Saturday, July 2, 2016

Echoes of the Footsteps to Ready to Monday 
A lovers dance so special a world took notice 
A new dance so special will the world take notice 

Echoes of the Footsteps (Martin verse) 

The echoes of the footsteps in the street
Another chance another kiss to meet
A couple with a life ahead to greet
And every Joyous song made up their beat
For them the Joy of life became a dance
In every turn the promise of romance
Within their arms was safety from all chance
The dreams of love were captured in their trance
And when they passed the word was in the street
Somehow the air is flavored with romance
Perhaps it’s time to give a kiss a chance
Perhaps it’s time for hearts to learn their beat
And more yet more would join them in their dance
Unsure of all the Joys they there would meet
For some what once was lost again to greet
These dreams became the heart of their own trance
Then they noticed all their music lost a beat
And what they all forgot they then would greet
The couple who they all had chanced to meet
Were echoes of the footsteps in the street 

A life becomes a dance becomes this Martin verse. A four line rhyme is introduced. A second four line rhyme is added. The two rhymes are mixed together. The first rhyme emerges in reverse order. A Martin verse is formed. 

This poem is about Arlene and I and one special time when we were on top of the world. As the poem suggests, dancing was an important part in our lives. Life was a dance. Our years of parenting were behind us. Those days of the discos were far off. Our children helped take our minds away from the fact that we were aging. But there we were, a couple who suddenly were in their 40's. Life smiled on Arlene and I. Before reality could set in, we were put in charge of entertainment at the Lodge. We turned to what we knew best. Dance. Our first dance was very successful. This led to other well attended events. Behind them all were Arlene and Martin. In no time, we became so popular that we were invited to other dances, and our keys to success were adopted. Another effect was: Arlene and I were in our 20's again. Not only that, Arlene and I got many "thank you" regards from others who felt rejuvenated. It was a special time for a special couple, whose magic ignited others. As the poem suggests, the time came for Arlene and I to move on. Many things that we introduced still carry on, "...echoes of the footsteps...". 

Yes, Arlene and I were pretty great. Let me share with you what we often times shared with our admirers. Have you ever seen a love movie? How many are there? Are they all the same? What special moments did you have? Wouldn't that make a great movie? Try it. I'm certain we all have a great movies. The fact is, there is greatness in all of us, it is simply a different movie. (Some of us are not into "love stories".) Yes, dances were dying. Arlene and I were the right people at the right time. But who is to say we all aren't? This life is made for us, We are all special. Put these two together and enjoy. 

This calls for a dance video: Tony Dovolani & Elena Grinenko - Rumba 
Michael Buble & Nelly Furtado "Quando, Quando, Quando" 

Dance fads come and go 

The most sensual dance of modern times is without a doubt the Tango. It originated in the 1890s in Argentina, but it quickly became very successful in Europe. One can hardly call Marlon Webb/s new moves sensual. In fact, what exactly are they? Is it a dance? Is it an exorcise? One thing is certain. It is catching on. 
Coming to a sidewalk near you. "Ready to Monday: Take on Me by The Band of the Bold (part 1)" 

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Let your life lightly dance 
on the edges of Time like dew 
on the tip of a leaf. 
Rabindranath Tagore

Friday, July 1, 2016

Darling Surrender to How to be a Canadian 
A couple surrenders to love 
People surrender to becoming a Canadian 

Darling Surrender (English sonnet) 

My darling surrender to here and now
Where heartbeats and kisses build what will be
And eyes softly closed will teach use to see
Set all else aside let feelings avow
Let us not hold back what yearns to be free
Flowing with moments as dreams show us how
A glimpse of forever will time endow
My darling surrender and walk with me
Let us be a cloud a whisper a breeze
Let us be a stream the rushes the scent
Let us be the dawn refreshment anew
This moment is ours to partake of these
Let us not ponder where wishes went
My darling surrender as shall I too 

Structure is forgotten as lovers give in to the moment in this English sonnet. Beside following the English sonnet form, this sonnet has additional structure. The two quatrain section begin and end with "My darling surrender".  The first triplet is led off with "Let us". This "Let us" is hinted to in the second quatrain. When the sonnet ends "Let us" and "My darling surrender" is called forth one last time, as the speaker agrees to surrender. Message? 

