Saturday, July 9, 2016

Lost In Wonder to Lost Parody: The Bravest CPR 
Tankas on the subject of lost 
A lost traveler receives the best CPR ever 

His Darken Streets (tanka) 

In the darkened streets
Comes a sound lost long ago
Taken by some fog
Still he wanders through it all
Echoes calling from his heart

Lost In Wonder (tanka) 

Looking at the stars
Upon their timeless blanket
Swaddled in kisses
Two lovers lost in wonder
Will this ever come again

Pathway (tanka) 

Pathway unwinding
As each step of the riddle
Calling from somewhere
Familiar only to us
Welcomes back a long lost friend

An edition lost in tankas. A tanka, or "short poem" is a genre of classical Japanese poetry. They are easy to compose. The classical tanka form is comprised of 5 lines with the following syllable arrangement: 5-7-5-7-7. Rhyming is not necessary. Modern tanka writers are challenging the classical tanka form. 

I had a great life. It was not perfect. I went to college and studied to be a music teacher. I was informed that the job opportunities were drying up. I was lost. I got a job at Chevron (then Standard Oil of California) who retrained me as a graphic artist (printing). Then there was the comedy/music team of Mike and Martin. We were very popular. We were good enough to land a promising audition at Fantasy Records. One week from the audition, between life challenges and the strain of the upcoming big audition, my partner lost it. We fought and broke up. I was lost. Arlene and I had two children. I think I was a pretty good parent. I was involved with every facet of their development. Peter was reading before he entered kindergarten. Robin was a numbers wiz and cooking by the time she was 12. (Boy, was my stomach grateful!) Then they went off to college, I did so good that they didn't need me anymore. I was lost. Then came the Masons. All of my talents and skills came at a perfect time of a dying fraternity. I would be one of many key new men who would breath in freshness and hope. I was a highly respected Mason. Then life dealt me a new challenge. I was lost With Amor's help, I face a strange future. 

I am not alone in my experiences. Many a soul ventures down a planned path. Then life offers up its challenges. An unexpected fork in the road. The path disappears. Then there are the distraction. There are the villains. The myriad of things that decorate life's path, our path. And it is our path. Our's to travel. Our's in that it is like no other's. Strange as it may sound, I believe, it is meant for you to succeed. We all start and we all finish. We may not all be the best. Best? By whose standards? Someone on a different path? Only you know what it takes to make you complete? It will be waiting in your path. And if we miss it or get lost, trust in hope, trust in yourself, trust in life's fullness. And while we take in our adventure, enjoy. 

And while we're enjoying our path, I hope you enjoy this song: Bahamas "Lost In The Light" 

Lost? Then change the channel 

"Lost" is a television drama series, created by Jeffrey Lieber, J. J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof,€ that originally aired from September 22, 2004, to May 23, 2010.  It follows the survivors of the crash of a commercial passenger jet, flying between Sydney and Los Angeles, on a mysterious tropical island somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean. The folks at Studio C were highly impressed with the series, especially the CPR episode. Still, they felt the CPR episode needed some improvement. It bothered them so much that six years later they made a video with some, not all, of the improvements. 
These improvements have not been approved by the American Medical Association. "LOST Parody: The Bravest CPR on TV" 

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Life isn't about finding yourself. 
Life is about creating yourself. 
George Bernard Shaw

Friday, July 8, 2016

Forest Of Love to Slow Motion Love 
There is a forest of no return 
There is a ring one should return 

Forest Of Love (lyrical poem) 

Beware of the forest of love
They enter but never come out
What is it that makes reason rout
What is it that lovers dream of
Run home just as fast as you can
And pray you find different plan
For some other wonder to scan
In times before all this began
Return to those old youthful days
When you would set the streets ablaze
With fantasies made in a haze
And everything else was a phase
Beware of the forest of love
You’ll enter and never come out
You’ll linger and wander about
And learn just what dreams are made of
Run home and do not venture near
And pray other music you hear
For some other wonder revere
In times when you thought vision clear
Find Joy in the life which once was
When everything was just because
And sense seemed to follow some laws
And you were the meaning for awes
Beware of the forest of love
We entered and never came out
We’re lost and of this there’s no doubt
That we are the dreams once warned of 

A dream, a song, a lyrical poem. This song follows this form: C V V C V V C (C=chorus, V=verse). The meter is kept very tight, so that a song may come to mind as the reader is enjoying this poem. As always, if there are any song writers in need of some lyrics, help yourself. 

