Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Breeze to Ken Block Drifts London 
A gentle breeze carries a not so gentle reminder of times 
A not so gentle breeze carries a gentle reminder it's only Ken Block 

The Breeze (round) 

So funny how the gentle breeze
Drifts mildly by I wasn’t there
And even worse I didn’t care
Those wasted breaths of memories
Of times I could have done much more
A fancy whim or smile to please
Another human soul to ease
And one more heartbeat to explore
So funny how a puff of air
Now whispers dreams I can’t ignore
Of lives I could have lived before
Forever frozen in despair
Of times I could have set all right
Instead of lilting unaware
Pretend that it all was fair
While blaming everything in sight
So funny how soft final gust
Drifts mildly through things held so tight
That all this pain I feel tonight
A payment of my broken trust
Of times I could have heard the breeze
Which brushed through dawns of far more just
Now waiting there amid the dust
To touch much wiser ears than these 

A gentle breeze carries an endless message to a broken heat in this round. A round is a poem where each stanza is connected to the next. The last stanza is connected to the first. Thus a round has no beginning or end. This round is more. It can easily be a lyrical poem. It has two types of stanzas. One begins with "So funny", the other "Of times". 

Funny that this was a common theme of our friends having relationship problems. Some were temporary. Some resulted in breakups. Some were endlessly etches in people's personalities. Arlene and I didn't give any advise. We just listened. I guess people came to us because we were "lovers". We didn't appear to have their problems. As one may imagine it was mainly guys, who wanted to talk (with this problem). Funny how Arlene and I didn't have their problems. By listening to our friend's problems we were able to check ourselves. Funny that life sometimes just works. 

Listening, from my standpoint, is such a valuable skill. So many people want talk, but few people want to listen. Many are just waiting their turn to talk. But listening. Really listening. Listening to what another person is saying, to what is being said, is an art. An art that has to be practice, refined. Sometimes a person is saying one thing and expressing another.  Sometimes a person is expressing (or trying to express) something deeply meaningful, that demands full attention. Sometimes a speaker's word contain an answer only a listener can hear. Sometimes the words of a speaker are a song that only a good listener can take in. A good listener is a good learner, The gift to a good listener. Listening is not limited to one person listening to another. We can, should listen to ourselves. Then there's body language... Welcome to the world of listening. There is so much to learn.  There is so much waiting for us. And while we listen, Enjoy. 

How about a love song: Richard Clayderman "Tema de Nadia" 

Ever seen London
(from a Hoonicorn Mustang

Kenneth "Ken" Block is a co-founder of well-known footwear brand DC Shoes. He embarked on a rally career with Subaru in 2005. At the end of his debut season was awarded the Rally America Rookie of the Year Award. Ken gives Matt LeBlanc, host of the BBC motoring show "Top Gear", a tour of London that he'll, nor we'll, never forget. 
Are we sure we're ready for this? "Ken Block Drifts London – EXTENDED Director's Cut - Top Gear - BBC" 

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Cross the meadow and the stream and listen 
as the peaceful water brings peace upon your soul. 
Maximillian Degenerez

Friday, December 9, 2016

Endless Moment to The Ultimate 2016 Challenge 
A lover celebrates his endless moment 
YouTube celebrates a successful 2016 

Endless Moment (Shakespearean sonnet) 

What was that endless moment lost in time
Perfection cast its scent upon the air
The world had sent a fairytale to climb
And everything of meaning was now there
Sweet flowers in the meadows breathed a pause
As music of surrender thrills the breeze
The streams of dreams search heavens for a cause
As heartbeats race their passions to appease
Arise arise from veils of golden mist
To crown the wave which rush through paradise
Those eyes those eyes which evermore have kissed
Will light the ways which whispered winds entice
What was that special moment never through
Another memory I made with you

One more moment without end is echoed in this Shakespearean sonnet. In this sonnet the conflict (the third stanza) is not a problem, but an intensified mood. This was accomplished by the repetition in lines one and three and by having the repetitions rhyme. Thus the "conflict" was resolved, in the rhyming couplet, by returning to the calm. 

