Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Setting Sun to 2016: The Movie 
The sun sets for a man 
As the sun sets on 2016 a movie traitor is made 

The Setting Sun (modern sonnet) 

What does he search for in the setting sun
Which kisses endless ocean of goodbye
As whispers set a breeze for him alone
A darkness which weighs heavy on his soul
For him there are no footsteps on the ground
There is no heart which beats for him at all
So empty were the memories misplaced
He leaves a life which never felt him near
He cries too late to shadows of his blame
His pain meet echoes of a wasted life
Of all the things which once he could have done
What does he search for in the setting sun
Now somewhere in this sun there walked a man
In darkness searched for purpose of his own
Who in a moment saw a stranger fall
And with a helping hand a life began 

The sun sets on a man lost in confusion in this modern sonnet. If at times we feel ourselves lost in the meaning of the words or confused in the painting, that's alright and perfect. Keep in mind, a person lost someone dear to him. The sonnet does have a hopeful ending. Sonnet! This doesn't rhyme. Modern sonnets don't have to rhyme (or follow a meter). If we look closer, we will notice that the lines in this sonnet are written in iambic pentameter. 

In 1974, I lost Jack Benny, my favorite comedian. In 2005 I lost the mot influential man in my life. 
My teacher, Johnny Land. As I get older and older more and more people around me seem to be dying. To make matters worse, I learned the Masonic funeral. I started to perform funerals in 1999. My saddest year was 2001. That was the year Arlene fell ill. To me she was still Arlene. I tried my hardest to keep her spirits high. I even got a councilor to help and advise me. But I couldn't compete with the mirror. She could see the damages of the stroke to her poster an looks. From her dresses and gowns she went to her mother's wardrobe to try cover up her body. She sat a lot. Worst of all there was the dancing. Arlene had lost something very important to her. Then there was the bombardment of people who felt sorry for her. She had dropped from stardom to pity. In many ways, death was a kind messenger for her. Me? I was devastated. Thanks to my family, friends and associates I made it through. I kept myself very busy doing even more charity and volunteer work. Parties? I stopped going to parties. In 2006 Amor came into my life. A new man was born. 

Here we have a puzzle of life. Life, death, aging, time and memories. People are dying all the time. The more we know them, the more we are affected. Some people handle aging real well. I was a guest at a party to celebrate a man's life. He was due to die before the party was over. Memories can work for or against us. Religion? I am a firm believer, But,as good as I am, I cannot absolutely prove my faith. Faith! There's a good one. Once we can prove faith, it stops being faith. Faith or no faith, we only have this now. Make the most of it. But, Arlene welcomed death because she could no longer be her memories. I died also, but was reborn anew through Amor.  Arlene still lives though the many things she touched and helped. The teacher Johnny Land still lives through me and countless others. So it is with all of us. I believe we are all here for a reason, a purpose. What is that reason or purpose? Here we have a puzzle of life. It is (they are) as unique as we are. And while we are figuring it all out, Enjoy. 

This all calls for some mood music: Samuel Barber "Adagio for Strings"  

Did we like 2016 enough to see the movie 

According to Dan Rather (12/26/2016) 2016 will be remembered for many things, but one of those may be that it was the year that American journalism got a much-needed spine transplant - perhaps too belatedly for election coverage, but nonetheless. 2016 will indeed be remembered for many things. It was a wild year. Wild enough to make a movie. 
Here is a trailer for the movie that will never be. "2016: The Movie (Trailer)" 

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Death is not the greatest loss in life. 
The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live. 
Norman Cousins

Friday, December 30, 2016

Lovers Of The Moon to Dollar Store With Liza 
Lovers looking for escape 
Girl looking for bargains 

Lovers of the Moon (English sonnet) 

I look to you to sooth and smooth my world
Please press true precious lips again with me
Their parting opens to a fantasy
Where lovers of the moon at one time twirled
Their starlight was the only destiny
While satin covered whispers were unfurled
A mist of dreams around the two now swirled
With promises of possibility
Their passion was the flavor of a song
Which other lovers’ hope were built upon
Who dare to share one moment of such bliss
They are the dream which keeps young lovers strong
Their memory the halo of the dawn
And while they dance on earth two lovers kiss 

Two lovers dream as magic ensues in this English sonnet. There is a subtlety in this sonnet. It starts out in the first person. Somewhere, in talking about the lip, it switches to third person. When the sonnet ends, there are two couples. 

