Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Murder of Their Friend to How To Make a Paper Gun 
They were surprised at the loss of their friend 
They were surprised to learn how to make a gun out of paper 

The Murder of Their Friend (English sonnet) 

Their friend was gone where was it that he went
All thoughts now turned to some unknown demise
At least that’s how it was within the eyes
Of those with whom such happy times were spent
What other whimsy might a fool surmise
Explains away the absence of a gent
A fellow who had nothing to repent
And even less about him to revise
The word soon spread to everyone around
A mystery the world could not dismiss
Each day would call another heart to pound
What unseen fiend was causing all of this
Twas underneath a tree that he was found
Their friend was gone there taken by a kiss 

Toying with emotions is a kiss and an English sonnet. No one ever said a classic sonnet had to be serious. This sonnet paints a picture of good man, a good friend, who mysteriously disappeared. All thoughts turn to the worst. (Hopefully ours was too.) In the end their friend was indeed a victim. A victim of love. 

Yes, I was that victim, when I first fell in love with Arlene. But let me skip ahead a few years. I was a member of the Fun For Lunch Bunch. The Fun For Lunch Bunch was a group of six guys who met at lunch to share their lunches and a joint. (One of the guys was a  gal.) One day one of our members was missing. This went on a week. We feared the worst. Maybe it was the joint. The rumors we got from others, who knew him, fed our fears. Two of our members did some investigation.  As it turned out, our friend had met a girl. For his desire of her, he had shut off the rest of the world. As we continued our idol chit-chat about the good and bad of our friend and is new found love, I couldn't help but remember that was once me. Later that day, I bumped into Tony, another member of the group. He confided in me that he thought we were talking of the time he had met his wife. 

We all do share some common experiences: falling in love, raising a family, getting old. When I worked at Chevron, I got to talk to people all over the world. I marveled at how much people have in common. Have you ever stood in line and looked at the people who are looking forward to the same experience as you? Yes, we are all special. We are all unique, one of a kind. Yet, nature has designed us to feel, to share common touches of life. I believe, this is a reminder that we are all one. I believe, this was put there to keep us from killing each other (though many are often blind). I believe that this is a hope of our future. A time of peace. A time when individual work and grow together. Oh yes, it's coming. And as we move to its calling, let us enjoy. 

As for lovers lost in love: Cash Cash "Victim of Love" 

The world is full of surprises like a gun made of paper 

Ever heard of Jen Stark? Born in 1983 in Miami, Florida, Jen is a leading contemporary artist whose majority of work involves creating paper sculptures. The nameless figure of HowToBasic s throwing his name (nameless as it may be) into the hat of paper artists. He thinks he has stumbled on a working gun, made entirely of paper. He is prepared to show us how to make his gun and to operate it. 
Maybe if it works he will tell us his name. "How To Make a Paper Gun that Shoots" 

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I remember the first time I fell in love. 
I held her hand in mine with not an interest 
to let go. I floated along lighter than I’ve ever felt. 
I kissed her hand as if she were my princess. 
There was a heart full of love and it was 
all for her. Every flower, every song, 
every cloud, every sunshine, every raindrop 
was a gift from heaven. For this angel had come 
to take my love. For the first time I felt love…
Jason Micheal Ratliff

Friday, June 24, 2016

Sweet Memory to One letter off Superheroes 
Add the years and memories change 
Change a letter and change a superhero 

Sweet Memory (Shakespearean sonnet) 

I stroll the fields we planted yesterday
The blossom of a dream which did come true
The promise of our season seemed so new
Sweet memory we swore won’t slip away
I stroll the fields we worked on through the years
The blossom of a dream which won’t die
The promise of our tears which happened by
Sweet memory our vow now reappears
I stroll the fields which now does seem so strange
The blossom of a dream so long ago
The promise of a time we think we know
Sweet memory has undergone a change
I stroll the fields now on the verge of night
Sweet memory our fairytale unite 

Within the structure something has changed in this Shakespearean sonnet. This sonnet uses word repetition. The lines of each quatrain begins with the same word pattern. This was done to represent things that do not change. As the sonnet progresses each quatrain is meant to represent the change of seasons of the speaker's life. Notice that it is "Sweet memory" not the plural "Sweet memories". 