Arlene and I were very lucky. We lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, at a time when prices were very reasonable (not to mention the deals and freebies that came our way). One of our many favorite things to do was playing tourists. We would visit the various tourist spots, acting like young lovers and interact with other tourists; while acting like tourists ourselves. There was a "genius" in this, besides being fun. By listening, we gained an insight into our world that we took for granted. Strangely, we found out about things about our home that we didn't know, like the Ghost Tour of Chinatown. (Keep in mind this was the time before the computer and the internet.) Arlene and I found out why travelers came here. There was so much to do and we did it. So many memories. So many moments. Arlene and I were very lucky. 

Time is ticking and so should we. Use this, our time to make memories. Make moments. We do not all live in the San Francisco Bay Area. But I have fans who make memories by going to a park and photograph birds. Fans who create and share delicious meals. Fans who crochet. Fans who write delights for us to enjoy. The point is: there is so much to do and enrichment is an individual thing. As Arlene and I found out, there things we take for granted. In today's world, with all of its distractions, I fear this matter is worse. This is our time. This is our moment. This is our life. Life. The most precious gift of all. To use. To live. To enjoy. 

I found this song to go with the poem: Ray Charles and Laura Pausini "Surrender To Love" 

A lot of people want to be a Canadian. So... 

Canada is the most forested country. Roughly 30% of its total landmass is occupied by forest. Could this be why so many want to be Canadian? Or maybe it's envy. Or maybe this is just a rumor that people want to be Canadian. Rumor or not, the folks at IFHT Films have put together an easy to follow video to guide people, wherever they might be, to be a Canadian without leaving their chair.
Warning - IFHT's procedures for becoming a Canadian have not been tested. "How to be a Canadian" 

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Sometimes the heart sees 
what is invisible to the eye. 
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Because to Reckoning - Toddler Phone Kidnapping 
A love affair lost to something greater 
A cell phone lost to someone greater 

Because (repeating poem) 

Her happiness my only goal
She was my life she was my soul
Yet in the end I let her go
It was because I loved her so
A touch of heaven by my side
With our tomorrows open wide
But in the end all this must go
It was because I loved her so
I loved her so the stars would shine
And with each kiss a dream would dine
With every breath I loved her so
Yet in the end that too would go
I loved her so each memory
Became special part of me
Reminding me I loved her so
In case I had to let her go
It doesn’t really matter why
No teardrop reasons why we die
But when the moon has lost its glow
Perhaps it’s best that we should go
Now we still meet each now and then
And pass along remember when
But when it’s time for us to go
It was because I love her so 

With each ending comes the cruel beauty of this poem. In each stanza there are two sets of rhymes. A rhyme of what is, followed by a rhyme of what must be. Notice that the rhyme remains similar while the other rhyme is freer. Also notice how we kept the meter tight. This was done to simulate the ticking of time. 

This poem was written in memory of my friend Steve and his love Marie. I met Steve at work. Other than being a nice guy, there was nothing special about him. Nothing special, until one saw him with his love Marie. Here was a remarkable pair. Even a blind man could feel this couple, when together. By their own admission, their love for each other brought them a lot of free dinners, from couples who enjoyed their company. Arlene and I were one of them. In fact, we lived a few blocks from these love birds' nest. There was something "more" in seeing these two together. They were an inspiration. One evening Steve comes over to my house alone. He wanted to go for a walk and talk to me. He confided that because of various reasons he felt he was holding Marie back from her dream. Marie was studying to be a nurse. We discussed the memories and all the good things he brought to the relationship. On the next day Steve didn't show up at work. That night Marie called to find out if I knew where Steve was. I told her that I didn't know. The last words Marie said were, " Then it's true, then." 

I did take some poetic liberties with ending of the poem. I never saw or heard from Steve after that walk. I did bump into Marie, when I was doing my hospital visitations. She became a Chief Nursing Officer. 

