Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Lonely Lady to Speed Hitting: 100 Hits in 1 Second 
Society learns a secret from a lonely lady 
We learn the secret of speed hitting from a martial arts Master 

The Lovely Lady (Italian sonnet) 

A lovely lady person all alone
This stranger among strangers in the street
Who hide their secrets from the ones they greet
Was polishing a secret of her own
And as the world continued not to care
The lady nightly strained to hone her skill
A lifestyle which would often leave her ill
And even worse was no one there to share
One day the eyes of world was opened wide
By something it was not prepared to see
All other wonders were then set aside
This is the way we all should yearn to be
New books replace the old ones on the shelf
And strangers teach of things they do not know
One person sits and watches the whole show
The lovely lady living by herself

The secret of a lonely lady lay hidden in this Italian sonnet. This is an example of a story sonnet. The story is of an odd lady who lives by herself. No one thinks much about her, until a discovery about her is made. A discovery that would change things. And as things change, she watches. If we are wondering, what was discovered. The sonnet does not mention what it is. 

This sonnet was taken from one of the many stories told by my teacher Fred Wilkins. It alludes to hidden talents; hidden away with people we would least expect. What that talent was is left to our imaginations. As a teaser, the story ends with the person watching as her talent is changing things. A great story, except I found that there really were people like this. One of these people was Wilhelm, a coworker of mine. Wilhelm was as a loner. He performed his duties no better or worse than anyone else. He was in that special zone, just before boring. There was nothing special about him at all. I don't recall why; but I once went over to Wilhelm's house. It was a small second floor apartment. But past the front door awaited a well organized jungle paradise. There were plants and flowers of all shapes and sizes dominating everything. I would find out Wilhelm's knowledge of plants was exceptional, to say the least. Why he was working with me, heaven knows. When I left the apartment complex, I noticed Wilhelm's touch in other windows. Wilhelm would help me with my gardening skills. 

We all possess skills, talents. Talents of value to society. Talents of value to only a few. Talents of value only to us. Therein lies the riddles. There are no rules, no measures as to what deems a talent important or if it even needs to be. What may be of value only to us today may be of value to society tomorrow (and visa versa). What may be of value today may not be tomorrow. This is your life. This is your time. What is really important are the skills we hone now. Talents specific to us. Visions to help us live this life and Enjoy. 

For the jazz lovers, here's: Stan Getz "Lonely Day" 

Now for today's martial arts lesson 

The term ‘Martial Art’ is Latin and means the art of Mars, referring to the Roman God of war. While most martial arts are Asian in origin, the first martial arts may have actually come to Asia across the Silk Roads from India. Meet Master Ken of Enter The Dojo Show. He is an 11th degree black belt in the ancient art of Ameri-Do-Te. Master Ken is about to awe us by demonstrating 100 hits in 1 second. 
Don't blink or you might miss a laugh, I mean a hit. "Speed Hitting: 100 Hits in 1 Second" 

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The starting point of discovering who you are, 
your gifts, your talents, your dreams, is being 
comfortable with yourself. Spend time alone. 
Write in a journal. Take long walks in the woods. 
Robin S. Sharma

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Echoes Of Your Smile to Real Mario Galaxy 
A lover discovers a fantasy in the echo a smile 
A fantasy echoes as we enter a Mario galaxy 

The Echoes Of Your Smile (villanelle) 

My reason rests in this one precious while
And then I turn to you to help me see
The echoes ever after of your smile
Through all the winds of worry life may style
I know one sun kissed island waits for me
My reason rests in this one precious while
And there my treasured meaning will compile
This heaven for my heart and soul to flee
The echoes ever after of your smile
This dream complete leaves nothing to beguile
For all is answered in this mystery
My reason rests in this one precious while
Though mists adrift in darkness may defile
A song reminds me of a fantasy
The echoes ever after of your smile
For I have found my flower coated aisle
So dear a path to set a spirit free
My reason rests in this one precious while
The echoes ever after of your smile 

More than a moment is echoed in this villanelle. I find that the villanelle form works well if one wants to establish a haunting memory. (Or in this case, a fond memory.) The conflicts, which help to make a story interesting, are sprinkled lightly in stanzas beginning with the word "Though". 

