Friday, December 23, 2016

My Dreams to Snow Shoveler Bhangra 
One person dreams of his love
Another person dreams of snow shovelers from Punjab 

My Dreams (Shakespearean sonnet) 

I bear my dreams with whispers and a smile
Of all the promised paths we danced upon
While echoes of a song still lingers on
Of all the world it’s me who shares your while
I share my dreams with star who lit my way
Of all the glows it sees us through our night
With you in view I knew all else was right
Of all the world it’s me who bears each day
I wear my dreams with tears which follow sighs
Of all the wonders which were shared by two
Are beds for promise we again renew
Of all the world it’s me who wears her eyes
I swear my dream by all that we’ve been through
Of all the world I’d rather be with you 

A man of many dreams commits himself to one in this Shakespearean sonnet. Not only does this sonnet adhere to the Shakespearean form, there are forms within the form. Take a close look at the quatrains and notice that only the third line is free of any additional forms. All lines two and four begin with "Of all the".  All the second words in lines one rhyme. It is not mistake that dreams become a dream in the couplet. 

I had a great job at Chevron. People would come to me with a "can we" and I would make it so. It was a job that let me use my imagination with Chevron's money. Dreams? I had a dream job. I lived many-a dream. I married my dream in a dream wedding. I got my dream, Arlene, involved in my hobby, board gaming. She became very good at role playing. We used to regulars at Pacificon, a big game convention in Northern California. The head of Pacificon's role playing was also a Chevron employee. He heard about me. He needed a script/plot line for one year's role playing competition. I said I would take on the project (away from work). "The Front Door" was a small theater group in San Francisco. The writers were  always looking to make a little extra money and were willing to work cheap. I arranged a meeting of the writers and the person from Pacificon. (Are you still with me?) What the person didn't know, the writer and I talked. They came up with a great plot for a role playing  game. The players must find, rescue and safely deliver a princess to a party in her honor. I loved involving my dream. Arlene, in my dreams: That year, at Pacificon, while I sat down to play my table games, Arlene went off to play the role playing game. What she didn't know was that she was the princess everyone, including her, was looking for. 

We are not all actors or into role playing. What is a dream? Are they limited to those thing that float around in our heads when we are sleeping? I believe that dreams are more. I believe many dreams can be realized. I turn to travelers. I turn to people who have attained a goal or two. I turn to people who have realized something they have wished for.  Many envision a dream with something big, something grand. Dreams can also be as simple as breakfast in bed, a beautiful flower, our favorite song and the like. Yes, dreams can come true. The first step is know that they can, you can.  Move from the world of limitations to the realm of possibilities. Realize the  power in us all and Enjoy. 

Are you ready? We are about to leave: Merce "My World" 

Some people have unusual dreams 

Bhaṅgṛā refers to the traditional dance originating in the Majha area of the Punjab region. Punjab is a geographical and cultural region in the northern part of South Asia, comprising areas of eastern Pakistan and northern India. Bhangra is growing in popularity. It is now in Canada and is coming to California. 
Never seen Bhangra. Well: "Snow Shoveler Bhangra || Maritime Bhangra Group || Halifax,NS || Canada" 

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Trust in dreams, for in them 
is hidden the gate to eternity. 
Khalil Gibran

Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Gathering to Darth Santa Strikes Back  
Once more the clan is meets for the carnage of the gathering 
Once more a small boy must stay with his grandpa, Darth Vader

The Gathering (deteriorating poem) 

Once more the time has come to gather there
Once more the clan will divvy out its share
Once more forgotten vet’rans leave their lair
Once more the faint will muster to the dare
Shall we again see carnage as before
Shall we be roused by heroes‘chants of yore
Shall we cry out as champions play for more
Shall we fall faint as limbs from bodies tore
With sword in hand we meet upon this day
With sword in hand our bounty we display
With sword in hand we give contender sway
With sword in hand we gorge to all’s dismay
We gather here with pride; this is our lot
We gather here; for this our family fought
We gather here; for those who now cannot
We gather here to pray; for values taught
O Lord we thank you once again for this
For bringing us together safely and as one family
For Grandma bless and protect her, and this fine meal
For one more Christmas gathering together 

Confusion brings a family together in this deteriorating poem. This poem is setup to be misleading. We are led to believe we re about to visit a savage rite. Near the end, the rhyme pattern changes. At he end, there is no rhyme at all, as the truth of the poem is revealed. 