Arlene and I were fortunate to live an unreal life. There were the dances, the places we went. the people that helped us, wanted to be near us, wanted to hear one more story of our exploits. Our quietest time was wen we became parents. Even then there was the PTA and the coaching. And then there was our son, Peter. Peter was no average child, He learned to read by the time he was 4. Arlene and I were not rich, so even though Peter went to school, much of his education fell on us. This was the same period of time that I was doing radio commercials to make some extra money and to help my friend. Then came the Mason years. The glories and the thrills Arlene and I would live there... All and all, a great life. A great dream. Yet there was a something (call it a memory) that was more than all we did. All we lived. A "memory" that kept us together through it all. Call it love. Call it something two young lovers saw in each other's eyes. Call it a promise. Whatever it is, it now unites what is real and the realms beyond reality. 

We are human. There is so much under our control. Yet, there really are thins beyond our capacity to understand, to see,  to take in. A simple example: there are colors beyond those we humans can see. Have we ever wanted to express our feelings, but couldn't find the words or actions adequately? Welcome to what makes you special. Even wilder, have you ever experienced someone who had trouble reaching out to you, yet you got a sense of what was out of reach? Food for reflection.  Oh, volumes are written to neatly explain it all away. But why does it take volumes? Believe, we are all special. It is within us all to find, to know, to understand those things that are of meaning to us. And while we create our "memory", enjoy. 

How about a song for all of this: Ray Charles "Sweet Memory" 

What would a superhero be without a name 

The first superhero was Lee Falk's The Phantom which appeared as a daily newspaper strip starting on February 17, 1936. Since then countess superheroes have appeared and disappeared. As one might imagine the hardest thing, as new superheroes appear, is coming up with names. Ian Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla, of Smosh, came up with an idea. What if we take existing superheroes' name and exchange letters.
Ian and Anthony have a history of being bad spellers. "ONE LETTER OFF SUPERHEROES" 

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Now I believe that lovers should be 
draped in flowers and laid entwined 
together on a bed of clover and left there 
to sleep, left there to dream of their happiness. 
Conor Oberst

Thursday, June 23, 2016

I Asked The Flowers to Sweet Justice 
A lover asks the flowers about his world 
A thief asks the world What am I doing here 

I Asked The Flowers (Shakespearean sonnet) 

I asked the flowers blossoming to Joy
To whisper their sweet music to my heart
A gentle scent to meaning of my ploy
Or any luster to my soul impart
The breeze which lights the glory of this day
Now spreads a dance of wonder everywhere
As in a realm of heaven I now stray
I asked the flowers their advise to air
Then suddenly the world became quite still
A moment of reality less clear
And in the sultry silence of this thrill
The flowers whispered this into my ear
Believe that things like this are real and true
A lover’s dream is happening to you 

In the stillness comes the answer in this Shakespearean sonnet. The structure of this sonnet carries one of its messages. In the first two quatrains the speaker puts forth his question. It takes an additional quatrain to still himself and prepare for an answer. After 12 lines, in the rhyming couplet, the flowers return their answer. In case we missed it, the first line, of the rhyming couplet, contains another of the sonnet's messages. (Believe) 

When I was young, I was a houseboy. One of my clients was a widow, Mrs. Wands. Her husband died. Mrs. Wands was a lawyer and paid me very well. Long after I stopped working for her, she would invite Arlene and I for dinner. She was always interested in my latest adventures. She was the grandmother I never had. One of Mrs. Wands' idiosyncrasies was the fairy decorations she kept around her house. One night, at a dinner (I don't know how the subject came up), Mrs. Wands shared her belief in fairies. Although she has never seen one or was effected by one, she "knows" fairies exist. I was surprised that such a successful, well educated person should hold to such things. She shared that no one had successfully convinced her that fairies do not exist. It was her belief. She never forced it on another or allowed it to rule her life. As Mrs Wands said, "How does it affect or harm anyone if I choose to believe in fairies?" There was more in this discovery than Mrs. Wands' belief in fairies. All individual's'beliefs, wants and needs in general. All those years. I never suspected that Mrs. Wands believed that fairies really exist. Now that I am old, I believe in fairies. 

