Saturday, October 29, 2016

This Place to This Is Halloween 
Where is this place made for lovers 
Where is this place for one of America's Best Halloween light show 

This Place (villanelle) 

Just one more dream before I have to die
Just one more hope before I say goodnight
This place where lovers never say goodbye
Our memories were once tomorrows’ sky
Upon the magic born of our delight
Just one more dream before I have to die
Our kisses were their reasons for reply
Dispelling worries everything’s alright
This place where lovers never say goodbye
And though some sorrow tests my reasons why
I turn to you to bring me back to light
Just one more dream before I have to die
And some dark thrill challenges will to try
I turn to you and trust renews my sight
This place where lovers never say goodbye
The tears of years are now a gentle sigh
As one more moment finds us holding tight
Just one more dream before I have to die
This place where lovers never say goodbye 

A lover pleads to be taken back to a sacred place in this villanelle. If you are interested in learning more about the villanelle or writing one yourself go here: Perhaps dying is a bit extreme for this lover to use ("...I have to die"). Let's put ourslves in te lover's place. His use of the final ending versus a "place where lovers never say goodbye" is part of the fascination of this villanelle. 

One of the saddest days of my life was when my son Peter went off to college. For months I was led to believe he was going to the University of California, Berkeley. It was close, just across the bay. It was't until the day came that Peter was going to Montana State University. A bit farther away. My whole family kept this away from me, knowing that I would dwell in sadness and still suffer this day. One more era in my life was over, plus I would miss Peter. A warmer surprise. Arlene had prepared the fire place. She had also put together some of songs from the major points in our live. She would miss Peter too. Even more, Peter was one more moment now behind us. So many dreams (fulfilled) now memories. Yet there, by the fire, under a blanket, in the comfort of our arms, Arlene and I had each other. 

We breath and life goes on. We may not be kids anymore. We may have slowed down a bit. Our interests may have changed. We have definitely have changed. Yet, life goes on. And as life goes on it is filled with many phases. As some phases end, others may begin. Others may grow to take their place. Layers upon layers of phases, of things to do. Of things for us to do. Listen and you can hear life calling you. Yes, we are that special that life calls to us. Don't believe? Look at the footprints we left behind. Look at the others that came in our footprints. Phases made by us. Life talking to us. We breath and life goes on. And as we take our place in the wonder of it all, Enjoy. 

Here to give us his advise: Bon Jovi "Never Say Goodbye" 

As phases go - another Halloween approaches 

The word “witch” comes from the Old English wicce, meaning “wise woman.” In fact, wiccan were highly respected people at one time. According to popular belief, witches held one of their two main meetings, or sabbats, on Halloween night. Now that we know a little about witches, we have over 400,000 lights, its getting close to Halloween, we own a house. What do we do? Here's what professional lighting designer Kevin Judd, of Riverside, California, did.
Even more amazing, Judd says that his show only added about $30 to his electric bill. "This is Halloween - Halloween Light Show House 2016 Riverside" 

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Life isn't about finding yourself. 
Life is about creating yourself. 
George Bernard Shaw

Friday, October 28, 2016

Stars Of Heaven’s Gate to Super Mario: Underworld 
From a lover at heaven's gate 
To a super hero in the underworld 

Stars Of Heaven’s Gate (English sonnet) 

I’m chasing stars above my heaven’s gate
Enthralled in realms beyond enchantment’s flow
They hold my heart with dreams of long ago
When souls of lovers rose to meet their fate
I’m lead to places time will never know
Where songs of ever wonder’s treasure wait
A promised start which lovers can create
In heaven’s gate which whisper far below
I’m racing through the endlessness unknown
With silken waves of paradise’s shore
Which warm my passions nothing would we miss
Then all at once to darkness I am thrown
So I can fully feel how high stars soar
As heaven’s gates evoked a promised kiss

A lover is distracted from his goal by stars in this English sonnet. Here we have a lover who is lost in the stars. For three stanzas he leads us on a magic adventure. Then suddenly and abruptly his journey is put to an end, as he reaches heaven's gate: A kiss. If we haven't figured it out, the stars and the first three stanzas were about his lady's eyes. 

