Friday, December 16, 2016

That Day to Luigi Death Stare 
A tale of a day two lovers came to kiss 
A tale of a day Luigi won the race 

That Day (sonnet) 

That all we knew would one day come to this
There never was tale once told as ours
Or places made in heaven for such stars
Who taught their world to dream about a kiss
A kiss of hope to cover all the scars
A kiss of Joy behind each memory
A kiss because I have you next to me
A kiss which secret wishes never bars
This all we knew would one day set us free
To test the shadows hidden out of sight
Who had no need for any new delight
A taste of life we didn’t need to see
And all we knew would one day come to light
That day when I first kissed my love goodnight 

A kiss carries a tale of a couple in this sonnet. This looks like a Shakespearean sonnet. On closer examination it doesn't follow the rhyme scheme. It looks like some kind of round. The end does not connect back to the beginning. There is a progression, though. For the story of this poem. this progression helps with the message. 

My first real kiss came from Malana. She taught me well, as I got to kiss many-a young lady thanks to "girl talk". My best kiss was when I kissed Arlene goodnight after taking her home from our first dance. Many years later, Arlene and I  where guests of the Caledonian Club at their ball. The Caledonian Club holds the annual Scottish Games at the Alameda County Fairgrounds, in California. The dance was held in the main hall of the Hyatt Regency. The club's First Chieftain was a friend of ours and a fan of our dancing. It was a big honor. To make the event complete, we rented a room at the hotel. Before the ball Arlene and I were invited to a private room to sample some rare Scotch. The ball was  major success. Besides a bagpipe band and Scottish fiddlers there was a dance band. There was dancing of all sorts, from traditional Scottish folk dancing (which Arlene and I learned] to the modern hip hop. When it was time to waltz, Arlene and I hit the floor. The dance lasted until late. The main floor of the Hyatt is very romantic late at night, especially from the floor that Arlene and I were staying. Before entering our room we kissed, as we did all those many years ago, after that dance. It struck us: How did we get here? We had survived to kiss again. We were still together.

Perhaps it happens to all of us. We touch a moment from our past. Something we do. Something that happens to us, Our brain cells click, just so. We feel like it happened before. Maybe we remember the specifics. Maybe we cannot recall the wheres or whens. We just feel that it happened. The main question is: Did it really happen or is our brain playing tricks on us. Over time facts get distorted. What are the facts?  Can the brain. wondrous as it is, really recall? Then there is the wonder, the marvel of it. Fact or fiction, we are there. It is as real to us as anything we experience. Even if it is all imagination... What a marvel we are. Think about it. Take it all in. And Enjoy. 

 A goodnight kiss: Gloriana "Good Night" 

Everyone can be a star - Right Luigi 

Luigi is the slightly younger but taller fraternal twin brother of Nintendo's mascot Mario, and appears in many games throughout the Mario franchise, often as a sidekick to his brother. He first appeared in the 1983. The folks at devinsupertramp have Luigi competing in a destruction derby. Things don't look too good for Luigi. Then he receives some inspiration, 
Will it be enough? "Mario Kart in Real Life - Luigi Death Stare!" 

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We all have our time machines. Some take us back, 
they're called memories. Some take us forward, 
they're called dreams. 
Jeremy Irons


Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Mystic Fountain to Christmas Shopping by the Four Wise Men 
What happened to the magic fountain 
What happened to the fourth wise man 

The Mystic Fountain (story/poem) 

Once there was a mystic fountain in a quiet little town
People came to visit her from places all around
Twas said for just one penny she could grant a simple wish
She could not move a mountain but she could produce a fish
She made the people happy was her greatest gift of all
She even had the kindness to give candy to the small
As time went on its destined course and people less confined
More people heard the story of a fountain they could find
The people came and people saw twas not sheer fantasy
Except the cost of one small cent a simple wish was free
The town’s folk grew more happy and also very rich
They lost their need wishes and the fountain’s little fish
Why should we take in pennies when its dollars we could rake
Think about the village and improvements we could make
They spoke about the fountain their source of wealth and fame
She looks quite old She needs big work And let’s give her a name
There is a fountain with a legend in a prosperous town
People come to see it from all the world around
Tis said for just one dollar it could grant a single wish
It could even move a mountain or produce a simple fish 

The fate of a fountain forms the foundation of this story/poem. An example of a classic story/poem form. The most notable thing about this form of poetry is that rhymes do not have to be exact. As long as the words in question sound something alike, that's okay.  