So, we move from realms of lovers to the worlds of you and me. Everyone has their own beliefs, from fairies to how the world should be run. Beliefs that align with ours. Beliefs that may conflict with ours. One of mankind's greatest gift, I believe, is listening. By listening we may learn. One does not have to accept what they hear, but it tells of our nature how well we listen. What is most important about our beliefs is how they impact us. For here it all starts. If our beliefs truly benefit us what does it matter what other think? Individuals will gravitate to beliefs that suit them. In the end, I believe, only healthy, beneficial beliefs will win out. Are ours one of these? As we travel on our lives, let us enjoy. 

While we are reflecting on this subject: Secret Garden "Lotus" 

Ever wonder what does crime and ice cream have in common 

Agnes Bertha Marshall (August 24, 1855 - July 29. 1905) was a leading cookery writer in the Victorian period, and was dubbed the "Queen of Ices" for her works on ice cream and other frozen desserts. Our police have a bad reputation surrounding their love of donuts. Few know they are Agnes Marshall fans. Or rather ice cream fans. Someone should have told this to Harley Morenstein, who just finished robbing a bank, in this video by RocketJump.
Crime doesn't pay, unless one really likes ice cream. "Sweet Justice (ft. Harley Morenstein)"

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We only see what we want to see; 
we only hear what we want to hear. 
Our belief system is just like a mirror 
that only shows us what we believe. 
Don Miguel Ruiz

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Next Time to Epic Handshake Game  
From a guy who set his life aside 
To a handshake that became legendary 

Next Time (poem) 

Riches beyond belief
A home by the shore of so many dreams
Cars and boats all the fashion of the week
Money to spare
Beyond compare
Sprouts everywhere
Pays for all care
Next time
Legend of so many
Another achievement for others to envy
One more trophy for history’s book
Records to claim
Doubters to shame
Ideas name
Dawn’s dream proclaim
Next time
Lover till for always
A kiss a word to set the night on fire
Passion’s dreams which keeps all needs in view
Attentive ear
A world kept here
A heart so dear
An always near
Next time
A person for one day
Someone just to look at in the mirror
Someone who must greet just one more day
Taking a chance
Daring a dance
Endless expanse
Things to enhance
Making a stance
Thoughts to advance
New things to glance
A fate to romance
Next time

A free form poem or a rhyme, another time leads to this poem. Each stanza starts out with a free form verse, then the stanza turns to rhyme. The rhyme portion is an echo, the benefits of the free form portion. In the first stanza, we are led to believe that this is a lucky guy. Then comes the words, "Next time." To accentuate the speakers frustration, the rhyme portion has a strong beat pattern. In the final stanza the rhyme portion is extended to illustrate the speaker's madness with his situation.

This poem is quite opposite of me. When I was young, there was this girl, Gloria. She was the most beautiful, most sought after and most have to be like that girl at my school. I, like many other guys, just wanted to date her. Though I was preforming on the stage; though I wasn't bad looking; though many girls were after me, I couldn't talk to Gloria. "Why would she want to talk to one as me?" About a year after I graduated, I bumped into Gloria. There was something she was dying to ask me. "Why didn't you ever ask me out?", Gloria asked me. It turns out she felt for me as I felt for her. From that second on I swore never again to let an opportunity pass me by.

