Saturday, July 23, 2016

Beside The Sea to Watch This - Ultimate Skate Park Disaster 
What wonders awaits him there beside the sea 
What wonders await them at the skate park 

Beside the Sea (English sonnet) 

He leaves his worries there beside the sea
Where every wave invites him to come in
Each passing tide a new one will begin
And with the sand becomes a memory
Soft melody begins his mind to spin
Warm breezes call to set his spirit free
To swim again inside of ecstasy
Forgotten moments wonder where he’s been
Remembering those precious moments when
An ember of a kiss brought sheer delight
And where was he when feelings had to go
Some memories where far more sweeter then
But where was he when she walked back insight
Beside the sea with hope that she might show 

Wonders lead to an answer in this English sonnet. In this sonnet we are presented with a person. He begins by casting us in broad generalities. As the sonnet goes on we get hints to what's really on his mind. The final line starts with the final words of the first line ("beside the sea"), as the meaning behind the sonnet is relieved. It was a girl all along. 

This sonnet was a revision of an actual moment. It wasn't the sea, but a coffee shop. Arlene and I were living at that small Richmond district apartment. We just had another of those arguments that plagued us during this period of our life. I went to a coffee shop, in the old hippie district, to brood. A strange woman came and sat down with me. She could tell I was having a problem. She invited me to talk with her. There was something pleasant about her, so I opened up to her. We talked about many things, including my the arguments with Arlene. As we talked, my thoughts turned more and more to Arlene. And there she was. The woman left my table as she walked into the coffee shop. I didn't notice the women getting up. I only saw her at the dessert counter, winking at me. Over a cup of coffee and a sweet dessert Arlene and I made up. I'm sure that there is a logical explanation to the woman and how Arlene found me. But by dropping all logic, we have a great memory. 

How wonderful this life of ours is. Here we a have a couple who had just had an argument, magically reunited. Sure, one could analyze each moment and see how and why the whole thing happened.Therein also is the wonder of life. There are some individuals who feel it important to know the full story. Some individuals feel they need a bit more. Life provides an avenue for everyone, But the past. For now the past, as it really was, no longer belongs to us. All that is left of the past are memories. Using this example, I'm sure we all have experienced magic in our life. I believe that there are some things or experiences that don't require all of the explanations. When the scent of life's wonder and magic fill the air, sit back and enjoy. 

Back at the sea shore: James Varda "Beside The Sea" 

Who better to take us from the ethereal to the ridiculous than a skateboarder 

Skateboarding, as we know it, was probably born sometime in the late 1940s, or early 1950s, when surfers in California wanted something to do when the waves were flat. Today skateboarding has gotten so popular that it has given rise to skateboard parks. These skate parks are scenes of wonder and disasters. But no disaster, at a skate park comes close to the one captured by Studio C. 
Seeing is believing or laughing. "Watch This! Ultimate Skate Park Disaster with Shonduras" 

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When I was younger, 
I was looking for this magic meaning of life. 
Temple Grandin

Friday, July 22, 2016

Meaning Of An Endless Kiss to EMOJIS - The Musical 
A lover searches for the meaning of a kiss 
People search for the meanings of emojis 

Meaning Of An Endless Kiss (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Please know it’s you gives meaning to my heart
Each breath a whisper of your sweet refrain
In thoughts of you the ways of wonder start
Enchantment which forever may explain
Forever spent enthralled in all your charms
Forever lent these moments oh so true
And there within the comfort of my arms
Forever's scent is rich in loving you
The silent feeling floating on the breeze
A wished for splendor we cannot deny
One chance perhaps a dream to seize
The world awaits the music of our sigh
Please know it’s you gives meaning to all this
Let’s greet our future with an endless kiss 

A lover's search breathes life to this Shakespearean sonnet. In the first quatrain, after a brief introduction, the speaker turns to "Forever". Hence "Forever" dominates the second quatrain (with a clever second rhyme thrown in). Then the speaker turns to wild concepts of love. Then the sonnet is resolved in the rhyming couplet. Resolved? Notice how similar the first line of the couplet is to the first line of the sonnet. Clue. 