I am a victim of the forest of love. And boy, did Arlene know how to work me. (And I enjoyed ever heartbeat of it.) As one may know, I'm a leg man. Arlene had great legs. Add to the problem, Arlene was beautiful. Trying to look at a face while enjoying legs can be a dizzying situation. Throw in a kiss and it's, "Yes dear." One would think that over the years I would get use to it all, that I might have matured. But Arlene had a way of turning back time, as we progressed forward together. Add to all of this, our pure delight of memorializing special moments: Walking Arlene home from school and enjoying an ice cream on the way. A canoe ride on Stow Lake. A picnic under our special tree in the park. And there was the dancing. Yes, I am a victim of the forest of love And the rescue squad? I hope they never find me. 

Love? I am smart enough to know that I know very little about it. I love my wife and I love my children. Different, yet oddly the same. Then there is our love of society. Our love toward our belief. Our love for our labors. Our love for ourselves. A wonder: the arms of love. Then there are those lovers lost in one another. Maybe it's you. Maybe it's me Maybe it doesn't matter after all. We are all complicated humans. I am of the school that believes love is simple. Therein lies  love's riddle. Therein lies love's fascination. Therein lies love's call. And as we ponder the flower of life, enjoy. 

How about a love song: Rue du Soleil "In My Heart" 

Now the lighter side of love 

Research shows that long-term couples with deep, strong connections can successfully soothe each other in stressful situations or when one of them experiences pain simply by holding hands. It is theorized that lovers can effect those around them. The folks at Flerp Films have done a bit of research on this. Well, at least one video. 
Need a reason to put off that engagement? "Slow Motion Love" 

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Love doesn't make the world go 'round. 
Love is what makes the ride worthwhile. 
Franklin P. Jones

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Somewhere In Time to "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL" (Bad Lip Reading) 
Somewhere in time two lovers exist 
Somewhere in time two high school sweethearts meet  

Somewhere In Time (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Somewhere in time was placed a rendezvous
Somewhere in time was set a memory
A place where every dream I had came true
And set the stage for fancies to fly free
Somewhere in time my lover waits for me
Somewhere in time forever there is this
It waits for us to laugh at destiny
It’s there we bare the promise of a kiss
And dreams before the need for this abyss
Where there is still no reason to let go
Search this to find the secret of our bliss
Turn to what’s true and you already know
Somewhere in time the reason we are here
While we still love all this won’t disappear 

A special place for two make up this Shakespearean sonnet. Once again a word form is set up in the first two quatrains with "Somewhere in time". It disappears in the conflict stanza (the third quatrain). The words return as the sonnet is resolved with the rhyming couplet. 

Arlene and I gave up our palace in the sky when Arlene's father died. Arlene wanted to be close to her mother. We were lucky to find an apartment doors away from Arlene's old home in the Richmond district (also known as Little Chinatown). It wasn't long till the mourning was over. Arlene and I realized what we did, We gave up our fairytale palace in the sky. Although the Richmond district is quite nice, reality set in. Things were changing. Gone were "those" moments. Gone is that young couple who lived in a fantasy. We began to argue. Our arguments got worse and worse, until we decided to get away from it all. It was over a candlelight dinner, at the La Playa, in Carmel, that Arlene and I had our awakening. Here we are. We were still together. The memories we made are not dead. They are here. There are memories waiting to be made. Waiting for us. And while we love each other this won't disappear. 

As special, as precious as our moments are, they all become memories. We can try to recreate, as close as possible, those moments, but we can never relive what has passed. Memories tend to be seasoned by our feelings. Moments of the past tend to change from what really happened. Life is all about change. The things we enjoy now may not always be around. It's okay, every now and again, to miss them. But let me present this idea: To show how much we cherish the memories made, face tomorrow with the power, the light they have made in us. We are products of our memories. Glory our memories by making more. Celebrate our memories with hope. And as each new memory unfolds, enjoy.

