Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Strange Game to Space Jam 3: Anime Edition 
A person must deal with one strange game 
Wile we laugh at another strange game 

The Strange Game (round) 

You and I are not the same
What is different could be fun
They made us learn a strange new game
Now to play we need a gun.
Look at the soldier and my gun
Still there’s a child in me at play
To kill a “play mate” I’m undone
A new lesson for today
They taught me to kill you today
Then to a strange place I’m immersed
While you’re shooting seems my way
I must get approval first
Time to go home now a new game first
The rules have changed I’m not quite right
Too much confusion to disperse
“Teachers” doomed me to this night
Voice from my childhood came that night
It said the strange game was to blame
He promised life would be alright
Nothing quite would be the same

A veteran caught in a riddle make up this round. A round is a poem with no beginning or end. Each stanza is somehow connected to the next. The last stanza is connected back to the first. This round uses the last word of each stanza to connect to the next stanza. In this case the poem's form help to accentuate the poem's message. 

I am not a veteran myself. My experience with veterans comes from my hospital visits, the funerals I performed and my involvement with the Marine Corp's Toys For Tots. Sure, I knew veterans outside these venues. But there was something deeply special about these moments that allowed an outsider a unique view into the hearts and souls of these heroes. One common tale was the training it took to kill another human. Killing another human is wrong. So, for those of us who haven't gone through this training, it is more than simply pulling a trigger. Most soldiers are not sure if they can take another's life until the moment comes. Most of the combat veterans that I have listened to, who have had to kill another, say they have undergone a change because of that moment. This poem is an outsider's view of the torment some veteran's live with. 

Believe it or not, people are basically good. It might be hard to believe with all of the bad news that dominates our media. Keep in mind how many people there are on this planet and we get a perspective of how rare people behaving poorly is. For some reason, bad news sells. That doesn't change the fact that people are basically good. The next time we go out, take note of the examples all around us. Sure we will run into some who are having a bad day or whose mind hasn't turned on yet. But the majority will be good. In fact, I will go so far as to say, we will see a goodness long overlooked. And we we are basically good. Wonder as the world is, as we go out to see the good in others, we get better ourselves. Imagine if everyone focused in the good of others. We know were it all begins. As we go out to change the world, with our smile, our goodness, enjoy.

To go with the poem: Johnny Horton "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" 

Let's take the battle to the basketball court 

Jeremy Shu-How Lin is a professional basketball player for the Brooklyn Nets of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and one of the few Asian Americans in NBA history. He unexpectedly led a winning turnaround with the New York Knicks in 2012, which generated a global following known as "Linsanity". Lin is also a video game fanatic. It is rumored, his dream after he retires, is to dedicate his life to gaming. Which brings to this video by Ryan Higa of nigahiga. 
This just goes to show you, be careful what you wish for. "Space Jam 3: Anime Edition! (ft. Jeremy Lin)" 

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It's harder to heal than it is to kill. 
Tamora Pierce

Friday, July 29, 2016

The Night Of Wonder to The Stink is Real 
From a real terror that left a lady questioning reality 
To an unseen terror that was real enough 

The Night Of Wonder (English sonnet) 

A lovers’ moon was out the night they met
To share their music with the summer air
While memories of flowers linger there
And glades to heaven haven’t opened yet
There by a stream they kissed without a care
While in each other’s eyes their dreams were set
To wander through the dark without regret
And wonder what the future had to share
Was here the terror of her end would start
She saw it as it cut across the night
While something at her throat would not let go
Once free of everything except her heart
She saw in fact for now she was alright
A dream or real was set for time to show 

One night, two stories, one English sonnet. If this sonnet made us feel like two separate stories were being told, then I was successful. In the quatrains a tale of romance is told. In the triplets an unknown turn of events occurs, completely different from the romance of the quatrains. Did we notice the quatrains and the triplets both end with similar ideas (what the future will hold)? 

