Saturday, September 3, 2016

This Song to Fifth Harmony - "All In My Head"  Parody 
Two lovers enjoy an endless song 
Lovely ladies enjoy a ridiculous song 

This Song (round) 

I’m lost amid this song of me and you
And memories of wonder and surprise
The source if all the blessings in our skies
The past enriched with tides of something new
It started when I first beheld your eyes
From stars of heaven dreams began to flow
Sweet rhythms which would set my heart aglow
The promised hope which your sheer touch supplies
Who knows what turns our future may bestow
What wayward slips will challenge present bliss
Will we recall the things which we dismiss
When all is lost I wonder will we know
So take my hand our song we shouldn’t miss
Let’s dance amid the sunshine and the dew
And live each chorus of this wonder true
And celebrate I love you with a kiss 

A kiss is the end and the beginning of this round. At first glance, this looks like an Italian sonnet. A closer examination of the rhyme pattern shows this to be a round, with the last quatrain leading back to the first. As a bit of added fun, the round starts with a kiss. (Think about it.) 

As I have mentioned, I'm a sucker for a kiss. I wish that these were just kisses from Arlene. But they can come from any lady. And not just on the lips, anywhere on the head will do. Yes, blown kisses will work too. Now ladies, imagine your man falling for another woman's kiss.  (I refuse to believe that I am the only one crippled by this affliction.) There were some positives to my affliction (for Arlene). By holding back on the kisses this boy really wanted, she had her puppy right where she wanted. A kiss equals yes. If the bills were a little high or if Arlene just had to buy one more dress or pair of shoes that she will never wear, a kiss will do the trick. A reward for a job well done - a kiss. Yes, kisses were intoxicating for romance too. This boy is real kiss crazy. One more thing about me and kisses. When I was a college fencer, I was a saber-man. The speed these blades reached, even with the heavy padding. the impact would break the skin. Pain! The instructor said to have our girlfriends kiss the wounds and the pain will go away. Thus it was that Arlene's kisses became my pain killer. Other people take an Aspirin. I took a kiss from Arlene.

Okay, maybe I'm the only one so affected by kisses. Still, we all will agree kisses are special. A gift from realms logic tells us do not exist. Yet here it is. A kiss. For sex. For romance. A thank you. I love you. Hello or goodbye. I shall miss you. Something to remember me by. A flirtatious ember. And on and on. What is a kiss. The final mystery. Two unique individuals, join as one in this. A kiss. Real or imagined. One more proof of how special we are. This priceless, endless treasure is ours to Enjoy. 

Let's return to the round with: Michael Bublé "A Song For You" 

From the sublime to the ridiculous 

Fifth Harmony is a quintet girl group, consisting of members Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane, Camila Cabello, and Lauren Jauregui, formed on the second season of the The X Factor USA in July 2012. Their latest hit "All In My Head (Flex)" featuring Fetty Wap, released May 20, 2016 with 7.1 million U.S. streams, has reached 40 on the Billboard charts. Even more impressive than this is that the hit has caught the attention of The Key of Awesome, who has made a parody featuring beautiful girls in bathing suits. 
Oh yes, there are laughs too. Laughs and zombies. "(KOA!) Fifth Harmony ft. Fetty Wap - All In My Head (Flex) PARODIA! Subtitulada al Español (Sub)" 

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With a kiss let us set out 
for an unknown world. 
Alfred de Musset

Friday, September 2, 2016

Lasting Instance to KENZO World, le nouveau parfum 
Lovers seek a lasting freedom ignited by a kiss 
A woman seeks freedom ignited by imagination 

Lasting Instance (sonnet) 

There in the quiet softness of the night
She calls to me with her familiar song
Enthralling me again to dance along
To share this lasting instance of delight
The instance of a lasting final kiss
There drifting past the ocean of your eyes
Is waiting in a heaven made for this
Far grander than the kiss can realize
Alas so crass a world that won’t prolong
The instances your kisses can ignite
What does it know about two lovers’ plight
Who in each other’s realm do now belong
What is the passion which will set us free
That instance which slips past eternity 