In our final days, throwing parties, Arlene and I became legendary, for being that romantic couple who threw great parties. Arlene and I were a great team, when it came to planning and putting together events, The Lodge had plenty of money, Members were coming back to the Lodge and men were joining. While Masonry is a male organization, we brought it a family atmosphere. while the men went to their meetings, the women did whatever they wanted. 

And then there were the parties. One of the most memorable Arlene and I planned was at the Marin Art and Garden Center. It had a spacious dance area with one side open to a beautiful illuminated garden area. We used a live band, whose keyboard player would add a Latin flavor to almost every song. Because of center's outdoor element, Arlene and I were a bit nervous about the weather. To make matters worse, there was a heavy wet fog the day of the party. As the guests arrived the fog let up. To celebrate, Arlene and I found a secluded place in the garden and engaged in a kiss. When dinner went okay, we went back to the garden for another kiss. After the first dance was a success, it was back to the garden and another kiss. As the party went on others discovered the kissing possibilities of the garden. As the evening went on, the dance floor got more and more empty, yet the cars were still in the lot. The music from the band, which were mostly requests, was very romantic. As Arlene and I went around to talk to the guests, we overheard a couple say, "I wish our school held our prom here." The person talking was in his late 50's. 

What is age? There is a question. Sure, as we get older, things don't work as good as when we were young. Or do they? At 59, I was still able to stand my own against a 16 year old on a tennis court. But, I have always been physically active. What about those teenage kissing fools? What about those youngsters and their selfies? Those maniacs gyrating on the dance floor? I come from a time where one didn't kiss just anywhere. A time where we, young people. stared at old folk who were in the wrong place. But, I am a pretty good dancer and people like to have me around. Or maybe the mindset of this generation is more acceptable. What I am hinting at is: we may be prisoners of a mindset. I still like kissing my wife in the park. I still like riding a merry-go-round. Let people look. Let people talk. If anything, I deserve it. We are never too old (except for physical limitations, which also happen to young people). With age comes experience to Enjoy. 

A bit of romantic music is in order: Ramon Guiral "Beyond The Moon" 

Are you a bargain shopper 

99 Cents Only Stores, founded by David Gold in February 28, 1969,  is an American price-point retailer chain based in Commerce, California. Previously, the stores offered all products at 99¢ or less.[2] Most products are now priced at "99.99¢ or less, but certain products are sold at higher price points". YouTuber Liza Koshy takes us on a tour of one of these stores. 
Is Liza giving us a tour of a store or her skill at Puns? "DOING THIS AGAIN. DOLLAR STORE WITH LIZA PART 2!" 

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When you’re in love, you’re capable of 
learning everything and knowing things 
you had never dared even to think, because 
love is the key to understanding of all the 
Paulo Coelho

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Let's Dream to Electric Cars Aren't As Green As You Think 
Lovers shut window to the world to learn the truth of their dreams 
Electric cars - good or bad - learn the truth 

Let’s Dream (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Let’s dim the old distracting lights awhile
Those flares that dare to bare another’s glare
To minds which search to find their own affair
And be the reason for a lover’s smile
Let’s drape those windows of the world with shade
From lies disguised to buy their prize of youth
To gentle lips whose whispers press the truth
And follow fragrant scents which they have made
Let’s close our eyes awhile to set us free
From fashioned passion rationed at some store
To hearts which hold a heaven to explore
Our glare of youth restored by you and me
Those flares from lies which fashioned other’s day
They will not stay the day when dreamers play 

Word Wizardry waltzes with lovers' dreams in this Shakespearean sonnet. What is Word Wizardry? It is a ply or command of words that rhyme or sound alike within a rhyme. Usually within a single line. A play of sounds can also be Word Wizardry, In this sonnet it happens in the second lines of the quatrains. 

