Saturday, August 20, 2016

Lovers Carry On to My Ex Girlfriend's New Boyfriend 
A dream of lovers 
A chaos of Exes 

Lovers Carry On (English sonnet) 

They made their dreams from smiles which woke the dawn
Which played politely parting with a song
That beckoned to their hearts to join along
And to this rhythm soon their minds were drawn
This sweetest song their minds hoped to prolong
Such was the way which lovers carry on
That wayward worries waned and soon were gone
While choruses of kisses keep them strong
And love of lovers swooned upon their door
Attracted by their dance and all its style
Each turn another promise there’ll be more
Each twirl another memory compile
Each step awoke a dream not had before
To think that all of this was in a smile 

Lovers and imagination carries on in this English sonnet.Wait. There is no conflict in this sonnet. That's right, The entire sonnet is a build up to a sweet surprise ending. The couplets are used as an emphasis. What adds to the wonder of all of this is that the first line told us that it was a smile. 

I am a cuddler. I went to sleep and woke up holding Arlene. I woke up to the morning just to see her smile. It wasn't just the morning, Arlene's smile was life's gift that everything was alright. I kept a picture of Arlene on my desk, so that I would never be far from the inspiration of that smile.That smile, that everything was alright. That smile, that I was alright. That smile, that Arlene was happy. And if she wasn't happy. Life's experience taught me to make it bloom again. All else starts from there. It wasn't a grin, though I love to hear Arlene laugh. It was a gentle wisp of a dream that only Arlene had, Other beautiful women could smile. But only Arlene could smile. And in that smile... Am I crazy? I am a cuddler. 

One of the greatest gifts that we all have is a smile. A simple smile can say, can mean so much. It can say everything;s okay. It can say Hello. It can say I care. It can bring hope. It can bring friendship. It can mean we are together. It can mean approval. Happy. Content. Good. We get the picture, and I've only touched the surface. Valuable, priceless and free, all at once. An individual thing, yet universal. Many believe that a smile is the beginning of world peace. This wonder of wonders is ours. Use it. Share it. Change the world with it. And enjoy. 

Back to the sonnet and love: Vargo "Talking One Language" 

Lovers and exes - From madness to madness 

According to the Huffington Post, after a break up, men are hurting, even if they are not showing it. It doesn't matter who caused the break up. In the case of Josh Leyva, his girlfriend left him. For another guy, no less! To help Josh get over her, his friend takes him to a party. Guess who sows up at the same party. 
Things just get better (or worse). "My Ex Girlfriend's New Boyfriend" 

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We shall never know all the good 
that a simple smile can do. 
Mother Teresa


Friday, August 19, 2016

Summer Set to Summer Fun Dance Party 
A magic time was set there for always 
A magic dance for always is set there 

Summer Set (English sonnet)

A moment set in summer has returned
To send me once again upon Joy’s shore
And let me drift in heartbeats of before
Where every wish another dream was churned
A summer set for lovers to explore
Impossible were fringes yet discerned
And every kiss and hug forever earned
Was this the breath which life was waiting for
But that was summer set in long ago
When all our hopes were written in the skies
A tender captive swept within time’s flow
We felt its passing in those sunset sighs
And though long passed I still enjoy the glow
Each summer set recaptured in your eyes 

A dream returns that never left in this English sonnet. As in most English sonnets. this sonnet, is broken in to twp parts. The quatrains explain a circumstance. The triplets or, in this case, the couplets give the reason(s). If we get the feeling the word "set" has more than one meaning, one may be right.  

Summers have always been a special time for Arlene and me. I like to believe it goes back to our school days. Call me weird, but I really liked school. Arlene and I went to different schools, But in summer, we went to the same school. This increased the amount of time we were together. The magic times. As we grew older, we followed the fashion of taking summer vacations. We got into the custom of engaging in something romantic on the last day or night. We would find ourselves, at some point, gazing into each other's eyes, as lovers are apt to do. There, in Arlene's eyes, more than any other time, were the moments we just made. It is hard, if not impossible, to describe. In an instance, were the feeling of all that we went through, and the feeling of warm gratitude was there. If ever there existed a timelessness it is there. I have touched timelessness, there in Arlene/s eyes. And not only did that gaze contain the moment just made. It held every moment made, back to those summer school days. 

I'm pretty sure we have all touched "timelessness". A moment when time seems to go slower than normal. One common example is: when we a really are looking forward to something happening Time seems to be going slower than normal. The scientific explanation for this is that we are processing more information than. The romantic explanation is that we have entered a different time. I am convinced that we humans don't fully understand time. Whatever the case, I'm pretty sure we have all touched "timelessness". Can we experience more? I believe we can. I believe that there is so much more to everything. Even a simple thing. like the endlessness of a lover's eyes. How much more are we missing? Let's find out. Let's find out and enjoy. 