I remember that night. Arlene and I had just gotten back from our cruise down the Mississippi River. Arlene went over all the pone calls we had missed while we were away and I went through the mail. There it was. Our credit card bill. All those outfits, the nights out, the parties, years of those disco days had taken their toll. We were over our heads in debt. What were we to do? We went to Bill's Place, for San Francisco's best hamburgers. After which we drove to Lookout Point, to watch the sun go down. It was the end of an era. There was no need for words. Arlene and I both knew what had to be done. I remember. after the sun had set, losing myself in Arlene's eyes. The nights, the parties. that couple, all there. In her eyes. I have often enjoyed losing myself in Arlene's eyes, but never, or never again like this. 

In many was, life is like a play. As one act is over a new one begins. Our script is made up as we go. How the act went is determined by the audience within us. Critics, on the outside will say as they want, but is we who are the real and final judges. And we are so good, we can handle many plays at the same time: like home and work. Then there are the small plays: Like the vacations, the outings, the parties. Then there are the eras: the child, the 20s, the parent. Every once in a while, we get to spend time in the dressing room, in between acts, in between plays. But the shows go on. And how are we doing? Listen to the applaud and cheers of the audience within us. It was a challenge to be us,but we did a unbelievable job. And as we take our well deserved bow, Enjoy. 

As we gaze into those eyes: Armik "For Your Eyes" 

From heaven to the underworld 

Super Mario (Super Mario Bros.) is a series of platform video games created by Shigeru Miyamoto featuring their mascot, Mario, and was first release on September 13, 1985. In the game, when Mario makes a mistake he falls. Have we ever wondered what happened to him after he falls? Here are the folks of Nukazooka to give us an insight. 
In time for Halloween: "Super Mario: Underworld" 

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All the world's a stage, 
And all the men and women merely players; 
They have their exits and their entrances, 
And one man in his time plays many parts. 
William Shakespear

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bitter Silence to Every Horror Movie Ever 
First we have a man lost in the horror of a fog 
Then we have every horror movie ever 

Bitter Silence (Italian sonnet) 

There in the bitter silence came a fog
Foreboding dreams left drifting in the air
You feel its breath come seething from the bog
It’s waiting there to catch you unaware
You feel your heart is now betraying you
Beside the fear that awful pounding sound
Will you see morning when this night is through
And with each beat will you be still around
You long to scream but something bids you stay
As something warm now breaths upon your neck
It’s too late now you cannot run away
It’s too late now your life’s become a speck
There in the bitter silence angels fall
You hope you left some clue to help explain
And try to find an ending to it all
Till then inside this fog you too remain 

A fog claims another victim in this Italian sonnet. A bit of word play gives form to the lifeless. Yet, in this form is a lack of clarity, just like the reality of a heavy fog. One may notice that the first and last stanzas start the same. The man finds himself in a situation and he realizes there is no escape. If we haven't figured it out, the speaker is the man's mind. Yet, it is a warning to others.  

I've heard about the famous London fog. Here, in San Francisco, we occasionally have a impressive fog of our own. It is best along the western coastline. It can get so thick one literally cannot see a half of block away. When the fog is this thick, driving and crossing the street can be quite hazardous. For those with great imaginations, the thick fog is best at night. It is so thick and our senses are so heightened that we can feel the fog. When the wind is coming from behind, it is easy to believe that there is someone behind us. People at a distance become shadows. Sometimes these shadows appear to float a little. And sound... Remember how sound works and that the fog is a wall of moister. Sounds can come alive or drop dead. For the lovers, San Francisco's thick fog can be magic. For some, if alone, the fog can be just like the sonnet. 

San Francisco's thick fog is one more reflection of positive thinking. Why give in to anything but its beauty and wonder? The same is true for all things in life. A coin has two sides. So does everything. It is referred to as opposites. Part of our freedoms in this life, is the freedom to choose which side of the coin we allow to any given situation. The car is broken down: At least I don't have to buy gas; I needed a reason to buy a new car. Sometimes life throws challenges at us that seem insurmountable. Know this: In the world of positive thinking, there is a positive side to everything. Example: Babies are dying in city bombings. Stop the bombing. Contact our leaders. Demonstrate. Let others know and get them involved. Babies are dying in city bombings. - Positive - People are now actively involved. Live. Pursue a positive lifestyle. It does take some practice and effort. A positive lifestyle does not require a person be all in. There is only one major thing to do in a positive world, Enjoy. 

