Saturday, July 16, 2016

Love Went With Us to Stop Living in a "Sad Boy House" 
The joys of love 
To the sadness of a "Sad Boy House" 

Love Went With Us (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Love went with us exploring each new day
Our dreams were really never far from sight
Visions which could steal a heart away
Enticed our eyes to see a brighter light
What little scars each day’s exploring wrought
Each night our love would sweetly kiss to bed
Nothing but stars to bar the Joys we sought
To gather dreams love put inside our head
Wild wind would whirl around to shake our love
In search of ways to blow us few apart
To cloud the way beyond the stars above
Here were the times we’d run back to our start
Unsure just how we weathered so much fuss
Secure in this though there love went with us 

An acrostic poem joins a Shakespearean sonnet. An acrostic poem turned into a sonnet. Not only that, the beginning of the first line and the end of the last line are the message of the sonnet. Plus this sonnet contains some hidden word play. 

This poem is about a couple that love kept together. A couple whose husband was a key speaker in a forming spiritual group that the wife didn't understand. Where photography was bringing a maddening parade of models into and through their house. A couple who if she wasn't spending too much money, he was. A wife who constantly worried because her husband would engage in one extreme exploit after another. A husband whose clothing outfits were out there somewhere. A couple who experienced the highs and lows of life. A couple who didn't see eye to eye on the roles of a parent. Fights, mistrusts, chaos, change, the unexpected waiting around every corner. A couple who people said shouldn't be together, who wouldn't last. Arlene and I were that couple. It was love that kept is together. It was a wonder filled life. It was a dream. A gift from love. 

I'm sure Arlene and I weren't the only couple plagued by problems, challenges. Relationships are challenged as are all aspects of life. Some challenges are grand. Some challenges are small. Some challenges go unnoticed. To make matter more confusing: What is a challenge, but a disturbance. How does a human experience anything? Something disturbs our senses. Taste is a disturbance. Even a kiss is enjoyed (or not enjoyed) via disturbances. If our lover kisses us, its wonderful. But if our grandmother kisses us, its... There are ways and things to help meet our challenges. Love is one of the all encompassing things. Love is a difficult thing to define. Perhaps it is not meant to be defined. Love can ease physical pain. Love can do many, bring many things to a relationship. Love can bring us strength and wisdom. Love can open doors. Many believe that perfect love does not disturb anything. Many believe that love is the ultimate way. The truth of love is that it all begins here. Enjoy. 

Now, what song can we pull out for love: Michael Buble "L.O.V.E." 

Many believe some joy is born of sadness 

According to Chatelaine (magazine) many men in their early 20s devote their brainpower to two main things: how they can play the field to perfection, and which career path to take. College Humor has a somewhat different view. It has something to do with the "Sad Boy House". It isn't quite as positive as Chatelaine's view of men, but it sure is funnier. 
If you are one of those living in a "Sad Boy House" remember this: there are people laughing. 'Stop Living in a "Sad Boy House'" 

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A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, 
and man cannot live without love. 
Max Muller

Friday, July 15, 2016

There Was A Wave to Perfect-Timing Villain 
What makes a perfect wave 
What makes a perfect villain 

There Was A Wave (free form poem) 

There was a wave
Who was part of the sea like the others
Stroking the sand as waves of its way do
Crystal and clear
Scented in blue
Blessed by the light
Beautiful in its perfection
Yet it wasn’t as grand some others
At least in the ways
So easily swayed
It was never seen dancing with clouds
It didn’t bring hidden treasures from the sea
There were waves which were far clearer
There were better waves to see
Days and nights would pass
As it stroked its endless sand
Retiring to its situation
Lost amid the others
One night at party girl would meet this fellow
They wandered through the sand to feel the sea
Their words the night and suddenly a kiss
At gatherings the family telltale
Of how their blessings started with a kiss
And every version told begins the same
There was a wave

A story and a message composes this free form poem. Notice how this poem is divided into three parts. Each part contains two stanzas. The first two stanzas talk about a wave. The second part compares the wave to others. The transition from part one and two are subtle. Part three is like a whole new idea (poem). If not for the last line (which is the same as the first) one would wonder if the last two stanzas belong to this poem.