Life is a wonder. Many were confused why I courted Amor. I wondered myself. She is pretty and a lot of fun, but are these the reasons I was so taken by her? My life was as unbelievable as I have often said it was. So when I brought Amor into it, she knew someone out of the ordinary was courting her. Add to my popularity my gentleman's etiquette, after a year, I had no problem getting Amor to be my wife. But why Amor? What was so special about her? I started off by saying, "Life is a wonder." After two years of a pleasant marriage, I began to notice something. There is one big price for living a dream. We grow old. I was slowing down. And there it was. Amor's smile. Funny that I never noticed this facet of it before. As I loose one more of the gift of youth, it doesn't matter in the light of Amor's smile. Believe me, I have plenty to be depressed about. But I have oceans of grand memories. Most of all I have Amor's smile. 

Never, never, never take it lightly. The power of a smile. It cost nothing to give. But oh, what potentials a single smile has. It can cheer. It cam heal. It can take away all problems. A smile can mean so much more. It can mean, "How are you?" It can mean, "Have a nice day," It can mean, "I care." A smile has a language all of its own. I believe a smile can, will change the world. A smile is a powerful thing. And as we change the world with our gift and our blessing, let us Enjoy. 

On the subject of smiles, here's Rene and Angela "Your Smile" 

Coming soon to a galaxy bear you 

Mario, of Mario Bros fame, was created by Shigeru Miyamoto. He debuted as "Jumpman" in the arcade game Donkey Kong on July 9, 1981. The folks at Corridor have taken our hero to the next step. With the aid of a Gear 360 camera they created a galaxy for Mario.
Take special note of the planets to find out what the Gear 360 camera is all about. "REAL Mario Galaxy"

If you enjoyed this video press this link to VAPE GOD

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Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart 
smile through my eyes, that I may scatter 
rich smiles in sad hearts. 
Paramahansa Yogananda

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Why to Mexican Standoff 
A lover is understandably confused 
But these three are confused beyond understanding 

Why (poem)

The sun awakes another day
And flowers have so much to say
The whole world now seems on display
Forgotten now is yesterday
And all the reasons why
Somewhere in my memory
Lost with things I didn’t see
Is all the hope which once was me
And how this fate has come to be
Within the hands of why
Above me is a clear blue sky
It’s there my thoughts are doomed fly
If on some faith I can rely
Or perhaps here it too will die
Amid the tears of why
A soldier that they used to know
With guns ablaze put on a show
Those youthful faces in a row
Together sing this song of woe
In choruses of why
And so I feel my time is due
As darkness casts its lonely hue
My love my last thoughts were of you
Within your arms and I am through
Can someone explain why 

A dark reality makes itself known in this poem.This poem starts out as a love poem. Then, we find out he's a soldier. Not only is he a soldier, he is hit and dying. His final thoughts were of her. What starts out beautiful, ends in sadness. One more note is the rhyme scheme. The rhyme scheme is the vowel pattern" A E I O U and sometimes Y (why). 

This poem is for my friend Donald. He was my friend from second grade till ninth grade when he was swept away by a girl (for reasons I was soon to find out, when Arlene comes into my life). Donald was a victim of love. Arlene and I occasionally ran into Donald and his girlfriend. I thought Arlene and I were crazy lovers, but we had nothing on these two.  There was only one thing more important to Donald than his girlfriend. America. In 1969, we got frantic phone call from Donald's girlfriend asking us to talk to Donald. He was thinking about joining the army. She made this phone call to other who knew Donald. This worked for worked for awhile. Awhile till 1971, when Donald joined the army. It was the Vietnam War era. Donald would fall a victim of this war. Donald died in August of 1973. 

America as been around since 1776. During this time we have been at war 93% of the time. Some of them were necessary, but most., in my opinion, were wastes of resources. Resources like Donald. It seems to me that leaders want something and they use their youth to get it. Easy to wage war when other do the dying. Am I alone in thinking, "Wars don't solve anything." I'm of the opinion that instead of destroying let's build. If I came to your neighborhood and painted your house, made sure you had enough to eat, fixed your street, made sure your school had everything that they wanted; who are you going to vote for president? Let's destroy our enemies by building a better village; Making sure the people have enough food; Building a better life. If anyone wants to beat our armed forces, they will have to build better than us. Sound crazy? Think about how we fight now. Let us prepare for a better tomorrow and Enjoy. 