There was a coffee shop, just off of Haight street, here in San Francisco. It didn't have quite the selection of a Star Buck's but it had great pies, cakes and pastries. Arlene and I discovered it in the early 70's. It had been in business for some time. It was furnished by a hodge podge of comfortable tables and chairs, and couches. The clientele were like a family, and a wonderland of personalities. It took Arlene and I several visits to be accepted, The place was run by a husband, his wife and their family. How they made any money was beyond me. Their coffees. teas and desserts were not only delicious but they were very cheap. As time past, word about the prices got around and attracted more customers. The man, getting old. decided to give the business to his kids, and take his wife on a well deserved vacation. The first thing that the kids did was to remodel the place so that the coffee shop could accommodate more people. This effected some of the regulars, who disappeared. The next thing the kids did was to improve the quality of their products and raise their prices, This was when Arlene and I left. I remember, business seemed to be growing, but it wasn't the same. The place is still in business. I don;t go in. Memories. 

Change. That's what life is all about. Changes cover the whole spectrum of human feeling, from the very positive to the very negative. The reasons for changes are many. We humans, generally don't like change, Yet we tend to get bored with routine. Here's another wild one. I have been the source of some changes. When I was bringing them about, I was proud of my accomplishment. When I look back, I sometimes wonder, "Why did I do that?" Change will happen whether we like it or not. Let us accept change will happen. Let us know that we are a part of it. Not a helpless part. A surfer can ride the wave or be pushed by it. Realize that change is a part of life. Know that we are a part of life. Put the two together and Enjoy. 

One more drink from the fountain: Libera "The Fountain" 

This is the season of the wise men 

The Magi, also referred to as the Wise Men or Kings, were, in the Gospel of Matthew and Christian tradition, a group of distinguished foreigners who visited Jesus after his birth, bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Tradition tells us that there were three. Studio C suggests that there might have been four.
Here is Studio C's explanation of what happen to the fourth wise man. "Christmas Shopping by the Four Wise Men" 

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The only way to make sense out of change 
is to plunge into it, move with it, 
and join the dance. 
Alan Watts

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The One Who Came to How to Get a Baby to Clean the House 
Someone new teaches him how to heal his wounds 
A father teaches his baby how to clean the house 

The One Who Came (villanelle) 

It only took a wish to set him free
This one who came and taught me how to play
Another day is waiting there for me
I’d close my eyes and right there she would be
To help me chase misfortune’s dreams away
It only took a wish to set him free
We passed the nights the stars became our sea
And on we sailed until we found our bay
Another day is waiting there for me
One day my heart beheld new fantasy
Which gave my dreams so very much to say
It only took a wish to set him free
I learned to yearn this curiosity
Whose promised kisses sets my mind to stray
Another day is waiting there for me
Sometimes while holding her so tenderly
I think about the one from yesterday
It only took a wish to set him free
Another day is waiting there for me 

Someone new brings the promise of another day in this villanelle. We turn to the villanelle form to tell the story of a man whose dream was cut short. He meets someone new to continue on to tomorrow. The poem makes this somewhat unclear. Instead, because of the villanelle form, the focus on "a wish" and "Another day". 

Arlene was gone. Thanks to family. friends and associates I made it through the initial shock. I kept myself very busy, In the quiet times, I missed Arlene a lot. It was hard to be sad because we had done so many wonderful things. In my dreams she would return to comfort me. After years, I was encouraged to date again. At the local 7-Eleven convenient store I ran into a cute and funny girl, Amor. It turned out she worked just down the street from my house and was available. At our first date, I came on a little strong (event wise). Amor gave me a second chance, and I toned down our day together. It worked. We were a couple and eventually married. What attracted me most to Amor (besides her good looks) was her positive humor. (I didn't know, back then, how valuable this would be to me.) Arlene doesn't visit me in my dreams anymore. I still enjoy those remarkable memories. One last point. For a while, when I busied myself, a part of me stopped. Thanks to Amor this part me continues on. 

