Friday, November 25, 2016

The Wonder Of It All to Top Soccer Shootout Ever 
The wonder of a couple 
The wonder of Scott Sterling 

The Wonder Of It All (Martin verse) 

I wonder does she dream of me at all
Since curtains of our love took final fall
A romance which the stars will long recall
A season which the flowers still enthrall
Our kisses were the spark of each new day
Our Joys became the light of other’s way
And in the pure enchantment of our play
Our footsteps saw no sadness or dismay
Unending was the wonder of it all
The splendor of each moment giving way
Two youthful hearts in rhythm with their play
And dreams adrift from paradise enthrall
Our dances were the meaning to the day
As fascination’s glimmers toward us fall
For memories mid kisses to recall
A fairytale this absence of dismay
For truth awoke from efforts to enthrall
So much this soul refuses to recall
As once again beside her grave I fall
I wonder does she dream of me at all 

It all comes back to him in this Martin verse. In this poem the beginning line takes on new meaning when the poem is over. This is a Martin verse. A poetic form that I developed in 2011. I mention this to encourage others to create a unique form. It can be done. 

The story of Arlene  and Martin is over. It started in a fairytale, when a young girl's tear touched a boy's arm. They lived in a palace in the sky. They were married and were granted one absolutely perfect day. A day with not one problem. Since then, life had its ups and downs. In those ups and downs such wonders were seen, experienced and created. We were not rich or world travelers. We did live and enjoy one of the most beautiful cities on earth, in  the best of times, and from there ventured out. We were blessed to be the source of many changes including improving the San Francisco public schools, introducing innovations to youth sports, and introducing changes to an old, old fraternity. We had two remarkable children, Peter and Robin. Most of all, Arlene and I were "those two lovers". People loved to have us around. Did I say, the story of Arlene  and Martin is over? I look around and see the changes Arlene and I were involved with. I encounter lives we influenced. Then there are the memories. The unbelievable memories. Am I sad Arlene is gone? Yes. But that it happened at all... 

With the holiday season upon us and another year almost over, there is a touch of sentiment in the air. For those who are like me and can no longer do much of what we once did, the air of the past can be a bit daunting. Sentiments can be things we did or things we wish we did. Sentiment can be people, places or things that we miss. Sentiments can be "those good old days." Sentiment is a lot of things. Confusing is one of those things. I miss those big Thanksgiving dinners with Arlene's family. They were great. Get the picture? We cannot go back to the past. Now is tomorrow's past. Make the most of now so we can add one more great sentiment to those holiday seasons yet to come, not only for us but for those around us. A celebration of a life well lived. Now is our tine. How important it is that we take our now and Enjoy. 

How about a sentimental song: Ian Tyson "The Wonder Of It All" 

Soccer is our sport if memories are our goal 

Soccer is a sport played by 250 million players in over 200 countries, making it the world's most popular sport. One of soccer's most famous fictional, goalies is Scott Sterling, of Studio C. One of Scott's most memorial moments was a showdown between the Yale Bulldogs and the North Carolina Tar Heels. 
Caution - This video is extremely funny and not recommended for the weak of heart. "Top Soccer Shootout Ever With Scott Sterling (Original)" 

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You can close your eyes to reality 
but not to memories.
 Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Secret Wishes to Jason Bourne Cooks Thanksgiving 
It was Thanksgiving when a wish came true 
It was Thanksgiving when Jason Bourne cooks a turkey

Secret Wishes (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Amid the warmth and comfort of his home
A child enjoys the company of love
With time to spare to let warm wishes roam
What unknown void could he be dreaming of
While just outside a child in bitter cold
Has learned to put his childish dreams aside
His daily pangs and hungers make him old
His wishes give his tears a place to hide
Twas there again that two best friends did greet
To share the fare which filled their empty day
Twas there again true meaning found retreat
While wiser hearts had grander things to say
Twas there they swore their wishes to renew
To prove that wishes really can come true 

A special day found its meaning in this Shakespearean sonnet. Two main things made this sonnet. First there are two stories which merge. As the two stories merge (the boys and their friendship) and an astinato starts ("Twas there"). 

Let me share with you the story of Mrs. Coombs of Capp Street. Capp Street is a small street just behind Mission Street, in the Mission district of San Francisco. Mrs. Coombs was an elderly lady.  It was unclear what happened to her husband. Her home was an unofficial safe house for kids who had problems at home. The police knew what was going on there, but as long as there was no trouble left things alone. The Mission Rebels was a youth group. Originally a street gang, they transformed to keep the neighborhood clean and safe, They were a welcome part of the community. They helped Mrs. Coombs with her finances, shopping and keeping her streets safe. If a child had problems at home, they would hear about Mrs. Coombs from a friend. Some kids would just hang out. Some kids had to stay the night, Mrs. Coombs was there to greet the kids with her gentle manner. She would make sure everyone had enough to eat, an ear to talk to and to assure everyone that they were safe and that they were with someone who cared. I was one of Mrs, Coombs' kids. 

