Saturday, June 18, 2016

Promised Rest to Customer Service 
Rest comes to the aid of a maiden who had a beautiful day
Customer service comes to the aid of a maiden whose computer is down 

Promised Rest (Italian sonnet) 

The sun has kissed another day goodnight
Close your eyes and dream with me be with me
Love with me open up your mind to see
Tomorrow’s waiting somewhere out of sight
For here and now what’s real revolves in you
Close your eyes and drift away slip away
Love away open up your mind and stray
So precious is this time for a renew
For here again our love has stood the test
Jealous teeth that gnawed at us pawed at us
Sawed at us torment’s flames enjoyed the fuss
Yet here we are to kiss our promised rest
The sun we knew has said its long goodbye
Close your eyes and softly sleep secrets keep
Love to reap open up your mind and leap
To sleep a dream of one as blessed as I 

Word Wizardry and stardust sprinkle this Italian sonnet. This sonnet was written to be softly spoken. In it one will find a repetition of words and rhymes. For example, in the first stanza the repeated word is "me". Also notice lines two and three start the same in all stanzas but the third, the conflict stanza. Don't try force the iambic pentameter beat (soft, hard, soft, hard, etc.) on lines two and three. The beats have been altered on purpose. 

Here's a riddle to consider. What does one dream who lives a dream? I married my childhood sweetheart, my dream. I didn't go to work. I went to play. I have done things that most people only dream of. My new wife, Amor, by just being herself, keeps me going one more day. A psychologist once asked me, as part of his examination, if a rock floats on water. I responded, "What is the temperature?" At my job, I was paid to think outside of the box. (Think of examples yourself were a rock can float on water.) So what does one dream who lives a dream? Once the nightmares were gone, like the sonnet suggests, most of my dream are flights of fancy. What can really be done. I can remember waking up on weekends and telling Arlene, "Let's go." For me, dreams and reality are the same thing. What can't be done are just words on a piece of paper, if you get my meaning. 

I'm not going to say we can all live our dreams. I am not qualified and I really don't know. Some people, want to be rich so that they can buy a house and do this and that. I think to myself why not just do this and that and buy the house and leave being rich behind? Then there is the whole clarity issue. A house, where and how big? What's involved in owning a house? Then there is that whole esoteric issue. What do we really want? Interesting, a dream doesn't pause for things like this. Remember the rock question? Maybe, just maybe, living a dream begins something like that. Can we all live our dreams? Let's just focus on you. And while you are on that florid path to discovery, enjoy. 

How about a song to go with this theme: Aiemo feat.Sandra Hakky "Dreaming Eyes" 

Some people dream of winning the lottery. Some people dream of fixing their computer. 

It is estimated that only about 10% of the world’s currency is physical money, the rest only exists on computers. Therefore, how important it is that we keep these machines in good working order. Unfortunately, every now and again, our computers go down. We then are forced to call customer service for help. 
The phone call might go something like this. "Customer Service (Ep. 2)" 

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Dreams are today's answers 
to tomorrow's questions. 
Edgar Cayce

Friday, June 17, 2016

There Was A Time to 5 Ways to Pierogi 
The story of the spice in a couple's romaine 
How to (or not to) spice up peirogi 

There Was A Time (round) 

There was a time amid a Joyous flow
Where rainbow’s hopes each morning would bestow
And winds refreshed the air with season’s spice
Here lovers’ dreams had splendor’s fields to sew
A time when smiles and laughter were the price
When bitterness dark shadows would entice
Was nothing thought could turn us from our dance
Or melodies beyond a life so nice
But then one sunset met confusion’s trance
With promises perfection to enhance
We humans let our greed command our sight
And ways unknown we struggled to romance
It took some time to shine on us our plight
Deep crevasses of shadows marred our flight
Each day would spark new purpose for a tear
Our kisses were the worries hearts incite
Yet in our mind a memory stayed clear
It took us to a field which we held dear
Was there we found a flower set to grow
A chance familiar time may reappear 

There can be clouds even in a cycle of a poem. In this round the third line signals the rhyme of the stanza that follows it. The last stanza leads back to the first. A round is complete. If at times this round seemed a bit cloudy, this was done to imitate the cloudiness we sometimes experiences in life. 

Arlene and I were very lucky in life. We got to do many exciting things when we were young. We raised two lovely children with little to no problems. Our grandest gift was reliving our 20's in our 40's. This was done when I joined the Masons and was put in charge of parties and entertainment, at the Lodge. When I joined the Lodge it was old and dying. It was the dream of the then Master, Ernie Bleuer, to use all of the Lodge's finances (if we had to) to rebuild the Lodge, membership and direction. Four years later, Arlene and Martin hit the stage. 

