old." Aside from these, I believe, our minds are ageless. Whose life is this anyway? If we want to use an open swing at the park; if we want go to a concert meant for the "younger" audience; if we want to go to school (college) again, who is to stop us? We may get some weird looks. But are we looking for reassurance outside ourselves? Are we looking for a reason we cannot be young again and again and again. There is a fountain of youth. It flows through us all. It is waiting for us to trust, to believe, to drink. Drink from our own personal fountain of youth and enjoy. 

A bit of sentiment to motivate: Madonna "This Used To Be My Playground" 

Yoga is a good way to keep young, but first we need... 

While the truth of the origin of yoga pants remain unknown there is a great bit of lore. Supposedly, a Canadian company called Lululemon started hawking plain black yoga pants and simple white t-shirts that were "infused with the health giving mineral essences of seaweed" called "vitasea" or some such nonsense (per the New York times, though as time went on this article started developing holes). Well, that leads us to "Yoga Pants Rap" It was written by Deva Dalporto, of My Life Suckers, and Jan Chmelar. 
That is true. I have the video right here. "Yoga Pants Rap" 

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There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, 
your talents, the creativity you bring to your life 
and the lives of people you love. 
When you learn to tap this source, 
you will truly have defeated age. 
Sophia Loren

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Ever’s Treasure to Liquid Paper Cardistry 
A lover describes the wonder of ever 
Card masters display their wonder as cards flow like liquid 

Ever’s Treasure (Italian sonnet) 

I’ll ever treasure moments which were set
Upon the tides which swept across my heart
The winds of ever cast a small vignette
Of splendors yet unknown about to start
As ever whispered promise thrills the air
The stars which make my heaven clear the way
Such memories has ever waiting there
That time forgotten lost in this display
And here I’ll slip in what is yet to be
How could one gauge the depth of mystery
I’m taken far from one who once was me
To realms where dreams alive dance merrily
And ever waits across an evermore
A wish of wonder purpose to renew
Each moment of my paradise explore
As ever ever holds me close to you 

Ever found a playground in this Italian sonnet. As this lover lets his heart loose to his desire, a subtle theme is played out. Notice, in the first two stanzas the word "ever" is mentioned in at least two lines. In the third stanza (the conflict stanza) there is no mention of "ever". This is made up in the four stanza, were "ever" appears four times. So we have at least two ever's treasures. 

Arlene and I weren't world travelers. There where lifetimes of things to experience near the San Francisco Bay Area. (Not to suggest world sightseeing is a bad thing. Different strokes for different folks.) Though we did take some jonts across the United States, most of our treasured moments were close to home. There was a major benefit to our joy. Arlene and I could try the same thing in a different way. We rarely had to think too hard about the details of our plans because there was always next time. As it turns out, life lasts a long time and change is a fact of life. Through it all Arlene and I have filled treasure chests with precious moments. In our time together, so much is no longer there, but here. in our forever. So when we pass the place where our favorite restaurant used to be, we can share a kiss for the evers that were bloomed there and will be our rainbow, our hope. 

Whether it is love or something else meaningful to you, make those "evers", those moments for our timeless treasure chests. But, I can't. But, I don't have... But, there is no... Throw away those "buts". I believe there is one thing worse than never doing, never living our dream. Never even trying, I believe, is far worse. And if something is meaningful, isn't it worth, deserving of a try? Can we think of anything more worth it, more deserving than ourselves? That "ever" can be the morning kiss to welcome the dawn or that kiss on the Eiffel tower to say to the world, "We did it." We are much too special. We deserve it. Fill your treasure chests. May they overflow. May your joy be the refreshing rivers for others. And as we look forward to our ever let us enjoy.

And while we're dreaming: Orkidea "Beautiful" 

Let's add a little more wonder 

Conjuring tricks with playing cards became popular around the 19th century. At that time, simple card flourishes were often performed by magicians as a way of demonstrating sleight of hand. Out of this grew cardistry. Cardistry is the art of masterfully controlling cards. There is no magic or trickery involved. Huron Low, Kevin Ho and Daren Yeow are three masters of cardistry. They unite their wizardry to make this amazing video. 
As you are watching this video, remember there is no trickery involved. It is hard to believe what a person can do with playing cards. "Cardistry - Virtuoso : Liquid Paper feat. the SS16 Virtuoso Deck" 

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Love doesn't make the world go 'round. 
Love is what makes the ride worthwhile. 
Franklin P. Jones