It is the season. All around us. It's growing once again. In the stores. In the parks. In the streets. People are getting nicer. But people are basically good all year round. We couldn't tell this by listing to the news. A man is arrested in connection with shooting of a Wayne State University police officer. There is an estimated 325,051,000 people living in America. According to CNN there were a total of 60 police officer shot in 2016. Although extremely unfortunate, consider our population. No where near a common occurrence. Students raising money lot fix a man's artificial leg didn't make the news (except KFI radio). Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, of Los Angeles, helped serve Turkey Day meals to the less fortunate. His opponents used the media to attack him. Our news (media) paints a bad picture of us. People are basically good. We do good things all of the time. Now, in this season, more than ever. So as we go out to meet the blessing of others, Enjoy. 

How about the season's song: Cedarmont Kids  "We Gather Together" 

Cooking a turkey couldn't be this hard 

Now a days there are many ways to cook a turkey. According to the United States Department of Agriculture Roasting is still the most popular. For those that want something a bit more exciting. the folks of Corridor have heard you. They have enlisted the help of Jason Bourne to make our turkey cooking a bit more lively. 
Our turkey may not be good, but it will be action packed. "Jason Bourne Cooks Thanksgiving" 

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One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship 
is to understand and to be understood. 
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What Is The Scent to Turkey Sandwich of Justice 
A dream causes a scent in the air 
A sandwich cause another scent in the air 

What Is The Scent (English sonnet) 

What is the scent which whispers to a dream
A gentle breath which whisks me far away
Where hearts and hopes find meadows for their play
Upon the ever after stardust gleam
What is the wish of heaven on display
Imaginations captured in one theme
And all my purpose flows amid this stream
Which blesses the new mornings of my day
Tis you the song forever brought to light
To show the glow and meaning of true bliss
Yes you refreshing spring of all my sight
Whose wander drew me out of my abyss
For you my love and reason now made bright
What is the moment’s meaning but to kiss 

A lover discovers the source of the scent of a dream and shares them with an English sonnet. We start off (in the quatrains) with a lover questioning the source of his wonder. As it turns out (in the couplets), he knew all along. So we have a sonnet of praise in hopes of and in honor of a kiss. 

Arlene was gone. For four years, I didn't even think of another woman. I kept myself very busy. A lot of my work was with and for youths. The masons thought that it might look better, for my image, if I considered being seen with a lady. This is how I started courting Amor, my present wife. She was fun to be with, cute and full of surprises. Our first date was okay. Nothing to build a romance upon. There was something about Amor. A shower of flowers and I won a second date. Instead of a dinner and dancing, I went for a day of sightseeing. I struck gold. This was Amor. I brought her into my world. She was very impressed. I used my gift of listening on her. She and her girlfriends taught me how to make Amor happy. The happier she got the cuter she became. After about five months, Amor gets it in her head that I was going to be her husband. We got married. Remember how I said, " There was something about Amor." We have been married for eight years and Amor has become very dedicated to me. The one thing about living a grand life is: getting old sucks. There is so much that I can't do anymore. But it doesn't matter. I am kissed by Amor.  

Life is a wonderful creation. I am a spiritual person. A Christian. But put all religion aside and life remains a miracle. If you don't believe me, take a step into the world of quantum science. A world where time is different depending on where we are or how fast we are going. We were once amazed at three dimensional movies. Now there are movies that can actually be felt. Masses can be trained believe untruths are truths. Even at our finger tips, that thing called the computer. Let us not forget nature. It still teaches us something new; unfolds its secrets; Life's secrets. Then there is the greatest wonder of life: Love. Love defies definition. Love is the most complicated yet simplest thing of all. So next time we see a butterfly take wing and feel a song in our heart, Enjoy. 