Arlene and I were big vampire fans. I was a Bram Stoker fan. Arlene was more of the romantic vampire type. With the kisses and all Arlene and her brood of vampires won out. When we went to costume parties, I sometimes went as the Bela Lugosi Dracula, cape and all. Arlene would dress in some old time lady's fashion. We would do the dramatic neck biting scene and Arlene would slip in her vampire teeth. We would both bite on a "blood capsule" (a sweet red fluid contained within a eatable capsule, made to look like blood). A great surprise for onlookers. Sometimes Arlene would pretend she was biting my neck, vampire teeth, blood capsule and all. 

What a wonder-filled world we life in. There is so much to do. There is so much to experience. And we can magnify all the world's wonders and beyond. How? With our imagination. The same imagination that created ice cream. The same imagination that created computers. Oh yes, there are the fairies and dragons. There is also art in, what seems to be, its its endless forms. Imagination itself is endless. Imagination can attach itself to anything. And where does this treasure come from? From us. This marvel of awe is a gift we all possess. Don't think that you are special? The power of our imagination proves otherwise. So if this wonder-filled world calls out for more, turn on that imagination and enjoy.

Talking about imagination: Iron & Wine "Flightless Bird" 

It doesn't take imagination to awaken this invisible terror 

Formula-fed babies often can't absorb man-made formula as well as breast milk, so their bowel movements contain more waste, which produces a more potent odor. This smelly poop causes other problems. Meet the Andersons. They just had a new addition to the family. It is't just a new daughter. It is her smelly diapers. To make matters worse, guests are coming over.
This video is funnier for those who survived this. "The Stink is Real" 

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Logic will get you from A to B. 
Imagination will take you everywhere. 
Albert Einstein

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wayward World to Every Super Villain Ever 
On a path less trodden comes a hero 
There always have been villains 

Wayward Worlds (free form poem) 

Wayward worlds unfold
Upon a path less trodden
Where every sign you see
Is waiting for a hand
To write them
To tell another
That it’s okay to wander
Beyond the safety
Whose comfort often holds them back
To the sideline seats
Cheering cherished heroes
Who live some wished for life
Beyond reality’s restraints
Timeless is their motion
Timeless are their ways to wonder
Till twilight calls a dream
Of a yearning long forgotten
Some signs as yet unwritten
One more hope one more chance
To start a new beginning

A call or a reminder in this free form poem. Notice that I do not use punctuations. Instead, I use spaces. These serve as a beak between ideas. In this poem, the ideas take on a form to draw us in. Hopefully drawing a picture which is familiar and to motivate. 

It has been my experiences that there are leaders and sideliners. Some sideleners are leaders in different fields, in different callings. Still, it has been my experience, many people, just take to the sidelines. Two of my biggest charity successes were whispered to me by sideliners. The Masons have always been big supporters of the public schools. A sideliner planted in my ear, that in the San Francisco Bay Area, we may not be giving our schools what they really needed.  He was right. With a little research, I spread what I found to other Lodges. With the help of school principals and teachers we were ale to be much more efficient with our aid. My success in bringing Toys For Tots back to the Masons was based on the suggest of a sideliner. Why didn't they take on these things themselves? Or maybe getting me involved was their way of not being sideliners. 

From the time we first went to school we were encouraged to be the same. After all, it is much easier to control the masses if we all think alike. It is easier to sell us stuff, if we are taught to belief that we like it, that we really need it, that everyone else is getting it. Don't stand out. Don't be different. The major problem in this is that we are all individuals. We are all unique. We are all special. One of the short falls of the "group think" brainwashing is that it makes it hard for some to trust, to believe in themselves. Their true individuality. Even the best of us, from time to time, cannot escape the constant bombardment we are all under. Trust in yourself. It all begins here. Believe, know that we are special, and enjoy. 

Let us enjoy the dream: Dj Erian "Lost in a dream" 

From good to evil 

It should come as no great surprise that the first super villain, to appear in comic books was Adolf Hitter. Since then, countless super villains have graced (or disgraced) the pages of comic books and movies. It came to the attention of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. Padilla, of Smosh, that many of these super villains share similar attributes. To prove their finding Ian and Anthony made this video, while forgetting why. 
Had the duo looked at the tittle of the video they might have remember what they were trying to prove. "EVERY SUPER VILLAIN EVER" 

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If you are always trying to be normal, 
you will never know how amazing you can be. 
Maya Angelou