Lovers again seek a path to eternity in this sonnet. This may look like a Shakespearean sonnet. But it really is not. It doesn't conform to the traditional rhyme schemes (ABAB - CDCD - EFEF GG or ABBA - CDDC -EFFE - GG). The sonnet changes rhyme form in the second quatrain. The third quatrain uses the new rhyme scheme and brings back the original rhyme (ABBA - CDCD - ABAB - EE). What does this mean? Things change. Seeking eternity, the lovers go back to the beginning. 

Arlene and I had many trips to eternity. Here's one more. We discovered La Playa when we were having trouble. in that small Richmond apartment. La Playa is a grand hotel in Carmel, within a stroll from the very scenic Pacific Ocean. Whether it was the peace we found in a very troubled time, the beauty of Carmel or romance associated with the area, Arlene and I fell in love with it all. It was a weekend, and Arlene and I needed to be by ourselves. Carmel! It was strange, the car radio was playing a lot of our favorite songs. I thought we were listening to a tape that we had made. To add to the strangeness, La Playa was extremely under booked. We were upgraded, at no additional cost. In the gardens, at the pool, at the restaurant and lounge, we noticed the lack of guests. Then there was the added attention we received from an already great staff. Arlene and I were royalty. The strangeness continued as we took in the main tourist area near La Playa. It seems that, for some reason, visitor activity was way down. And then we notice: every radio was playing a lot of our songs. It was night time when Arlene and I reentered the gardens. Out of a window, a radio was playing Donna Summers' "Last Dance". Arlene proclaimed, "It's ours!" It really was ours. An eternity set aside for us. 

Strange as it might seem, life really does set aside a special time for us. Let's pull down the veil of magic a little. That weekend in Carmel: Didn't other guests receive an upgrade? Didn't everyone who showed up in Carmel enjoy the lack of people? Don't we tend to like more songs when we are happy? Veil back up. A lot of people enjoyed a magic moment that day. Magic moments, special times happen all of the time. They could be small, like a warm smile from a stranger. They could be quite grand, like winning the lottery. Believe,know that we are all special. Special enough that we deserve these magic moments. Refreshments and rewards. And another reason to Enjoy. 

Another of those special songs: Luther Vandross "Always and Forever" 

Meet another special individual 

Kenzo is a French luxury house founded in 1970 by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada. Meet Sarah Margaret Qualley. Margaret is a model and actress best known for playing Jill Garvey on the HBO television series, The Leftovers. She is the central character in a commercial by KENZO World directed by Spike Jonze, which went viral. 
Note: There is nothing wrong with the sound at the beginning of this video. "KENZO World, le nouveau parfum" 

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Who would give a law to lovers? 
Love is unto itself a higher law. 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Bitter Past to Indoor Plant Serial Killer 
A lover eternally relives a tragedy 
A woman relives her tragedies 

Bitter Past (Martin verse) 

My bitter past comes back to me
Across the tears which formed a sea
Whose waves would shape a destiny
Of all that I have come to be
The dreams which used to keep me warm
Have drifted off and lost their form
Lost loneliness is now the norm
And run away from every storm
But there she was in front of me
Al I desired had taken form
Her happiness was now my norm
As by her side I’ll always be
We built a home and kept it warm
At sunset stroll a lovers’ sea
Such Joy had kissed our density
How could we see approaching storm
For tortured times which use to be
Forged murder in my destiny
Her blood became my endless sea
My bitter past comes back to me 

Reality brings its justice to this Martin verse. Another example of an endless poem. This starts out a bit confusing. Then we have a love story. Everything seems to be going tenderly. From out of nowhere comes the last stanza. All of the sudden we have a murder on our hands. The last line is the same as the first. Poetic Justice. A murderer relives what could have been and the grim reality of a confusing eternity. 