There was one other person impressed with west coast fog: John Carpenter "The Fog" 

Horror movies with original themes are hard to find 

The first horror movie, only about two minutes long, was made by imaginative French filmmaker Georges Melies, in 1896 and was titled Le Manoir Du Diable. Ian Hecox and Daniel Padilla, of Smosh, did some studying. They found that every horror movie followed the same theme. They made a video about their findings.
Unfortunately the original video was misplaced in an ice cream parlor, so this one was rushed out. "EVERY HORROR MOVIE EVER" 

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The world of reality has its limits; 
the world of imagination is boundless. 
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Haunting Memories to Property Brothers' Greatest Renovation 
One couple deals with their haunted memories 
Another couple deals with a haunted house 

Haunting Memories (Italian sonnet) 

Another special moment with our kids
A time to live a haunting memory
The sweetest treats of all we shared and did
Keep fresh tomorrow’s ghosts for you and me
We cuddle as we shiver is it cold
Still holding hands a symbol of our youth
For now the laughter masks time’s aging toll
The moon and night what made this moment’s truth
Hold tight these happy times may soon decay
In this home we made we’ll be alone
Cold pictures now replace the warmer days
Our web of tears echoes the sighs and moans
Yet still there comes that knocking at our door
Another’s kids to scare and take our treats
But wait the spirit made now brings us more
Our grand-kids here dawn’s memories complete 

On a cold Halloween night a couple enjoys the warmth of their family in this Italian sonnet. In this sonnet we have a loving couple. There are hints that it is Halloween. This was done to draw the reader's attention from the surprise coming in the end. 

My chances of seeing any grand-kids is doubtful. Robin, my daughter, is too engaged in her career as a chef to allow any relationship to waylay her. Peter, my son, and his girlfriend have a very odd relationship. One that doesn't promise any grand-kids for me. But when I think of grandparents I'm taken to Arlene's parents. They have a library of pictures that show they did things together as a family. When I came into Arlene's world, not only was I a good student who had a job, I had things in common with her dad, like chess, tennis and watching pro wrestling. Arlene's mom and dad were "old school", but not so much to give each other a polite warm hug. Arlene's dad was old, but one couldn't tell it on the tennis court. When Arlene and I moved in together, her parents changed. They got older. Or maybe we didn't see them as much. Arlene's brother, Will,  beat us to the punch. He and his wife had a child way before us. Arlene's parent took care of their grandchild while Will and his wife were at work. Was it my imagination or were those two old people getting young? Those polite warm hugs were not my imagination. 

Are we as old as we feel or can our situation alter how old we feel? It is a fact of life that we are all getting older. Yet, there is something more going on. I am certain we all have seen it. Someone shows up at work and we can tell, by the way they look, something is going on. A lady who has found a new love, and we all know it, just by looking at her. My favorite, tell a women how beautiful she is and she becomes more beautiful. You're going off to a dinner in your honor, who is that in the mirror? We have all heard about creatures who can change the way they look. It appears that we are one of them. Not just in the clothes we wear, or the makeup we use, but the us. The way we feel about us. Oh sure, those muscles may require a little working out as losing or gaining pounds may require a little extra, but the way we feel about ourselves will have a major effect on the way we look. And as we marvel in that person in the mirror, Enjoy. 

How about a country western tune: Darius Rucker "It Won't Be Like This for Long" 

Believe in haunted houses 

The Pirate’s House in Savannah, Georgia is one of America's oldest haunted houses. Built back in 1753, apparitions are often seen on the second floor and laughter is heard there as well. A haunted house can be a real estate deal, at least according to the folks at Studio C. Let's join the fabulous Property Brothers as they help a couple move in to an unusual fixer upper. 
Yes, that's really The Property Brothers. "The Property Brothers' Greatest Renovation" 

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I love looking in the mirror 
and feeling good about what I see. 
Heather Morris

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Cat to Living With Jigsaw 
A cat becomes the source of terror 
A source of terror becomes a roommate 

The Cat (story poem) 

Somewhere buried near the terrace
He is lurking there for me
Darkened eyes of night
Emitting pail moon light
It was the cat
Imagine that
Hence I harkened to the menace
As he beckoned Come pray see
He brushed by near the floor
Then slammed and locked the door
It was the cat
Imagine that
With disgust I climbed a lattice
To a window near its tree
What face awaited there
Demonic was his glare
It was the cat
Imagine that
Through the window into my place
Hapless thought I now stood free
For there atop my stairs
To end my life’s affairs
It was the… 

Terror and a little fun rule this story poem. This poem uses two types of rhymes and chorus. Lines one and two rhyme with lines one and two in all of the stanzas. Lines three and four rhyme with themselves within each stanza  Lines four and five form the chorus. The poem stops abruptly. I wonder why.  