This poem is not far from the truth. Arlene and I and the kids used to celebrate Christmas three times. We would open one present each on Christmas Eve, before going to bed. Then Santa would come and put more presents under the tree and fill up the stockings that the kids, Peter and Robin, hung. On Christmas morning. we would gather in the front room and in a mad flurry open our presents, That evening we would go to grandma's house (Arlene'a mother) for dinner. I never wanted to go. I wanted to stay home. Arlene's brother (Will), his wife (Rose) and three kids also went to grandma's house. Arlene's mom and Rose were great cooks, so when I saw the table laid out I forgot all thoughts of were I'd rather be. We said a small prayer of thanks for bringing us together. Will and I ate like we were starving and there never would be any more food. The only thing that got us to stop eating were the presents under the tree. Santa had been at grandma's also. The kids wanted to open their presents. We gather in the front room and turned it into an ocean of wrapping paper to the sounds of wives shouting and grandma laughing. Those were my Christmases.

Whether it is Christmas or one of the other high holy celebrations happening around now, there is a feeling in the air. People are much kinder, much more caring, much more forgiving. We can all see it. We can all feel it. For this moment the world is a little better. Why can't this go on? Here's a little insight. We all remember the soccer game of Christmas 1914 (World War I). Enemies laid down their arms to engage in a game of soccer and to celebrate Christmas as brothers. This lasted more than one day. In fact it was happening in many places on the western and eastern fronts. Soldiers, on both sides, were laying down there arms and meeting, helping their brothers. This worried the generals. Soldiers were forbidden to fraternize, under penalty of court-marshal and even death. The whole thing was covered up to the rest of the world until weeks later when the press got wind of the soccer game. In other words: something may be preventing world peace. I (and others) believe whatever "it" is cannot continue to stand up to us all.  People all over this world want peace. Peace will come Keeping this in mind and working toward that bright day, Enjoy. 

How about some inspirational music: Adrianus Valerius "We Gather Together" 

Christmas even comes to Darth Vader 

The fact that Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker’s father was a big secret that the filmmakers went to great lengths to protect from getting leaked. According to Hamill, only George Lucas, Irwin Kershner, and himself knew when they were filming. Now, according to Corridor, Darth is a grandfather and he has been asked to babysit his grandson. 
Darth may not really be a grandfather, but enjoy the video anyway. "Darth Santa STRIKES BACK!" 

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The most important thing in the world is family and love. 
John Wooden


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Your Time to Cowboy Vs Outlaw 
One man stands up to his destiny 
Another man stand up to an outlaw 

Your Time (English sonnet) 

Here is your time this moment meant for you
To touch the world and show it who you are
A peaceful scent perhaps a shooting star
A destiny now opens to your view
Yours is the voice heard calling from afar
A whispered sigh perhaps a windswept coup
I’m here oh world now watch what I can do
It’s time to bring your fashion to bazaar
And days to minutes join the passing stream
To hide in caverns shaded from the sun
A misty shadow comes to claim this dream
And though you fight you know it has begun
As you awake to world with strange new gleam
Here is your time enjoy what you have done 

A bit of inspiration in the form of a English sonnet. In the first part (the quatrains) we have a perfect world where everything is sunny. A voice is calling to our success. As the couplets arrive, so does a shadow. It is bent on stealing our dream. As we awaken, we realize our success. 

