Monday, April 24, 2017

She Strolls to Can You Watch My Stuff 
In his dreams she walks 
In her dreams he walks 

She Strolls (poem) 

I sense her once again stroll through my garden
Soft music of the flowers thrills the air
The moonlight’s sweetest kiss now begs her pardon
For letting all my dreams know she is there
Is this imagination or a vision
Which sways away within a lover’s heart
Where she walks there is no such precision
Of where a day may end and dreams will start
And though the shroud of doubt may skew my view
With reason shouting right there by its side
And jealous hearts concoct a brand new brew
Delivered by another’s lonely pride
I sense her once again so softly calling
In whispers cast so only I may hear
And once again I sense that I am falling
In dreamer’s garden here to hold you near 

A dream is strolling, once again, through the garden of his imagination in this poem. This poem contrasts two syllable rhymes withe one syllable rhymes. Throughout the poem the beats are kept tight to emphasize the differences. In the conflict stanza (three) the two syllable rhymes disappear. Question: Is she real or a dream? 

Arlene was more to me than my lover and my wife. She was my dream. It wasn't enough that our love, life and romance began with the Magic Teardrop Arlene shed. Or that perfect day we enjoyed on the day we were wed. Not one thing, all that day, went wrong, My princess and I enjoyed many fantasies. Let me share one more of those dreams. In the height of my radio advertising days, my partner, Mike, landed us a great deal. It was for a new hot dog stand company that was opening throughout the Bay Area. First we had to meet the owner. I decided to bring Arlene along (for some reason). The owner had a large house with an unbelievable garden just outside Petaluma. Bringing Arlene along was a great (though unclear) idea. She hit it off big with the owner's wife.  The ladies retired to the garden as the owner poured Mike and me a glass of wine. What happened next was a bit hazy. As we were discussing the advertising deal and ideas, I couldn't take my eyes off Arlene, in the garden. It was like she was calling to me. She was so beautiful. She didn't seem to see me staring at her. What was even stranger, my being distracted didn't disturb the meeting. After the meeting, when we went back to our cars, Mike told me I was brilliant. We had achieved a big contract. All I could remember was Arlene and her beauty in the garden. The real inspiration. Arlene and I spent that evening at a resort overlooking the Petaluma harbor.

Life is a wonder. Sometimes things happen in what seems a prearranged manner. A man takes his wife to a business meeting and is inspired by her. Martin, and all his talents and experience, is delivered to the Masons at the right time. I'm certain that we all have wondrous chain of events in our lives. Some of these chain of events may not be easily explained (if at all). Some of these chain of events are so common, we take them for granted. We are born. We grow old. We pass on. Some events go on unseen. Why is this happening? What is going on? I don't honestly know. Life is a wonder. Are these chain of events meant for us? Are we that special? While we try to figure it all out, Enjoy.

Life sings to us: Handel "Where'er You Walk" 

One of life's wonders is imagination 

Everyone has an imagination. The imagination is not simply the province of artists and children, sci-fi buffs and gamers. It is simply the ability of the mind to think in pictures. We use our imaginations all the time, whether we are daydreaming, planning, remembering, or meditating. Sometimes our imagination can go a little too far, as in this video created by Wong Fu Productions. 
After watching this video ask yourself, "Did I watch that video?" "Can You Watch My Stuff? ft. Leenda D" 

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No, there's nothing half so sweet in life as love's young dream. 
Thomas Moore


Saturday, April 22, 2017

They danced to Every Romantic Comedy Ever 
These lovers danced through their life 
These lovers laughed through their life 

They Danced (English sonnet) 

The lights were slowly setting as they dance
Another part of song they didn’t know
They lived and loved amid each other’s glow
Within each turn they shared a new romance
And as they danced what wonders they would sew
Upon two souls adrift who chanced a glance
This song of love surrender to its trance
And come to know why love has blessed them so
They danced while life threw troubles in their way
They danced through times when others would have cried
Was ever such a reason for the day
To be like them the other dreamers sighed
And as they danced those lights seem far away
And as they danced within his arms she died

These lovers' dance made a memory and an English sonnet. This sonnet uses the two quatrains, three couplet style. As most English sonnets this one is divided into two parts. The first part (the quatrains) presents an overview of two aging lovers enjoying (dancing) life.  The couplets (the second part) is supposed to make us feel as if everything is sped up. Switching from four line to two lines helps facilitate this. Then, from out of nowhere, this happens. 