It was our first dance at the Lodge. It was held at the Marriott near the San Francisco airport. The dance hall had a breath taking view of the bay. I hired a six piece band and a beautiful female singer, Allison. Ticket sales were somewhat disappointing. It was a dance and I was warned that dances, at my Lodge, were not that successful. Everyone liked the dinner Marriott had served and went with the dance. Everyone enjoyed the band and Allison. Arlene and I hit the dance floor which was pretty empty. Our guests were just not dancing. What guests didn't know was that Allison was also a dance instructor. Getting people on the dance floor was her specialty and what I had hired her for. Not only did she sing, she went out to teach people how to dance. She geared all the songs to make us look and feel good.  By the end of the evening Allison had almost everyone on the dance floor. For days after people were calling and asking, when's the next dance. Some of these people didn't even attend the dance. So the beginning would start. 

Life offers many opportunities. Maybe not the same as Arlene's and mine. But I believe, like waves of the ocean, many opportunities come our way. The trick is to believe and ride the waves. And when we reach the shore, it doesn't have to be the end. The waves are still there. The fields of flowers are still there, with or without us. And when you ride your waves, smell your flowers, take in the beauty, tell me it isn't for you. Tell me that these moments where not just for you. We are that special. And the great thing about life, I believe. As we ride our waves we create waves for others to ride. We become the flowers. And as we partake of our parts in this endless cycle, enjoy.

Now that we are motivated, can we find beauty in hopelessness: 
Lana Del Rey "Once Upon A Dream" 

Are we hungry yet 

Pierogi, also known as varenyky, are filled dumplings of East European origin. They are made by wrapping pockets of unleavened dough around a savory or sweet filling and cooking them in boiling water. Normally quite good tasting and easy to make, no one can mess them up quite like Gregg at You Suck At Cooking. He has gotten it into his head that there are up to 8 ways to prepare pierogi. He is going to attempt to show us 5 of those ways. 
If you are interested in making pierogi, after watching this video and stopped laughing, get an easy to follow recipe online. "5 Ways to Pierogi - You Suck at Cooking (episode 41)" 

If you enjoyed this video press this link to Choose Your Own Adventure Cookies - You Suck at Cooking (episode 40)

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Life is a song - sing it. 
Life is a game - play it. 
Life is a challenge - meet it. 
Life is a dream - realize it. 
Life is a sacrifice - offer it. 
Life is love - enjoy it. 
Sai Baba

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Missing Dream to Chip's Ghost 
A specter turns a man's dream into a nightmare 
A specter turns night into silliness 

The Missing Dream (deteriorating poem) 

With his hard day of labor through
A bed awaits the rest he’s due
And one more missing dream renew
From memories its power drew
Though every night its curse he knew
Sleep beckoned him what could he do
And even before his eyes close he heard its hateful voice
From pillow’s welcome set askew
What once was him his hopes cling to
But this seems to infuriate his nightly specter
Who heightens the score of its backdrop to draw him in
This fellow who faces his dew
What real harm could dreams bring says a vanishing voice
As darkness unknown consumes everything everything
Even the source of his terror is taken
As he kisses all else adieu
Then he feels the chains of his fear drawing him back
You are in our world again says the only voice he knows
There in the absence of an eternal instance
A heart that was true
You broke it in two
Here again we share the moment when she jumped to her death 

At what point does a poem stop being a poem? This poem starts off as a regular poem, with rhymes and a meter. On the second stanza a line is introduced that neither rhymes nor has a meter. As the poem continues these formless lines take over. In the last stanza, as the poem is totally consumed by these formless lines. A small echo returns of what used to be. As it turns out, this echo also leads to the source of the nightmare. 

A guilty conscience wasn't the source of my nightmares. It was my stepfather. He would beat me with leather belts, with sticks and other objects. He would throw me around and decorate the walls with my head, for the least offenses. Was I a bad kid? It is hard to tell when a big adult is constantly beating you and your mother does nothing to help you. I was 14 when my mother mysteriously left me and my two brothers and sister with this monster. It be a little over a year till I found my mother again. I had a chance to move in with her and her new husband. So I took it. The day I left my stepfather he got his leather belt and beat me. When I didn't cry, he did.

