Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Room to Dad Left Alone With Baby 
A man sits alone in his room 
A father is left alone wit his baby 

The Room (Shakespearean sonnet) 

He sat alone reflecting on this room
This space which held such wonders of his life
This place where sounds of laughter were once rife
This trace is now his dark and dusty tomb
Was there a friend would meet his future bride
Was there that couples danced throughout the night
And there were William hid to stir up fright
Now there where shadows left him to subside
It seems that all have passed and gone their way
Their space replaced by echoes of some past
Their place in wonder was it meant to last
Their trace is now a part of his dismay
He sat alone when eyes began to close
And as they did the sound of party rose 

Words join to make a tale of a man in this Shakespearean sonnet. If we look at second beat of the quatrains we will notice a bit of word play. The whole sonnet seems a bit depressing, The very last line points to something different. We are given a small clue in the third quatrain. The words of the second beat (beginning with the second line) echo back to the beginning.

This sonnet was of a friend who spent his last days in alone his room. He had reached the stage in his life were everything pointed downhill. The promise of tomorrow was that he would be worse than today. His friends and family and I stopped visiting him. Sad and depressing end for everyone. For everyone except him. My friend ad lived a great life. A life that we, that I could only dream of. The reason people stopped visiting him was because he didn't want them to see what he had become. He wanted everyone to think of him as he was. He wanted people, who wanted to stop by, to use the time to make a memory. It was his memories that made his last days livable. Memories that lived on in the places, organisations and people he was involved with. It was a sad ending. But what a life! And when he died, his party went on. 

The message of this edition is simple. Make the most of this moment. Create moments that are important to you. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. What we do now may get us through tough times ahead. Sad are the days of "I wish I had..." Sure, we always have done things we wish we had done better. But the fact is that we did it at all... A fact of life is that we all die. Even if we believe in a "here after" the earthly person dies. But the things we do live on. We ,each one of us, are so important that existence keeps a memory of us. A memory that lives on. A memory that may lift us and others up when we are most in need. Now is our moment. Make the most of it, and Enjoy. 

How about a song to go with this: Brian Wilson "In My Room" 

Now let's switch to a mam alone with his baby for the first time 

The Glad Products Company is an American company specializing in trash bags and plastic food storage containers, originated in 1963 by the owner and CEO of the company, David Darroch. What does all of this have to do with a father alone caring for is baby for the first time? Proud father Greg and his daughter Brooklyn are about to show us.  
Admit it guys, we all have our own babysitting experiences. "Dad Left Alone With Baby! (Funny Ad)" 

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When I stand before God at the end of my life, 
I would hope that I would not have a single bit 
of talent left, and could say, 
'I used everything you gave me'. 
Erma Bombeck

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Flower and the Tree to High On Potenuse 
A strange tale of a flower finding its place 
A stranger tale of a student finding his place 

The Flower and the Tree (Shakespearean sonnet) 

A flower wilted waiting ‘neath a tree
Whose gentle shade became a shroud of pain
Which drained away at hopes which may remain
Of memories of brighter days to see
The flower caught the eyes of lover’s heart
Who brought her out to dance away a truth
He loved her so he swore they’d never part
And together they revisited their youth
Soon tree which was the source of flower’s strain
Thought why should she be happier than me
Who freed her eyes from possibility
That from my boughs there’s anything to gain
Confused the flower returned to its place
And brought her sunshine there to offer grace 

A confusing tale leaves mind wondering in this Shakespearean sonnet. Normally a Shakespearean sonnet is on the subject of love. In this one I went with a story. We have a painting of a woman whose solitary existence finds love. Then, for some reason, she returns to her solitary existence. To add to the mystery, the sonnet ends with a touch of light. 

This sonnet was taken from one of the stories told by my teacher, Fred Wilkins. Life is wonder-filled. Arlene had this friend, Shelly. Shelly was a average looking girl, with a good job, who lived by herself. One day, while grocery shopping, she met a guy. This average looking girl turned beautiful. The two started dating. They even went out dancing with us every now and again. After about five months the guy shows up at our house, wondering what happened to Shelly. She doesn't answer his pone calls or respond to the notes he leaves in her mailbox. Arlene and I didn't know. About a week later, Arlene shares with the strange story. There was nothing wrong with the guy. Shelly just preferred to live by herself. Then, and now, I remembered a story told by a teacher, Fred Wilkins. 

