Saturday, August 13, 2016

I Hear It Too to When You Don’t Get An Inside Joke 
A couple's relationship grew beyond words 
A couple's relationship is disturbed by a joke 

I Heard It Too (Shakespearean sonnet) 

I heard you singing of another day
It stroked my heart the magic of that tune
That special hour not very far away
Like all the rest it drifted far too soon
I closed my eyes to join you in that while
I held you close and danced into that mist
Until I found the moments of that smile
And all the precious memories we kissed
Then all at once a felt the teardrops flow
And yet there was no answer to the pain
Just darkness from place so long ago
Perhaps it was the spark of this refrain
Sing on my love for now we know it’s true
The feeling that you felt I it felt too 

Lovers' feelings sing out and give light to this Shakespearean sonnet. As one would expect, words take on more than one meaning. For example, "another day" could mean a memory, today or a dream of some future. (Just a few examples.) This sonnet was put together to let imaginations flow. Notice the title of this sonnet is "I Heard It Too". The actual quote is "...I felt it too." Why? 

Arlene enjoyed cuddling under a blanket and letting our imaginations drift. I liked it too, but not as much as her. I really liked it. Arlene really, really, really liked it. We'd sit on the couch or bed or on a fake fur throw rug on the floor. We'd wrap a king size blanket around us. The TV would be off. Soft music was optional. Arlene had to have her champagne glasses close at hand, even if they were filled with 7 up or some kind of juice. Then one or both of us would drift into a memory or that day or a hope, a dream. As the experience went on, the talking gave way to feelings. A small laugh, An small added pressure to our cuddle, a timely kiss, a sigh and we knew we were drifting together. When we bought our house, this experience was heightened. Our house has a working fie place. A rainy night, a warm dancing fire, cuddling under a blanket... Oulala. 

One could easily and rationally explain away two people communicating without words, feeling the same thing, drifting off somewhere together. I prefer to believe that there is something more, something special. Whatever it is. it has nothing to do with the supernatural or the spiritual. I believe this ability is quite natural. An ability that is underdeveloped or we are made to believe doesn't exist. It does exist. When two lovers share a special smile, at times they are in the same place, in their minds. When a baby cries, a mother knows it is hungry or it is frightened or it wants to be picked up or whatever. I believe we all possess this gift. A gift like hearing, seeing,smelling, tasting and feeling. I believe, as time goes on, this gift will become more and more developed. So next time we think we are sharing something more, enjoy. 

Now for a song: Adele "Love Song" 

Inside jokes and relationships 

Studies show that happiness is contagious and that potential dates find it hard to walk away from happy people. One of the biggest turn-offs during a date is negativity. One negative behavior is an inside joke or something our partner just doesn't get. Worse yet, if our partner asks us to stop and we forget. This is so common that BuzzFeed has put out a video about inside jokes. 
I love the ending of this video. "When You Don’t Get An Inside Joke" 

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Love goes very far beyond 
the physical person of the beloved. 
Viktor E. Frankl

Friday, August 12, 2016

The Journey to Every Ex Ever 
A couple weathered the storm together 
These Exes didn't do so good 

The Journey (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Well past the last familiar rays of hope
Together hand in hand we venture on
To share our chosen dreams of once upon
We danced along while other lovers grope
At last we’ve passed where others have not gone
Together weathered ever changing slope
Of life which weighed our very will to cope
And take our kisses to another dawn
Now all alone we face the endless night
Strange silence seems to grow from all around
And only memories to hold us tight
We learn again to walk upon the ground
Yet as we wander deeper in this trance
We feel the rays which welcome us to dance 

The storm has cleared and the couple is still together and echoed in this Shakespearean sonnet. This sonnet takes a darker turn. After the first quatrain things turn more and more against the couple. The rhyming couplet arrives to refresh everything with hope. Notice the sparks thrown in as the sonnet takes it bleak route (in the second lines). They were meant to represent the spark of the couple. 

Arlene and I left our palace in the sky to be close to Arlene's mother, when her father died. In that small Richmond district apartment things got rougher and rougher, relationship wise. Our love was really challenged. If ever Arlene and I would separate, it was here. Arlene's cousin found a huge flat on the other side of the Richmond. The rent was right and Arlene and I needed some refreshment, so we took the flat. Like the sonnet says, we learned to walk with our feet on the ground. After an unbelievable teenage love spectacle, the palace in the sky to the madness of that apartment, here was a chance to start again. To find that couple who once were. This flat would be the scene of dances and be the studio when I became a photographer. And yes, Arlene and I found ourselves and more. 