Another moment Arlene and I shared was around our fourth Anniversary. Arlene's mother was becoming a traveler. She wanted Arlene and me to join her and her sister on the Zephyr, train tour, from San Francisco to Chicago. She offered to cover more half of the expense. Arlene was dead set against it. A whole week with her mother and I had a reputation of drinking too much champagne with that aunt (another story). After several weeks and some shopping sprees, We told her mother yes. This was almost 40 years ago, but I highly recommend this tour to anyone who enjoys taking in the sights. The entire trip took almost 4 days. The scenery was spectacular from our tiny, yet comfortable sleeping quarters but indescribable from the observation car. It was a movie that had no end and one didn't want it to end. It couldn't be real, yet there it was. We saw the Rocky Mountains like never before.  There were lakes and rivers and forests and plains. Endless, unbelievable plains. And witnessing the unbelievable with the unbelievable in my arms... I can't speak highly enough about the Zephyr crew. If one needed anything they were always right there. Speak of right there, we saw very little of Arlene's mother and Aunt. We had dinner with them once. Funny. with all of Arlene's shopping sprees. we could have paid for this whole trip (just exaggerating). Funnier still, I had heard so much about Chicago's hot dogs, that's all I ate while there. Funnier still, my champagne reputation with Arlene's aunt would surface on the air trip back home. 

I enjoyed the "great outdoors". Arlene's father could get lost in the wonders of his garden. Peter and Robin (my kids) were fascinated by seeds and seedlings. The point is nature is all around us. It has many, many levels. Enough levels to hold the marvel, fascination, imagination of everyone on this planet. Who am I who say that hiking in the Grand Canyon is greater than successfully growing something from a seed. That sounds ridiculous, until one reflects. I am not creating anything. I am just taking things in. Difficult? Sure. But so is patience. And there is another truth. We are all different. Nature is so grand that it holds something just for us, at our level (and no level is higher or lower than any other level). So it should be for all things. So find that part of mature that is made for you. And as you take it in remember, "I am me". and Enjoy. 

What about love, you ask: Sebastian Lightfoot "Lovers song Romantic Moments" 

Another year is almost over 

YouTube was founded by Chad Hurley, Steven Chen, and Jawed Karim. They registered the domain name in February 2005. It was officially launched in December of that year. To celebrate 11 successful years of operation, YouTube gather 200 of its star contributors. They filmed in 18 counties to create 2016's rewind. 
Are we ready for this? "YouTube Rewind: The Ultimate 2016 Challenge | #YouTubeRewind" 

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We do not remember days, 
we remember moments. 
Cesare Pavese

Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Secret of a Kiss to The Cost of "Free” Websites 
What is the secret in a couple's kiss 
Find a secret behind some"free" websites 

The Secret of a Kiss (English sonnet) 

Come sit with me a while amidst this tree
And share the songs which flowers yearn to hear
Of dreams that only lovers can revere
These strains which only silent hearts can see
Come whisper timeless secrets to my ear
Which waken streams of passion here in me
Awaiting holding oh so patiently
For soon the reign of kisses will appear
These tempests take us gliding in the clouds
Warm breezes here hold help to fan the flame
Till burning with desire we drift to earth
Come sit with me a while amid the shrouds
Of other lovers who once tasted fame
To find therein the secret of rebirth  

A lover reaches for his desire in this English sonnet. As with most English sonnets, this one is divided into two parts. The quatrains calmly describe a scene of lovers united. The scene intensifies with the introduction of the triplets. The last triplet brings back an original idea and using the unrest of the former stanza to bring us to the secret. 

Arlene and I had our special tree by Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park. It was the scene of many kisses and dreams, for a pair of young lovers. Young lovers who would return over the decades. For when Arlene and I were there, the laws of time gave way to love. It was here we learned to dream as one. Arlene  and I would embrace, kiss and off we went. We would enter a world of imagination, a realm in our minds that we both seemed to see. We'd dream of things like dancing waters, robins turning into swans, lovers boating and dressed in time gone by... In the beginning, it was just at our tree. Then other trees became our tree. Eventually any place to sit, embrace and kiss would become sets for dreams. What became amazing was as Arlene and I went sight seeing, we would take in and be taken in by sights more wondrous than our dreams. Or were they dreams? 

The same world that challenges us day after day also is filled with wonders. We being humans beings can only relate to the world that way or from that (starting) point of view. For instance: We humans can only see seven colors and the combination of those colors. We know there are colors that humans can't see. We know about these colors because we know about colors. What if there is more? Let's just stick to the things we can see. Flowers. Why are they so beautiful? Do Hummingbirds care about beauty or just color patterns? What about flowers before there were any birds? Have we taken in the amazement of nature? Stood by a giant sequoia. Felt the power of a river that carved a cannon. Witnessed the rainbow of 2,400 ft. waterfall. The beauty and wonder of nature is all around us. Take a moment. Take it in. Bask in its glory. Then be humbled. We are a part of this. And when nature nature casts on us our wonder, Enjoy. 