I was extremely lucky. I had a teacher, Mr. Land, I had teachers, who helped me succeed. I had a boss who taught me the value of being a hard worker (not only in pay, but in the praise and respect of other). At Chevron I learned the power of positive thinking. Yes, I became an egotist. Why not? Everything was going my way. At Chevron, I was put in charge on 14 people. I shared with them some of the things I knew and added fun to the job. At the same time, Chevron initiated an incentive program. The first project, with me in charge, was completed early. We all got a bonus. I got a bonus because the team was motivated. On we went. Success after success.  I looked really good. My ability to work with people brought me unbelievable projects. When I got involved with the Masons my attention eventually turned to charities. To curb my egotism, which was growing, I served others coffee and cleaned tables. I began to see, my successes were raised upon the the shoulders of people who respected me. Some of these people wanted to be like me. Looking into the future, a brother mason and I established a Masonic education school. At the school anyone can learn about Freemasonry, members can learn and teach ritual, people learn from each other to let their talents shine. The success of the school speaks in blood drives, care in the city's public schools, traffic safety, community projects and more, But most importantly: people who shine.  (The School is open to everyone each Monday)

From my experience everyone has a gift or two. Something that they do exceptionally well. The greatest shadow that we all have to overcome is doubt (fear in the form of doubt). Some successfully overcome this handicap. Others do not or do not completely. Of those that do not, they spend their lives wishing or ignoring. In today's world, where help is at our fingertips. this is unfathomable. But I believe that if we see, if we want, an attainable path will appear. We all possess a gift, a special talent. Another thing to keep in mind is that our gift is not the same as others. For example, we not have a gift in automobile repair. We have a gift for art. We can draw a motor. Think abut that one. Our time here is limited, What are our talents? Shine at them. Let others be inspired by your light. And Enjoy.

Need some more motivation: Frank Loesser "I Believe In You" 

Now boys let's not fight 

The cowboy of myth and reality had his beginnings in Texas. There cattle grew wild with few natural enemies; by the end of the Civil War there were an estimated 5 million of them. It was then that the cowboy entered his twenty-year golden age, 1866-1886, the era of the open range and the great cattle drives. There were good cowboys and bad. There are loads of books and movies about the meetings of the two.  ScottDW has captured a rare meeting of the two. 
We haven't seen a clash like this one. "OLD WEST DANCE BATTLE - COWBOY VS OUTLAW! // @ScottDW" 

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Accept the challenges so that you can 
feel the exhilaration of victory. 
George S. Patton


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

This Wind to When You Fall In Love Easily 
A lover with only one on his mind 
A love sick puppy with many on his mind 

This Wind (Martin verse) 

What is this wind came over me
Which whispered to my memory
Of all the things that used to be
Mere dreams until you set them free
Spring flowers promise scent of you
With summer’s nights a kiss or two
And fall’s moon teach us what to do
In winter love’s arms see us through
A gift which life has sent to me
Now every thought makes room for two
Without your smile that just won’t do
A special song which love set free
Now every heart beat only you
And every wish a memory
I pause to think how can this be
To live a dream until it’s through
And as I dream from time I’m free
This mix of now and used to be
Each kiss refreshing memory
It’s you this wind came over me 

A warm wind carries a lover away with this Martin verse. Instead of rhymes, a Martin verse uses words. (The words rhyme. Two sets of four rhyming words.) The words are laid out, then mixed up, then the first four a laid out again, but in reverse order. 

As promised: If you try a Martin verse, let me know and I will advertise it. Poetess Truedessa in her site "True Wanderings" composed a Martin verse, "Bumpy Dream". Pay her a visit by clicking on this link.

On cold nights, Arlene and I enjoy cuddling under a blanket by the the fireplace.  We would engage in a memory or two. One of those escapades was when we went to Venice Beach in Los Angeles. We did so on an invitation by our friend Francisco (Cisco), who told us about these great dance clubs he had found. Arlene and I were there. Cisco and his wife picked us up at the airport. After changing and dropping our luggage off at their place, they took us on a marvelous tour of Venice Beach and Boardwalk. The tour was so great Arlene an I could hardly wait to see those dance clubs. That evening Cisco took us to two dance clubs. They were in the Latin section of town. They were the small garage style dances, run by people who had a little extra space. It was like going to a big party at someone's house. Drinks consisted of beer or coke. The next day Cisco and his wife got a boat and took us on a gorgeous tour of the canals. Cisco mentioned that tonight's clubs would be better than last night's. They were. The space was inches bigger, The bars were better stocked. So it went on day three. When Arlene and I got back to the city and went out dancing, with the crew, we realized that we had learned some fresh new dance moves down with Francisco and his wife. Another story, on a cold night, cuddling under a blanket. 