In truth, I am not exactly sure what happened with Steve and Marie. I like to believe they had discovered a level of love. You should have seen these two. They were really in love. Steve knew how important he was to Marie and how special the two were. Yet, he clearly saw how their relationship was keeping Marie from her dream. Marie became not only a nurse, but a Chief Nursing Officer. As I mentioned, there was nothing special about Steve. As it turned out, he was an extraordinary lover. He had the foresight, the power, the strength, the love to put his desire's dream before his wants. What an individual. So it is with all of us. What makes us special may not stand out, but it is there. We are all special. We are all a book, waiting to be written. And as we turn the page to the next chapter, enjoy. 

A love song for the poem: Platine Radio "Goodbye My Love Goodbye" 

What could be worse then one's cell phone coming up missing 

It is estimated that more than 90% of adults have their mobile phone within arm’s reach all the time. This may explain why La Guardia Cross is so anxious to get his cell phone back. What a minute. What happened to La Guardia's phone? Did he lose it? Oh, it's much better than that. 
Spoiler Alert - His 1 year old daughter, Amalah, is the costar of this video. "Reckoning - Toddler Phone Kidnapping 2" 

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Love is when the other person's happiness 
is more important than your own. 
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Our Spring to Sponsored Funeral 
A young couple celebrate their spring 
Family and friends meet to mourn a loss in winter 

Our Spring (Shakespearean sonnet) 

So few can boast they lived amid a dream
To touch a hope or drift in heaven’s stars
Enjoy forever is a promised theme
There truly is no spring as rich as ours
Could flowers dance to greet the morning sun
Could moon-glow spark the magic of the night
The scent of music heartbeats have begun
Our spring has moved these secrets to our sight
Though troubles may flow in the winds of chance
And teardrops may visit our face in swarms
As brightness begins to rescind we’ll dance
The promises our spring retrace these arms
Among the few amid a dream I sing
For you my life my love are source of spring 

Spring is the source of glow in this Shakespearean sonnet. One has to turn up the lover within to grasp what the speaker is talking about. Like "... lived amid a dream". Not a ''dream" as in hope, bit "dream" as in fantasy. Notice that "spring" appears in every last line. This was done to tie the sonnet together and to build up to the conclusion. The first line of the rhyming couplet may be a bit confusing unless we go back to the first line of the sonnet. 

This sonnet refers heavily on that young couple who moved in together, in that palace in the sky. Arlene and I were 19 and 20 when we moved in together. Our palace in the sky was a small, one bedroom apartment on upper Market Street in San Francisco. It was located directly bellow one of the peaks of Twin Peaks, splitting the fog and giving us a spectacular view of eastern San Francisco. Our bedroom opened to a giant balcony, on which Arlene and I could take in the unbelievable.  Imagine, all the things a young couple has to learn when they first move in together: like house keeping, bills, fixing food, getting to know the real other person, adjusting and the myriad things like that. Our palace in the sky and Arlene's and my mad teenage love for each other was the honey that coated all of the tribulations. It was truly magic. It was a dream. I really did sing. Remember, I was a singer at the time. But that's another story. 

We all have grand memories. Don't believe me? Take the best thing that happened to you. Without leaving the world of facts, downplay the negatives and up-play the positives.  The same moment becomes better. I learned at an oil company to turn negatives into positives. That oil company made lots of money doing this. We can all live a better life adopting this practice. Look what happened when we downplayed negatives and strengthened positives in a memory. Memories are the stairways to the future. By making strong, positive memories, imagine our future. We are all wonders. And as we explore the positives about us, let us enjoy. 

Are we ready for a great song and for some great dancing to go with that sonnet: 
Sergei Rachmaninov "Spring Waters" 

From a beginning to an end 

The earliest advertising known was oral and was found in China, It was recorded in the "Classic of Poetry" of the 11th to 7th centuries BC to sell candy. Advertising is everywhere. Believe it or not, there was a time when computers were advertisement free. It seems ads are finding their ways into every facet of our life. What next?  
Keep in mind, some advertisers may also watch this video. "Sponsored Funeral | #targetdemo" 

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Where there is love there is life.
Mahatma Gandhi

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Meaning Of The Day to Instant Package Opener 
The wonder that is the meaning of his day 
The wonder that opened the meaning of a woman's day 

Meaning Of The Day (villanelle) 