How about some music to go with all of this: Ray Conniff "The Green Leaves of Summer" 

What happens when imaginative comedy minds meet 

The initiative of August 25, 2016 of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to impose homosexual “marriage” on the country has led to a Mexican standoff between the government and the Catholic Church. What happens when you put the creative minds of RocketJump with the "out there somewhere" minds of Key and Peele in a Mexican standoff sketch?
We wish you knew because the sketch got too confusing. "Mexican Standoff ft Key & Peele" 

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The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy 
without fighting. 
Sun Tzu

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

His Legacy to Worst Heist Ever 
One man's legacy was that funeral 
One man's legacy was that robbery 

His Legacy (Shakespearean sonnet) 

I share with you this imprint of a man
Depression going far beyond regret
To such an end could not have been his plan
An empty death no mourners to upset
His wife was there she sat beside her nurse
Her mind had passed it too could not attend
Or perhaps with husband now traverse
With memories that called them round a bend
Two sons they made a point to miss the show
Add them the grand hall would have counted six
Their rudeness would and did steal any glow
They could have been out shown by useless sticks
There’s really not much more that I can add
Twelve lines replacing odes he might have had 

Depression and a warning make up this Shakespearean sonnet. Three depressing quatrains talk of one man's legacy. Three quatrains, that's all. Each containing a sad part of his farewell. The only thing sadder is that it really happened. Here is a harsh example of how a sonnet can reach for feelings and a real life warning. 

This really happened. The Lodge got a call from a funeral director. A man had died and according to his will, he wanted a Masonic funeral. The Lodge secretary, David, and I took the job. When we arrived at the funeral home there was no one there, except the funeral director, the man's wife and her nurse. The wife was suffering from Alzheimer's. The man's two sons hadn't arrived yet. 45 minutes after the service was scheduled to start, the sons still hadn't arrived, and the wife's nurse said the wife had to return to the care home. David and I decided to start. It was weird. In the large hall, there was no one there, except the wife and her nurse, David and I and a closed coffin. Into my recitation the wife started to talk with me. I worked her talking into the ritual. When the ceremony was over, who did we find outside, but the sons. David and I found them to be two disturbing "things". They didn't even talk to their mom or her nurse, who were leaving. To keep our anger down, we thanked the funeral director for contacting us. Then David and I treated ourselves to a milkshake from a great ice cream parlor across the street from the funeral parlor. Well earned. 

Some may say that the man got what he deserved. No one showed up at his funeral. Two less than favorable sons, who missed their father's funeral service. Who raises boys like these? The fact is David and I were called to do a job. The funeral director didn't appear disturbed at no one showing up. The sons... We don't really know them. We don't have to deal with them. A person died and the funeral was less than favorable. What can we do? Observe. What we perceive wrong in others, let us be certain we do not bear the same. It all starts from here. Instead of worrying about a dead man, put our thoughts with the living, Be the best you can be. People are attracted by the light. Be that light and Enjoy. 

Let us lay all less to rest: Terence Blanchard "Funeral Dirge" 

From one questionable life to another 

The Dunbar Armored Robbery in Los Angeles in 1997, where $18.9 million was stolen, is the largest cash robbery to have ever occurred in the US. Vying to top this record is Ian Andrew Hecox and Daniel Anthony Padilla of Smosh. 
But since their TV is broken and they can't play Grand Theft Auto, they decided to make this video instead. "WORST HEIST EVER"

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In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. 
It's the life in your years. 
Abraham Lincoln 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Make A Moment to Magic Show of Zach King 
A magic moment made by lovers 
Magic moments made by Zach King 

Make A Moment (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Let’s make a moment time will not forget
To cast a dream for all the world to view
And prove that wonders really do come true
For hearts whose fragrant blossoms never set
Let’s favor stars of hope which brought us here
By fanning flames of lovers’ fantasies
Till pure imagination scents the breeze
And dance again each time a kiss is near
Tomorrows turn our memories to gold
To settle at the bottom of life’s stream
Let’s bear no shadow ever mar our gleam
Whenever once was beauty is retold
Let’s make a moment in eternal sky
A promise which will never say goodbye 

A sonnet, a song, a moment is made in this Shakespearean sonnet. Many attest a sonnet is a song. In this song a lover is invited to create a world. in the first two quatrains beginning with the word "Let's". In the third stanza the mood changes and "Let's", for some reason, is dropped to the third line. As the song concludes "Let's" again claims its first place position. The initial sentence fragment is restated as the lovers pledge to make an endless moment. 

Arlene and I made a moment in time. A moment made up of many moments. It was 1979. Disco was on the decline. Arlene gets a call from our hair stylist, Ed. He had a deal, and an opportunity we simply couldn't pass up. It was 12 nights on a riverboat on the Mississippi River. One of Ed's customers had sold Ed two state rooms at a ridiculously low price. Arlene and I were already deeply in dept, so what the heck. It was Tuesday when we arrived in St. Paul, Minnesota. The cruise would take us from there to New Orleans, Louisiana, with several stops along the way. Our state room was very spacious, with a view of the Mississippi through a double glass walk in sliding door. There was dancing, in the dance hall from 11 a.m. till whenever. Add to this, our neighbors were of the same mind set as Arlene and me. This meant we all played the same music in our state rooms. This meant we could dance to music on the balcony. (It was softer and more romantic.) For 12 day, there were few places where one didn't pass a couple dancing. 1979, disco was dying, and Arlene and I danced down the Mississippi River. 