I used to work for Toy For Tots. The Masons used to be big supporters of this program. For some reason they stopped. In 2004, I, with the help of many others, brought the Mason's support back to the San Francisco Bay Area. This poem was inspired by some of those who stepped forward to help. I was a top Masonic orator and public speaker. Few could come close too my recognition and popularity among the Masons, in the Bay Area. The truth was, when it came to Toys For Tots, I was ale to find what others did and bring it out for the program. Everyone wanted to help. The challenge was finding the right niche for each individual. Ironically I found someone who did this much better than me. There was the person who thought he was a poor public speaker. He turned out to be amazing  at one to one communication. I was a good coordinator, but someone even better was guided my way. At the end of four years the Masons in the Bay Area where back as big supporters of Toys For Tots. I got a lot of credit for this. The truth was, I was only a front man. Many, many more "waves" brushed the sand as good or better than me. I left the program in 2010. As a further example of "waves" and "sand" (time), the Bay Area Masonic Toys For Tots program is still going strong. Strong but different. The program shows the power of individuals working together. 

I believe that there is greatness in everyone. So many live out their lives wishing that they were as good as someone else, not seeing their own talents. Then there are those who are fooled to believe they are are "not as important". We are all important. We are all talented. We live in an environment where it is easier to understand people by grouping them together. This sometimes overlooks the power of the individual. Plus, it misleads one to believe that they are less. We are more. We are individuals. We may not see the eyes admiring us. As the dawn awakens to the marvel that is us, enjoy.  

Jet's enjoy another type of wave: Joao Gilberto "Wave" 

Perfection take on many forms 

According to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences the best Oscar winning protagonist is the Joker. played by the late Heath Ledger, in The Dark Knight. Vying for this honor is Professor Yuri Larsen, of Chris and Jack. As one may imagine, making the top spot requires hard work. The Professor has made a video to give us some behind the scene insight into the challenges of becoming number 1. 
Watch for the full movie (Never to be released) in someone's garage. "PERFECT-TIMING VILLAIN | Chris & Jack" 

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We are all special in our individuality. 
It all depends on your perception. 
We must learn to look beyond the physical 
and appreciate each other for what's 
on the inside not the outside.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Their Days to Couples Therapy 
One couple deals with a past left behind 
Another couple seeks out help at therapy 

Their Days (Shakespearean sonnet) 

She waits for him in places long ago
In silence sits her sweet and faithful heart
She sees in him the one she use to know
Before their days have driven them apart
He tries so hard to make the ends all meet
There is no time for pleasures of the past
He sees her cry and senses his defeat
Before were days which were let go too fast
It seems that they don’t talk much anymore
The problems which they share they bear alone
They cannot see the key to answer’s door
So much in love they suffer on their own
Yet in their darkness they reach out a hand
And pray the other still will understand 

Something more unites a couple in this Shakespearean sonnet. There is a problem in this sonnet. First we get her side of it. Then, as the story goes on, we get his side of the story. Then we step back and view the problem as a couple. In the rhyming couplet comes a possible solution. 

The days of the palace in the sky we gone. Arlene and I had a small apartment in the Richmond district. A teenage love was now a memory. We both felt how the world we once have known was changing. No longer were our eyes clouded by love. Arlene and I could clearly see the problems. And they seemed everywhere. I still feel the shame of that night. Arlene and I where arguing. I don't remember the cause, but it was bad. I slapped Arlene across her face. I remember the shock of it. The shame. The shame. I crouched down in my darkness. My mind was looking for a place to hide. In my despair, I felt a hand. It was Arlene. I couldn't kiss her. I could only hold her and ask for forgiveness. In a small apartment in the Richmond district, Arlene gave me another great gift. I began to listen. It was like that shame had turned on a switch. It would still take me years to become a good listener. (I would never hit Arlene again.) Shortly after we moved into a large flat and became that disco prince and his princess. 

Listening. Many people like to talk but few know how to listen. Not just to the words, but to their meaning. In my opinion, the art of being a good listener is one of the most valuable achievements an individual can attain. People tend to gravitate toward a listener. A listener who doesn't cast judgement. Who doesn't add opinion. Who just takes it in. (Judgement and opinion are left to another arena.) The world needs more listeners. Listeners of other people and what's going on. Listeners in relationships. Listeners of one's self. I believe if more people engaged in listening, the whole world would improve. It's coming. It's coming. And while we are listening, enjoy. 