This meaning each day clearly keeps in view
Though I search out dreams to help me explain
The reason my heart beats only for you
With every thought one beauty will ring through
As visions return sweet season’s refrain
This meaning each day clearly keeps in view
Confusion may come to set world askew
My mind drifts in you to soften the strain
The reason my heart beats only for you
And when I am down my strength you renew
Dark clouds up ahead your music obtain
This meaning each day clearly keeps in view
Much more than love or any words accrue
Or heights that mere expression may obtain
The reason my heart beats only for you
This perfect blend of one which once was two
Each breath cast by the sun will truth ordain
This meaning each day clearly keeps in view
The reason my heart beats only for you 

The light and meaning of this lover's day returns in this villanelle. As reminder, a villanelle is composed thus: A1 B A2 - A B A1 - A B A2 - A B A1 - A B A2 - A B A1 A2, A1 and A2 are the same lines, respectively. All lines should be iambic pentameter. Being that lines keep repeating, what a great form of expression for a lovesick lover. 

I courted and married Amor, all in high style. Let me paint a picture of her beauty. On our wedding day, one of the bride's maids ran up to me with a problem. Armor wouldn't get out of the limousine. It seems that there weren't enough people outside to see her get out of the limo. I got the guests outside. Amor didn't mind all the laughing. At first, one may think many things. But, simply put, Amor just does funny things. Don't attempt to figure them out. Just laugh and enjoy. Amor seems to feed on this. This is my new life. 

Life is strange. Arlene is gone. Amor took my mind off of my loss and filled my days with joy. Little did I know how important Amor's joy would be. In my old age, life put one more twist in my life. Gone are those days of glory. In my preset condition my doctors have recommended that I start to take antidepressants. I tell them I don't need the drugs. I have Amor. Amor really is my life. 

Life can be a fascinating riddle. I had a poor childhood. but who is to say that it didn't make me into who I came to be? I lived a dream. But who is to say it wasn't just a condensed version of life? Now I am old with doctor suggesting I take antidepressants, for my condition. But Amor came into my world. Life can be a fascinating riddle. I can only tell everyone from what I went through. Be happy for who you are. This wonder exists for you. You are a part of this grand puzzle. Live for the present. Your present. Rejoice in beauty you add to life's garden. And as you continue on the path of discovery, enjoy.

How about a song with all of this: Ensoul "Perfect Day" 

Let's take wonder and size it down 

Founded in October 1986 by the late F. Patrick Sher, Office Depot, Inc., an office supply retailing company, was chosen number one for 2015 by Consumer Reports. Chances are, we won't find Michael Carbonaro working there. He's too busy selling the supplies of wonder. We catch him here opening a customer's mind to the world of amazement. 
I often wonder which is more entertaining, Michael or his victim. "The Carbonaro Effect - Instant Package Opener" 

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Life is a mirror and will reflect back 
to the thinker what he thinks into it. 
Ernest Holmes

Monday, June 27, 2016

Stay Here With Me to Clash of Crayons 
Imagine worlds loosed by lovers 
Imagine worlds loosed by crayons 

Stay Here With Me (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Stay here with me this gentle fleeting while
Together we’ll give form to all we dream
Another chance to visit star-swept isle
Young hearts await a moment to redeem
Here in the arms of everything so true
Enthralled in wonders never felt so real
Refreshing shores of paradise we view
Each whispered kiss gives light to what we feel
What memories are waiting to be born
In deeds imagination’s passion’s flow
Through breaths upon this island we adorn
Here in the mist which only lovers know
Make most of isle upon time’s endless sea
Enjoy this while and just stay here with me 

A lover's plea is echoed in this Shakespearean sonnet. The acrostic and the sonnet forms of poetry combine to form this lover's heart. Not only this, but the sonnet begins and ends with the theme: "Stay here with me". 

Arlene's and my third apartment was a giant flat on 33rd Avenue in the Richmond district of San Francisco. Here Arlene's investment, of teaching me to dance, would pay off. It was the height of the disco era. Just like the sonnet, the world was opening up to us. Arlene and I had gone out dancing before, but not like this. We were not rich, but we moved in a world with a two layered pricing system: "the in crowd" and everyone else. We frequented our favorite dance clubs, who gave us a price break, because we usually brought with us an entourage. We always dressed great; ca-ching. Our hair styles were always slightly ahead of fashion; ca-ching. ("Ca-ching" represents money saved because Arlene and I would send customers.) If one was really lucky, they might be invited to a dance at Arlene's and Martin's. All this notoriety, would bring two lovers insights into many other romantic venues. It was truly a realm of wonder for and made for two young lovers. But all things must end. The discos were changing. Although things were cheaper for Arlene and I, we had dipped deeply into our credit. Arlene was pregnant. A time was coming to a close. Life can be strange, though. Arlene and I would revisit these moments in our 40's. But that's another story. 