Arlene wanted a cat. Because we both worked, the pet shop owner thought it best if we considered a more mature cat instead of a kitten. So I got Arlene a two year old Siamese cat. She named it Alexandra. In the beginning everything was going well, except for the money Arlene was spending on her baby. Alexandra had to have a tree house and all the latest toys, not to mention the food. Arlene's baby couldn't have just ordinary cat food. About six months went by and while we were away the cat started clawing up Arlene's stuff. Not mine. Just Arlene's stuff. Her clothes, her books, her records, her candles, anything the cat could find. And only when it was left alone. Arlene got the help of a cat lady, Ruth, to find out what was wrong with her little girl. Ruth was not a specialist. She was just a person who owned a lot of cats. She loved Alexandra. After observing our family over some tea, Ruth knew the problem. The cat took to me. I belonged to the cat. Arlene was threat. We thought that the cat lady was crazy, until Arlene and I started to notice Alexandra watching us while we were kissing and/or hugging. The cat had to go. Ruth was more than happy to take the cat. Had something more happened? 

The world is full of surprises. Things that we can't explain or choose not to explain. A special song suddenly playing wile we are kissing. The moon finding its way through the clouds just for us to see. We think of a place that we have never seen or known about before and suddenly there it is. I'm certain we can all add to this list. The problem with surprises is: if they happen too often, they can become common place. This is more of a human thing than a surprise problem. I bring this out because there is one surprise greater than them all. And even though this surprise is constantly changing, most of us have gotten too use to it. Worse yet, we are led to believe that other surprises are somehow better. There is no greater surprise than the one in our mirror. And there is one way to show our appreciation. Enjoy. 

Back to the poem: Macabre "The Cat Came Back" 

What if you had to live with a monster 

Billy is a puppet that has appeared in the Saw franchise. It was used by John Kramer (a.k.a. Jigsaw) to communicate with his test subjects by delivering recorded messages, describing the details of his traps and the means by which the test subjects could survive. What if, for some reason, we had to live with Billy, I mean John, I mean Jigsaw. Chris Capel looks into this sick question for us. 
Of course the best  advise is: do not move in with Billy, I mean John, I mean Jigsaw. "Living With Jigsaw" 

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There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, 
a quickening, that is translated through you 
into action, and because there is only one of you 
in all time, this expression is unique. 
Martha Graham

Monday, October 24, 2016

His Seasons to Why You Should  Be A Tuber Driver 
A man's seasons are described 
The perfect job for everyone is described 

His Seasons (Shakespearean sonnet) 

It was their spring when first he felt her kiss
And everything seemed different that day
Here lovers’ eyes had so much more to say
Till every dream held promises of this
The summer found them playing in the field
Each flower saw the product of their love
They were the hopes which many wonder of
Success a home and children were their yield
Then like the leaves they drifted through it all
Reciting every heartbeat by a fire
A special kiss of which they’d never tire
These lovers on the sunset of their fall
What tears there flowed as he did hold her tight
And entered the cold winter of his night 

The seasons of a mam'a life are in the winds of this Shakespearean sonnet. Basically, this sonnet highlights a person's life. Each stanza goes over a different season. Did we notice that in the second and third quatrains the sonnet switches from a man to a couple ("he" to "them" and "they" et al)? Of course a Shakespearean sonnet ends with a rhyming couplet. There is an additional reason winter only has two lines to the other season's four lines. 

My season's with Arlene were remarkable. I met her in my mid teens. This was our spring. The wonders of the San Francisco Bay Area were more than enough to keep two lover occupied, if kisses and holding and just being together one more day were not enough. It was  a less expensive world and there were many opportunities for a young man to make some money. Our summer began when Arlene and I moved in together, in our "Palace in the Sky". Along with all the joys summer can bring, Arlene and my relationship would grow in meaningful and ponderous ways. We had two wonderful children, Peter and Robin. We purchased a house, while prices were still low. There was so much to do. Our children going after their own lives would announce the onset of fall. With so much extra time on our hands, Arlene and I reflected on how old we had gotten. Then came the Masons, who gave Arlene and I the opportunity to show off our talents. It was the autumn of our life and yet we were young again. There was no time to wonder if this marvel will last. Ten years but a third lifetime. Then Arlene fell ill and the dark and bitter winter came on. In the morning, when I heard the birds sing again, I realized that it all was a pretty good dream. 