To think this all started with a kiss: Ed Sheeran "Kiss Me" 

A price of the internet 

Before the printing press, advertisements were often vocal announcements. The invention of the printing press in 1440 ushered in the advent of modern advertising. The storage complicity of the modern computer and our ability and ease of gathering information has taken advertising to new levels. Throw in money... Have you met Adam Conover of Adam Ruins Everything? He has uncovered some facts about advertisers and some websites that we thought were free that might interest you.
We may not be ready for this. "The Terrifying Cost of "Free” Websites"

If you enjoyed this video press this link to Why The TSA Doesn't Stop Terrorist Attacks - Adam Ruins Everything

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The kiss itself is immortal. It travels from lip to lip, 
century to century, from age to age. Men and women 
garner these kisses, offer them to others and then 
die in turn.
Guy de Maupassant

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Every Dream He Had to Grocery Shopping with A Baby 
A man who learned about his dreams 
A man who learned to go shopping with his baby 

Every Dream He Had (villanelle) 

Here was a man who kept his hopes in view
He learned to sow the seeds of his delight
For every dream he had somehow came true
The fancies passed by others doors he knew
Those idle thoughts of might he would ignite
Here was a man who kept his hopes in view
There came a day which set their world askew
In him they saw the answer to their plight
For every dream he had somehow came true
From his warm hand each soul learned what to do
And hand in hand they made their challenge right
Here was a man who kept his hopes in view
And in the end came reward he was due
Within each speech this thought would ring out bright
For every dream he had somehow came true
Now when a cloud would shroud a day anew
With only one another there in sight
Here was a man who kept his hopes in view
For every dream he had somehow came true 

A man whose belief in dreams was strong is the subject of this villanelle. A villanelle uses the first and third lines of the first stanza as a echo in the other stanzas as the poem goes on. A villanelle is easier to compose than it looks. Here is the rhyme scheme: A1 B A2 - A B A1 - A B A2 - A B A1 - A B A2 - A B A1 A2. Use iambic pentameter. 

Oh, those college days. Being on stage made me very popular. In college, San Francisco State, many of us who went Galileo High hung out together. College was hard. As a class mate got discouraged and were ready to drop out, we rallied together to help that person. We did very good. We only lost two who dropped out. I was going for a music degree. My dream was to be a music teacher. I had a friend on the board of education. A year before I was due to graduate, my friend shared with me a disturbing insight The future of high school music was uncertain. I was devastated. To make matters more confusing, I was offered a job at Standard Oil of California. I would be the 3rd drop out. My class mates couldn't help me. I was living with Arlene at the time. She, my councilor and I sat down together to  look at my options. Take the job. Switch to night school. Change my major. It took me an additional two and a half years, I had to leave my class mates, but I graduated. Behind it all was a dream a young man met long ago, Arlene. 

Life can be unpredictable. Accept that and we gain an insight into the power of the human spirit. How many of us have made plans just to have the situation change? Even worse, we may have made an investment for things going just so. Sure, we shouldn't always expect that things still go our way. Some things. though, just happen: Like winning the lottery, or an entire education program being taken out of the public schools system. But we adjust. We try to bounce back. We do the best we can. Sometime life takes away someone special to use. We adjust. We stagger back. We do the best we can. Sometime a little help makes things easier. Such is the marvel of the human spirit.  a friend needs our help. Without thinking, we rush to their side.  Such is the wonder of the human spirit. Our neighbors are in trouble. All fingers to help them point to us, so we rush to their side. Such is the power of the human spirit. A power we all possess. In some it is sleeping. In some it is more present. But as crafty as life wants to get, we have our spirit to see us through. We are truly special. Accept it.  Feel it. The power of the human spirit is at our beckoned call, so Enjoy. 