No, I didn't kill Arlene. Nor did I know anyone who did, kill their wive. But I did know Steve. Steve was a dare devil. He liked to climb tall buildings and parachute off of them. A hobby that often landed him in jail. There was a girl who was really crazy in love with Steve. She gave him a very comfortable and well kept home. She was very beautiful and dressed just for Steve. He was her life. She did everything for Steve. One night, after getting out of jail (again), Steve came home to find her gone. He then remembers what he had not heard all those times: her plea to stop his antics. He did but it was too late. She never came back. Every now and again, I'd run into Steve. We'd enjoy a beer at Schroeder's. He was doing quite well. He no longer climbs and jumps off of buildings. He misses her a lot. As well as he's doing. he tells me of a man who lost everything, because he would not hear. 

Too often we take things for granted. It is a natural way of the brain to process what is going on.
The brain is a real wonder. But it cannot process everything around us every nanosecond. A fun example of this is take a picture of something. Then go back, to the picture, and see all the things that we didn't see before. One challenge is not to allow this to cover things we should be seeing, we should be hearing, we should be feeling. What is really important to us, not only now but in the future? What will we miss, not only now but in the future? Believe it or not, we can take in so much more. But first, let us take in, completely take in, those things that are important to us and Enjoy. 

And now let's take a little trip: Benjamin Britten "Sea Interludes - Dawn" 

Murder comes in many forms 

According to researchers at Kansas State University, adding plants to hospital rooms speeds recovery rates of surgical patients. In fact house plants bring with them many benefits. Don't tell this to Natalie Tran, of community channel. She has problems of her own with house plants. I think that it is best if I let her explain. 
If we think this is funny, their are actually people who can relate. "Indoor Plant Serial Killer" 

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Life is 10 percent what you make it, 
and 90 percent how you take it. 
Irving Berlin

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Imagination's Field to Thor During Captain America: Civil War 
Two ordinary lovers drift off to explore imagination's field 
An imaginary hero shows off his ordinary life 

Imagination's Field (Italian sonnet) 

Another night to romp and play beside
Imagination’s field not far to go
To be within that place we’ve come to know
And for awhile put all of this aside
Imagination’s field just close you eyes
And settle in a dream we two can share
Pretending that I love you more in there
Where every turn will bring out lover’s sighs
Another dream perhaps a fantasy
A secret which between our hearts we keep
One only wonders what true love will reap
Imagination’s field now holds the key
So hold me tight farewell to all of this
And let our whispers guide us on our way
Where memories are fashioned by our sway
Just one more thing before we go a kiss 

Within a kiss two lovers are off in this Italian sonnet. This sonnet is divided into two halves. Each starting with the word "Another". Notice that "Imagination's field" is mentioned in the first three quatrains. Each time on different lines. We expect to see it on the third line in the final quatrain. "Imagination's field" is not there. Why? 

One thing about Arlene. She loved surprises. She put off a special glow of beauty. The better the surprise, the better the glow. Arlene kept me motivated. It was in fall. We were living in that big flat. I met Arlene at her job after work. She suspected something was up, as I didn't normally do this unless something was afoot. I kept her guessing, by taking the long way home. There, my friend and chef at a seafood restaurant, Michael, set up the entire flat for a dance and dinner for Arlene a me. After changing into our dance attire, Michael proceeded to serve Arlene and me. It was a real treat for Arlene. After dinner Arlene and I went out to dance. (I had given the flat to Michael, for the night, in exchange for the lavish dinner.) After the dance, Arlene and I took a romantic stroll by the beautiful San Francisco Yacht Club. What Arlene didn't know, was that a friend of mine owned a boat there. For a few bucks, he let me use his boat for the night. Arlene was surprised when I had the key for the gate to the dock. When we boarded the boat, Arlene thought I had bought it. I told her it belonged to a friend, but it was ours for the night. I didn't know how to operate a boat. It was docked far enough to the outside that from the left side (port) we could use our imagination to pretend we were sailing the bay. Needless to say, it was a great night. 