It is not my intention to get spiritual. Just to point out wonders all around us (me). I am encouraged to date again, and puff, there she is. Sure, she might have been there before and I just now noticed her. Then there is that one personality trait which would become so important to me (Amor's positive humor). We could chalk this one up on the laws of attraction. If I was so busy, when did I find the time to date? We could credit this one on time management. How convenient. that Amor worked just down the street from my house. Well, I did see her at a neighborhood store. Arlene stopped coming into my dreams. though I still think about her. I'm sure there's some psychology at work to explain this. All of it... Pieces of a puzzle being etched out to fit my life. I am suggesting that there is something more to life. I'm sure, these chain of events, these chain of wonders happen to everyone. I'm also sure that they can be explained. But that it happened at all. There is something in that. A person can roll seven sevens in a row with pair of dice. We can explain it away. Or we can Enjoy. 

Maybe the Scorpions can explain it: Scorpions "When You Came Into My Life" 

To help figure things out a little help would be useful 

Between 12 and 24 months your toddler’s cognitive development really starts to blossom, this is when they will start to develop memories, as well as understand symbols, imitate, and play imaginatively. According to Jordan Watson, who has no qualifications, believes this is the best time to teach a toddler how to clean a house. 
In between laughs, see if Jordan is right. "HOW TO GET A BABY TO CLEAN THE HOUSE" 

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When an inner situation is not made conscious, 
it appears outside as fate. 
Carl Jung


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Wishes Gathered to Jury Box Boredom 
A man who left his wishes build up 
A genie in court to grant wishes 

Wishes Gathered (English sonnet) 

The wishes gathered there beyond the sea
Of things which were forgotten long ago
Among the myriads of were not so
Which dwelled within a heart too bound to see
Too bound by empty fashions life would show
Too bound by other’s views of how to be
Too bound by fear of secrets told of me
That wishes were a dream he would forego
And so he grew atop the world he knew
So proud of all that lingered in his sight
Reward he bought in all those bound by years
But in some sea a raging storm was due
It struck upon the quiet of his night
As waves of wishes reappeared as tears 

A man's sea of wishes wash ashore in this English sonnet. In the first half, we have a man who put his wishes aside. This causes an ostinato that clogs the second quatrain. As the second part begins (the triplets), the man seeks refuge in his accomplishments. As the end comes. the man is overtaken by the sea. 

When I was moving up the ranks in Masonry, I would visit the sick and shut in. I was not part of the sick and shut in committee, I was just an officer of the Lodge. By my fifth year of this practice I became very popular. A few people attributed me with magical healing powers. I just left it at that. In that fifth year, a wife asked me to visit her husband in the hospital. He was a very successful business owner. He was seriously ill. Facing death. He was very happy to see me and the chocolate cake I brought him. We talked for hours as his wife entered and left the room. He shared with me his life and how he became so successful, As time went on he shared with me the many, many sacrifices he made to bring him to this point. As he went on he told me of the wishes and moments he had put off. He started to cry. He shared with me how deeply he feared death and the regrets of his decisions. I stayed until the sedation the nurse gave him and the tears set him to sleep.  That night, I reflected on how lucky I was not to have put of my dreams and wishes. 

The story has a happy ending. The man's operation, though risky, was a success. He sold the business. I never saw the man again. ...because he was catching up on some wishes. 

This whole thing, the sonnet and the story, is about not putting off our dreams and wishes. I have been around death more than most. Death is generally easier to accept by those who lived a satisfying life. Do the things we want to. Live those dreams. We may not be able to do them all, But do as many as possible. Do not put things off too long. There may be some dreams that are out of reach. 1) Are they really? 2) Where there is a will, there is a way. 3) Can the dream be modified? 4) How are others doing it? Accept that you are special. Life has a beginning and an end. In the middle, write your story. The world is your pages, your ink. And in every chapter, Enjoy.  