Back in a lover's eyes: George Benson "In Your Eyes" performed by Sandro Scuoppo 

Is there something special about summer 

According to consumer census the top 5 most popular summer vacation activities in the United States are 1) shopping (54%), 2) visiting historical sites (49%), 3) swimming/water sports (49%), 4) going to a park or national park (46%), and 5) sightseeing tours (46%). I'm surprised that parties, particularly dance parties, didn't make the list. Perhaps parties and dancing have become too much a part of our life. The magic of Scott Winn (ScottDW) will illustrate what I mean. 
As with all of Scott's work, there is more to this video than meets the eye. "SUMMER FUN DANCE PARTY!" 

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Ocean is more ancient than the mountains, 
and freighted with the memories 
and the dreams of Time. 
H. P. Lovecraft

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Was There to Corn On The Cob 
A time for lovers to dance 
A time to thoroughly enjoy corn on the cob  

Was There (Martin verse) 

Was there the couple met to dance
And for this while their time to chance
To taste the fruits of pure romance
Surrender all for lovers’ trance
And all around the world was theirs
Flirtatious worries idle cares
Endless kisses enduring stares
So much ignited by their flares
Soon life was there to meet their dance
Invented worries made up cares
Unnoticed change amid their stares
Unknowingly lost to new trance
Then world of confusion was theirs
Just sorrow and tears would they chance
Left only heartbreak to romance
Their passions now arguments’ flares
But there in a sleep or a trance
They dreamt of a distant romance
Was there they had nothing to chance
Was there the couple met to dance 

A couple's dance awakens once again in this Martin verse. As in all Martin verses only eight rhyming words are used, in the twenty lines. This means those words may have to carry more than their common meanings, Notice also the haunting effect of repeating the first line at the end. In this case a sign of endearing hope. 

Let's go into that flat, Arlene's and my third abode. It was huge! It had a front room next to a dining room which connected to a pantry, which opened up to a full kitchen. Next to the front room was a small room, which we made into a music room, as with its door closed it was almost sound proof. The bedrooms were in the back. Finances permitting, Arlene and I would throw parties. The front room was spacious enough for ten to twelve couples to comfortably dance. Most of the time, Arlene and I had this "ballroom" to ourselves. And we used it. Dancing was very important to Arlene. And I loved dancing with her. What's this all got to do with the poem? During our dancing, Arlene and I would, at times, talk about that pair in that small apartment, we just left. We were and are so admired. How could we have fought? What got into us? And then it came out. Even as we fought in those bitter times, in our dream we danced. Just like now. And here we are. 

Easy for me to tell anyone that dreams really do come true. Life dealt me a pretty good hand. If anything, I might have played my cards better. With this in mind I turned to charity work, to give back some of the blessings I was gifted with. It was through this charity work that I met people. I mean really met. What wonders we are. Special in our unique ways. I touched individuals in full bloom. I touched individuals in partial bloom. I touched individuals who it was not their time. Yet we are all flowers, in our own way, in our own time, in our own moment. Do dreams really come true? Go to the mirror and ask the only individual who can give you a truthful response. And as you behold that marvel, enjoy. 

On the subject of dancing: Al Jolson and Saul Chaplin "The Anniversary Song" 

Who doesn't like corn 

The world's largest corn producer is the United States at 367,680,000 metric tons a year, followed by China at 217,000,000 metric tons and then there's Brazil at 75,000 metric tons. There sure is a lot of corn in this world. Here to help us cook some of that corn is Gregg, of You Suck At Cooking. Not only are we taught how to cook corn, but husking and gathering are covered and more. A real must watch.
Ever wonder were corny came from? Well... "Corn on the Cob - You Suck at Cooking (episode 45)" 

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But let there be spaces in your togetherness 
and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. 
Love one another but make not a bond of love: 
let it rather be a moving sea between the shores 
of your souls. 
Khalil Gibran


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Another Start to Speed Enforced By Aircraft 
A tale of a kiss 
A tale of speed, child birth, the highway 

Another Start (Shakespearean sonnet) 

It started out another harmless kiss
If ever such a kiss exists at all
For kisses have their own way to recall
What often starts as that turns into this
It started out another fond farewell
Another lovers’ tale unveiled by two
Another memory we could renew
Another lit a thought we couldn’t quell
It started out another step inside
Uncertain just how long this kiss would last
Or if the morning’s sun may come too fast
Our path unclear a kiss controls our stride
And as what started out becomes exposed
A gentleman must kiss this sonnet closed 

A kiss, a memory, a moment compose this Shakespearean sonnet. This sonnet plays within words on the subject of a kiss with a surprise ending. Each quatrain starts out with the same idea ("It started out another "). "Another" ( referring to a kiss and all the things thereof) goes crazy in the second quatrain. The whole subject matter of the sonnet is the unexplainable. Then as the sonnet closes, we find the speaker is about to engage in another kiss. 