Not everyone has access to a chef or a boat. But we all have access to an imagination. Imagination is the spice of life. Imagination could be someone's favorite candy laying around where they will find it or an adventure to a far off land. We could buy the same old gift, as everyone else is buying or we can let our imagination loose. Even wrapping a gift, imagination adds that something extra. Let me give one more example. I'm not a good golfer. but the boys really wanted me out on the course. I became a caddy. Imagination. "But I don't have a good imagination." An imagination is a blessing in everyone waiting to get out. Waiting for another chance, Wait for another opportunity to glow. That extra smile. That extra kiss. Use it and it and it will grow. It will shine on everyone we come in contact with. Can't we hear imagination calling? Follow it and Enjoy. 

To add a touch extra to our imagination: Runrig "Dream Fields" 

A superhero's imagination can be quite different 

Thor is a Norse mythological deity. The Asgardian god of thunder and possessor of the enchanted hammer Mjolnir. He made his revival debut in the Silver Age of Comic Books, in "Journey into Mystery" #83 (Aug. 1962). What does Thor do on his day off from superheroing we may ask. Chris Hemswort, of JoBlo Movie Trailers, has found the answer to this puzzle. 
And we thought battling supper villains was all they did. "What Thor Was Doing During Captain America: Civil War (Comic-Con 2016) Thor Ragnarok HD" 

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Logic will get you from A to B. 
Imagination will take you everywhere. 
Albert Einstein

Monday, August 29, 2016

Sunset Comes to Neo vs Robocop 
Amazing memories return to greet the sunset 
Amazing heroes return to meet in combat 

Sunset Comes (Martin verse) 

The sunset comes to end the day once more
A scene entwined in many times before
When lovers ‘ kisses venture nightly shore
And dreams of all the future holds in store
Enchantment was the day which brought us here
And worlds which really mattered were brought near
The purpose of enjoyment’s path was clear
As limitations seemed to disappear
Each day would pass enriched with so much more
What could go wrong with promises so near
Tomorrows were another kiss to clear
And one more treasure for two hearts to store
And now the waves of days has washed us here
So many were the moments of before
So countless were the wounds which we would shore
Were we just one more tale to disappear
Amazing what a heart will choose to store
With memories I walk along a shore
Desiring way to path of long before
As sunset comes to end the day once more 

Only treasured memories survive to see the sunset in this Martin verse. A Martin verse takes two sets of rhyming words (eight words total). Mixes them up. Then brings back the original four words in reverse order. Notice that in this verse the positives seem to take root, become an important part of the message. The negative are mentioned, but do not seem to take root. When the end comes, it bears with it a positive feeling. 

Arlene and I enjoyed a spectacular life. Things were not always rosy. Even when life was good, there were many thorns. One of these "thorns" was money. Arlene and I weren't exactly rich. If Arlene was't spending inordinate amounts of cash, I was. When I was a successful photographer, I would use the money I made to buy things like lights and lenses or dinners. I could complain about the money Arlene spent on clothes, but she didn't spend $400.00 on a tennis racket. Then there was the whole disco experience. It was pricey to be the dance stars Arlene and I were. The whole neighborhood knew when it was credit card bill time, from the lightening bolts at a certain residency. As time passed, Arlene and I got better with our finances. Money was just one of our thorns. Back to the poem. At the end of the day, the good times overpowered the bad. Even more. The good times got better and those other times didn't seem so bad (if they really happened at all).

I'd like to say that the good times always overpower the bad. It as been my experience though, that it really depends on the nature of the individual. A person who likes complaining, and such, will attract more negatives than positives. Stop and consider this: Are these really negatives to this person? As individuals, we all have our own unique value system. Some people  like being miserable. I believe that it is the nature of life to offer us balance. If we are not entirely happy then it is up to us to adjust and accept what life has to offer. Explore all that really makes us happy. We are that important that life needs to bring us balance. Accept what life has for us and Enjoy. 