I am a sucker for a kiss. I wish it was just Arlene's kiss, but any girl's kiss. I do try to reserve the kiss on the lips for my wife. But a kiss on the cheek will drive me wild. Even if a girl throws me a kiss... Oh boy. Arlene would use a kiss for a shopping spree or to make me forget some mishap. Now one might find some mischief in all this. Oddly, Arlene discovered a method for my madness. Sometimes when things got really rough for us and life had dealt us a bad hand, Arlene would set up these endless kisses. Kisses like we were teenagers again. I, being a sucker for a kiss, would loose it. I would forget all of our problems. More often than not, with my mind free, I would strike on a solution. (I hear you laughing.) 

Problems can be overbearing. Not only that, they tend to invite their friends over. More problems. It has been my experience, solutions are out there. Sometimes problems make it hard to see solutions. It is my belief that for every problem there is a solution. We could spend an inordinate amount of time finding a solution for all of our problems. Or we can focus on the main problems. (Remember, problems tend to attract other problems.) The most powerful tool in our possession is our mind. I believe a clear mind can find solutions for any problem. How do we clear our mind? There is the challenge. There are tools available to help everyone. As individuals, what is efficient for one may not be for everyone. Find a method that is good for you. It might be as simple as a kiss. (I also read and meditate.) Free the power of your mind, and enjoy. 

How about a kiss: Isisip "The Lotus Flower" 

Just as we solve one problem, here come emojis 

Emojis, or ideograms and smileys, were created in 1998 or 1999 in Japan by Shigetaka Kurita, who was part of the team working on NTT DoCoMo's i-mode mobile Internet platform. Since then emojis have gotten quite complicated. Many people now wonder what does it all mean. To help us out, the folks at AVbytes have produced "EMOJIS" the musical. 
Now we only need help figuring out the musical. "EMOJIS - The Musical"

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After every storm the sun will smile; 
for every problem there is a solution, 
and the soul's indefeasible duty is to be 
of good cheer. 
William R. Alger

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Through The Leaves to Pokémon Go Meets Parkour 
A person cannot escape as he is drawn into a mystery  
Two Pokémon try to escape their pursuers 

Through The Leaves (free form poem) 

Through the leaves I wonder
Brushing my face
Calling me back
Cold stillness fills the night
Drawing me in
To waiting arms
I cannot escape
The wake of this moment
Which holds me entwined
Endlessly searching
For one more heart broken
Lost wandering soul
Is there anything at all
Outside the weight of this veil
Outside confusion and pain
Outside the comfort of hopelessness
Stroking my face
Using the night
Lost inside her garden
With one more breath
Of all now past
In love
And that was all 

Words paint an intriguing picture in this free form poem. There is a lot going on in this poem. For instance, what is ticking? Why does the ticking stop in one of the stanzas? Don't spend too much time trying to figure things out. This poem is intended to toy with the imagination. To analyse it too much would take away its appeal. 

One of Arlene's and my "playful sins" was fantasy role playing gaming. This is where one dresses up and becomes an actor in a role playing game. Arlene was pretty good at this. How she became good is an interesting story. My hobby is table gaming. It began when I was 8 and my uncle gave me a chess set. When I met Arlene, she wasn't a good gamer neither was she interested in it. I was given a valuable insight in gaming: playing a game was more important than "winning". Always play your best, but enjoying a game is one other way of winning. I took this to heart. I got really good at letting someone enjoy a game by winning. I used this talent on Arlene. I played my hardest to make sure she came out ahead. This had an an unusual effect on Arlene.  She actually got better, and better, and better, Eventually I was playing to win, yet all along winning. I was enjoying a game with Arlene. It was Arlene who found the live role playing gamers. It wasn't table gaming so I went along to be with Arlene, who used her talents to defend her husband, who brought her here. Arlene was amazing. Me? I died countless times.

There is more to life than meets the eye. We've all heard this before. Let's step back. The winner of the game Monopoly is the player who has the most money when it's all over. Wait, doesn't being with my friends make me a winner? The laughs and idol chit chat, doesn't that make me a winner? The snacks, the drinks... winner? Then there's my buddy Jim. He hasn't won a game since I can remember, so I cut him a deal on some property. Am I winner? There really is more than one was to win a game. Now the game is called life. And as we go on to win this game, enjoy. 