Sometimes life is a bit too challenging. There is an old saying, "Life doesn't give us more than we can handle." This is not entirely true. As wondrous as we are, there are things that may arise that may be far beyond us. We can take on these challenges and go down fighting. Or we can avoid these challenges. Or we can seek out the hands of others. (I'm sure there are other ideas.) Then again, is the challenge really worth it? Is it really our's? Keep this in mind: Life's defeats does not make us any less of a person. In fact, it may actually make us better. The only battle wort winning is the important one. So in life's storms, stand on your mountain top and enjoy. 

On this theme: Carrie Underwood "There's A Place For Us" 

Now here is the flip side of the coin 

Lack or loss of trust is one of the most harmful contagions to a couple’s long-term success. Without trust, a relationship misses two of the key anchors to a strong bond: safety and security. What happens to exes after a relationship is over? Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, of Smosh, did some extensive research on the subject. After putting their comic books down, this video was made. 
After misplacing this video, another one was thrown together. "EVERY EX EVER" 

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Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, 
they're supposed to help you discover who you are. 
Bernice Johnson Reagon

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Try To Tell to We Have Big News 
A lover tries to tell the reason of his day 
A couple tries to tell friends and family their big news

Try To Tell (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Try to tell sunshine the reason of day
Try to tell flower why beauty astounds
Try to tell music which sets hearts astray
Whisper to wishes of dreams out of bounds
Sing to the spring of stars in lovers’ eyes
The memories awaiting for kisses to share
Try to tell longing of long lasting sighs
The scent of pure Joy which floats in the air
This wonder of youth which never grows old
In search of a truth which words cannot find
A vane touch for sooth makes wisdom unfold
Try to tell my soul to this I’m resigned
I’m lost in a world of what can I do
Try to tell always my sunshine is you 

A lost lover is captured in this Shakespearean sonnet. This sonnet is spiced with rhymes within rhymes and plays with consonant sounds (like the L in "...longing of long lasting sighs). The speaker is obviously lost in love. The fun in this sonnet is in the lines that begin with "Try to tell". Notice that the sonnet begins a with "Try to tell sunshine". Clue: In the last line we find out that she is the sunshine. 

Arlene used to get a kick out of driving me crazy with her beauty. Ever since her tear touched my arm, that night I first fell in love with her, Arlene's beauty had a strange effect on me. She knew it. Over time I got used it. Here's were the fun really starts. Arlene would dress differently or get a new hair style or change her makeup style or something. I was a "teenager" again. A lovesick fool. Let me share what happened one night. I forget why, but Arlene and I had a dinner date at Alexandro's, a Basque restaurant, not far from our large flat. I was dressed and ready to go. I missed Arlene as she came home from the beauty parlor. I suspected she was up to something. I opened the bedroom door, to tell her that we were running late. When I opened the door... what I beheld! Beauty. It was hard to take my eyes off her. I might miss something. When we arrived at Alexadro's, it was an off night, not too many customers and the piano player was not there. After a dink, I took to the piano to sing how beautiful Arlene was. I don't consider myself a piano player, but I was a singer since before I met Arlene. I must been alright, since no one kicked me off the piano or people just admire lovers.

Ah love. What a blessing, love. What an endless adventure, love. Don't tell me it's just chemicals and brain cells firing. There is more to it. There is a love for a person or a thing. There is a love for that someone, our parents, our children. There is a love we have for one another. There is a love we have for ourselves. Love is all around. Love is different to each individual, yet two individuals can touch in love. Love goes were words cannot. The source of untold pleasures and endless pain. Even nature has the power to express love. And here we are with this wonder all around. Take it in. Revel in it, with it. Share it. And enjoy. 

With love on our mind, let's enjoy: Stevie Wonder "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life" 

A couple try to share the love of what soon will happen, But... 