Too often people put others down because of this or because of that. Maybe he doesn't meet up to standards. Maybe he is too far outside. The fact is: We are all different. We are all unique. It is easier to teach us, to dress us, to feed us,to entertain us, to manage us, if we all acted alike. Acting alike is a challenge. To be like everyone else, We make it look easy. We motivate ourselves. "They" motivate us. Being an individual is a challenge too. Individuals opens themselves to the scrutiny of the masses. Individuals risk the perils (and benefits) of the unknown, They often do not have the safety of the masses. The masses often put down the individuals, The individuals often put down the masses. There is another option. Be yourself. An individual who is sometimes part of the masses and more. Sounds easy enough, until we throw growth and change into the mix. To learn to be ourselves leaves little windows or cause to put others down. Be who you are to the fullest and Enjoy. 

A song to go with the verse: Gold Lounge "Aegean Summer" 

I only have eyes for you 

Facial femininity is important to men in some studies in attraction have show. This includes small chins, large eyes, high cheekbones and full lips. Still some men don't seem to care. They honestly and whole heartedly fall in love wuth every female they see. As is the case of this guy at BuzzFeed Video. 
A cold shower might be in order. "When You Fall In Love Easily" 

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There was nowhere I could go that wouldn't be you.
Jeffrey Eugenides

Monday, December 19, 2016

My Morning to The Butterfly Effect 
A lover awakens to the light of his morning 
A man awakens to the butterfly effect  

My Morning (poem) 

Sing my sweet morning
Of moments so rare
Of feelings we share
And dreams in the air
Way of tomorrow
My meaning of light
My everything right
And all this ignite
Each beat of my heart
The reason to be
Imagined set free
A life’s fantasy
For when the darkness comes
We see it peering over Joy’s horizon
Waiting ever waiting
For its morbid moment
To trounce upon our truth
Testing its temper
Against the winds of time
And where will we be
Where will we be
Sing on dear morning
Of seasons we knew
Of happiness due
In words I love you 

We wake up to a lover's morning with this poem. I don't know what kind of poem this is. Do all poems need to be categorized? This poem contains stanzas where first limes don't rhyme. These first lines are followed by three lines that not only rhyme but the meters are very tight. Then there is one stanza that does seem to follow any rules. The three rhyme stanzas represent that no love is perfect. The imperfect stanza represent the evil waiting for this love to fail. 

Amor is my morning. My reason for another day. Depression, for me, is real. Both of my doctors have recommended that I, at least, keep some transgression drugs around the house. I tell them that I don't need antidepressants, I have Amor. She is that cute and funny. She had one Big problem. She likes "chick flicks". She loves "chick flicks". I used to have to take her to all "chick flick" as soon as they opened. To me, they seemed inordinately long, I had trouble staying awake. Instead of soda and pop corn, I get coffee. One "chick flick" had a long line of people waiting to get in. Some, no many of these people were husbands, boyfriends, like me. As a reality check, I asked some of these men why they wanted to see this movie. You can guess their answers. Amor was going to school to get her CNA licence. There was this young gay guy who she had inspired and helped complete the course. I met him at the graduation. I found out he liked "chick flicks". At the end of the graduation he thanked Amor and said, "...if there's anything I can do to repay you." I knew. At the next "chick flick" opening I suggest she go with that gay guy. Amor said she didn't want to make me jealous. I nearly died laughing. It took a while for Amor to figure out why I wouldn't get jealous of her seeing a "chick flick" with a gay guy. Guess who doesn't have to go to "chick flicks" anymore. 

I believe live is a river leading to an ocean, In our river there are currents, As we travel to the ocean we  a carried along on countless currents. The currents of the river of life are simple, complicated and diverse. It is not unusual to be carried along by several currents at once. Some of the currents go against the flow of the river. We, our causes, our memory are, form some of these currents, as do others. As our river goes on to meet its destiny we give life to some things. Other things die because of us. Still other things don't even know of our river. Some parts of the river travel fast while other parts of the same river seem almost motionless. And what is waiting in the ocean? There is no need to guess, for we will find out. Right now, we are traveling in the river, so Enjoy. 