Here is a song to go with the poem: Glen Campbell "Turn Around, Look At Me" 

Even therapy requires listening 

As the 21st century continues to bloom, more and more experts are believing that all relationship problems stem from poor communication. It is no secret that Diego and his wife Benita have big relationship issues (even if one doesn't know them). The couple thought it best to seek out the help of a therapist, at the advise of their neighbors.Advise that came in the form of bullets. 
Listen and learn or laugh. "Couples Therapy (Ep. 3)" 

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An open ear is the only believable sign of an open heart. 
David Augsburger

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Here We Are to Transcendental Granola 
One man wonders though a life lived 
One man transcends the preparation of granola 

Here We Are (free form poem) 

Wonder with me
Wonder hits home
Did I do enough with my life
Could I have done more
So many people
So many heights
Reaching out for that something
Deep within their soul
Numberless talents
Numberless goals
Confusing are the currents
In a sparkling stream
But here we are right now
Sharing a touch of something
A break perhaps for thought
A chance to step back awhile
What made this jewel
Master of its unique rainbow
Shining new colors
Shining places missed
This fragrant flower
Who fashions the breath of life
Some live in fields
Some die for kisses
There amid a smile
Rests the only true answer
Wonder with me
Wonder hits home 

A new way of thinking brings an answer to this free form poem. It was done intentionally that the beginning of this poem is somewhat confusing. Then the poem undergoes a transformation. The thinking becomes somewhat clearer. The poem ends as it began. Did the speaker find his answer? 

Very much of what I became in my life I owe to Mr. Johnny Land. An extraordinary teacher who watched, guided and opened opportunities throughout my school years. Mr. Land and I met each other at James Lick Junior High, when I entered the 7th grade. I met Arlene almost three years later. Fate? It was Mr. Land who volunteered my services to the girl's school where I met Arlene. I went through at least five extreme changes in my life. When the glaze of teenage love wore off, I would wonder how I got here. Arlene and I were very different. Scholastically, she was smarter than me. Her tastes were not the same as mine. Her view of the world was very popular, in fashion. Different. She was the perfect partner. Me? I could have been much richer (for her). But the things we did. The wonders we accomplished. We. What was I without her? So as I wondered my all would turn to her. Mr. Land opened doors and Arlene gave me wings. 

In fact there are many, many people who brought me here. When I was honored by the city of San Francisco for my charity work for the public schools, I gave the award to the Masonic Lodge. It was through their help and belief in me that received this honor. So it is with all of us. Everyone is the product of others. We are the wave of an ocean. And as we are a product of them, others are products of us. Who knows the extant of our reach? Make no mistake, the world is changing  and we are a part of the change. A product as well as a cause? Don't believe me? How many people did you talk to today? So as we play our part in shaping our world, enjoy. 

Some inspiration for all of this: One Republic "Wake Up" 

Some people put a lot of power into granola 

Granula was invented in Dansville, New York, by Dr. James Caleb Jackson at the Jackson Sanitarium in 1863. For those who don't know, granola is a breakfast food and snack food consisting of rolled oats, nuts, honey or other sweeteners. Here to give his take on granola is Gregg, the master chef of You Suck At Cooking. Gregg puts a high emphasis on the spiritual side of granola. 
When I say "high", I am referring to a state of mind. (Hint, hint.) "Transcendental Granola - You Suck at Cooking (episode 43)" 

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All things are connected like the blood 
that unites us. We do not weave the web 
of life, we are merely a strand in it. 
Chief Seattle

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Remember The Pledge to Cake Slingshot 
What was that pledge that started it all 
Where did tat chocolate cake come from 

Remember The Pledge (English sonnet) 

Stars lit a pathway for ever to view
Remember that warm golden summer’s night
When everything waited on our delight
Remember the scents as wishes came true
Whispered horizons appeared in our sight
Remember the seasons hearts wondered through
As kisses from mist made reasons undo
Remember the pledge our souls would recite
And mornings gave way to another day
As moments became a palace of past
This temple of Joy cemented by dew
Still in the quiet when sun slips away
Searching the stars from a pathway now vast
Remember the pledge to always love you 

A memory brings together this English sonnet. In this sonnet a statement is brought together by a memory. This continues until the conflict stanza (the first triplet). With the final line, the memory returns and the main resolution to the sonnet shines through. 