Along with the normal effects of pregnancy, pregnant women experience a heightened sense of smell. This is basically the body's way of steering them away from food that would be bad for the baby. Another effect can be when sharing the big news with friends and family. They may have other things on their minds. This could be a problem. At least it was one for this couple from Studio C. 
Get your pencils and paper ready, to help figure out why you're laughing. "We Have Big News" 

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A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, 
and man cannot live without love.  
Max Muller

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Meeting to The Danger of Running Into Friends 
Two lovers - A strange meeting 
A group of friends - A strange meeting 

The Meeting (English sonnet) 

Another night another dream fulfilled
Another door is opened once concealed
A world of possibilities revealed
Another doubting heart is gently stilled
One chance one glance one thought that would not yield
One wonders while and why the rest are thrilled
What would remain when all of this is stilled
One hope for all forgotten in the field
And once again they meet along a sea
Which one its start before the care to know
The shadows which another hid away
Another day now greets eternity
One chance before it too must lose its glow
To leave another one for its display 

Word play ties up a mystery in this English sonnet. Notice how each quatrain is dominated by a word (Another and One). Also notice that the words are repeated in the first line of their respective quatrain. The words are hidden in the first triplet. They take their places in the second triplet and are joined in the last line. In a lot of was these words represent the couple. A final thought: In the last stanza, is it the couple that meets or something else? 

One night Arlene and I were celebrating something. It must have been something big, because we had dinner at the Moonraker at Rockaway Beach, Pacifica. A great restaurant, with an unbelievable scenic view of the Pacific Ocean. We were lucky to get a table right by a window.  The Moonraker is perfect for romantic dinners. After dinner, Arlene and I went across the street to Nick's of Rockaway, a small dance lounge with live music. A salsa band was playing. Arlene and I were in luck. Now here's why I'm telling this story. Arlene and I decided to take a walk along the beach. A heavy fog had rolled in. On the beach were two lovers, Arlene and me, with the music from Nick's playing in the distance. In the fog were the shadows of other lovers. It was a reflection from the Moonraker or Nick's playing on the fog. At the time Arlene and I didn't analyse the shadows. We just took in the experience.  

Life is a wonder. If we stop to analyse it or simply take it in. In its complexity, life is a marvel. In providing opportunities for fantasies, life is a marvel. But think about it. Life doesn't need us to be spectacular, to be wonder-filled. Life doesn't need scientists to be what it is. We are part of life. We have our own life. No greater or less. (Another of life's mysteries.) Don't "try" to understand it. Don't "try" to figure it out. Just glow in your wonder and enjoy. 

And while we're enjoying, let's enjoy: Sine "Dreamin" 

Have we ever bumped into friends unexpectedly 

Friendship not only makes us happier but contributes to our health. The renowned Harvard Medical School Nurses’ Health Study found out that, a woman with more friends was less likely to develop physical impairments as she grew old and was more likely to live a joyful life. Ah friends. We all have them. And we have all bumped into them unexpectedly. What about bumping two friends? What about three? What about bumping into all of our friends? This happened to a member of College Humor. Why? 
Was it his birthday? Nope. "The Danger of Running Into Friends" 

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Love has reasons 
which reason cannot understand. 
Blaise Pascal

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Moment Of A Dream to I'm An Olympian - "Cool Runnings" 
Lovers enjoy a moment of a dream 
For young men enjoy a moment of a dream set to music 

Moment Of A Dream (English sonnet) 

There was a moment which a dream did cast
When scent from heaven blossomed all around
And time had stilled for meaning to be found
For we had touched each other’s heart at last
Remember how the world of us was bound
Such feelings in a heartbeat were amassed
Remember kisses’ wishes which we passed
A crystal spring whose waters grew profound
But ever moves through dreams of long ago
And sends them drifting in a mist filled maze
A fragrance of that stardust in the skies
Still in life’s forest springs regain their flow
And music of a moment softly plays
As dream familiar returns in your eyes 

Long ago and hope create this English sonnet. In this sonnet we start with a calm quatrain that introduces use to  a couple. Then, starting with the second quatrain, the fun starts. Notice the third line, where "kisses'" is followed by "W" words, which imitates a kiss. The conflict stanza starts with " But ever" which rhymes with "Remember" in the proceeding stanza. Then there is the word "your" in the last line. Is the sonnet referring to her or us? 