Here is great song and video to go with the poem: Flores Funebres "Fear of Death" 

It was only a matter of time till Pokemon Go came to this site 

Parkour is a training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training. Practitioners aim to get from one point to another in a complex environment, without assistive equipment and in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Ronnie Shalvis and Calen Chan are two of today's most amazing parkour artists. Devin Graham, of devinsupertramp, got their help in filming this amazing video about today's big sensation: Pokemon Go. 
Let's take a small break from capyuring and training Pokemon to enjoy this video. "Pokémon GO Meets PARKOUR in REAL LIFE!" 

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We have to stop and be humble 
enough to understand that there 
is something called mystery. 
Paulo Coelho

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

It Calls To Me to The Starrkeisha Cheer Squad 
What motivates a lover 
What motivates a basketball team 

It Calls To Me (English sonnet) 

It calls to me each instant of the day
With every breath and passing step so clear
From morning light refreshing night it’s near
It calls to me in some enchanted way
It calls to me mid every song I hear
And with each heartbeat I am led astray
To lavish blossom in life’s rich bouquet
It calls to me in every Joyous tear
There was a time when dreams seemed hard to reach
And each day passed as countless years before
No hope no cause no call to harken to
There rose a dawn so rare would heaven breech
The kiss of promise wishes filled with more
It calls to me in every thought of you 

A call of joy forms this this English sonnet. We have two ideas going on. In the first two stanzas we have something calling to a lover, with the words "It calls to me". With the introduction of the triplets, we are directed by the word "There". Then in the end, with the final calling, we find out what was calling the lover. 

Imagine a person who used to walk on top of the world. All the awards won, yet he continued to impress, to inspire. Imagine a person who seemed to have everything. People wanted to be like him, to be with him, to listen to one more "he did what". Suddenly, instantly all that was gone. Everything he was used to was taken from him.  Depressing. Or it would have been. I have a voice calling, a thought calling, a person calling. It is my new wife, Amor. She has seen the wonder that was me. She has been a part of my magic. Now Amor repays me for letting her into my life with an unquestionable love, a joy beyond imagination. A joy which lightens up all my memories. Amor is a wonder. She is my sweetness for any bitterness. How could I be sad with Amor making certain I always have a smile on my face? I have lost so much, but I have found Amor. And with every thought of joy, she calls to me. 

What keeps us going? What helps us get over life's hurdles? What sees us through the night to another dawn? For me it's Amor. For some it is their family. For others it is something inside.  It is similar or different with every individual. And it may change over time or with a given situation. It is our added extra. Our gift (or two,or three...). I believe, we all have this added something. Call it will power. Call it religion. Call it it what you will. What is it for? To make certain that we succeed. And succeed we will. Listen to the call and enjoy. 

And with each call let us dance: Cole Porter "Day and Night" 

There are cheerleaders and there are cheerleaders 

Cheerleading is over 100 years old. On November 2, 1898, Johnny Campbell lead the first cheerleaders at an University of Minnesota football game. Meet Cameron J Henderson, better known as The King Of Weird, not only of Atlanta, Georgia, but of YouTube. Not only is he the captain of a cheer squad, he is the cheer squad. 
Here they, him, he is, rehearsing for the big game. "The Starrkeisha Cheer Squad! @TheKingOfWeird" 

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Hope is like the sun, 
which, as we journey toward it, 
casts the shadow of our burden behind us. 
Samuel Smiles

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Let’s Dare To Dream to Fronthand Backhand
Lovers take each other's hand while daring a dream 
A gangster takes a and while learning to play a game 

Let’s Dare To Dream (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Let’s dare to dream amidst the satin veils
Where tears of Joy form rivers of delight
Whose echoes whisper secrets to the night
Of adventure promised passed soft trails
Let’s stare at stars which beckon minds astray
While senses send us groping in the dark
Excited by the music of a lark
Upon a meadow were two lovers play
Let’s hold these hands remind them we are here
Where passion has laid claim to many hearts
Who wandered wildly while they were apart
And lost control before their goal was near
Let’s cast a kiss to set our rendezvous
While daring dreams remember I love you 

A stairway to lovers' dreams is laid out in a Shakespearean sonnet. This sonnet is an invitation or a prelude. Each stanza begins withe conjunction "Let's". This sonnet is intended as a prelude, to set our minds up for what is not written. In our imagination, we can only wonder what happened after the sonnet is over.