Need some more inspiration: Enya "Adiemus" 

Need some groceries - Got a baby - You're a man 

Babies can count before they learn to talk. One study found 1-year olds are able to identify larger and smaller quantities as well as conduct simple subtraction, all without any math lessons or terminology. With this in mind it's hard to believe that some fathers have problems taking their babies shopping. Here is Jordan Watson, of How to DAD, to offer some instruction. 
The only problem is that John might need some instruction of his own. "HOW TO GO GROCERY SHOPPING WITH A BABY" 

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Who looks outside, dreams; 
who looks inside, awakes. 
Carl Jung


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Little Parts to Mate Who's Too Into His Beer 
Who is this person he thought he knew 
Who is this person who knows so much about beer 

Little Parts (English sonnet) 

A dream I had this little part of you
The rest I guess I didn’t need to know
All those little things which didn’t show
Or found a place to hide just out of view
These reasons which add luster to your glow
Inherit darker places they weren’t due
And there to change the nature of their hue
Until uncertainty begins to grow
Who is this stranger which I never met
Where is the one I never knew at all
You’re not the one which I have come to see
Yet once I drifted past my last regret
And put asunder old familiar wall
The stranger I was looking at was me 

A person meets a stranger in this English sonnet. As with most English sonnets, this one is divided into two parts. The quatrains set up the scene. The triplet are the quest for an answer. In this sonnet we deal with a mystery. The mystery is used for a surprise ending.

I have always been a bit of an actor. At work, I was an idea man. Some of my ideas were pretty far out there. In public, I had to make sure that I only shined in confidence, to help my team perform their best. As a coach of young adults (kids), I had to set an example. There are many things we have to set aside (or at least watch) when working with other people's children. For the Masons, I was an orator. This meant I had to know my audience and perform. I did funerals. This meant listening to and being sensitive to the family of the deceased. It meant using a man's death to convey the message of a life well lived. There was the man responsible for charities. Many were depending on me to involve others. I had to listen, see and be that person that other person expected. There was that party organizer. I had to put seriousness aside for a time and plan something that a lot of people will drop everything else to attend. Then, of course, there was that great dancer who really, really loved his wife that everyone liked to see. Oh, I was so many people. I remember in summer of 1999. I was involved in so much. I felt something was lost. Arlene and I were going out to a dinner and a movie. A little time to ourselves. A little time out. I looked in the mirror and saw someone I hadn't seen for a while. 

"Be yourself." How many times have we heard that? I may not be the right person to examine this. I being an "actor on many stages". I was many people. Or was I? Are we the same person at home as we are at work? Does our behavior change when we are hanging out with our friends to when we are having dinner with our loved one's parents? Who is that person that comes out when we have to deal with authorities? Are they other sides of us? Is our real self more diverse than we give on? I have met people who seem to act the same regardless of the situation, Or were they putting on an act for me? I have met some people who should put up a better act. Maybe the more diverse our environments the more sides to our personalities. Maybe the rules are different for each individual or each situation. Then there are layers of subtleties. Some almost indistinguishable. But maybe there is only one us. Maybe we are a rainbow.  Be aware. Rejoice in who we are. What's most important, when we look in the mirror, Enjoy.  

A little music to help us think: Katherine Jenkins "Abigail's Song" 

Do you like beer 

Trappist monks from the Mont des Cats monastery in France founded the St Sixtus monastery in 1831. In 1838, brewing began at Westvleteren. In 1850, some of the monks founded the Notre-Dame de Scourmont monastery, which also brews a Trappist beer called Chimay. Thought by some as the finest beer in the world. Meet Stern. According to Third Leg Studios he is one of the top beer aficionados in the world. 
There's only one problem with aficionados. See if you can figure it out. "That Mate Who's Too Into His Beer | ad" 

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Who sees the human face correctly: 
the photographer, the mirror, or the painter? 
Pablo Picasso

Monday, December 5, 2016

My Window to Training To Be A Latina
Things that a man learned from a window 
Things a Latina learned from her sisters 

My Window (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Come join me at my window my old friend
To gaze into a life that used to be
To sort out what is real from let’s pretend
Perhaps we’ll catch a glimpse of once was me
How could a day be blessed with so much night
How could the world I knew become so real
How could I have been fooled to lose my sight
Now here I sit unsure of how I feel
The music wasn’t always far away
As I recall this window saw it all
And now I’m blinded by its disarray
And where I walked I now learn how to crawl
Who’d guess a window open to the sky
Would ever be the pain to make me cry 

The window to a man's life is the reflection of this Shakespearean sonnet. Usually a classic Shakespearean sonnet has something to do with love. Here we use the form to tell a story of a window. A window of possibilities. 