Let's stay on the subject: Beach House "Wishes" 

Now the sillier side of wishes 

Slim Jim, invented by Adolph Levis in 1929 in Philadelphia, is an American brand of jerky snacks or dried sausage sold globally and manufactured by ConAgra Foods. Greg the Genie is Slim Jim;s latest spokesman. Here Greg is called to court to defend one of the jurors. 
Slim Jim may be good, but eating it does not guarantee a genie will appear. "Greg the Genie: Jury Box Boredom" 

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Some people want it to happen, 
some wish it would happen, 
others make it happen. 
Michael Jordan


Monday, December 12, 2016

The Simple Guy to Rap Battle Hype Man 
A guy who only wants the girl of his dreams 
A guy who only wants to support his friend 

The Simple Guy (Shakespearean sonnet) 

I’m not a prince who sailed across a sea
In search of treasure promised by a kiss
Which lingers on the edge of some abyss
Where terrors yet unknown all wait for me
I’m not a star who thought he went too far
And now seeks out true meaning for his life
A kiss of clarity amid the strife
A possibility that will not scar
I’m not a spy in search of hidden schemes
Whose search will take him off to meet the world
Another kiss another clue unfurled
Pretended friends now try to end his dreams
I’m just this simple guy who now you view
Who’s hoping for a little time with you  

A girl learns all her suitor is not in this Shakespearean sonnet. Here's a suitor who uses a different approach to win a girl. Likewise, we have a love sonnet of a different kind. By the second quatrain we should be a little confused, as to where this sonnet is heading. It isn't till the rhyming couplet (the last line, no less) that the lover pulls his intentions out of his hat. 

This sonnet is kind of funny, when it comes to Arlene and me. Mr, land, a teacher who was a major influence on my life, use to use my talents for many musicals he directed. One of these musicals, "Once Upon A Mattress", is how I met Arlene. Not only did she become my lover, she was my biggest fan. These musicals continued long after those early days. They lasted until I lost my singing voice. I used to be an actor. I was a pirate, a star and a spy.  

One of my most memorable roles was Dr. Crocker in "Fly Blackbird". Dr, Crocker was a white racist in a black musical. This was Mr. Land's not so well thought out ideas. The race wars were still raging in San Francisco. "Fly Blackbird" had an important message. Mr. Land took the musical to an almost all black audience. I must have given a great performance. When the show was over, Arlene comes running into the dressing room, warning me not to go out. Mr. Land and the other cast members were trying to calm down an angry audience, who wanted to do me bodily harm. (It was the same reason the original musical was shut down in Los Angeles) 

And you. What kind of character are you? Let me use this, the season and the times to get on one of my band wagons. It starts with a smile. A simple act of kindness. A way to connect with another person. Then there comes holding a door open, letting the other person go first, offer a helping hand and other acts of kindness. Most people are nice. Some are bad, but this is not the norm. The media sells us about all the bad things happening around us until we get bored of hearing it and buying the product. The truth is that the great majority of people, of use are good, Good things are happening so often that they are boring and they don't sell products. Boring as doing good is, we highly prefer to engage in good things. It starts with a smile. Then we join together with others doing good, just like us. Just like the feeling of brotherhood that fills the air this time of the year. And you. What kind of character are you? Special. Unique. There is a new horizon coming. Tomorrow will be much, much better. We are too many. Working together, we are so much more. We are a part of it. It is part of us. And you? Do you feel it?  Do you see it? Do you know you are special? It starts with a smile. And when they smile back, Enjoy. 