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The River Of Life to Secret Pokemon Catch 
What is the secret of this river 
What is the secret character in Pokemon 

The River Of Life (Martin verse) 

By river of life what flowers there grow
Oasis in time what secrets there flow
Alone in this desert that only we know
Please sing me of love and then I must go
The scent of her Joy so eager to share
The song from her lips brought promise to air
The hope in my heart it now lingers there
The world I once knew is drifting somewhere
It’s here by this river my dreams did grow
Each sweet memory her kisses did air
If peace can be found surely it was there
Wherever she leads me gladly I’ll go
What madness of mind does this river share
That moments of love again through me flow
And makes me rethink the truth that I know
The world I once knew is waiting somewhere
Just this one last sip before I must go
To finally rest where only you know
The labors I bear away from me flow
By river of life what flowers there grow 

A symphony in rhyme bring meaning to this Martin verse. I was inspired by the symphonic style of music when I came up with this style of poetry. We start with four rhyming words. Then we come up with four more rhyming words. In the next two stanzas we mix the the two sets of rhyming words together. In the last stanza, the first set of rhyming words are back, but in reverse order. To add a bit of drama, I try to make the first and lase lines the same. A Martin verse.  

This poem is about my belief in the river of life. I was extremely fortunate to enjoy a wonder-filled journey. Even more blessed, I was able to bask in the glories of the the sun with two wonderful women. First there was Arlene, who was my partner. With her by my side (sometimes in front, sometimes behind), I was able to appreciate things that I would have missed. She made up for many of my shortcomings. What a world we experienced. What a life we had. What flowers we enjoyed. Then came Amor. We had a great journey. But life turned less kind to me. Yet there was Amor. The perfect person for this part of the journey. With Amor how can there be sadness? Thanks to her I can still make out the flowers at the banks, as well as the flowers I remember. One more point about Amor and the poem: The bad things that I went through are disappearing, as well as my concerns about my present challenges. 

We are all journeying on the river of live. Flowing through the nights. Flowing through the days. And there by the banks are the flowers. Those things for us to enjoy. Those things flowing on their own river. And we are one of the flowers on their bank. And there are the oceans. And there are the clouds. And there is the rain. Isn't life wonderful? And we are a part of that wonder. Think about this one. Would the river be the same without us? Remember the flowers. Considering how special we are, take in our experience to the fullest, and enjoy.

Back to the poem: Sting featuring Cheb Mami "Desert Rose" 

Pokemon Go is everywhere 

Though the concept for Pokemon Go was conceived in 2014 by Satoru Iwata of Nintendo and Tsunekazu Ishihara of The Pok√©mon Company, the actual game was produced by Niantic, Inc., of San Francisco. The game's popularity is no secret, Pokemon is everywhere. Just when fans, of the game, think they know it all something new pops up. Throwing their hats in the "something new" area are the folks of Nukazooka. They think that they have found a secret to Pokemon. 
One more reason why not to play Pokemon while driving. "Secret Pokemon Catch! - Pokemon GO IRL" 

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Nothing is ever the same. 
Rivers are symbolic of our lives, 
moving and ever-changing. 
Movement is life. We feel freedom 
as we move with the currents… 
Alexandra Stoddard 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Enhance Romance to High School Dance Battle
Form and order are challenged so that a lover's heart may dance
Statues quo is challenged so that enemies may join in dance 

Enhance Romance (sonnet) 

Bring my life purpose and make my soul sing
The source of your smile the fount of your dreams
The meaning of music why your beauty streams
The freedom to grow an eternal spring
Let these be the arms which lighten your day
Your bridge over doubt your confident air
Your will to succeed the blessings you share
Your blankets of Joy which help warm your way
I love you it’s true it shouldn’t surprise
I love you as dew graces morning’s sunrise
I love you as few would try to surmise
I love you the view is there in my eyes
Bring my life purpose and make my heart dance
Let these be the arms which enhance romance 

Form itself challenges this sonnet. Is this really a sonnet? The conflict stanza's (the third quatrain) conflict is that it break a rule of sonnet, Instead of using alternative rhymes, all limes use the same rhyme. But the sonnet rules were broken in the first, second and forth lines. They are not pure iambic pentameter.Yes, this sonnet is loaded with Word Wizardry. Did we notice the lead in to the the third stanza in the first two stanzas? Ironic, with so much going on, we have to ask ourselves: Is this really a sonnet? 