Arlene and I lived an unbelievable life in our twenties. The parties, the dancing, the discoveries, the exploring, taking in all of what life had to offer. All of it, together, Arlene and I learned how to "slow down" time, to make the most of our moments. Then we became parents. Things were a lot different from our youthful years. We were blessed  with two wonderful children, Peter and Robin. It was a marvelous time. So marvelous Arlene and I didn't notice that we were getting old. We made the most of our moments together. Our kids grew up and went out on their own. There we were, Arlene and I. Without our children, we could clearly see that that young couple had somehow turned old. It was a sudden realization. Imagine waking up to find that you are old. Little did we know, that a second round was coming. Arlene and I were extremely fortunate to be taken back to our twenties again, through our parties and events and the ones we were invited to. 

Does time go by too fast? A lot of people think so. Yet we have these words from Lenard Bernstein's "West Side Story", "The minutes seem like hours. The hours go so slowly." Then there's the classic question, "What you do this weekend?" Time. We can't do it over. We can't control it. But we can make the most of it. By doing so, time seems to slow down. I'm not saying to not watch TV or turn off those computers. Many times we engage in mindless activities. Therein lies the challenge. Staying alert. Alert to details. Alert to opportunities. Alert to changes. Alert to all the wonders all around us. Memories and moments will increase and seconds will take on new meaning. It is our time. Ours to use as is our pleasure. Don't just use it. Fill it. Fill it with all the things that make us and those important to us happy. Fill it with life's wonders. Fill it with all the glories, which is you and enjoy. 

Back to the sonnet: Frank Duval "Touch My Soul" 

Okay, it may be the wrong Olympics, but it's still funny 

Bobsleighs can attain speeds of 150 km/h (93 mph), with the reported world record being 201 km/h (125 mph). Another record was set in 1993, when Jamaica (supposedly) sent its first 4 man bobsleigh team to the Olympics. Another record was set when on August 5, 2016 the Gregory Brothers, of Schmoyoho, set the event to music. 
Another record is a 4 man bobsleigh video to celebrate the summer Olympics. "I'm An Olympian - Songify 'Cool Runnings!'" 

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Time is the father of truth, 
its mother is our mind. 
Giordano Bruno

Monday, August 8, 2016

Returning Lovers to Love Literally 
Couple returns to join eternity 
Couple returns  to literally make us laugh 

Returning Lovers (English sonnet) 

Returning lovers sit and gaze at stars
Together sailing on a satin sea
Their kisses cast another destiny
They search for something which we thought was ours
Return in lovers one more chance to see
If lovers still remember how to dream
And dreams still promise everything they seem
This seem of dreams was our reality
Returning lovers chosen of the few
Prepare for winds to come and test your world
Confounding ghastly sorrows with delight
Return in love the riches it is due
For now you are the star which love unfurled
And other lovers come to see at night 

The fate of these lovers is written in this English sonnet. The first thing we notice is the play on the words "Returning" and "Return in" (which are sound alike rhymes). If we look closely at the second quatrain, we may note the play on "dream" and "seem". In the final stanza, did we notice the "lovers", which appeared on the first line of each stanza, is not on the first line. Instead, it shares the last line, transformed to the other lovers. 

I wish I could tell you that Arlene and I were that star. Arlene and I accomplished many things. Most notably, the reestablishment of the PTA at our children's elementary school. Which I understand is still going strong. On the subject of love: there were the dances we brought back to the San Francisco Masons. Part of the rejuvenation of membership was credited to these dances. Other Lodges imitated our successes and invited Arlene and I to their dances. When Arlene and I turned our talents to scholarships and helping the youth groups, others took over the parties. The dances became "business as usual". In 2004, as attendance to parties was going down, I was asked why Arlene and I were so successful. Five years latter and people remember the magic times. I told them, "Imagination, risk and luck. As I get the various Lodge bulletins, I see that my council reached attentive ears. So today those dances have returned. So, I guess Arlene and I are a star. 

Religion aside, we really don't die. We know that nature reuses every particle over and over again. That fingernail we clip today might someday be a part of a tree on Mars. As wild as that sounds, there is us. That essence that makes us us. Our thoughts, our behavior, our values, our talents, every non-material part of our mind. our heart, our soul also lives on. We live on in every person we touch and they in us. A cashier at a convenience store  treats us good, so we hold a door for someone else, who picks up and returns something dropped, and on and on it goes. So it is with everything. Nothing, nothing ever dies. Sure, the combination of many things (i.e. a person) changes. But noting dies. What a wonder life is. What a wonder we are. So as the sun greets another wonder, live and enjoy. 