I believe, this time we have is just for us. What I mean by that is as individuals things are put in our reach that are special to us. People could be envious of Arlene and I. Arlene and I could have been envious of others. We chose instead to enjoy our life. By doing so, others offered a piece of their life. So live your life. Marvel in what special glow you add to this wonder called life. And as one chapter ends and a new one begins in that great book call "Me", enjoy.

How about a song to go with that sonnet: Schiller "I Feel You" 

To draw my love I need crayons 

The notion to combine a form of wax with pigment (a crayon) actually goes back thousands of years. Pliny the Elder, a Roman scholar, was thought to describe the first techniques of wax crayon drawings. In today's world, with our computers and our mobile devises, the humble crayon has taken on a whole new stature. Zach King was one who may have stumbled on an unseen world has created a video to make us wonder. 
Do we know where our crayons are? "Clash of Crayons" 

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Life is full of beauty. Notice it. 
Notice the bumble bee, the small child, 
and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, 
and feel the wind. Live your life to the 
fullest potential, and fight for your dreams. 
Ashley Smith

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Beside A River to The Confession 
What is the secret of the river 
What is the secret a husband doesn't want a priest to hear 

Beside A River (Italian sonnet) 

Beside a river came a lonely man
His days of youth had left him long ago
Yet in his eyes remained a treasured glow
A memory of how it all began
And there amid hidden place of day
Where no one but the sun disturbed his peace
As cares for all about him would decease
Again the river put on Joyous play
Its waves entwined to form a gentle dance
Its crystal clear devotion drew a song
A kiss caressed the mists it would prolong
A dream perhaps an echo of romance
So on it flowed mid fantasies sublime
As every stroke new beauty promised more
Which took an old man’s heart to shores before
With her there truly was this lavish time 

A story flows in this Italian sonnet. A simple story poem. The full mystery of the river is held back until the very last line. This sonnet is packed with metaphors for life. The river itself is a metaphor for life. 

Arlene had died. I got over the emotional unrest. Instead of grieving my loss, I made the decision to celebrate a time well spent. Instead of a river, I have the city of San Francisco, where Arlene and I made so many wonderful memories. Our special tree, by Stow Lake? I haven't gone back to our special spot. Instead, the tree and the moments made there grows in my heart and memory. And grows... So much of what Arlene did continues to grow. The most impressive was our son's and daughter's elementary school. The principal and some representatives of the PTA came to Arlene's funeral to thank her for her work to help bring the school up to the standards it continues to enjoy. And so a sun sets. But the morning sets its glow on a beautiful city. A city that is brighter because she is here. And I am brighter because she is here. Thank you Arlene. 

As the river flows on to meet the sea, it is up to us to add our own special flavor, our own special reflection. our own special hint of something more. Whether a presidency or planting a tiny seed, nothing is too  small. It is only a man made value system that makes one thing seem more important than another. I believe, nature has its own value system where all is important. There is something you can do to make things better.What is it? I believe our gift(s) tries  to make itself known to us. And when our sun sets, the dawns will sparkle at a time well spent. Until then, enjoy. 

On this theme: Secret Garden "Children of the River" 

Now that one problem is solved let's have another one 

As we enter a new era, a new problem is challenging couples. According to studies done by Dr Gabrielle Morrissey, vying for the top spot of challenging couples is: whether they are in the right relationship, and if their values align enough to move forward happily and healthily. The Ska family have a slightly bigger problem than this. So big that the wife decided to call in a priest. One additional problem is that she forgot to tell her husband about the priest. 
This leaves us with a challenge. Try not to laugh too much. "The Confession 3" 

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Ocean is more ancient than the mountains, 
and freighted with the memories 
and the dreams of Time. 
H. P. Lovecraft