One of Arlene's and my dreams was to have a dance in the Lion House of the San Francisco zoo. In August of 1996 that dream would be realized. It happened that the zoo was planning a major renovation and was renting out parts of the zoo in the evenings, to raise funds. So a dance in the Lion House. The deal included a dinner, limited access to attractions around the Lion House, a free ride on the zoomobile, free transportation to and from the zoo's entrance and  preparations and clean up. Sounds great doesn't it. It was a dream that was not well thought out. To eliminate the stink of the cat's urine the zoo used a chemical that eliminated smells. When the food was served, the odor reducer took away some of the food's smell. Smell is very important part of flavor. Dinner, understandably, wasn't that good. Those who really smart took their food outside. The rest of the dance was dream for Arlene and I as well as for our guests. (A lesson in living dreams.) 

Can dreams come true? An interesting question. Motivational speakers will get up and tell us our dreams can com true. If a person is rich, I would imagine their dreams may come true. For me, and people like me, dreams can come trues. They seem to fall in our footsteps or we work to achieve them. Seeing that so many of my dreams came true, it is easy for me to tell others their dreams can come true. But can they really? I do know this: Everyone can choose to think positive. There is power and a beginning in that. Try it. Turn a bad into some positive. When we are feeling down, find a positive to hold on to. Then we'll find out if dreams really can come true.  Then we will find new avenues of fullness, and enjoy. 

Here is one more love dream: Franz Liszt "Liebestraum" 

There are games that are impossible to win 

A game that is almost impossible to beat is the carnival Balloon Dart Throw. Why? Balloons are under-inflated to deflect even well-thrown carnival darts, which are often lighter than store-bought types. Keegan-Michael Key, disguised as Lawrence, shows Jordan Peele, disguised as Tyrell, how to play a new game that is impossible to win. (Notice I didn't say beat.) 
What makes this game impossible to win? The answer makes this even funnier. "Key & Peele - Fronthand Backhand" 

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You have to dream 
before your dreams can come true. 
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Monday, July 18, 2016

Couple's Kiss to Stop Kissing in Public 
One couple's kiss lives on 
Another couple's kiss became a problem 

Couple’s Kiss (English sonnet) 

Was there where couple often shared a kiss
Beneath the light of lost and lonely door
And all the world this moment would adore
For all it was a teardrop into bliss
Was there where couple’s kiss became love’s lore
Within the hearts of sighing witnesses
Whose dreams received a blessing from all this
A realm of mystic passion to explore
In time the couple’s door was wiped from sight
By callous hearts in search of something new
Within this mist a loving moment gone
Yet somewhere in a long and lonely night
A lover’s heart dares bare an I love you
It’s there where couple’s kiss will greet the dawn 

A legend comes to life in this English sonnet. This sonnet tells a short story. The first two quatrains begin with the same sentence fragment. This was done to be a haunting lead in to what follows. Using the 4,4, 3.3 form of the English sonnet allows sonnet writers to use a three line resolution, instead of the couplet. 

There are many legends in San Francisco. This sonnet is an encapsulation of one of those legends I heard, while taking one of many of the city's ghost tours. Evidently, there was this young couple in the early 1900's. Kissing was something meant to be private and was not something lovers engaged in public. For some reason this couple couldn't kiss at their homes. They found a secluded doorway, where they met to kiss. It wasn't long before other young lovers found out about our couple and their doorway. These other young couples would hide and watch the comings and goings of our couple from the doorway. Others found out about the couple and the doorway and tried to put a stop to this public indecency. Not only did they fail but other young couples were seen blowing each other kisses when they passed the doorway. Times changed and kissing in public became a little more socially acceptable. The young lover got married and returned to the doorway in memory of those earlier times and those kisses. Them, their kisses. the doorway became a treasured legend of Mission district. Oddly the couple died at the same time a big corporation bought and tore down a building and the doorway. But something even odder happened. It is said that if couple feel a strong urge to kiss in the upper Mission district it is because of the couple and the doorway. 