I like to think that all of nature, all of life follows an order. An order, a progression of life. The seasons are a backdrop, a reminder of life's progression. The meeting, the joining; the growth, the enjoyment; the last chance, the reflection; the rest. We, as humans, have the freedom and ability to venture beyond. I like to think our freedom, our ability is part of the natural order. Put religion aside a moment. There is still so much that we cannot see, that we cannot explain. And here...Here and now were you and I are... Our perception of what's going on. How do we fit in? It can all get so confusing. Stop. Take a deep breath. Believe in yourself. There is a natural order. We are an important part of it. And as we take in the seasons, Enjoy. 

 To go with the sonnet, here's: Father Ray Kelly "Together Forever" 

Need a new career 

Uber Technologies Inc. is a worldwide online transportation network company founded as UberCab by Garrett Campon with $200,000 in seed funding in 2010 They are always looking for more drivers.  Ryan Higa, of nigahiga, is starting up his own (fake) taxi service called Tuber. Here is Ryan to convince us, why we shoulder become a Tuber driver. 
Have a relative who needs a job? So do I. "Why you should be a TUBER Driver!"

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I believe in process. I believe in four seasons. 
I believe that winter's tough, but spring's coming. 
I believe that there's a growing season. 
And I think that you realize that in life, you grow. 
You get better. 
Steve Southerland

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Pillow to The Wish 
A pillow listened to one girl's wishes 
A genie listened to another girl's wishes 

The Pillow (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Was this the pillow which once held her head
Her gateway to dreams of another day
Her comfort in Joy and tears which she shed
Was this the friend which wouldn’t run away
What care did she spread which kept you so new
Her journey through time has kept you the same
Her heartfelt concerns held hopes which you drew
What did she impart which age couldn’t claim
Wish of her mornings as new light arrives
Her very first prayer was heard by your side
Her faith in tomorrow softness revives
Wish yet again some shadow replied
Was this the pillow of her mystery
Her dreams and whispers please share them with me 

A keepsake comes alive in this Shakespearean sonnet. This sonnet uses a bit of word structure to convey one last subconscious message. We will notice that "Her" begins every second and third line of the quatrains. One closer examination, the fist word and the first word of the forth line are the same. This forms a pattern (for example: Was, Her, Her, Was). Since the rhyming couplet only contains two lines, this word stricture is incomplete. This leave us with a subconscious feeling of incompletion. 

Arlene had her passion for her scrapbooks and boxes. This was a time before our hand held devices that we now use to record our daily lives with pictures and videos. In the scrapbooks Arlene composed pictures and small memorabilia (ticket stubs, programs, receipts, et cetera) into heartfelt and warm memories. In the boxes she put away larger memorabilia like: the kid's first blankets, their first booties; their first books, their awards, their writings, cards, letters, my first Santa Claus outfit, my Easter bunny suit and thing like that. Arlene was not a pack rat. Her boxes are few and well organized. One of Arlene's memorabilia is her childhood pillow. She was unsure of when she got it, but made its box when we moved in together. This was the pillow that she told all her secrets to. This was the pillow bore her joys and her tears. This was the pillow that heard about a boy. Was this what made her dreams come true? 

Memories. They have their time and place. It is fun and important to go back and enjoy our memories every now and then. They are reminders of where we came from. If we think about it, the one who made those memories is gone. But it is important not to dwell on our memories too long. This can be a challenge if one lived lived a great life or if tomorrow seems to hold no promise. It is particularly valuable when tomorrow holds no promise that making wonder filled moments now is so important. Not only use this now to make good moments, but make the best moments we can. So many are satisfied with being average. But humans are not average. We are different. Think of the moments we make now as treasures. Fill your boxes with treasures. And as we do so, Enjoy. 

To all those nights alone with her pillow: Pillow "Song for Beginning" 

If you had three wishes what would you wish for 

Genies (also called jinn or genii) are spirits in cultures of the Middle East and Africa. The term genie comes from the Arabic word jinni, which referred to an evil spirit that could take the shape of an animal or person with magical powers. Hedy finds a genie in her attic. She is entitled to three wishes. Hedy only wants one. Why? Let's join TomSka and find out. 
Does Hedy have a genie-ous plan? "The Wish" 

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It's sad to know I'm done. But looking back, 
I've got a lot of great memories. 
Bonnie Blair