One more scent before we move on: Arnica Montana "Sweet Scented South" 

One more idea for those turkey leftovers 

Ever since William Bradford wrote of how the colonists had hunted wild turkeys during the autumn of 1621 and since turkey is an uniquely American bird, it gained traction as the Thanksgiving meal of choice for Americans after Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863. With Thanksgiving near comes the question, "What do we do with all those leftovers?" Gregg, with You Suck At Cooking, has a unique idea. 
A joke or real good? "Turkey Sandwich of Justice - You Suck at Cooking (episode 52)" 

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The larger the island of knowledge, 
the longer the shoreline of wonder. 
Ralph W. Sockman

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Specter to 'Fantastic Beasts' of the TSA  
A lover keeps his delight safe from a specter 
A TSA agent keeps the skies safe from dangers 

The Specter (Shakespearean sonnet) 

I saw a specter entering our home
Perhaps it’s best if you stayed here near me
While through the darkness it is free to roam
Perhaps our bed’s a safer place to be
I thought I heard it creeping past our door
Perhaps under these blankets we should hide
Who knows what hidden terrors are in store
Perhaps just cuddle closer by my side
It’s clears it’s here inside this room with us
Sublime’s the time which puts an end to this
What specter has created all this fuss
Perhaps the time has come for us to kiss
Surprising how a little passion spun
Can flame the fun some specter has begun

A specter sends a couple running for the safety of their covers (perhaps) in this Shakespearean sonnet. This is evidence that all love sonnets do not have to be serious.Although, still a love sonnet in nature. a specter is thrown in just for fun. And we do have a little bit of fun with the word "Perhaps". 

When Arlene and I purchased our house, it behaved quite strangely. Light would dance along the walls. Someone or something walked in the front room. Voices came from the fireplace.  If one believes in ghosts, these were great. For Arlene and the kids these were disturbing. So, one by one, I found the source of these oddities and put a end to them. The house is close to a big knoll, which attracts a lot of wild life. My neighbors and I have big lush backyards. My yard has a pond. The upshot of all of this is: our yards gets some unusual visitors. In the daytime our backyards occasionally turn into a zoo. At night time, when it was hard to see (and considering how scary the house used to be), two lovers ran to the bedroom. Arlene and I were kids again. Anyone familiar with the sounds of wildlife can imagine the specter that took Arlene and I away.  

There is nothing wrong with letting our minds slip every now and again. A moment to escape. An occasion to enjoy the richness of our imagination.  To be a kid again. To be part of that book. To get lost in s lover's eyes. Why would we be blessed with such a wondrous imagination if it were not intended for us to use it? Look around and see the products of imaginations all around us. Reminders of the wonder, the magic. the potential alive in all of us. Then there are the menial tasks, calling us back. Things that we must attend to. Things that require our full attention. Maybe reality calling us back. Balance. Balance is the key to all things. And whether we are drifting in imagination or swimming in reality there is always reason to Enjoy. 

 Let's have a little more fun with the specter: Michael Jackson "Ghosts" 

TSA - Keeping the airways safe 

TSA (Transportation Security Administration) is taking every step possible to protect the American people while managing the amount of time spent awaiting security screening. TSA is adding more officers and more canine teams to screen passengers, and is working with the airports and airlines to find innovative solutions to support the traveling public.  Eddie Redmayne, the star of the latest Harry Potter movie "Fantastic Beasts" is about to put this to a test. 
This is why James Corden is not a TEA agent. "'Fantastic Beasts' of the TSA w/ Eddie Redmayne" 

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Logic will get you from A to B. 
Imagination will take you everywhere. 
Albert Einstein

Monday, November 21, 2016

World's Wonders to LEGO Harry Potter 
Tankas explore wonders 
LEGO explores Harry Potter 

In The Mirror (tanka)

There in the mirror
Was the one I had become
Staring in wonder
From its world across the glass
Why it was we couldn’t see 

World’s Wonders (tanka)

Dream while you still can
Can’t you feel the world waiting
Tomorrow’s blessing
To wrap around its wonders
Which can only flow from you 

Beautiful Waves (tanka) 

Those beautiful waves
Glistening in the sunshine
As they washed the shore
Who knew this gentle wonder
Would change the face of a world 

Wonders are explored in these tankas. A tanka, or "short poem" is a genre of classical Japanese poetry and one of the major genres of Japanese literature, It is fairly simple to write. The classical tanka is 5 lines long. The lines follow this syllable patterns: 5-7-5-7-7. A tanka normally does not rhyme. The modern tanka follows the "short poem" theory rather than any form. 

I am no special person. I admit that life has put me in some wonder filled situations. One of these situations was the San Francisco Public Schools. We Masons are discouraged about talking about politics, except if it had to do with the public schools. When I joined the fraternity we Mason, in the Bay Area, were pretty out of touch with what our public schools needed. So step 1, when I joined the public schools committee was to ask a few school how can we help. I was lucky to cross paths with Mrs. Yee, an English teacher, who had a plan, "Stepping Stones To Reading". Her plan would improve students' reading. With the overwhelming success of this project I was easily able to convince other Lodges to update their public school programs. Now the Masons were listening. The next concept was: "Working together we can do so much more". Not only the Masonic Lodges but the communities. Through people working together. listening. imagination filled programs. people wanting to jump on board, San Francisco's public schools improved. I am no special person, but in 1999 I was honored by San Francisco for my efforts for the public schools.