Was there really a couple? Was there really a doorway? When I heard this story, I was taken to a doorway in the Noe Valley district, where I received my first real kiss from Malona. A legendary moment in my life. Isn't this what a good story is? Something that we can relate to, in our person or our dreams. Look in the mirror and our hero comes to life. No Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie. Even better. It is us. Real. Real stories. Real legends. Was there really a couple? Was there really a doorway? I love to kiss. Give me another reason. Awaken another dream. And while our mind are settling on the possibilities, enjoy. 

An now a great artist performs a great song: Barbra Streisand "Memory" 

As far as kissing are we moving backwards

On July 16, 1439, King Henry VI banned kissing in England. Now, once again, PDA is becoming a problem. What is PDA? Public Displays of Affection (kissing and hugging and such). Oddly enough, this is becoming a trend (limits on PDA) among the younger set. Matt and Bonnie have a PDA problem. Their friends have gathered for an intervention. 
How will this all turn out? "Stop Kissing in Public!! ft. SUPEReeeGO & Dia Frampton" 

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Some people hear their own inner voices 
with great clearness. And they live by 
what they hear. Such people become crazy... 
or they become legend. 
Jim Harrison 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Magic Tear to Magician Earns Golden Buzzer 
The legend of the magic tear 
A magician becomes legendary on  America's Got Talent 

Magic Tear (English sonnet) 

May never know the meaning of that night
Nor magic held within a special tear
It happened when the last farewell was near
And curtains drew on days of Joy’s delight
She tried to hold facade of pleasant cheer
That smile might keep this moment always bright
Last time had come to bare her dream to light
Last time had come but words would disappear
But then a single tear escaped her eye
It found its mark upon a young man’s arm
That night the words the world danced in this dew
That night he dreamed of heaven’s days gone by
The morning sang of beauty and her charm
From night a tear such fairytales came true 

A beautiful legend become an English sonnet. To try and capture an important moment in 14 kines was a challenge. If the sonnet seems somewhat sketchy, it captures the fist line of the sonnet. The tale reaches its high point at end of the second stanza when the first words of lines three and four are repeated. One can feel the girl's pain. 

This sonnet is about the legendary tear. My teacher, Mr Land, got me a spot in a musical, "Once Upon A Mattress" at a girl's school. I landed the male lead part, Prince Dauntless. Imagine, a boy loose in a girl's school. I met Arlene there. She was nothing special. Just the pianist in the orchestra. Just one of the girls that I hung out with. On the final night, when the performance was over, I said my final goodbyes to everyone. I had a good time. I had no plans of ever returning. I bumped into Arlene just as I was leaving the building. She was sad, but so were many others. We shook hands and said our goodbyes. Just then I felt a tear fall on my right arm. I didn't think much of it. Many of the girls were crying. 

That night I dreamed about Arlene. The next day, at school, I couldn't get Arlene out of my mind. I did not feel like this during the days at her school during rehearsals. I had to see her. After school, I headed straight to Arlene's school. I made it there in time for the final bell. I can still remember, one by one the girls' heads popping out the second story windows shouting, "He's there!" The next thing that I remember is the front doors slamming open as Arlene ran into my waiting arms. It was there, in front of a library, across the street of Arlene's school, in front of her school mates, Arlene and I enjoyed our first kiss. It was there many more fairytales would start. 

Does magic really exist? Was a tear really magical? Have we ever gone to a performance of magic? There is a big difference in trying to figure out how an illusion is done and simply enjoying the show. Is there really magic? What difference does it matter as long as nothing is being harmed? Do the stars twinkle brighter? Do the flowers smell sweeter? Does it effect the love we feel for that someone? Will a wonder filled world be more wonderful? Does magic really exist? Look around and enjoy. 

To bring this all to a close what would be more fitting than: Peter Udell "Sealed With A Kiss" 

While we're on the subject of magic 

Jonathan Paul Dorenbos is a football long snapper for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League. He has been named for the Pro Bowl twice. Jonathan is also a magician. A professional magician. He has performed in Las Vegas and Hollywood. Recently he took on the judges on the eleventh season of America's Got Talent. 
With Simon Cowell on the panel of judges, we know there is more to the amazement we are about to see. "Jon Dorenbos: Football-Playing Magician Earns Golden Buzzer From Ne-Yo - America's Got Talent 2016" 

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If you see the magic in a fairy tale, 
you can face the future. 
Danielle Steel