Many people let fear keep them from an opportunity. For instance, there was my friend Shane. Shane really liked this girl, but couldn't talk to her. I had him meet me for lunch at Schroeder's, where I knew the chef. As Shane waited for me at a table, in I walk with Shane's dream. It turns out she was interested in him too. After a beer, I left the couple alone. Shane and the girl eventually got married. Just kidding. The couple did go out several more times. She was career bound and had an opportunity to go back to school. Shane was Irish. Ireland was calling him back. They did live this their memory.

Hear the clock ticking? That is our life. Some think it is too sort. Some think it is too long. Short or long, it will eventually end. Even if we believe in something after death, all this will end. The days of possibly dating Gloria, in school, are gone. But all the things I have done. We cannot go back to the past. But the things we did in our past can be our strength in meeting out tomorrow. Opportunities may come around only once. They are ours. They are our strength to meet the unknown. Don't allow anything to rob us of the gifts meant for us. Blessed is the individual who basks in their own fullness. A fullness that is ready for that next opportunity. And while we bask in our blessings, enjoy.

A song to go with the poem: Hopium ft. Phoebe Lou "Dreamer" 

There are secret handsakes and there are epic handshakes 

Archaeological ruins and ancient texts show that handshaking was practiced in ancient Greece as far back as the 5th century BC. The handshake is thought by some to have originated as a gesture of peace by demonstrating that the hand holds no weapon. Now-a-days a handshake means so much more. From the secret handshakes of those secret organizations to the handshakes celebrated in the streets. Scott Winn and Cyrus Spencer, of ScottDW, have taken handshakes too an epic level. 
NOTICE - This epic handshake will be known as an average handshake tomorrow. "EPIC HAND SHAKE GAME TIME SONG! (feat. ScottDW & Glitch)" 

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God gave us the gift of life; 
it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Promised Stream to Anime Baseball 
A lover's fantasy comes true in a stream 
Is it a fantasy when baseball turns to anime 

The Promised Stream (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Was heaven flowing by the promised stream
Perfection was the music all around
The fragrances of ecstasy abound
Each instant was a vision from s dream
The promised stream would play upon my heart
The promised stream refreshed my clarity
There in the veils of beauty holding me
The promised stream its secrets would impart
No woods no clouds no dark could hope to hide
No time dare steal a second of its grace
Such everlasting Joys waits stream’s embrace
That stars have placed eternity aside
Was bathing in a fantasy made true
The promised stream of love which flows from you 

Refreshing clarity comes through in this Shakespearean sonnet. We have taken a different approach with this sonnet. We start by stating an idea followed by wondrous generalities. In the second quatrain, we focus on the idea. In the third quatrain (the conflict stanza) the negatives are condensed. By heavily using the very negative word "no". we were able to get a powerful discord felt in two lines. Leaving two lines, in that quatrain, to season the mystery of the stream. The rhyming couplet resolves the sonnet and reveals the source of the promised stream. 

I'm not saying anything surprising when I say, there is power in love. The many things I accomplished were a easier because I had Arlene at my side. And I'm certain Arlene felt the same. For she too accomplished grand things. Our son, Peter, went to a pretty good elementary school. Arlene wanted to participate in the PTA. The school's PTA was a social club, run by and for one lady, who was the president. When this lady's son graduated the lady left the PTA and Arlene became president. That's when the fun began.  I can't tell you how many moments I hugged and listened to Arlene unload all the discouraging "can'ts" she was bombarded with. Arlene asked me not to confront the people, but use my energy to be her strength. (This was also a great strategy to keep people involved with the PTA.) In time Arlene got more parents involved with the PTA. In turn, the school got a better, more active PTA. This led to a better education for students, which was reflected in the improvement in the children's grades. This was due from Arlene's hard work. When Arlene left the PTA, they threw her a big dinner. She ended her"thank you" speech by thanking me for my love which gave her the will to accomplish this. The power of the stream. 

So we have a love poem and an example of something built through love. There is real power in, with and through love. Love, as I'm sure we all know, is not limited to the realms of kisses and hugs. It is not not limited to the relationships of men and women. Love is not limited at all. I believe we have barely touched upon the wonder of love. Not only can we take love in, we can also be a source of love. Imagine that! We are a source of an endless miracle. With this gift can we...? While we are exploring the potentials, enjoy. 