Arlene and I had many memorable kisses. There was our first kiss. There was the best kiss: after our first dance. And this one. Arlene loved to drive. Whenever we drove to Los Angeles we would makes a quick stop in Bakersfield for a hamburger. Thousands of truck drivers can't be all wrong. (Bakersfield was a popular truck stop.) We would find the burger joint with the most trucks outside and pull in. After finishing our burger and before hitting the road again, we would kiss. One time this simple custom turned into so much more. That one kiss turned into two, then three and on and on. It wasn't just me. Whatever it was, hit Arlene too. The next thing I remember was someone shouting, "Why don't you two get a room?" Good idea! I don't know how we made it, but we found a nice motel. Even as we were checking in, we were making out like teenagers. And in that motel two wild lovers carried on. In the pool. In the shower. On the patio. Finally... What made this kiss memorable was the why. Why did it happen? What got into us? The next day we went on our way. Arlene and I didn't analyse tat moment. We just smiled. 

Sometimes life's adventure throws in some twists. Some are comfortable. Some are not. Sometimes a little of both. Sometimes we can control it. Sometimes we cannot. These offshoots can be minor or they can be extremely drastic. The point is, these bumps in the road do happen. It is easy to say be prepared. The truth is how can anyone prepare themselves for the unknown? Some folks say these things happen for a reason and we are a better person because of them. To this I can only say, from experience, 'sometimes". But! Knowing that these "bumps" will happen, marvel in who we are now. Make a memory, a treasure of the person in this time. There is only one one us. There will never come a time like this again. For better or worse, it is a marvel. Do not allow anything to take "this" away from us. And for "this" moment, enjoy. 

How about a tune to go with all of this: Jerome Kern "The Way You Look Tonight" 

For every trouble there is something worse 

It is a fact even today that more men receive speeding tickets than women. One of the reasons for this just might be a husband trying to get his pregnant wife to a hospital. Don't believe me. Freddie Wong and RocketJump Studio have captured just such an event. The whole event took place on one of those roads that are patrolled by airplane. 
Oh yes, things get much worse. "Speed Enforced By Aircraft" 

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With a kiss let us set out for an unknown world. 
Alfred de Musset


Monday, August 15, 2016

Sorrow's Flower to Sausage Party Grocery Store
A strange flower is found in the desert 
Strange food is found in a grocery store 

Sorrow’s Flower (Italian sonnet) 

A flower in its desert setting grew
The sun and sand and time its only friends
And here the pages of its Joy extends
Until the path of stranger happened through
Was something to its beauty made him soar
Its splendor was the dawn of hidden tears
A sadness he had buried all these years
And with each teardrop came one blossom more
The stranger shared with others what he saw
Whose tears to beauty made a river flow
Whose richness made the seeds of flower grow
As more and more were captured in this awe
Such beauty we should wear upon our crown
Each window doorway fountain should it grace
Forget all others flower will replace
And that’s how sorrow grew into their town 

A strange tale blossoms in this Italian sonnet. There is only one thing special hidden in this sonnet. It is simply a story of a beautiful flower which a man finds. He takes it back to town where everyone falls in love with it. The flower and its offspring take over the town.  If we haven't found that one thing special in this sonnet, here's a clue. Take the last line and remember where the flower first was found. 

This sonnet is about our fascination with sorrow, especially our draw toward the bad news in the media. I am particularly sensitive because of events that happened to me. One, in particular, happened when I was involved with Abraham Lincoln High School. Lincoln is one of San Francisco's better schools. It has an excellent staff and strong PTA. It has a strong student participation and is above average according to California standards. It is therefore one of the schools that receives little attention from the San Francisco Unified School District, especially financing. It was my second year leading my Lodge's public schools committee when our attention was drawn toward Lincoln. After investigation they needed tons of computers and their industrial arts department needed a complete overhaul. We got the community involved and my Lodge came forward with the extra finances. This was big. So big that Lincoln planned a special assembly for the occasion. Even Willie Brown, then Mayor, was invited. I personally contacted the media (TV, radio and newspapers) to tell them of the big event. On the night of the event, even though Willie and members of his staff showed up for the celebration,not one member of the press showed up. There was too much bad news happening in San Francisco that night. 