Arlene and I challenged many rules of thinking. We took over coaching our son's, Peter, soccer team. We made a great team. Arlene took care of the parents, and I worked with the kids. Our team was an under nine year old team called the Regulators. They were pretty good, both parents and kids. We had two girls on the team, so we fell under the category of a mixed team. There were boys' teams, girls' teams and mixed teams. Arlene got me thinking. At our team's age there wasn't much of a difference in boys' and girls' physical abilities. Girls could play just as well as boys. Why were we making our kids think that boys were better? Which we believed to be something poor to implant in young minds. We went to work. (Mostly Arlene. She had the gift of gab.) With the help of many parents and a study report done by some of our college friends, we got the league to allow mixed teams to play as a boys' team up to under 12 teams. 

Much of what we believe to be true was implanted in us. Somethings were implanted before we could talk. We live day by day with these things. We accept these things. They are a part of who we are. So we think. If we are satisfied with ourselves, all this may be all well and good. And we should be quite satisfied in ourselves. If we are not happy with that person in the mirror then don't we believe we owe them the time to reflect, a time to discover? Simply the effort the investment shows we care, we are interested. We are better. If we need more, there are avenues we can take. But it all starts by discovering the wonder which is us, and enjoy. 

Back to the lover in the sonnet: 
Paul McCartney "Silly Love Songs" performed by The Warblers 

Oh those high school days. Those high school battles. 

Are you entering high school and considering dance? Then Mayfield Secondary School located in Caledon, Ontario, Canada is the school for you. Only 50 to 60 students are accepted into the dance program each year. Overall, the Dance Program provides students with an incredible opportunity to enjoy the arts while pursuing their studies. Or we can join Scott Winn at Any High School USA. They may not be as good as Mayfield, but they do give geeks and bullies a common enemy. 
And when geeks are no longer bullied shouldn't everybody dance? "HIGH SCHOOL DANCE BATTLE - GYM CLASS DISASTER!" 

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Don't ever doubt yourselves or waste a second 
of your life. It's too short, and you're too special. 
Ariana Grande

Monday, July 25, 2016

Wisp You Away to Safety in Hollywood 
Safely hid treasures are calling to wisp a lover away 
Safety takes a new form as airline wisps passengers away 

Wisp You Away (poem) 

Come with me darling I‘ll wisp you away
A moment to dream
And open a door
Come with me darling I‘ll wisp you away
The stars which you touch
Where made long ago
Remember those heartbeats shared with pillows
And tomorrows were waiting for moments of you
Each chance was a fresh breath of excitement
Your mirror offered a glance at the truth
Soft embers of your safely hid treasures
Calling for the light which once gave them birth
Listen to the long and lasting murmurs
Singing praise of a wonder which once was
Dismember yourself from chains of limits
Those shadows unreal which won’t let you out
You know you deserve promise forgotten
Let me be chorus of splendor of you
Come with me darling I‘ll wisp you away
A moment in time
Forever once knew

Realities are challenged in this poem. This may look like a free form poem, but consider this: In the two types of stanzas each line follows a strict meter. In stanzas three, four and five there is a rhyme in the first three beats (Remember, Soft embers, Dismember). There is an equal amount of each type of stanzas. 

With this poem we gain an insight into my style of entertainment. A style that worked well for me. Ironic, that this poem speaks of freedom, but follow my thinking. Whether a big party, a performance or taking a lady, Amor or Arlene, out on a date, my dynamics are quite similar. Before hand, I did as much preparation, research, rehearsing, planning, etc., as possible. Maybe going over it a couple of times. Get an outside opinion, insight or two. When the doors open to an event, take a deep breath and enjoy the free fall. Arlene and I worked as a team to make each other look good. Maybe it was our imagination or good luck, but our whole world seemed to fall in order. Or maybe Arlene and I touched on an order. And let me share this: When one puts in the effort Arlene and I did, the free fall can be wonderful. 