Two years later, my step father started showing up in my dreams. At first I simply ran away. Things changed when I decided to stand up to him. There was that belt. The brain is a powerful wonder. When he hit me, even though it was just a dream, it hurt. My best defense was to try and wake up. There was no telling when this monster wound invade my sleep. It wouldn't be until my 30's, with Arlene's help, that I finally took my step father's belt away. I haven't had a nightmare. any nightmares since. 

Nightmares. Oh yes, I'm familiar with them. How to get rid of them, I am not qualified to tell anyone. I can share that books and doctors didn't help me. In the end, it was the love, patience and understanding of a wife that made me victorious, What was strange was that all nightmares stopped. As we are all aware, nightmares are not limited to sleep. You know what I'm talking about: that person, a spider, are my kids alright, how am I going to make ends meet. the boss wants to see me, the police lights, the fears, the angst. How do we survive them? How do we overcome them? I survived (even though it took a long time). All I can say is stay strong, whether by yourself or in the arms of a loved one. Stay strong and believe. And while our inner strength carries us through one more challenge, enjoy. 

I think some fun nightmare music is fitting: London Music Works "Phantasm Main Theme" 

Specters and ghosts come in many shapes and sizes and potato chip bags 

It is estimated that Potato chips are American's favorite snack food. They are devoured at a rate of 1.2 billion pounds a year. This is enough to make March 14th Potato Chip Day. This might also where Chip came from. Not potato "chip", but Chip the ghost who lives in Ian Hecox's, of Smosh, closet. Join the boys as they solve Chip's mystery as Chip comes out of the closet. 
Chip in all you want to chip away at Chip's  chip on his shoulder. (That was pretty clever, I'd say.) "CHIPS GHOST" 

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Why does the mind do such things? 
Turn on us, rend us, dig the claws in. 
If you get hungry enough, they say, 
you start eating your own heart. 
Maybe it's much the same. 
Margaret Atwood

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Lady’s Dreams to Netto-Katzen 
Tankas delving into dreams 
A cat lover's dream 

Summer’s Dream (tanka) 

Once there was a dream
Blowing in a summer’s breeze
Searching for meaning
Searching for another day
Gleaming in a lover’s eyes

Lady’s Dreams (tanka) 

Where did my dreams go
Wondered lady growing old
Beside her window
Then from street she heard child sing
As she closed her eyes and smiled 

Lover (acrostic tanka) 

Lover I became
On a magic summer’s day
Viewing wishes’ dream
Every hope desire fulfilled
Resounding in I love you 

Everyone has dreams, including tankas. Tankas are easy to write. The classic tanka contains 5 lines with 5 - 7 -5 -7 - 7 syllables (beats) respectively. Modern tanka artists are successfully testing beyond the classic tanka form. Tankas do not have to (but can) rhyme. With the tanka "Lover" I have combined the tanka with the acrostic poem form.  

I was a person who got to live many-a-dream. I married and shared many magic moments with my childhood dream and sweetheart, Arlene. I would be an entertainer, photographer, songwriter and producer. I landed a dream job at Chevron Oil. I helped save my Masonic Lodge. My problem was I had too many opportunities. I landed the job at Chevron, then Standard Oil of California, because a houseboy for the wife of one of the board members. At Chevron, I learned a person can do anything, if they had enough money. One of my greatest dreams there was making 3 flags float in mid air, without strings. (It was only a matter of money.) The dying Masonic Lodge had lots of money. Perfect for a dreamer from Chevron Oil. From 1997 to 2002, Arlene and I learned to live beyond money. Somehow, whatever we needed was always there. My life was such a dream. I just had to share with others. Hence I got heavily into charity (with Chevron Oil and the Masons behind me!). 

I believe we are all dreamers. Dreamers who can. Can live, create our dreams. I believe that we must believe in ourselves. I could have been an entertainer but it was easier.more comfortable to stay with Chevron. I believe I could have continued living beyond money, but I lost my faith in this when I lost Arlene. Yes, I was very lucky. Easy for me to say that we are all dreamers. But in my old age, I have lost so much. Even more, when one considers how lucky I was. Yet I keep my candle on. And still I can light another candle or two. Yes, we are all dreamers. Take that power within you and see all that you can be. And as other lights are lit by you, enjoy. 

How about a musical dream: Ginkgo Garden "Voices From The Past" 

Going food shopping? I bet you never expected this.