There we were. I had lost my wavy hair. I can't remember when Arlene stopped aging. She was as young as "I can't remember when". I do remember that Arlene had great legs. It must have been all that dancing, In our forties and feeling every day of twenty-five. (Our social successes made us young again,) As we danced out in our garden,we recalled thinking and sharing how other warned us, we can't do this and we wan't do that. I also remember our neighbors joining us in dancing in their own yards. A metaphor of what was going on at the parties Arlene and I were throwing for the Lodge. After our neighbors realized that it was okay to dance in one's own backyard, Arlene and I would spot them there, from time to time. The same was true with our parties. Once others saw the success we were enjoying. they would adopt our ideas. Better yet, and more complimentary, others would build on our ideas. There we were. In each other's arms. enjoying the life we had fashioned together. 

And here we are. The truth of it is, we have all touched upon it. "Those people" trying to tell us what we can and cannot do. We all have come in contact with those who "march to the beat of their own drum." Who knows, behind our own windows per chance we do too. But the mob keeps singing, "You can't." "This is fun," "This is in fashion." We're all doing this." Many give in and so the mob is born. Perhaps we all give in from time to time. After all, who can pass up on a "good deal"? And sports... Who doesn't have a favorite team. And in today's modern world, with so many voices working on us, so many distractions, there is this something calling to us. A lover. A friend. A memory. We are all unique individuals. Our challenge is to be true to ourselves. To be all that we can be. To bear the fruit that only we can can bring. And in the richness of our season we may proudly say, "Enjoy." 

Talk about enjoying, let's join Joe: Joe Satriani "Flying in a Blue Dream" 

Electric cars - Good for the environment, Right 

In 1891, William Morrison of Des Moines, Iowa builds the first successful electric automobile in the United States. At the beginning of the 21st century, interest in electric and other alternative fuel vehicles has increased due to growing concern over the problems associated with hydrocarbon-fueled vehicles, including damage to the environment caused by their emissions, and the sustainability of the current hydrocarbon-based transportation infrastructure as well as improvements in electric vehicle technology. So electric cars are good for the environment? Think again. Adam Conover, of Adam Ruins Everything, gives us a few extra things to think about. 
I wonder why "they" didn't tell us this? "Electric Cars Aren't As Green As You Think" 


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However much I might try to expound 
or explain Love, when I come to Love itself, 
I am ashamed of my explanations... 
Love alone can explain the mysteries of love 
and lovers. 


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Task to Magician Cop 
The magic of a fairy 
The magic of a police officer 

The Task (Italian sonnet) 

He rises yet again to meet his task
He knows today the tip of destiny
What purpose served the winds and stars do ask
Somewhere another lover waits for me
So out to risk a world so full of doubt
Where people hide behind their chosen truth
And carry poison in the way they shout
At one who brings some comfort to a youth
And there she dreams her future full hope
Upon her bed reality of dread
But with his touch a chance to help her cope
A kiss of magic to the day she’s wed
A peasant bride whose day the truth defies
Enjoys a day which all true loves are due
Yet somewhere from a poison fairy dies
While watching two young lovers’ wish come true 

A tale of a fairy who makes a dream come true in this Italian sonnet. The Italian sonnet form is used to tell a story. Not only to tell a story, but to deliver a message. All this in sixteen lines of iambic pentameter. A sonnet with a confusing ending (or new beginning), 

This sonnet surrounds how the love between Arlene and I and my general feeling about magic. In school I was a talented and pretty good looking guy. Arlene, on the other hand, was the bunt of many cruel jokes. These affected how she saw herself and her outward appearance. She went to a girl's school. Here comes this good looking guy, to play a boy's part in a school musical. There may have been more to it, but one night and the next day are what dreams are made of. The last night, when the play was over, had come. It was time to say goodbye to everyone. A single tear from Arlene touched my left arm. That night, I dreamed about and fell in love with Arlene. The next day, as her school was letting out, I was there waiting and we shared our first kiss. 