There are many ways to take the tree story. We are all individuals. Life effects us all differently. Even as we dress alike, watch the same TV shows, do what everyone else is doing, try be like everyone else, there is something unique in us all. Something trying to get out. Something trying to express itself. Something shouting, "Here I am!" For some of us, that something may break out. For some of us we may control it. But keep in mind that is us. It is our life. Everyone has their own unique life. We can inspire or be inspired. As far as I know, the road to finding ourselves has no end. So as we venture forth, to discover "me", Enjoy. 

How about a madrigal to go with this: Paul Mealor "Now Sleeps The Crimson Petal"

Ever wished that you had said that - What if you did 

If you multiply 111,111,111 × 111,111,111 you get 12,345,678,987,654,321 - a palindrome number that reads the same forwards or backwards. And that works all the way back down to 11 x 11 (121) or just 1 x 1 (1). To learn this and other wonderful math facts are Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, of Key and Peele. They are about to learn a little more than math. 
One can earn extra credit for making teachers laugh. "Key & Peele - High On Potenuse" 

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Always remember that 
you are absolutely unique. 
Just like everyone else. 
Margaret Mead

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Question to Superhero Fight Club 2.0 
While mothers cry for fallen heroes 
A band of superheroes are in training 

The Question (villaelle) 

Sweet mothers of sons why is it you weep
A question arose as tears gently passed
The visions of old have all gone to sleep
Their silent response were flowers they reap
Which winds would sweep up confusion amassed
Sweet mothers of sons why is it you weep
There was a time when actions ran deep
And mothers found purpose in heroes cast
The visions of old have all gone to sleep
Now things of the past seem worthless or cheap
For food of our gutters some gave their last
Sweet mothers of sons why is it you weep
Their highways to hope now fears daily sweep
Excuses are made for reasons so vast
The visions of old have all gone to sleep
So winds turn to you some honor to keep
A question whose answer not seen the last
Sweet mothers of sons why is it you weep
The visions of old have all gone to sleep 

A empty comfort rings out in this villanelle. What I like most about the villanelle form is that it hammers home the key points. It does this through strict repetition of key sentences. In this villanelle's case: we have mothers who have lost a son to war and a change in values (or the loss of dreams). 

I was a young man during the time of the Vietnam War. I was very popular. so it was only natural for a few people that I knew to be taken by the war. I still recall the news. Our leaders telling us how important the war was, how vital it was that we should be there, how good we were doing (that's why we lost). When I was older I was involved in youth activities: coaching, the Masonic youth. My successes brought me close to some of the families I served. 7 of my boys died while serving in the Middle East. Maybe it was my age, or the tears of their mothers, or that I watched them grow, but I felt worse for these 7 than all those had lost to the Vietnam War. Then I find out that our leaders had lied to us. 58,220 heroes had died for nothing. 

I know I am preaching to the choir when I say I don't like, I hate war. It's not just the dying and suffering. It's the confusion of it all: the lies, the egos, the profiteering, the madness. And the rules of warfare are changing. Civilians are now a legitimate target. But, let's not forget the 2 atom bombs dropped on Japanese cities. Have we stopped to notice: how expensive life has gotten, how many freedoms we have lost since America came under attack? What can I do, we may be asking. Be an instrument of change. We may not be leaders but we can help. We can vote. We can contact our leaders. We can attend council meetings. We can keep ourselves informed. The point is: We Can. We can be an instrument of change. One day there will be no more war and it all started with us. Now take this dream of ours and Enjoy. 

To help us remember: Roger Williams "The Green Leaves Of Summer" 

When there is world peace there will be no need for superheroes - 

So let's enjoy them now 

The Justice League was conceived by writer Gardner Fox, and first appeared in The Brave and the Bold #28, published in August–September 1955. When the members of the Justice League are not battling evil they keep themselves fit and ready. They do this at the neighborhood fight club. 
In this workout session Supergirl is being initiated to fight club. "Superhero Fight Club 2.0 | The CW" 

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Wars are poor chisels 
for carving out peaceful tomorrows. 
Martin Luther King, Jr.


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

No Ordinary Day to 100m Race: Usain Bolt vs James Corden 
A special day when lovers meet 
A special day when TV host races world's fastest man 

No Ordinary Day (Shakespearean sonnet) 

While waiting at the place she said let’s meet
I never noticed flowers all around
Who filled the air with fragrances so sweet
That even passing breeze it did astound
It seemed our tree was stretching out our shade
Or places to hide choruses of birds
Who set our pond aglow with music made
I thought I heard sweet breeze practicing words
And then two swans which rushed to take their place
I thought they hid guitars just as they passed
As on the ground a squirrel ended race
By shouting that our stage was set at last
So when I saw my love coming my way
I knew it was no ordinary day 

Fantasy meets reality in this Shakespearean sonnet. No metaphor is intended in this sonnet.The tree was actually stretching out its branches. A breeze was really teaching words to birds. The music of birds really did make a pond sparkle. Conflict stanza? The entire sonnet is so strange that it didn't need one. Can this scene really happen? Only in the eyes of a lover. 