It has been accepted that cats and humans have been associated for nearly 10,000 years. To celebrate this Netto, a German supermarket chain, has thrown all our favorite cat memes and internet kitty stars into one ridiculously fun ad promoting its stores. You'll find Keyboard Cat hitting a different set of keys, felines afraid of cucumbers, clones of No No No Cat, Paws-in-the-Air Cat and Japanese box-loving sensation Maru and many more. 
See if you can spot your favorite cat star. "Netto-Katzen" 

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Every great dream begins with a dreamer. 
Always remember, you have within you 
the strength, the patience, and the passion 
to reach for the stars to change the world. 
Harriet Tubman

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Is It Your Smile to What Makes a Guy Hot in Your 30's 
A lover tries to figure the source of his desire's beauty 
These women confess the source of a mature man's beauty 

Is It Your Smile (English sonnet) 

Is it your smile which drifts my heart away
Perhaps your eyes those dreams of what might be
Or voice whose music sets my spirit free
Perchance your unmatched beauty makes me stray
Is it your scent whose sweetness sets me free
Perhaps the way you move starts mind to play
Or bless├ęd touch for which my soul does pray
Perchance it’s charm which cast this web on me
What is it draws my every thought toward you
Why is it you who greets me at each turn
When will I glimpse what this is all about
It seems that there is little I can do
But dedicate my life to you to learn
And in that Joy of loving find you out 

Form conveys a message in this English sonnet. The first two stanzas lead off with the same four words. The first triplet uses the three main words of questions (what, why, when). In the final triplet (the resolution) the speaker decides to just let go. After 11 lines of questioning the speaker gives in to taking his love's beauty in. 

I am no expert on the subject of beauty. I can only share my feelings on the subject. When I first met Arlene, she was not the most beautiful girl around. Strangely and truthfully, as time and moments went on, she became more and more beautiful. I had a friend and model, Valerie. One afternoon, she opened my eyes to beauty, In that one afternoon Valerie transformed herself into at least six different women. I was blown away. "There is more", she said, referring to a woman's beauty. I have come to believe, that how a lady is treated has a lot to do with how beautiful she is. One can tell how much a partner loves his mate by how beautiful she is. Let's not leave love out of the equation. I believe the more we love someone, the more love grants us the power to see more clearly. Now back to the sonnet, We can spend our time analyzing beauty or we can just let go and enjoy it. 

As we all know, there are many facets to beauty. Beauty is not limited to physical attributes. Even then, what one individual considers beautiful another individual may not. Then there is the media selling us what beauty is. If we don't look like this then there is something wrong with us. Not true. We are all beautiful. How can anything capture all of the facets of beauty? How can anything capture all of the facets of you. You do what nothing else can. (Coming close is the best they can do.) Is there something or someone more beautiful than you? We could spend our time analyzing this and that or we can take in the beauty that is you and enjoy.

Back to the poem: Virgo "I Love You" 

Dare we analyze beauty through the eyes of female friends 

College students who were asked to rate photographs of 10 male and 10 female faces found portraits showing the left sides of faces more aesthetically pleasing than those showing right sides. Elizabeth Bond, Kate McDaniel, Melissa Rojas and Stephanie Carrieare are friend and though they don't look it, are all over 30. Much has changed, including what they look for in a potential male partner. The girls are going to give us some insight into what they're looking for in men. 
If this seems sexist. that's because it is. "What Makes a Guy Hot in Your 30's"

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The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode 
but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in 
her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives 
the passion that she shows. The beauty of a 
woman grows with the passing years. 
Audrey Hepburn

Monday, June 13, 2016

One More Moment to Camping 101 
Lovers enjoy one more moment in their dream 
A father and son enjoy one more moment in the great outdoors 

One More Moment (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Just one more moment drifting in a dream
A paradise beyond enchantment’s shore
With fragrant waves of promises of more
And wishes granted cast in rainbow’s stream
Just one more moment in eternity
No need for time or scent of worldly things
Sip richness which imagination brings
And let a heart know wonders yet to be
The daylight had a purpose all its own
For other flowers searching for their light
An instant for their beauty to ignite
An instant satin memories are sewn
But in this instant everything in view
Just one more moment drifting here in you 

A dream for two lovers make this Shakespearean sonnet. How ironic that such a tight, highly organised sonnet is the playground for love. This sonnet has the same idea beginning the first two stanzas and ending the sonnet ("Just one more moment"). Since this sonnet is tenderly dealing with the subject of love, the conflict stanza (the third) is treated a bit differently. The first two stanzas follow a tight pattern. The conflict occurs because the third stanza introduces a pattern of its own. The return of the theme is the main message of the sonnet. 