There was a man named Jake. He was old now, but as he looks through his windows he sees all that he accomplished during his time. He has earned many awards and brought about many changes. Now he is an old man staring out his window. Who should he see coming to his window? Martin (me). Jake saw in me happiness. The happiness of possibilities. Jake took me under his wings. He saw to it that I had one of the top ritual teachers. In six years I would set over 6 million words to memory. Jake made sure I had access to and listened to the finest minds in the fraternity. He made certain that I was on the path to where I could do something and taught me how to get people's attention. My hospital visitations was Jake's brain child. While the "sick and shut in committee" sent cards and letters, I made personal visits. During my time, I accomplished a lot, to add to all I had already accomplished. When Jake died. I was proud to be one of his accomplishments. Many more feathers were added to my cap. Now I am an old man staring out my window. Who should I see coming to my window? Amor (my wife). I see in Amor happiness. The happiness of possibilities. 

Me, personally, I have lived a full and very blessed life. I feel it's only right to share some of my blessings. Since I wasn't blessed with money, I share through volunteer work. Not just words, but real, hand on work. It shouldn't be a secret that there are  many charities, many organizations that could use our help (either physically or financially). It may be a surprise how many people are actively involved. But there is always room for one more. No one can or should  give to too many of these organizations. Now follow my thinking and rational. I believe it is up to each individual how many, if any, organizations that they support, (If a person does nothing at all, it is their decision.) In my charitable endeavors. I have never had a problem getting other to help. People want to help. "We cannot change the whole world, just our part of it." What is our part? Be a positive part of the change and Enjoy. 

What say we have a little music: Liam Clancy "Those Were The Days" 

It's not easy to be  a Latina 

According to Cosmopolitan, research shows Latinas who identify closely with their heritage are less likely to be affected by the media's unrealistic portrayals of beauty. They embrace their natural belleza (beauty). Now there's Hannah. She is having problems with her heritage, She runs to her Venezuelan friend, Lele Pons, for help. 
Now we find out why Lele Pons is not a teacher. "TRAINING TO BE A LATINA | Lele Pons, Juanpa Zurita & Anwar Jibawi" 

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The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.
Robert Frost

Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Last Stand to How To Date A Gamer 
Join a young man at the door of his first date 
A young lady gives advise if a gamer is your date 

The Last Stand (revolving poem) 

Just what else am I waiting for
And what has taken hold of me
To make me stand so clumsily
I didn’t beg I didn’t plea
I knew my heart beating more
Did she say yes I wasn’t sure
Yet here I stand remarkably
I shouldn’t act so commonly
Is this the man she wants to see
So drag your courage here on shore
And stand the man who knew the score
Let’s put an end to this torture
And ring the bell to set me free
For after that I cannot flee
But stand with feet upon the floor
I stand with heart that waits to sore
I understand less than before 

We join a young man on a doorway in this revolving poem. A revolving poem only uses two rhyme sounds. These rhymes are placed next to each other. As the poem progresses the rhyme moves down one line. Lines can progress in either direction in a revolving poem. This poem ends with a rhyming couplets. 

A flashback to that first dance. Funny now, that I should have been so nervous then. Funny since I have been seeing Arlene for some time. There shouldn't have been any reason to be nervous. I had already been introduced to Arlene's parents. Funny that my major shortfall didn't even  enter my mind. I couldn't dance. Was it my suit? Was it the corsage that I bought for Arlene? Was it my cologne? Was it the way I looked? Funny that an old man still remembers the heartbeats of oh so many years ago. 

Memories return. They return when we want to recall a special moment. They return when we touch upon something from our past. They return when we least expect them to. Some memories are pretty clear cut, Some memories are unclear clouds. We are unsure what they are or where they came from. Sometime these entanglements from our past are a combination of more than one memory. Memories can be of something good or something bad. As we go on to live our lives, we tend to season our memories. Rarely are our memories what really happened. Memories are what make us what we are. What we are tends to season our memories. Live a good and satisfying life, so that we have good memories to get us through those tough times. Live a good and satisfying life, so that we may add a positive touch to those less than favorable moments in our live. Live a good and satisfying life, so that we may Enjoy. 

As to that young man at that doorstep: Sonny James "Young Love" 

Dating a gamer can be a challenge 

According to All these facts come from Geoffrey Zatkin, co-founder of EEDAR (Electronic Entertainment Design and Research), 59% of the American population is some kind of gamer. Hence it might be important to better understand how to date one.  Into the picture comes Lilly Singh, of IISuperwomanII, to provide so information about dating a gamer. 
To raise the bar higher, Lilly has decided to use her theory on Markiplier, one of the world's top gamer. "How To Date a Gamer (ft. Markiplier)" 

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Memories of our lives, of our works 
and our deeds will continue in others. 
Rosa Parks