Ah yes, Arlene and I had a beautiful wedding, It was a perfect day. It was the day we said our wedding vows. But long before that two young lovers pledged to love each other, no matter what. It happened on April 27, 1966, at Lloyd's Lake in Golden Gate Park. It would be our second anniversary (after our wedding anniversary, July 27). Not only did Arlene and I celebrate this day every April 27, but after most harsh arguments and whenever the mood hit us. The celebrations wouldn't require anything big. It could be as simple as pulling out a scrapbook or going over one or two of the volumes of love letters Arlene had saved. We would have a drink out of champagne glasses (even if the drink was just soda). Then, with a kiss, we would renew our pledge: To love each other no matter what. 

Two teenagers made a pledge Through the rough and tumbles of then till now, they made it. Was it love, luck. determination, magic, or something else? Whatever it was; we have a beautiful picture. One of many beautiful pictures that seasons this life. Pictures for me. Pictures for you. I believe that everyone has beautiful pictures. Equally beautiful pictures. Beautiful to the heart that receives them. I believe that there are some things that are not meant to be compared. Just taken in. A new sun rise is coming. Let us greet it with one more beautiful memory in our smile.Let us paint just one more beautiful moment and enjoy. 

How about a great love song: Norbert Russ "Samba Pa Ti" 

I hope we all like cake 

According to Duncan Hines, based on sales, America's favorite cake is chocolate. Since chocolate is America's favorite cake, let's let them have it. That's what singer Peter Hollens and his wife Evonne said. And let's sing while we;re doing it. Sounds good to us, Devin Graham of Devin Super Tramp, who supposedly likes chocolate cake. 
So if you like chocolate cake, watch your head. "Portal in Real Life - Cake Slingshot with Peter Hollens!" 

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Who would give a law to lovers? 
Love is unto itself a higher law. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Go Back to What Happens If You Body Swap 
One man searches his soul 
Wile another man swaps body 

Go Back (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Go back to where you started on your quest
And search the endless sands for reason why
Draw back the veils and put the truth to test
The answer for the tears across the sky
What sadness now romances with pure Joy
An echo of a shadow has returned
And with a heart devoted does it toy
Till memories once golden are all burned
Go back across that now vast make-believe
For seasons flavored the once long ago
Go back across the path one’s dreams may weave
For sometimes hidden mists begin to show
And when we find the person we now live
Just look inside the mirror and forgive 

A mirror, a reflection, a Shakespearean sonnet. This sonnet uses word layout to help illustrate the message of this sonnet. Notice that this sonnet begins with the words "Go back". These words come back and play a heavy part in the conflict stanza, where the speaker comes head to head with the issue. This leads to the rhyming couplet and the resolution. 

Perfect. I was far from it. I made plenty of big mistakes. Let me share one and hope that you do not hate me. I was a pinball wizard. After work, I would stop by at the Pinball Palace across from the San Francisco Bus Terminal (both no longer there). This was during my drug days. There was this girl, Karen, who was going back home to Michigan. She only had one more dream before she left the Bay Area. Me. One night Karen stopped by the Pinball Palace to find me. She offered me a ride home. The next thing I remember was the Bay Bridge. I was being kidnapped. When we reached Karen's home, I called Arlene and told her I was safe and would not be coming home. Arlene and I were married. Karen and I spent the whole night in sex and drugs. It was every single man's dream. The problem was, I was not single. One could blame the whole thing on the drugs or the hormones of a young man. One could blame Karen. She knew I was married. But it was me. My conscience continues to tell me so. Oh, it was fun while it lasted. But was it worth the non-stopping replay of poor behavior i my memory? Was it worth the splotch on a dream romance? Odder still, I became a more dedicated husband because of it. 

We all make mistakes, We all have mistakes in our memories. Hopefully we are better because of them. We learn from our problems. They are part of who we are. It is alright to remember our mistakes.  They can be good reminders. They can be good motivators. But do not dwell on problems. Do not feed them the energy they crave. Do not let them trick us. Move forward. The things of our past are like a grand movie. All we can do is enjoy, learn and use our nows to make the movie grander. Problems, challenges, gifts. Gifts to make us better. And as we surpass the next challenge, enjoy. 