Arlene and I would occasionally spice things up by acting out fantasies. One fantasy was "The First Date". One or the other would set up a place where we would meet "for the first time" and go from there. Unusual things would happen,  which we could probably explain away, but as we were engaged in a fantasy, we took them in. Let me briefly share one instance. I told Arlene I would be at a bench at Lloyd's Lake in Golden Gate Park. Here comes Arlene looking fine as fine could be. She sits down on my bench. We introduce ourselves. Then, from out of nowhere, came the sound of a singer playing a guitar. As it happened, it was a guy serenading a girl. He was really good. So good that birds seemed to sing along. This attracted other birds, who thought there was free food. The swans, not wanting to be left out. came and put on a show. So here we have two lovers, who "just met", surrounded by beautiful birds, with music that is heaven sent. Were they ment to be, or what? 

The world is full of wonders. Wonders of beauty and amazement. Take the rainbow, for example. We could analyze it, learn what makes it appear or we can just take it in, enjoy it. The same is true for music, a good looking girl (or guy), a beautiful flower and on and on. Then there is the unexplainable: water flowing the wrong way, music coming from nowhere, a kiss. fill in the rest. Analyze if you like. Or just take it all in. Who gains the most: the one who finds out how a magic trick is done or the one who enjoys the show? The world is full of wonders. Wonders for us. And as we take all in Enjoy. 

Here is something to keep in mind: Sofia "Just No Ordinary Day" 

We've heard of the human race - Now here's the humor race 

Usain St Leo Bolt is a Jamaican sprinter. He is regarded as the fastest human ever timed. Now TV host James Corden is challenging Usain Bolt for the title of "Fastest Man Alive" and is throwing in Allan Wilson for what the heck. Furthermore, to prove who is the boss, James is racing the entire staff of his show, The Late Late Show with James Corden. 
Will Usain Bolt retain his title? "100m Race: Usain Bolt vs James Corden & Owen Wilson" 

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You're only given a little spark of madness. 
You mustn't lose it. 
Robin Williams

Monday, October 3, 2016

Secrets Of Another Moon to Kung Fu Fighting Drills Don't Work 
A night is enthralled in a lover' secret 
A martial arts Master shares is secrets 

Secrets Of Another Moon (English sonnet) 

Her song is somewhat different tonight
As if there was much more she had to share
Some undiscovered richness to her flare
What hidden realm could add to her delight
Her Joyful fragrance soon ignites the air
What could it be that makes a star burn bright
What fantasies could fairy’s dreams excite
What words would dare impair this grand affair
Caught in her arms we’re swaying to her tune
As I begin to wonder of my fate
Her lyrics might be clearer to a loon
I might become if she cannot relate
She whispers secrets of another moon
There’s something coming I’ll just have wait

Maybe the moon knows the secret that has set a heart aflame. In the two quatrains something special, something exciting as gotten into a lover's heart. It drives the speaker so crazy that expressions begin with "What". Questions subside as the couplets set in. In the end, the speaker resolves himself to the moment. 

It was a Tuesday when I got a call at work. It was Arlene. She wanted me to make reservations for dinner at the Moonraker, in Pacifica. It was something Arlene had never done before. When I got home, I found Arlene dancing in front of her mirror in an evening dress, putting on her makeup. She was more than happy to see me, giving me a big hug and kiss. Seeing how Arlene was dressed, a quick shower and a suit were in order. After a few dances Arlene and I headed off to dinner. She was acting more than usually romantic. I didn't know what was going on and Arlene hadn't let me know yet. We were celebrating something, was my only suspicion. Arlene was "lovy-dovy" to the point that I was taken back to our high school days. After dinner, we went across the street to Nick's, to dance. After dancing it was back to the car and kissing and hugging and watching crescent moon to some tunes from our past. Then we decided that instead of driving home, to get a hotel room next to the Moonraker. The next morning two things came to mind. First, that it was only Wednesday and I had to get to work. Secondly, I never did find out what we were celebrating.