Here is some music to make a memory by: Jacob Gurevitsch "Lovers in Paris" 

Ah those high school memories 

High School Musical is a teen/romantic comedy musical television film and the first installment in the High School Musical trilogy and was one of Disney Channel's most watched film with 7.7 million viewers. Now here's a new idea. Bad Lip Reading and Disney XD Present have put out this comedy of an episode before the real episode is even aired. (The real episode is on Monday, July 11 at 11AM on Disney XD) 
We'll have to watch the July 11 episode to find out the real words these teenagers were singing. "'HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL' (SNEAK PEEK) — Bad Lip Reading and Disney XD Present:" 

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Memories are the key not to the past, 
but to the future. 
Corrie Ten Boom

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

His Gentle Smile to We Are So Young 
What is the secret of his smile 
Sixteen year olds share the secret of life 

His Gentle Smile (repeating poem) 

There he sits the world now passes by
Something else again has caught his eye
Yet if you ask he’ll offer no reply
The world is trapped within his gentle smile
A landmark they have come to know
This man who offers no hello
Yet all are captured by his glow
A world is spoken there within his smile
No one knows yet tales are sung
Of memories when they were young
And by enchantment they were stung
That world remains reflected in his smile
Amid the moon’s romantic light
Such dancing dream brought stars delight
As countless kisses thrilled the night
This world sustained somewhere in his smile
The realms of love at their command
There never was a love so grand
They held so much within their hand
A world they made a haven in his smile
Times like these not seen for awhile
Mystery captured by love’s guile
Lovers drift on a distant isle
The world is there within his gentle smile 

A legend evolves in this poem. A rhyme of three lines followed by an evolving line. In the end, everything evolves (rhyme-wise) to the last line. 

San Francisco has many legends. This poem is about one of them. I worked very close to the wharf. It was on one of my walks there that I met one of these legends. It was a man who sat on a bench, on the wharf, overlooking the bay. I didn't think much about the man until another walk to the wharf. There was the man; On the same bench. I overheard a couple talking about the man. It seems that he comes and sits on that bench every day. My curiosity sparked, I visited the wharf more often. And there he was. Occasionally there would be flowers at his side. He just sat there with a "dreamy" smile on his face. No one talked to him or disturbed him. There was something magic about him. Something that would be just wrong to disturb such peace. He didn't appear to be a homeless person. People actually came to see him, (Well, come to think of it, so did I.) As I asked around a common picture was painted. True or not; I don't know. It seems there was this girl and a grand romance. What happened varied, depending on who one talked to. It was a Tuesday, when I took one of my strolls to the spot. The man was gone. He never returned. 

Here was a poem and a story about a smile. I can't say enough about a smile. It is our greatest gift to one another. It is our victorious response to those things that try to bring us down. It has so many facets. It is so simple, yet so powerful. A smile transcends all languages. A smile is the spark of the heart and soul. A smile is nature's gift to you, to me, to all of us. With it, we can change the world. With it, we can show confidence in ourselves. And as our smiles greet another day, enjoy. 

Here is a treat for this story: Roy Orbison "Beautiful Dreamer" 

Oh to be sixteen again 

Shocking as it might seem, it is estimated that only 35% of teens socialize with each other in person after school. We have all have been teens, yet we continue to be amazed at teen thinking. Meet The Axis of Awesome. They are an Australian musical comedy act with members Jordan Raskopoulos, Lee Naimo and Benny Davis. Though hardly teens themselves, they are about to give us some insight into teenage thinking.
Let's see, non-teens trying to give insight into teenage minds??? "We Are So Young | Music Videos | The Axis of Awesome" 

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A smile is the light in your window that tells others 
that there is a caring, sharing person inside. 
Denis Waitley

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

It's You to Paramore's "Still Into You" without music 
The music of a lover's heart 
A hit song without music 

It’s You (Shakespearean sonnet) 

It’s you the music beating in my heart
For you the scent which carries me away
And when again the heaven greets my day
By you the wonder thrills my world does start
It’s you the reason running through my soul
For you the soothing which removes all doubt
And when a dream does hunger for control
By you I feel what Joy is all about
The dawn may find its meaning in the sun
While wishes turn to hope to make them true
Each passing breath a new one has begun
The breath of dawn the wish of loving you
It’s you which brings me purpose to maintain
By you forever always I’ll remain 

Only one purpose draws together this Shakespearean sonnet. In the first and second quatrains "you" is the second word. In fact, the first two words in lines one, two and four are mirrored in the first two quatrains. In the third quatrain (the conflict stanza) things are different, Notice that the last line of this quatrain contains the theme of the proceeding three lines (breath, dawn and wish) until coming back to the main theme: "you". The sonnet ends as the rhyming couplet brings back the song's familiar flow. 