Now for a classic from the past: The Ink Spots "Memories Of You" 

Villains are getting so scarce that heroes battle each other 

Neo (Thomas A. Anderson) is an anagram of "one", a reference to his destiny of being The One who would bring peace. There are claims that a nightclub in Chicago inspired the name of the character in the Matrix. Now it is 2016. A year heroes are pitted against heroes. Our hero Neo, of "The Matrix" fame, must now take on the hero Robocop, in this video by Antonio Maria da Silva. 
Are we ready for the destruction? "NEO (MATRIX) VS ROBOCOP. AMDSFILMS." 

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The good and bad things 
are what form us as people... 
change makes us grow. 
Kate Winslet

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Test to How to Train a Toddler for the Olympics 
A lover continues to pass the test of love  
A father prepares his toddler to pass the test for the Olympics 

The Test (villanelle) 

Each morning brings another chance to say
As once again the sun renews the light
I love you more than I did yesterday
Was there a kiss that I let go astray
Or make a memory that wasn’t right
Each morning brings another chance to say
Though tears will come to add to our dismay
With you my heart I hold one vision tight
I love you more than I did yesterday
What winds will blow to heighten disarray
And try to force us further into night
Each morning brings another chance to say
How fate must howl to see such brash display
To hear two lovers’ answer to its blight
I love you more than I did yesterday
We know that fate still lurks not far away
But as it waits to test us as it might
Each morning brings another chance to say
I love you more than I did yesterday

A lover's form is challenged in this villanelle. The first and third lines of the first stanza are repeated throughout this poem, as they are in all villanelle. Yet this lover manages to keep them fresh. Notice that this verse uses conflict to keep the story interesting. But the conflicts are not let to enter the love affair directly. 

Arlene and I weren't much into morning rituals. Our life was such that it was sometimes hard to believe that the night (and/or day) before really happened at all. There were the dances, the parties, the events, just being together and the oceans of other precious moments. Even our time as parents was extraordinary. There was our son, Peter, who at 4 years old proved himself to be scholastically gifted. Our daughter, Robin, at 12 years old got it in her head that she was going to be a chef. As remarkable as our children were, this time for Arlene and I would be grander than anything we had known before (except our wedding day). Then came the masonic days and as unbelievable as life was for Arlene and I, these days would be joyfully unreal. A note about our wedding day. It was flawless and perfect in every way. Arlene and I lived a perfect day. Except for our wedding day and the misery of that small apartment, in the Richmond, life for Arlene and I just kept getting better. And in all of this was a love. A love that kept growing and evolving. Arlene and I weren't much into morning rituals. But things became a little more believable after an, "I love you." 

Life was pretty good to Arlene and me. But keep in mind we came from an environment where we were in front of people. I spent my school days on stage. Arlene was in the school orchestra. As teenagers, we helped each other reach some of our dreams. (Me becoming a dancer was part of Arlene's dream.) The point is that Arlene's and my lifestyle and happiness was much different than a couple, let's say, trying to grow the perfect rose. We are all different. So is the key(s) to are individual happiness. Arlene and I were pretty exciting. But so is that rose. So is, or can be, all of our lives. Life is special. Our life is special. As special as our life is, I believe, more special opportunities are waiting to make our lives so much more. More of our unique dreams come true. More of whatever it takes to make us complete. So as we greet another day, Enjoy. 

Back to the poem: Spiral Staircase "I Love You More Today Than Yesterday" 

Now that the Olympics are over it's time to plan for the future 

The first modern Olympics held under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee was hosted in the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens in 1896. The Games brought together 14 nations and 241 athletes who competed in 43 events. La Guardia Cross is planning for the future. He is training his daughter. Amalah, now for future Olympics. Amalah is only 1, so he has plenty of time to raise a champion for tomorrow. 
Amala's age is just one of the problems. "How to Train a Toddler for the Olympics" 

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I look at you and see 
the rest of my life in front of my eyes