And then there's this: Jamie Cullum "Not While I'm Around"  

Butterflies are amazing 

There are 165,000 known species of butterflies found on every continent except Antarctica. Even San Francisco has its fair share of these beautiful creatures. these lovely works of nature's art effect each person differently. Here is a collaborative project between Unity Technologies, two-time Academy Award winning creators of Gorillaz visuals Passion Pictures, and Nvidia of the effect one of these amazing creations effect on one man. 
Guaranteed. After watching this, we will never view a butterfly quite the same. "CGI Animated Short Film HD: "The Butterfly Effect Short Film" by Unity Technologies" 

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The sweetest of all sounds is that 
of the voice of the woman we love. 
Jean de la Bruyere


Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Soothing Song to Cup Noodles Song 
A song fills the empty streets 
A song fills a Cup Noodles 

A Soothing Song (English sonnet) 

A soothing song was calling in the eve
It called to him soft moments of the past
A welcome dream was promise which it cast
Upon his heart surrender did it weave
It beckoned him from shadows there amassed
In streets his charm and passion would conceive
Was there he swore an oath to never leave
Was there with her his faithful tears had passed
But in this while his soul had gone astray
Forgive me were his cries to days gone by
As helplessly to melody is drawn
A soothing song from ever and a day
Had walked her streets in search of a reply
And in the morning memories were gone

A mystery is set in this English sonnet. We have a tale in two parts. It starts with lovers making memories. Then, for some reason he went astray and tries to reclaim what was lost.  The ending is a complete mystery, It floats any way the reader likes.

When Arlene and I were going through our rough times, we took a break and went to Carmel and stayed at La Playa, Carmel has a reputation of being a lovers' get away. La Playa is one of Carmel's top hotels, paradises.  At the time time La Playa had a great social center (bar), where guests gathered for a cocktail. Arlene and I were going to have cocktails in our suite but we were attracted to the social center by the sound of stories being told. It seemed that some of of the guests were entertaining the room by telling stories. Arlene and I were hooked.

One of the stories was about a magic couple.Their love for each other was everyone's dream. They made an oath to one another. The man broke the oath. The woman left him. After many days and nights suffering, the man heard a familiar song in the streets. For many nights the man tried to follow the song, It was her. One night, the man followed the song and vanished, (The actual story was more detailed.)

It was a warm night. Arlene and I decided to go for a stroll. A light fog had rolled in to Carmel. All the stores were closed and the streets were  empty. The night belonged to Arlene and I. Suddenly there was the sound of a romantic tune. We could make out a man walking up ahead. Arlene  and my thoughts were taken back to the story of the couple and the man following the song. We looked at each other. When our attention returned to the man, he had vanished and so did the music.

Spoiler alert - Do not read if you believe in magic. (On the following day, when the fog had cleared, we discovered a side street on the street that we walked the night before. The fog had hidden it from view.)

This is a small example of the power of human imagination. First we have people sitting around listening to stories. People allowing their minds to take the place of movie screens. Then we have two people allowing imagination to guide what they see. Imagination. Don't cut it short, We all possess it. From a minute change from the way things are usually done, to major all altering events. From looking at something in a new way and seeing something that hasn't been seen before, to seeing things that aren't really there. Our mind is an incredibly powerful thing. We are amazing individuals Put these two together what can't be accomplish? There is one more element we need. Trust  and belief in ourselves. This is an individual specific hurdle. A hurdle we have to cross for our imaginations to be fully charged, fully opened. And armed with everything, what can we do but Enjoy.

Speaking of imagination, here's a love song: Robin Thicke "Lost Without U" 

Speaking of love songs, here's one about food 

Cup Noodles, invented in 1958 by Momofuku Ando, is a brand of instant ramen noodle snack manufactured by Nissin, packaged in a foam food container, hard plastic or paper cup. Like them or not Cup Noodles is so popular that few have not eaten them at least once. Cameron J, of RandomStructureTV, likes Cup Noodles. So much so that he wrote a song. 
Coming to a dance club near you. "Cameron J - Cup Noodles Song! @TheKingOfWeird" 

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Because the moment you stop doing the very things 
that got you to the top of the mountain is the very 
moment you begin the slid down to the valley.
Robin S. Sharma