There may have been better women, but Arlene was perfect for me. (I hope she felt somewhat the same about me.) She was beautiful. She was very intelligent. She was fun to be with. She had great legs. (I'm a leg man.) I'm sure there were many, many more things that attracted me to her. One of those things was a certain something Arlene would thrill me with whenever I did something special for her. That special something is hard to describe. It was more than a kiss. More than a warm hug. More than a look. I don't know what it was. But Arlene radiated it whenever I did something special for her and I really, really liked it. I would surprise her with candy. buy her the book or music before she could, shoes, dresses, a special night out, writing love messages on the sidewalk, it was a challenge to my imagination: Arlene's special something. I credit my great cooking to that something. Oh yes, Arlene kept me motivated. From a special something to the gift of laughter. But that's another story. 

What was that special something? I'm sure that when I was younger I tried to figure it out. I'm sure that doctors can attribute it to cells and brain functions. There came a time in my life that I chose just to accept it,  just to take it in,  just to go with the flow. The jasmine in my back yard intoxicates me. I could find out why or I can just slip away and replace the reason with the magic of the moment. There are things we need to know: Like doing something special... And there are things, I believe, we should just take in. What, who and when? That is were the marvel sets in. We are all individuals. The what, who and when are as varied as we are. But I believe, we all possess a sense of when to let go. All I'm suggesting is discover and explore this gift in all of us. Explore this gift and enjoy. 

How about this to go along with the sonnet: John McGlinn "All the Things You Are" 

Ever wonder what a music video would be like without the music 

Paramore is a rock band from Franklin, Tennessee, formed in 2004. The band currently consists of lead vocalist Hayley Williams and guitarist Taylor York. Their hit song "Still Into You" ranked number eight on Billboard's Hot Rock Songs and received double-platinum certification in the United States. The folks at House of Halo wondered what would this hit be like if all the music were taken out. So they contacted Paramore who were just as curious as they. 
Sit back and get ready for something. "#WITHOUTMUSIC / Still Into You - Paramore" 

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Love is when he gives you a piece of your soul, 
that you never knew was missing. 
Torquato Tasso

Monday, July 4, 2016

I A Guy to 7 lb Hamburger Challenge 
A guy meets an attractive lady 
A guy meets a really huge hamburger 

I A Guy (poem) 

A sigh
A dream come true
Comes into view
What should I do
Just mind your own business
She’s not interested in me
Not try
To take a chance
Follow that glance
And dare a stance
Just one more crazy thought
A mad man in a trance
To my
Reasons to hold back
Things that I might lack
Mindless heart attack
Just what could one girl say
That wouldn’t make my day
A guy
Came over here to see
To set my spirit free
Beside a memory
Just waiting here for me
If fear would let me be 

Playful words with a harsh conclusion compose this poem. One syllable followed by two and then three lines; all rhyming. Then there are two lines that do not rhyme. As the poem progresses they seem to fall in order. All in all a playful play in words. Everything (including the last two lines) seem to be falling in order. Then, we are hit by the hash reality of that last line. 

Many suffer from this challenge when  meeting that someone special or confronted by a strange situation. Not me. I have another challenge. I am an egotist. I was very good at what I did. People put up with me. Somewhere in my late 20s I started to hear what people were saying about me. I was an egotist. How long they were trying to tell me, I don't know. But I was listening now. Lowering my performance was out of the question. I decided to take a different approach. I took on the lowest jobs: like scrubbing the pots and pans, when I volunteered at the soup kitchens or being one of the first to step forward when they needed help cleaning up at my children's school. These things seemed to be working. Or was being a parent slowing "Martin" down? When I joined the Masons, I was great. Not only could I memorize well and put on an impressive performance, I also taught others to do the same. The egotist was back. To counteract this I began to serve coffee and tea to everyone at dinner. I would help to clean the dining room. Then there were the visits to the hospitals and the shut-ins, the charity work and the various behind the scene efforts. All of which I tried to make sure others got credit before me. All this to balance out that egotist. Unfortunately, it all backfired. The more menial tasks I took on, the greater I became in the eyes of others. The egotist was back, more lovable than ever. Martin Kloess a 33rd degree Mason and he serves coffee too. 

So here we are. With two tales. One of a guy who is a prisoner to his fear. One of a guy who is exalted by himself. But aren't we talking about the like thing? It's all in our head. As we can tell from my story, I am no psychologist and I could have addressed my issue more successfully. I know, and I'm confident we all know, this: It all starts with awareness. Being aware that an opportunity for improvement exists. I learned to listen. The guy learned about his fear.  We are so fortunate to live in today's world. Help, individual, personalized help is at our finger tips. Help to become who we want to be. It all begins in here; with that person in that mirror. As wonderful as we are. There is more. And as we continue to unlock that marvel that is us, enjoy. 