What about the lover and the spy:  Marvin Hamlisch "The Spy Who Loved Me" 

Friends come in many forms

Some believe the concept of the "rap battle" has existed since the 5th century, where poets would engage in "flyting," a spoken word event where poets would insult one another in verse. Just as import as the rappers were the fans. Key and peel recreate a rap battle for us to show the importance of the fans. 
Some fans may go too far. "Key & Peele - Rap Battle Hype Man" 

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Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! 
Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your 
own powers you cannot be successful or happy. 
Norman Vincent Peale


Sunday, December 11, 2016

When The Winter Finds Us to BlackFace: The Sacred Legend 
Follow the fate of a loving couple as winter approaches 
Follow the fate of a cruel colonist as he wanders the forest of destiny  

When The Winter Finds Us (free form poem) 

When the winter finds us in spring’s morning
Will the hearts of flowers still scent night
The rain of years may wash away the moments
The sun will shine in yet another day
And there we stand still holding hands with strangers
Wondering amid the precious flow
Whether we had wandered our youth wisely
Or whether we were victims of our fate
When the winter finds us in summer play
Will the days remain as vast and endless
Moments wanting more than moments of before
Till memories once treasured are confused
And there we stand believing in lost teardrops
Spending nights recapturing what was forgot
Wondering were we the lovers of long ago
Whose moonlight kisses missed moments like this
When the winter finds us in fall’s evening
Will the music still ignite past feelings
Eyes still hold on to what we hope is true
As things long familiar waive a goodbye
And there we stand looking at each other
A little closer yet lifetimes away
Wondering beyond all of the heartbreaks
Wandering miracles splendor come true
Kiss me one more time to make this moment
Kiss me one more time forevermore
And when we close our eyes to the seasons
Then the winter finds us in spring’s morning

A life unfolds for a loving couple in this free form poem. This poem is generally divided into sets of two stanzas as winter approaches. Each set is a portion of a coupe's life. When winter finally appears the lovers kiss one more time and the two stanza progression is broken. There is a pleasant reason for this, besides returning to spring. 

It was a great life. Arlene and I were on the Mississippi River. The day after tomorrow we would be flying home. It was the end of the spring of our lives. Disco was dying. Arlene and I were no longer those crazy teenage lover. Our hearts would return to our "palace in the sky" (our first apartment). We had survived the darkest times of our lives and we were still together. Oh, such wonders, such dreams were set before us in those disco days. 

Peter, our son was in the back of a taxi, waving goodbye, when summer was over. He was off to college. Arlene and I were very involved parents. We taught our children to read before they entered kindergarten. Weekends were made for the family. At school, at sports, at extracurricular activities Arlene and I were there. Always on our minds was this time would be over. With this in mind we made memories. Arlene and I only had two children, Peter and Robin, but the memories of that summer lifetime was endless. 

Our fall was a bit odd. Arlene and I were expecting to spend those years, just before old age sets in, doing things we missed doing while we were parenting. Instead, we were thrown back to our 20's. I had become a Mason. Arlene and I threw these large and successful parties and events. These parties and our popularity out on the dance floor made us popular and sought after guests at many other events of other organisations. In the fall of our lives, we were reliving our spring.

So much for life being like the seasons. Or is it? I am now an old man, who has lived a long and full life. From where I'm sitting, I believe, life is ours to live. I say this, keeping in mind that I was very lucky. Or was I? I am not a music teacher. I am not a song writer. I am not a photographer. These were dreams that didn't work out. But the things that did work out were things that I hadn't originally planned. Keeping in mind, life is different for all of us. Keeping in mind, we are all individuals. This is our life. Even if there is a life after this, each season of our life is over. All we have is now. But now I'm stuck at work. It is still our now. Use it. Shine. We are all special. One of our greatest enemies is, "I wish I would have." It is your life, season, now. Life it. Be that Dream. Enjoy.

Some kissing music for that poem:  Justin Guarini "Timeless" 

What if 

ESMA is an applied arts school,in France, with over 20 years of experience , which saw the birth of many graphic designers, photographers, designers space or 3D animators. Its students Nicolas Salsedo, Clement Vitroly, Mohamed Amine El Faqir and Bertrand Carriere have come together to bring to life a Hindu legend. It is the story of an English colonist who is decided to find and kill a monkey supposed crowned in the Indian forest.  
What if this is more than a legend. "CGI Animated Short Film HD: "Blackface Short Film" by Blackface Team" 

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Life isn't about finding yourself. 
Life is about creating yourself. 
George Bernard Shaw