I think I found a fitting song: Vargo "Awakening" 

Talk about love - America loves baseball 

The origins of baseball is difficult to trace with precision. A French manuscript from 1344 contains an illustration of clerics playing a game, possibly la soule, with similarities to baseball. This great pass time as gone through many evolution. The crew at Corridor Digital has taken this game to a whole new level. What happens to America's most beloved game when anime is added? 
I can hear some say, "As long as it doesn't effect my beer." "ANIME Baseball" 

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Love has reasons 
which reason cannot understand. 
Blaise Pascal

Monday, June 20, 2016

It Started With A Kiss to Slow Brotion

Was it a kiss or an accident that sets this lover's mind awhirl
A pair dangerous hitmen are plagued bu accidents

It Started With A Kiss (Martin verse) 

It started with a kiss this fantasy
Which changed forever breaths of clarity
The stars in heaven cast a memory
Of night my lover gave these wings to me
I can’t remember dreams I had before
Or any purpose which I wanted more
Or heartfelt music calling me explore
Till waves which placed me searching endless shore
To be with her was just a fantasy
An accident of chance and nothing more
Would chance a heart for furthermore explore
Yet this was challenge blindness set on me
A whisper brushed my lips from long before
And only her remained of clarity
A portrait from some wish filled memory
The tears of flames inside were hard to shore
A single kiss a moment brought to me
Yet in it was a grander memory
Existence free from strains of clarity
It started with a kiss this fantasy

A poem, a reason for a kiss this Martin verse. Martin verse. Just find yourself 2 sets of ryming words and arrange them so: A1 A2 A3 A4 - B1 B2 B3 B4 - A1 B2 B3 A4 - B1 A2 A3 B4 - A4 A3 A2 A1. It's really as simple as that. Keep in mind the first and last lines and that pretty much explains what is going on in this verse. 

When I first fell in love with Arlene it wasn't because of a kiss, but rather a tear. I am a kiss crazy guy, though. A woman kiss me and... oh boy. Arlene wants yet another pair of shoes, that she probably will never wear... A kiss and it's off to the store. We're fighting (I'm shouting) about the bills, A kiss and, "I was shouting, you say?" I don't know when it all started. I don't think I was always kiss crazy. Sure, Arlene and I kissed a lot when we were teenagers. But we did come up occasionally for air. Any woman's kiss sent me to "La La Land:. Arlene's kiss was the best. I once was a judge of a Halloween costume contest. One of the female contestants kissed me on the cheek. Arlene told the other female contestants to kiss me also. There was no reason for her to be envious or jealous. She knew who was the best, number 1. Now here is another of life's wonders. It didn't take Amor, my present wife, to figure out that I was a kiss crazy fool. (Is this a natural instinct for you ladies?) A kiss and Amor is right. With this said, does the verse make a little more sense? 

Some people may disagree with me, and that's okay, but I believe, there is nothing wrong with getting lost in a "kiss". Arlene also had great legs, I loved, and would lose myself watching her walk. Amor has the power to make me laugh. A problem does not exist that she cannot chase away through laughter. Kisses, legs, laughter, life is rich with these gifts. Gifts ("kisses") that are special and unique to each individual. An escape from what is. A chance to breath. Fantasy or reality. It does't have to be or involve another person. It could be a thing, a book, a walk, art, taking a picture, music... well you get the picture. I believe there is nothing wrong with getting lost in a "kiss". I believe life's gifts for us are there for us to catch our breath, to regain our strength so that we will be successful in meeting the "day's" challenge(s). And when those rich "kisses" come along, take a deep breath and enjoy. 