How about a little musical fun: Across The Universe "I've just seen a face" 

Guys will be guys 

Matt "Megatoad" Stonie , born May 24, 1992 in San Jose, California, is ranked #1 eating champion (as of this edition) by the IFOCE (International Federation of Competitive Eating). El Jefe Burger Shack offers a 7 lb hamburger. Only 4 people, to date, have managed to eat this whopper in the 1 hour time limit. The guys at Dude Perfect heard about this burger. Guys being guys, here was a challenge that couldn't be passed up. 
Now, we may laugh, but we know it's true. "7 lb Burger Challenge | The Dude Perfect Show" 

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The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind 
is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear 
is fear of the unknown. 
H. P. Lovecraft

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Terror By The Night to Batman's A Bitch 
What terror haunts a man 
What terror turns Batman into a bitch 

Terror By The Night (lyrical poem) 

I felt the stranger there lurking in the night
Amidst the shadow’s glow
The moonlight couldn’t know
The terrors it might sow
There midst the fog of the night
Oh is there someone please listen to my plight
In bed at home alone
Afraid to reach the phone
In touch with my unknown
Trapped in the snare of my plight
It was the terror by the night
Created out of my own plight
A vision hidden from my sight
Created for my own delight
I know its waiting there somewhere out of sight
The tension that it owns
To take its final toll
What is it that I owe
Made me the key of its sight
Why can’t I stop this please what is its delight
To put my soul in tow
A face that couldn’t show
My ending soon to know
Shared in some stranger’s delight
It was the terror by the night
Created out of my own plight
A vision hidden from my sight
Created for your own delight

Nightmare's shadow and delight join to form this lyrical poem. This lyrical poem follows the pattern of two verse followed by a chorus. The beats are kept tight so that the whole poem fits into a song. Notice the last four rhyming words of the chorus. They are the last words of the verses. Also notice the third verse. It is at this point that the poem reaches the height of confusion and frustration. To symbolize this, instead of rhymes the last words merely sound alike. 

Before Chevron I used to work at a restaurant downtown. As part of my duties, I cleaned the restaurant's large grill. This meant the owner, David , and I would be the last to leave the restaurant at around midnight. On my walks to the bus stop I began to notice I was being followed. One night I caught a glimpse of a shadow following me, when I chanced to look over my shoulder. It was there alright. Oddly, it disappeared when I reached the bright lights of the bus stop. This went on several nights. Although I remained unharmed, I grew more and more nervous. I mentioned it to David. He said the same thing was happening to him. He suggested that I stay until he finished his daily book keeping and we would walk to the bus stop together. I did. Now we have a young  and old man followed by a shadow. One might think that two men together might make the situation a bit easier. But back then, on the empty downtown streets of San Francisco could work an imagination or two. What was this shadow now plaguing David and I? Why wouldn't it leave us alone? David and I talked to each other, to ease our discomfort and as a message to the shadow following us. But in David's voice I could sense his discomfort and I'm sure he mine. One night a police car happened by. David ran up to it shouting, "There's something following us! There's something following us!" After some driving around and investigation, the officers said to us that they couldn't find anyone. The officers drove by on the next two nights as David and I were walking to the bus stop. We were never bothered by the shadow again. What was the shadow? Looking back, I can't help but feel much of the shadow was our fear. 

Was the shadow real? It all depends on how we want to look upon the situation. It is clear David and I were adding (whatever) to the situation. It is easy to say, from a safe distance, we should have stood up to our situation. The lesson learned from this is that our feelings can add to a situation. Bad feelings can make a situation worse. Good feelings can make a situation better. With this in mind, wouldn't we all want a life a little better? We may not have enough money (or any bad situation like that) but a positive attitude can add some light to a dark moment. Plus, a positive attitude can actually set light on a situation. Likes attract likes. People prefer to be positive. We all prefer to be positive. The more the better. And as we venture forth on our positive path, enjoy. 

How about we enjoy some shadow music: Rod Temperton "Thriller Theme" 

It is suggested Batman lovers go no further 

Released  March 20, 2016. the critic revues on "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" are mixed. The bottom line is this $250 million movie has earned $871 million, so far. Rumor has it that Batman is high dissatisfied with the whole situation. At least that's what Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, of Smosh, who started the rumor, are saying. Maybe that's why Batman is acting a little batty. 
Rumor has it Ian and Anthony are using their rumor for their latest video. "BATMAN'S A BITCH RETURNS" 

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If you know the enemy and know yourself 
you need not fear the results of a hundred battles. 
Sun Tzu