The world is changing. One era is ending and a new one is beginning. And we... We too are changing. Oh yes. there are some things come back in fashion, but they are not quite the same. Then there is us. As individuals we see or experience things others may not. As individuals, what may be important to us may not be of value to others.. Confusing? Not really. Put your energy into what is important to you. There are so many things that need attention; there are so many things changing; there are more than enough for us, individually. The challenge is: to do something. Do not be a victim of change, but an active participant. No involvement is too small. If something is important to us, being aware of change, enjoy it to the fullest. Let them live on through our memories. And as our world changes,drink in that we are part of it, and Enjoy. 

Introducing: Marie Gundersen "Make This Moment" 

Talk about making moments 

Vine was founded by Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll in June 2012. The company was acquired by Twitter in October 2012 for a reported $30 million. The king of the vine is Zach King. Zach was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. He graduated from Biola University with a Cinema and Media Arts Major in December 2012. In 2011, he posted a video titled Jedi Kittens on YouTube that he produced with a college friend. The video showed two cats fighting with lightsabers. The video gained over a million views in three days and went on to have over 14 million views. Zach continues to entertain and draw big numbers. 
Here is a sample of Zach's best for 2016. "New Best magic show of Zach King 2016 - Best magic trick ever" 

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We do not remember days, 
we remember moments. 
Cesare Pavese

Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Simple Start to iPhone 7 by Pineapple 
Memories of a simple start for lovers 
Memories of a simple start for a company 

A Simple Start (Italian sonnet) 

I dreamed so long to wake in paradise
That suddenly somehow that dream came true
I kissed a world my senses would entice
And challenge everything I thought I knew
The sun was warm there in sweet flowers' arms
Whose fragrance seemed to sing upon my heart
And all around I’m taken by the charms
Which have no end yet share a simple start
A simple start that soon would shake this dream
Who lost his eyes to see simplicity
Now paradise must listen to me scream
What use to me when eyes no longer see
And now I hear the stars as they pass by
I sense a rhythm lost so long ago
And though I learn I cannot share the why
A simple start was not for man to know 

A scent  of something calls to a lover in this Italian sonnet. The essence of this sonnet is to paint a beautiful picture of love. Everything seems wonderful. Then something returns to shake paradise. A memory of a sweet harsh truth. 

It was 1999. Arlene and I had reached the height of perfection. We were not financially rich, but we were in such big demand that we rarely, if at all, had to pay full price for anything. Life had laid so much at our feet that we had to give back through our charity endeavors. Arlene and I were big. And love... Paradise! Arlene and I enjoyed a remarkable life and love up to this moment and there would be much, much more after, but 1999 was our best year. In the midst of all of this beauty and glory, I was taken to 1971. A simple start. A boy moved in with the girl of his dreams. Arlene and I loved each other so much that it was hard to believe that this was really happening to us. Add to this fairytale the palace in the sky, overlooking San Francisco, our home and playground. We were very happy back then. We are very happy now (in 1999). Why did Arlene and I leave this paradise? Was the present paradise better than the others, the start. Was something missed? This and more was not for man to know. 

There is one thing about living a full life. Memories. Living a full, rich life creates full, rich memories. Memories which would take their own lifetimes. Luckily, for me, the bad memories tend to drop off. Our memories form the footsteps for our future. Now, here's a paradox: We should live in the now. We should use now to make memories for a great future. Be confident in ourselves. Be confident that we are making the best moments. And as we look at our memories they will echo back, Enjoy. 

Bet you never heard this one: Cafe del Mar "Time To Remember" 

Got your iPone 7 yet  

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are smartphones designed, developed, and marketed by Apple Inc. They were announced on September 7, 2016 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco by Apple CEO Tim Cook, and released on September 16, 2016. Apple's new iPhone has sparked many controversies. To take advantage of these controversies comedian and YouTuber Rudy Mancuso has started Pineapple, a new company, and their exciting new product.
Is the world ready for Pineapple's version of the iPhone 7? "iPhone 7 by Pineapple | Rudy Mancuso" 

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Memories are the key not to the past, 
but to the future. 
Corrie Ten Boom