How about some relaxing music while we take this in: Peter Pearson "Starlight and Roses" 

There is the kiss of love and the kiss of death and the the kiss of silliness 

Richard Kuklinski (April 11, 1935 – March 5, 2006), also known as the “Ice Man,” was a famous hitman. It has been estimated that he killed between 100 to 250 men, but had a personal rule never to kill a woman or child. Kuklinski worked for the Gambino Family. Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele had decided to throw their names into the famous hitmen area. Wait a minute. Aren't Key and Peele comedians?
Key and Peele have a secret weapon. See if you can figure it out. "Key & Peele - Slow Brotion"

If you enjoyed this video press this link to Key & Peele - Proud Thug

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With a kiss let us set out 
for an unknown world. 
Alfred de Musset


Sunday, June 19, 2016

I Had A Dream to Lyft with Shaquille O'Neal 
Imagine a dream of a lover 
Imagine a taxi ca ride with Shaquille O'Neal 

I Had A Dream (lyrical poem) 

I had a dream
A dream for two
A dream for me
A dream for you
And in this dream
This realm for two
Each fantasy
Had you in view
Each turn a whisper
Reminder kiss her
Tomorrow you may miss her
But for now
For now
I have this dream
Of loving you
And all I see
What heaven knew
This promised stream
Of holding you
This destiny
We’ll see it through
Each turn a whisper
Love her kiss her
The answer for all bliss her
But for now
This now
This gentle stream
For only two
A memory
We will renew
I had a dream
She had one too
Perhaps maybe
A wish come true
Each turn a whisper
Recurring kiss there
Tomorrow’s mist abyss there
But for now
Our now
We’ll stay in this dream somehow
I had a dream
A dream for two
A dream for me
A dream for you 

A lover's dream creates a song in this lyrical poem. These lyrics follow this form (V= verse, C=chorus): VVC VVC VVC+coda V. The meter (beat) is very tight. If there are any songwriters, who need lyrics, help yourself. If you don't consider yourself a songwriter, have some fun. 

Arlene and I lived many-a dream. One evening in 1994, I was cooking dinner for the family. Arlene comes home and suddenly the kitchen was filled with Princes Cruise advertisement. It was everywhere! I wonder what it meant (though I suspected). Arlene got a call from my travel agent friend and he had a "no one could pass up" deal on a 7 night cruise to Alaska. There were 2 main problems: I had already set my vacations for the year and I hate cold. Arlene had talked to my boss and switched  my vacations. She promised to keep me warm. I guess we were going to Alaska. 

The cruise itself was much more than I had expected. The entire crew was focused on our happiness and comfort. They treated us all as individuals. The cold? I didn't notice it. Princess and Arlene kept me warm. There was plenty to do. The food was nonstop and delicious. And the dancing was almost around the clock. An odd thing about this cruise was that folks of different lifestyles seemed to gravitate to their own areas of the ship. We romantics were rarely disturbed by the party people or anyone else. At night, strolling the deck, one thing was clear. Arlene was living her dream. And I was living mine. Making her happy. 

A cruise, even at an unbelievable deal, may be a bit beyond most of us. There are still a myriad of dreams waiting, Our dreams. Other people's dreams. Some dreams are grand and some are simple. The size of a dream is not related to its importance. I believe we are and our dreams are like magnets towards each other. It is a light of nature that we should be together. Not only that, we sometimes are called to make another's dream come true. We and dreams are part of the natural order. What sometimes keeps us apart? Listen. Really listen. I believe that we really know. And as we listen and are joined with our dreams, enjoy. 

On the subject of dreams: Marvin Gaye "Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words)" 

Taxi cab anyone 

Most of us know Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal is a retired professional basketball player.with a legendary 19 year NBA career, who is currently an analyst on the television program "Inside the NBA". But dud you know that Shaq has always had a love for law enforcement and has been a reserve officer in some capacity in both Los Angeles and Miami? In addition to all of this, Lyft has picked him up to have some fun with some unsuspecting passengers. 
Now to add to his list of accomplishments, Shaq can add Lyft driver. "Undercover Lyft with Shaquille O'Neal" 

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Be brave, young lovers, 
and follow your star. 
Oscar Hammerstein II