It turned out that Arlene was pregnant. She didn't want to tell me yet because we had disappointments in the past. Arlene felt that by celebrating right away, that it might attract good luck. It worked. 

A little superstition taken in the right, positive light, I believe, is not a bad thing. One of the big superstitions the Kloess family practices is: Celebrating the good things that happen to us. Good things could be as grand as expecting a new baby, a promotion, winning something, good grades and up. Or as small as finding that misplaced item, a sale on our favorite cookie, the kids clean up their room or anything that brings about a smile. A celebration could be as grand as a vacation trip or as small as as a good cup of coffee (or like alternative). What's wrong with this superstition? Don't we deserve to celebrate every now and then? Will celebrating our successes change anything? Think about it. That good cup of "coffee" sure tastes wonderful. It all starts from there. Positives attract positives. And you deserve it. And while we are sipping our "coffee", Enjoy. 

As an added celebration let us enjoy: Jean Pierre Plisson "Indian Moon" 

Some think self defense is child's play 

Elvis Presley was introduced to karate by the army, during his service in Germany. He included some karate moves in his live performances. To become good at any form of martial arts requires years of practice and training, According to Master Ken, of EnterTheDojoShow, some of the practice may be a waste of time. In this video Master Kenn offers a much more efficient practice for the artist's hands.
If you find yourself laughing, that is good for the breathing. "Kung Fu Fighting Drills Don't Work"

If you enjoyed this video press this link to Speed Hitting: 100 Hits in 1 Second

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Life is what you celebrate. 
All of it. Even its end.
Joanne Harris

Sunday, October 2, 2016

River Of Tears to Pumpkin Spice Parody 
Will the lovers survive the river of tears 
Will a Husband survive the pumpkin spice 

River Of Tears (lyrical poem) 

The river of tears
The river of tears
The product of years
Of hope and of fears
Strange feelings it rears
From life’s painful spears
And unknown frontiers
Confusion appears
It wasn’t always so
Those moments long ago
When lovers chose to know
A river’s gentle flow
But time disappears
Through rapids it veers
Past perils it steers
What’s left when it clears
It wasn’t always so
Then kisses put on show
And future seemed aglow
On river’s wistful throw
Reality nears
Through harshness and jeers
Deceit and its peers
What hope interferes
Yet love preservers
Our vessel coheres
On river of tears
On river of tears 

As dark as it was a love floats on in this lyrical poem. This poem uses a tight meter of 5 beats in the verses and 6 beats in the chorus. Only 2 rhyme sounds were used: "O" in the chorus and"Ears" in the verses, This was done to imitate the harsh, trying, tedium of what the couple had to pass through. In the end, 2 lines, 10 total beats, love wins out. What started out as the river of sadness became the river of strength. 

I prefer to stay focused on the positives that is the dream of Arlene and Martin. A dream that not only lives on in my heart, but it lives on in the minds and hearts of all we touched and came in contact with the dream. Then there are the positive changes this dream brought to coaching, parent involvement in a school, sparking imagination back to once dying organisations. Yes, we were quite the dream. But in the shadows are the many tears. Arlene and I had our share hardships, not only from the outside, but from one another. Yes. the dream quarreled. Yet we found a strength in and through these hardships. Oddly, Arlene's and my love got stronger through these hardships. And as we might suspect. the challenges got harsher. Still and all, the dream floats on and above the river of tears. 

Lucky are those whose problems are small and few. For the rest of us challenges await everywhere. Some that we bring on. Some that may be unexpected. Some that we can manage. Some that may be out of our control. That saying, "What doesn't kill you make you stronger", is not true. There are things that make us weaker. Challenges are a natural part of life We, as humans, have done pretty good in meeting nature's and life's challenges (so far). Challenges are a part of existence. Here is a truth. We're alive. We've met our challenges this far. We are who we are because of our successes (and things that might have gone better). Here and now, here we are. Until and through the next challenge, Enjoy. 

Now that we have sailed the river of tears, here's: Aria "Secret Tear" 

Let's get a bit more specific of one man's challenge 

Along with a great pie, pumpkins are also a source of a healthier heart. Pumpkin spice also carries this health benefits. We have entered the season of pumpkin spice. The spice is everywhere. There are some who are not fond of pumpkin spice. Penn, the father of The Holderness Family, finds himself in an awkward position. His whole family likes pumpkin spice. He doesn't. 
Penn wrote a song about his situation. "Pumpkin Spice Parody | Great Pumpkin Debate | The Holderness Family" 

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A problem is a chance 
for you to do your best.
Duke Ellington