Magic? Whatever the reason, Arlene was not that good looking. There were plenty of other better looking girls after me, including the costar of that play. Girls who wanted to be close to me was not that unfamiliar. I've even had girls cry for me before. Why did I fall for Arlene? Another touch of magic. Dating a cute guy counteracted all the bullying, Arlene had gone through. This affected the way she looked. I was now dating a really attractive girl.

Magic, Does it truly exist? Let's not touch religion or miracles. Let's just stick to a person whose self esteem weighs heavy on them. The attention of someone special turns the whole self esteem around. Or. we're looking for an outfit, They're out of our size, but we happen on something better. Sure there are logical explanations. But as long as it doesn't hurt anyone or anything (including us), why not have a little fun? The story about how the love affair really started is so much better when a little magic is thrown into the mix. Amor, my present wife really does look better, because she likes me to tell her she's pretty. I'm certain these little things happen to all of us. Our cooking tastes a little better. We find that something we've been looking for. We think  of someone and they call us. Magic! The list goes on and on. These are little things. There is a logical explanation. Why not let a little wonder into your life (as long as nothing is harmed)? Maybe we can save a fairy's life. Does magic truly exist? I don't know. But as we wonder though the wonder of life, let us Enjoy. 

How about a little fairy music: Derek Fiechter "Dryad's Tree" 

If we think it's hard being a cop, imagine being a magic cop 

Prior to taking on assignments, police officers go through training at a police academy. The training program generally lasts around 12 to 14 weeks and includes classroom instruction in state laws, local ordinances, constitutional law, civil rights, and accident investigation. Police officers also learn about traffic control, self-defense, first-aid, firearms, and emergency response. Along with this, an increasing number of police departments require applicants to complete at least one or two years of college coursework or have an associate’s degree. Now, imagine throwing in a course or two of magic.
The result is... "Key & Peele - Magician Cop"


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Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, 
you can make anything happen. 
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

When to YouTube ReRyan (2016) 
Lovers look back at a glorious lifetime 
Ryan Higa takes a humorous look at trends of 2016 

When (English sonnet) 

When will we see a night like this once more
When silken stars will wonder what we’ll do
With this their moment mid the moon kissed hue
When sighs of lovers make the flowers soar
When will we see a dream like this come true
When chance will open every longed for door
With melodies we’ve never felt before
When sighs of lovers fills my heart with you
I’m sure that we will dream another night
I’ll hold you tight and linger in a kiss
So sure that we have memories in sight
Another passing smile I would not miss
When will we see this moment of delight
For other dreams and nights will not be this

Lovers linger for a time in a moment in this English sonnet. The quatrains are very structured. This was done to build a familiar memory. When the couplets take over the sonnet looks toward the future. Then we return to a memory and the message of the sonnet. 

It was just another night with " the crew" at the dance club. It was a moderately slow dance. A chance for lovers to hold one another on the dance floor. Arlene and I looked into each other's eyes, knowing that this time will never come again. We had done this many times before. This time was different. Disco was on it way out and Arlene and I would soon be entering into a new stage of life (parenthood). Other than his cries, which were more like a shriek, Peter, our firstborn, was a dream. Arlene and I were very happy. We looked into each other's eyes. It returned again, "This time will never come again." I miss those disco days. I miss when Peter was a baby. I miss so many moments in my life. Yet I carry with me a satisfaction, for I knew, I lived as if "this time will never come again." 

So should we all live our life. Long or short. life is what it is. We cannot go back in to the past. We can attempt to relive those precious moments. It is okay to miss what once was. But now... Make the most of now. It is human nature to take things for granted, and life flies by. Instead, "take a little longer to smell the flowers." Don't allow yourself to fall into a rut. Even little things will make a world of difference. It is hard to remember times that are alike or that run into each other. It is easier to remember the special times. If we were going to die tomorrow, how would we live today? Well, tomorrow will be different and now will join the past. Take hold of the present. Make the most of who we are, this time, our moment and Enjoy. 