We can all do wonders. It has been my experience, many people do or have done wonders. First, we have to understand what a wonder is. It is far more, far deeper than a Medal of Honor,  a leader, fame, fortune, a creator, a bringer of change. It has to do with our talent(s). Our talent(s) and this moment. Are we making the best use of the person we are? Too often "can't", or believing someone else will take care of it, cuts us short. Some people are convinced that they are less than they are. Throw all these away. We can. We will. This is our time, our place, our moment. The wonder we all can do is: being the best we can be. An inspiration for other wonders. And as our light goes forth, Enjoy. 

Need some more inspiration: Emeli Sandé "Wonder" 

LEGO fans - Harry Potter fans - Unite 

LEGO's production standards are so high that only about 18 pieces in one million are wasted during the production process. Who better can give us some insight into the Harry Potter legend and how it should have ended? 
If we can't trust LEGO who can we trust? "LEGO Harry Potter In 90 Seconds" 

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Change your thoughts 
and you change your world.
 NormanVincent Peale

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Moonlight Melody to Crazy Latina Girlfriend 
Some memories will never die 
Some memories are a bit confusing 

Moonlight’s Melody (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Beyond the moonlight’s silken melodies
Which flows to greet the scent within the air
Beyond the whispers floating in the breeze
Which spreads a mist of passion everywhere
Beyond the stardust rich with dreams’ delight
Rejoicing hearts all splendors reminisce
When realms relinquish hold on lavish light
As lovers warm the moment of a kiss
Who knows the drift which brushes worlds aside
So much that mattered realize the fall
As promises anew repeats the tide
And fantasies aren’t far away at all
Beyond forever memories will live
As long as moonlight has a song to give 

In the moonlight lives on the memories of this Shakespearean sonnet. Here we have  a lover trying to describe love's memories. The first two quatrains not only describe moments, but we should get a feeling of lover's in each other's arms. In the third stanza, we should feel a change in mood. Although the rhyming couplet starts with the "Beyond" of the first two quatrains, the ending's tone point to a new direction. 

Arlene and I were lovers of the moonlight. It wasn't that the daylight ddin't open up many opportunities for lovers, but the fog of San Francisco made a clear moonlight a little more allusive. One evening Arlene and I went off to see Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Pirates of Penzance". After the show Arlene was struck by the moon. It was a clear night. The moon was a large clear crescent. I didn't see what Arlene did. I did see and feel the effect it was having on her. I took her to the Top of the Mark (Mark Hopkins hotel) for a little elegant dancing with a clear view of the moon that held Arlene in its spell. I decided to try my luck by taking Arlene to the Jones (a beautiful nearby outdoor rooftop restaurant). It was late and they wanted to turn us away, until I told them that all we wanted was dessert. It being late, Arlene was able to get a table which let her enjoy the moon. Before calling it a night, Arlene and I took a late night stroll a few blocks from our flat. The fog was rolling in taking away Arlene's moon. That might have been the night our son, Peter, was conceived. 

Magic is all around us. A girl is captivated by something, A boy is taken in by the wonder. Who knows if this will ever happen again? Moments like these are gifts. We all have them. Or at least they are there for us. They could be as small as a returning song or as grand as the moon. "Small" is a poor choice of words. None of these events are small.  They may effect us differently or sing out to us as groups together. A small flower calls forth a tear. Nature, in all her splendor, speaks to us, It is really happening. It really does happen. It happens just for us. We are that special; That deserving. Magic is all around us. Make the most of it and Enjoy. 

For this moment let's enjoy: Aeoliah "Moonlight Magic" 

Men and women can see the same events so differently 

According to Cosmopolitan Latinos {as a whole) are the friendliest people in the world, and were more likely to befriend people outside of our ethnicity than other groups. Then we have Lele Pons who thinks Latinos are a bit crazy. Eleonora "Lele" Pons is a Venezuelan Internet personality, now sporting over 2 million fans on her YouTube channel. 
In this video Lele focuses on Latino women. "CRAZY LATINA GIRLFRIEND | Lele Pons" 

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A truly great book should be read in youth, 
again in maturity and once more in old age, 
as a fine building should be seen by morning light, 
at noon and by moonlight. 
Robertson Davies