Contrary to what the news media would have us believe, there aren't really that many bad things happening. Another cop kills an innocent black man. A madman kills 49 people. Tragic and unacceptable. But there are far, far more good things happening all around us. In fact these bad sides of humanity are rare, proportionally, exceptions. People are basically good. For some reason, good news just doesn't sell. Undaunted people still believe in the higher attributes of society. The higher side of you and me. Aside from what we see and hear in the media, this is a beautiful world we live in. Sure, there are many opportunities for improvement we could be working on. And we are working on many of these. (They just don't make the news.) Believe in us. Believe in the goodness of mankind. Take in our goodness and enjoy. 

How about some music for all of this: Carlos Santana "Flor d'Luna" 

If the world is not strange enough let's take the next step 

The American and Australian scientists measured I.Q. of 972 volunteers and came to a conclusion that those participants of experiment, who daily used dairy products, were tested on logical thinking and memory much more successfully than those who neglected yogurts and cheese. So what we eat can make us more intelligent. But what about the food we eat? I'm talking about cantaloupes and loafs of bread. Do they have intelligence? Can they talk? 
You think I'm crazy, don't you? Well, watch this. "SAUSAGE PARTY - Grocery Store Prank" 

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History will have to record that the greatest tragedy 
of this period of social transition was not the strident 
clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence 
of the good people. 
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Lost in Bitter Words to I Said Bitch 
Lover sees the truth in bitter words 
Husbands see the truth in a bitter word 

Lost in Bitter Words (Shakespearean sonnet) 

What was it we repeated yesterday
Will mark a new improvement to our life
We must be somewhat weary of this strife
Do you imagine all of this a play
What emptiness will next spew from those lips
Will make a mother wish you were not born
We all have things held in a wish to scorn
Do not believe from you alone all slips
What kind of fool are you to carry on
Will all this bickering remove some sting
We scream and cannot hear our own shame sing
Do you not see what’s left when all is gone
With pity at our moments let’s reflect
Me thinks I’ve lost a person I respect 

A hidden message reveals the secret of this Shakespearean sonnet.  The message is not that hidden. The first words of every quatrain are the same. A closer examination shows these words form a sentence (What Will We Do). This brings us to the rhyming couplet. The first words are: With Me, That's right. The sonnet is about the speaker. 

My teacher, guardian and mentor, Mr. Johnny Land,  emphasized to avoid  using harsh words toward anyone. Leave open the chance of friendship. Make friends not enemies. Listen. Harsh words often hurt the sender more than the recipient.  His lesson was easy to learn and practice in the direct rainbow of his wings. Then came Arlene. Life was wonderful. What reason did I have for any unkind words? Then came that small apartment, in the Richmond district. Everything changed. I changed. All of Mr. Land's teaching... flushed. The main target of my bitter words was Arlene. The biggest loser was me. Then came that big flat and a fresh start. Coincidentally, around the same time period, Chevron adopted a new money making philosophy: Not to accept any negatives and to turn all negatives into positives. Here was a time for me. A chance to make things good again to Mr. Land's teachings. A chance to regain the person I had lost and more. And most importantly, to regain the wonder of Arlene.

On the subject pf turning negatives into positives: It is entirely possible. Chevron Corporation proved, proves it and they make tons of money doing so. They don't have problems. They have challenges. All complaints are gladly accepted as gifts and opportunities for improvement. Any "you" must be followed by a compliment otherwise use the word "we". You are doing good. We could do better. It is a strange environment for ones not use to it. Stranger still, Chevron is an oil company.  Anything bad said against them, they learn and turn into a positive and make more money. Was I brainwashed by Chevron? Yes. Are there downsides to positive thinking? Challenging question. It is a fascinating world we live in, so enjoy.

Back to the sonnet: Elton John "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word" 

Can we men talk - Where's the wife 

Research has shown that 1 in 5 husbands is keeping a major secret from their spouse. Though most of these involve infidelity and money problems, "boys' talk" is in there somewhere. It is surprising the extent that husbands will go to keep a secret from their wives. Key and Peele have a secret. They would prefer if they could keep it just among the men. To what extent will they go? 
Watch as two men trade secrets about arguing with their wives and setting them straight. "Key & Peele - I Said Bitch" 

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The only way to get the best 
of an argument is to avoid it. 
Dale Carnegie