How about some music to go with that poem: Carlos Sentinel "Luna Llena" 

What does love mean literally 

There is a mental disorder called Asperger syndrome. Asperger's is a developmental disorder characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests. People with Asperger's tend to take things literally. One must be careful not to confuse Asperger's with stupidity. Here to demonstrate the difference is Ryan Higa of Nigahiga. Ryan is meeting with an old girlfriend to set things straight.
If you meet someone like Ryan, they may be suffering from this disability. The problem is, which one. "Love Literally" 

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However much I might try to expound 
or explain Love, when I come to Love itself, 
I am ashamed of my explanations... 
Love alone can explain the mysteries 
of love and lovers. 

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Counting Kisses to Pokemon Go The Musical 
A lovers' game 
A musical inspired by a game 

Counting Kisses (lyrical poem) 

Counting kisses game two lovers play
Casting wishes for a brighter day
Carried with this heart held on display
Count on kisses when words run away
Count on wishes dreamers of the day
Cast our kisses when we’re far away
Carried with this heart that will not stray
Counting wishes kisses won’t delay
While watchful whispers guide us to delight
Warm winds will welcome fires to ignite
We wildly wait while whims of dreams excite
What wonder wanders just beyond our sight
Counting kisses warms our appetite
Casting wishes keeps the fire bright
Carried with this heartbeat of delight
Count on kisses to cast out their light
Count on wishes wandering at night
Casting kisses everything’s alright
Carried on this heart with dream in sight
Counting wishes kisses to invite
While watchful whispers watch two lovers play
Warm winds will wander wild at our display
We wing with wonder way beyond today
What wayward wish once washed across our way
Counting kisses
Counting kisses 

A lovers' game and Word Wizardry combine in this lyrical poem. While lovers are engaged in counting kisses, this poem is playfully loaded in Word Wizardry. Most notable are the recurring words in each stanza (Counting, Casting, Carried, Count, While, Warm, We and What). Then we have the play in kisses and wishes. Then there is the play with consonant sounds, most notably "W". Why such a heavy play on "W"? Think about our lips when making the "W" sound and when kissing. Counting kisses.

Arlene and I never played counting kisses. Although we did try to set a longest kiss record. I think we made six minutes before we thought that was a stupid idea. Like most teenage lovers, Arlene and I were kissing  fiends. This gave way in cuddling and loosing ourselves in each other's imagination, under the stars and the lights of San Francisco, in our palace in the sky. I would listen to Arlene, and she me, as we took turns floating us off somewhere. Where lips once joined, minds, hearts and souls united to drift off together. Then came the deep wonder and appreciation of just being together. Arlene and I realized that this time together was a precious gift. It won't last forever, so enjoy it. I may not be rich. I may not have Paris or Rome. I may not have many things. But I was with Arlene and all else starts from there. Make the most of this. Yet through all of our changes we never tired of kissing. The kisses of our lips and the kisses of life and all of its wonder.

Life is a wonder. Whether we live in San Francisco or off in a small unheard place on a distant isle. First, San Francisco has a lot of pluses, but we do very well in covering up its shortcomings. No place is perfect. Which brings us to number two. We humans tend to get use to things. As something becomes part of our life, we tend to mentally put it off somewhere, to take it for granted. Let's take a fresh look around us. I'm certain we will discover, or rediscover, wonders all around us. One the greatest to be discovered is us. We may not be as rich as... We may not be as good looking as... We may not be as smart as... That's one way of looking at it.  Or - They are not as... as us. With this in mind, don't take for granted this gift of time. Make the most of the precious treasures all around us. Open ourselves up to life's many kisses and enjoy.

Talk about kisses, have you heard: Tim Gelo "French Kisses" 

Pokemon Go has gotten so successful, what next 

As of July 8, Pokémon Go players on Android were playing an average of 43 minutes and 23 seconds per day, according to SimilarWeb. It is believed this average is going up. Pokemon seems to be everywhere. There is no escaping it. What's next? The folks at The Key of Awesome have an idea. What about a musical? With the popularity of the game how could it fail? 
The musical is kept short so as not to interfere with game play. "Pokémon Go THE MUSICAL! Key of Awesome #112" 

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With a kiss 
let us set out for an unknown world. 
Alfred de Musset