Arlene and I met many changes in life in love. There were those crazy teenagers. That young pair dealing with the realities of living together. Then came parenthood. And thanks to a bunch of old people, Arlene and I got to recelebrate our 20's. Our favorite thing to do was getting in the car and driving. We made a good fiend who worked at Hertz rent a car, who gave us outrages deals on great cars. Arlene loved to drive, especially the latest model car. So we would spend a weekend on an unplanned adventure. So there we we were, two adventurers, kissing, hugging and enjoying each other through life. Making one more moment. Trying to recapture a favorite moment and making a new moment. And when we were confined to our home, there was that soft warm blanket, where we could cuddle and make one more moment. 

We are all adventurers. Traveling in this wonder called life. Love is a concept, a feeling, a way of life, a blessing, a curse, we have been trying to understand for lifetimes. Love is but one color of the rainbow of life. There is so much more. And like colors, there is so much we can't see. We can't experience. What a wonder is this world. This time. This life. Add to this wonder an individual, an adventurer. An adventurer trying to find some meaning, Trying to understand. Trying to create. A marvel, one more color making one more moment. That marvel is us. And as we create our own special moments, enjoy. 

An artist who made special moments: Sade "No Ordinary Love" 

Another adventure is a father's relationship with his son 

A camper's best friend, the Swiss Army knife was first produced in Ibach, Switzerland, in 1891 and was credited to Karl Elsener, its inventor. Christian and his dad probably forgot Swiss Army knife as they went on their annual trip. "Trip" is a fitting word, when one sees how much these two love each other and the great outdoors. Our thanks to ScottDW for capturing this moment. 
Imagine doing this year after year. "camping 101" 

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Life is the flower 
for which love is the honey. 
Victor Hugo

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Stir Of A Silent Dream to Super Powered Energy Drinks 
The power of flowers in love 
The power of some energy drinks 

Stir Of A Silent Dream (Shakespearean sonnet) 

There somewhere passing through a silent dream
Where flowers dance to greet the morning air
Flare fragrant wishes swishes from some stream
Fair kisses of my youth are waiting there
Here past and future all but fade away
Mere mist amid the glory of your stars
Steer this new wonder to an angel’s play
Veer past the want for need and all its scars
Through nights of shallow shadows without hope
You heard the tears of years mid morning dew
Few knew the power of a flower’s scope
True were the words I shared with only you
Soft whisper passing gently through the night
Oft will I close my eyes to hold you tight 

Love's glory shines through in this Shakespearean sonnet. There is a lot going on in this sonnet. One might miss that the speaker suffers problems that the flower of his delight eases away. This was done to let the glories of a wonderful love stir away the problems. There was a problem, but love eased away all its power. Did we notice that there are two rhymes in each stanza? The first words in each stanza rhyme. Yes, some lines contain Word Wizardry. 

The love Arlene ad I shared was legendary. It did get a bit steamy after we were married and the realities of the real world toyed with our feelings. Even so, there was real power in our love. Not only did we survive these fiery times, we attracted many to us who wanted to take in the scent of lovers. Beside all this was my childhood nightmares. That evil man who terrorized  my youth, became more powerful in my dreams. Imagine enjoying a sweet dream and suddenly this monster shows up. The only defense was to wake up. Arlene knew about my step father. Many were the nights Arlene would comfort me with a greater dream. Our love. Our day. Our days were the dreams this monster could not touch. Eventually, in my 30's, I managed to stand up to my monster, in a dream, and he never returned. Gentle were the whispers that guided me through the night. 

Arlene was my helping hand against a nightmare (and so much more). Amor is my helping hand with my current challenge. In my charity work there were many helping hands. There were helping hands in all my endeavours. I have had the honor of being a helping hand. We all have, are and will be helping hands. All of us. Not just at work or because we believe we are going to get something out of it (except feeling good). I believe it is a part of our true nature to help each other. I believe when a person closes their eyes or act poorly (or shockingly) something else, something unnatural is at work. The vast majority of the world is good. As we read this, we may not be aware how important are the contributions we make. But it's true! We are all important. Think of all the good things that you have done. And while you do, enjoy. 

Let's get back to love: Selena "Dreaming Of You" 

Have we had an energy drink lately - not like these 

Energy drinks generally contain methylxanthines (including caffeine), B vitamins, carbonated water, and high-fructose corn syrup. Johnny Schulze and Braeden McDonald, of Rizen Visual, are big energy drinks freaks. Watch what happens when the boys stumble on a variety of new and more powerful energy drinks. 
Did I say, "are big energy drinks freaks"? I meant to say, "Were big energy drinks freaks." "Super Powered Energy Drinks" 

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The most powerful weapon on earth 
is the human soul on fire. 
Ferdinand Foch