I believe that there is a flow to life. A flow of how things are supposed to be. A natural order of things. An order made just for us and everything at the same time, I believe in the connections. That something that connects everything, Everyone is important. Everyone has value. In my time here, I have noticed the human flow has gotten much faster, with the advancement of technology and all. Add to this the inequality blared out in our media (races, the wealthy, different counties, different cultures, We are bombarded with it. We are frighten into believing sorts of things. Stop! Rejoin the natural flow of life. Take time to remember that you are important. Bask in the wonder that flows naturally from you and enjoy. 

Here is some music to bask: Jo Manji "Beyond The Sunset" 

Not only are airlines the safest way to travel, but... 

Your chances of dying in a plane crash are estimated to be about 11 million to 1. When it comes to airline safety, it all begins with passengers. Cathay Pacific Airways is ranked number 1 in passenger safety, Though ranked number 6, out of 60 ranked airlines, Air New Zealand is vying for the number 1 spot. To help in its efforts are its unique passenger safety videos. The latest of which is making the news. 
How many times would we watch this movie? "Safety in Hollywood #AirNZSafetyVideo"

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No matter what age you are, 
or what your circumstances might be, 
you are special, and you still have 
something unique to offer. Your life, 
because of who you are, has meaning. 
Barbara de Angelis

Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Night Was Calling to The Bothering - College Donations 
The night now calls to him 
Her college looking for fund now calls to her 

The Night Was Calling (Shakespearean sonnet) 

The night was calling silently he slept
With dreams and themes and Joys of yet to come
Believing that tomorrows were well kept
To scents of life’s misfortune he was numb
The night was falling further on he went
To places traces splendors with his wife
For them it seems that fantasies were meant
As hand in hand they sampled thrills of life
The night was sprawling stillness took him on
No gloom no doom could wrench him from this sleep
His needs beyond his memories are gone
The days and years and morning tears now reap
The night was calling things are swept aside
Was on a night like this his love had died 

Word Wizardry adds some softness to the finality this Shakespearean sonnet. The quatrains contain some playful Word Wizardry. Beats 4 and 5 rhyme in all the first lines. Lines two contain rhymes within rhymes. Then comes the rhyming couplet. The playfulness disappears as the truth appears. 

On the night of August 22, 2002 Arlene died. I miss her so. We met in 1966. We had a grand wedding and a perfect day on July 27 1974. She was only 49 (4 month shy of her 50th birthday) when she died. With the remarkable help of my family, friends and associates I made it through this harsh time in my life. Another thing that saw me through was increasing my charitable activities. But there came the nights. At first the nights were very painful. Then came the truth of it. Yes, Arlene died too young and I miss her so. But we lived a fairytale. We lived a life others only dream about. I could give into sadness and let it it eat away at, steal from me all the beauty and grandeur of a time well lived. Or I could revel in moments well made. I could be a testament of a wonder-filled person. The joy of Arlene. Oh yes,  I can still be sad, but there was a couple... 

I still firmly believe that life is wonderful. I, who have lost so much, as have many, many others. We don't know what tomorrow will bring. We don't know, for sure, what is waiting around the next corner. We only have the present. Make the most of this. For all of this will become our memories, and memories can be stepping stones for our future. It is human nature to be positive. Believe it or not there is wonder in us all. So we have human nature plus the wonder that is us (two things) pulling on our behalf. What is holding us back? Sure, we cannot drop everything and go world traveling now. But what can we do now? How many cannots are we able to change to can? One extra kiss. One extra smile. One extra something to add to our treasure chest of time well lived. And when the night calls we will find reasons to enjoy. 

To go with this theme, here's: Roy Todd "Child Of The Troubles" 

Who can forget those college days 

At $51,300 a semester, according to U.S. News, Vassar College of New York is the most expensive college in America. It is no secret that college is expensive. To help lower costs some colleges have turned to alumni for donations. The folks at Above Average Productions thought this might make a good movie. A horror movie.  
Here is the trailer for Above Average's new movie, NOT coming to a theater near you. "The Bothering: Your College Won’t Stop Asking For Donations" 

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Find a place inside where there's joy, 
and the joy will burn out the pain. 
Joseph Campbell