A little motivational music id in order: Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston "When You Believe" 

Basketball fans are going to love this 

The Warriors Blew a 3-1 Lead refers to a series of jokes about how the NBA’s Golden State Warriors lost the 2016 NBA Finals to the Cleveland Cavaliers after having three wins against Cleveland’s one in the Best-of-Seven series. That season, Golden State set the record for wins in the regular season with 73, and had the league’s first-ever unanimous Most Valuable Player in Steph Curry. Despite needing only one more victory to win the championship, Golden State lost the following three games and the series. This made them the first team in NBA History to blow a 3-1 series lead in the NBA finals. The jokes are a way to troll Warriors supporters who claimed the team was the best in NBA history. With this in mind enjoy the last of Ryan Higa. of  nigahiga, as he takes a look at 2016's biggest trends. 
Pay attention as Ryan pokes some fun at 2016's biggest trends and the Warriors. "YouTube ReRyan! (2016)" 


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How wonderful it is that nobody need wait 
a single moment before starting 
to improve the world. 
Anne Frank


Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Season's Gift to Poe's The Raven, Christmas Edition 
While people enjoy the season's gift 
One man ponders on his greed 

The Season’s Gift (Italian sonnet) 

What magic fills the air this time of year
Why are our feelings so much softer now
We smile and spread infectious gifts of cheer
Good tidings with a stranger now allow
Those faceless shadows we pass in the street
Become the neighbors that we oft speak of
It feels so good at last to finally meet
To take our part and spread the peace and love
When does it start why does it have to end
Is there some rule somewhere that makes it so
We can’t afford to make another friend
To watch a peaceful world in springtime grow
So when we see that star up in the sky
Perhaps that special time that comes to pray
Don’t let this special gift pass lightly by
What would be wrong if it were here to stay 

Something that many people are wondering is the subject of this Italian sonnet. This is a straight forward Italian sonnet. There are no tricks, no play with word, no hidden meaning, There is nothing to distract us from the valuable message of this sonnet. 

This is far off from the season, but it does show a side of people. The year was 1996. Abraham Lincoln is one of San Francisco's priced high schools. At the time the school was being dragged down by major gang problems. I had just enjoyed a major success with a teacher launching a reading program" "Steppingstones To Reading". (She came up with the program. I came up with the donations.) Mrs, Chan had just become the principal, of Abraham Lincoln, when my attention was directed at the school, as head of the Lodge's public school committee. At a meeting with Principal Chan, she was not interested in our money. The school needed more. So off we went, to sell the school to the community. The idea was: By supporting the school, we could reduce the gang problem that was plaguing everyone. Through the efforts of many, the community and businesses got behind the school and  Principal Chan. She, on her part, made it very hard on gang activity near school grounds. She was tough. She would get in trouble for some of her practices. But it's hard to argue with success. The final tombstone for the gangs came, when the local police department had their oil changes done at the school. To celebrate our victory, Abraham Lincoln held a special assembly to thank everyone. People came together to improve a school. 

People can and do work together. The joy that seems to permeate every corner of society during this time of the year, is not limited to here. It is certainly not as big or as all persuasive. When I volunteered in a soup kitchen, the staff acted very positively. Problems arose. They were addressed positively. We believe, this positive air prevented other problems. In the story, a entire community worked together to help a school. I, and others, believe this "joy" toward one another, toward all, will be tomorrow's norm. I  and perhaps you, have seen bits and pieces of it. Now, during the holiday season, we see the proof of it. We are the proof of it. We are the source of it. Every at of kindness is one step closer. Closer to total world peace. Can we make this "joy" last one more day? Positively. And as we greet one more day positively and with kindness Enjoy. 

Variety in our characters is our strength: Billy Joel "Piano Man" 

What do we get if we cross Edgar Allen Poe with Santa Claus 

When Poe was writing "The Raven," his wife, Virginia, was suffering from tuberculosis. It was a weird marriage.Virginia was Poe’s first cousin and only 13 years old when they married. Weirder still is the version of "The Raven" put together by Studio C. In this version the feeling of "The Night Before Christmas" is merged with "The Raven". 
Sit back. Relax. And enjoy. "Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven, Christmas Edition" 


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Kindness in words creates confidence. 
Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. 
Kindness in giving creates love. 
Lao Tzu