On this theme: Secret Garden "Searching for the Past" 

Ever wanted someone else's body 

Except for neurons in the cerebral cortex every cell in our body is replaced ever 7 to 10 years. (At least until researchers find more exceptions.) Josh Mullen has come up with a theory of his own. Cells smells. What about complete body switching? Perhaps, one day Josh will become successful and earn some money and go to school and study to become a scientist and prove his theory. Until then, this video will have to do. 
If this video looks under budget. It is. "What Happens If You Body Swap (Fatal Decision)" 

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If you live long enough, you'll make mistakes. 
But if you learn from them, you'll be a better person. 
It's how you handle adversity, not how it affects you. 
The main thing is never quit, never quit, never quit. 
William J. Clinton

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Starry Eyed Stranger to If Boyfriend Acted Like Your Dog 
There is the story of hope and the stranger 
There is the story of laughter and the boyfriend 

Starry Eyed Stranger (story poem) 

His troubles were more than a few
Perhaps he had more than was due
To all of this he had that too
Oh what was this poor boy to do
Appeared this stranger by his side
His face aglow all starry eyed
Who promised him a place to hide
Just follow me outside he cried
Her world was one of grief and woe
Without a soul she didn’t owe
Amid her days there was no glow
Oh where was this poor girl to go
Appeared this stranger starry eyed
A world of promise waits outside
Just follow me awhile he cried
I’ll show you where your hopes may hide
A couple drenched in misery
Their anguish was their daily fee
Was this the love once meant to be
Oh where could this poor couple flee
Appeared a glow as stranger cried
Why do you mope what do you hide
And with his face so starry eyed
They gladly went with him outside
And there they stood nothing to hide
One common strength in Joy they cried
Once troubled souls now side by side
Gazing ahead all starry eyed
Appeared a stranger dream come true
Forgotten hope near me and you
And when our glow has lost its hue
Oh what would this poor stranger do

A mysterious stranger walks into a couple's life and into this story poem. If one didn't notice, there is a structure to this poem. First it deals with a guy. Then it deals with a girl. This is followed by the couple. Then is the conclusion. Did we notice that the starry eyed stranger stanzas began rhyming with "eyed"? In the end of the poem the "eyed" rhyme was transferred to the couple. Why? 

I had a starry eyed stranger walk into my life. Arlene and I just purchased a house in San Francisco. There were, what seemed like, tons of little things that needed repair or attention. There was the mysterious behavior of the house that needed to be solved. Things at work didn't help as they were turning bad. Into my life walks E.Z. Down. E.Z. was a homeless person who sold a newspaper called The Street Sheet (a fundraising street newspaper which focuses on the problems of homeless people in the city), He talked me into buying one of his papers. For the rest of the day thing were better at work. I ran into E.Z. again and bought another paper; That evening I came across a great deal on window shades, which I really needed. Over time, I began to talk to E.Z.. As it turned out E.Z. Down wasn't really his name. He was a nice enough fellow/ One wouldn't think him homeless at all. Over time, I began to believe E.Z. and The Street Sheet were bringing me luck. Things were getting better. After about a year I was flying high again. I credit E.Z. and The Street Sheet for my change in circumstances. Strangely E.Z. disappeared. Was it really this stranger and his newspaper that got me through a rough time in my life? Maybe yes. Maybe no. I enjoy believing that a starry eyed stranger did.

Life is a marvel. I was going through a rough period and life's circumstances caused me to cross paths with this person. There are are many logical and rational explanations for what happened to me. Toss in coincidence and everything can be neatly explained. But the fact remains, I did meet E.Z. when I did. Another fact is: It is my life. I believe, as long as it doesn't effect anyone else we are all free to believe whatever we want. As long as it does not effect any else. It is our life. It is our time to experience. Life is a marvel. We can explain it away or we can enjoy.

Some inspiration to go with this theme: 
Steen Thottrup feat. Annette Berg "Heading for the Sunrise" 

Is there such a thing as a perfect boyfriend 

Most dog owners get the recommended minimum 30 minutes of exercise a day, lowering their risk of cardiovascular disease and keeping them in better overall shape. What about girls with boyfriends? Or, what about girls with boyfriends who act like dogs? Okay, okay, maybe I went too far, But in case I've raised some curiosity, BuzzFeed has put out a video on the matter. 
Ladies, you think your boyfriend is a dog... "Stuff Your Dog Does That’d Be Rude For Your Boyfriend To Do" 

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The appearance of things change according 
to the emotions, and thus we see magic 
and beauty in them, while the magic 
and beauty are really in ourselves.
Kahlil Gibran