Arlene and I had a pretty good and success time as parents. This pretty much ended when our son, Peter, went off to college. His sister, Robin, was still living with us, here at home. But she was going to school and working. Plus Robin and Peter had a very special relationship. That was all over now. Robin was too busy to realize what was happening. I seemed to take it all the hardest. Two days into my depression, Arlene  put a piece of paper on the dining table. She had been busy entering us into a big dance competition. Although Arlene and I danced occasionally and danced around the house, we hadn't done any serious dancing since our disco days. Arlene had entered us into three categories: Waltz, Cha cha cha and Free style. We had to practice. And practice we did.  We even had a friend, from our disco days, who opened a dance studio, not farr from the house. He helped us. When the days of the competition arrived, Arlene and I had passed all three auditions. That, in itself, was pretty impressive. That was as far as we got. We were eliminated in the first round. I noticed dance had evolved a get deal since Arlene and I ruled the dance floor. I also noticed Arlene and I had aged. On the positive side: All that practicing took my mind away from the sadness. Plus all that practice dancing prepared us for the big party days just ahead.

Bad things happen to all of us. Sometimes, in times of troubles, it it helpful to take our mind away from the troubles, a diversion, something to clear our mind. A breath of fresh air. Let me make it clear: We are not, we don't want to run away or ignore our troubles. We are look for a fresh perspective. I believe we have the answers to our challenges within us, or at least know where to find help. Sometimes troubles make it hard to see clearly. Sometimes troubles confuse us to make the wrong decisions. Sometimes troubles take control of us. Step back (for a moment). Be confident the true answer is within us. We are all wonders. Be confident in how special we are. Know that there is no trouble that we can't overcome (one way or another) and Enjoy.

Remember that First Dance: Ed Sheeran "Thinking Out Loud" 

Romance doesn't have to be serious 

The romantic comedy film "Pretty Woman" was originally darker. The original script for the film, titled “3000”, written by J.F. Lawton was not a love story and didn’t have a happy ending. Instead of a rom-com about finding love, it was a story of two damaged individuals who spent a week together than ended in tears and no balcony reunion. If that wasn't confusing enough,  Ian Hecox and Daniel A Padilla. of Smosh, put together the most memorable scenes of rom-coms.
Don't remember these scenes? Neither does anyone else. "EVERY ROMANTIC COMEDY EVER" 

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The gifts of lovers to one another are, in respect to love, 
nothing but forms; yet, they testify to invisible love. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Did I Imagine to Why I Tattooed My Entire Body 
A person looks back at an unimaginable life 
A person looks upon the unimaginable 

Did I Imagine (English sonnet) 

Did I imagine all of it away
So strange the kind of things which disappear
When even hiding places seem to stray
Where shadows do not have to reappear
Did I imagine all of it aside
So strange when pictures of a truth assail
The trace of grace left hidden there inside
This soul for many others did avail
Did I imagine all of it awhile
Before it ran a course through other’s lives
And put askew a world that they once knew
Did I imagine all of it would smile
While everything inside my body rives
Did I imagine you will see me through 

A person comes to grip with reality in this English sonnet. This sonnet takes advantage of the form to accomplish the second element of its style. In the quatrains the speaker examines his strange world. When he comes to the triads the pace seems to get more urgent as he arrives at the blessing. This illusion was accomplish by getting the reader use to three line between "Did I imagine...", then reducing the number of lines. 

Near the end of my disco days, I became a marijuana user. I had smoked it on rare occasions before, but I never really got into it. I can blame a lot of things for me getting heavily into it, but that would be playing the blame game. When I say "heavily" I mean I was stoned all day. All day except the time it took me to roll my first joint. I can tell people this about the effects of marijuana on people: it effects everyone differently. Those stoned people sitting around with the munchies is an "old wives' tale". There are some people who become much better when they're stoned. On the other hand, there are some who get worse. If those opposed to making marijuana legal got a hold of my friend Charles marijuana would never become legal. Then there are those in the middle, someplace. Me? I was an exceptional user. So good that my boss would asked me to work overtime and weekends. I would keep copy machines going in two offices and turn out pounds of exceptional work. I even taught myself how to play the guitar. Smoking marijuana made me a working fool. My boss even introduced me to eye drops and kept me stocked in breath mints and gum while at work. If anyone made the mistake of asking me a question. boy did I give them a detailed answer. I quit when my son, Peter, turn one. I was stoned and bouncing him on my knee, I asked myself, "Is this the father he deserves?' I have never used drugs since that day. It was just in time. Chevron instituted a strong anti-drug program. Arlene? She never really got into drugs. She preferred to watch and be prepared to catch this nut if I fell down.

As we know, marijuana has become legal in California. It is legal in many other states. Having seen, first hand, its effects on my friends, my feelings are mixed. What does have me perplexed is not the drug itself. Stick with me on this one. We were told marijuana is not harmful. Then I think of my friend Charles and the many more like him, who shouldn't use marijuana, (lots of people). Then we have one nut (in a million) who walks into a school to shoot his wife. Because of this one lunatic, all school securities are heightened. (I'm just using the school shooting as an example of the rare changing the lives of the many.)  As far as marijuana, both sides of the argument were not telling the complete truth. So I'm not so much perplexed about the marijuana issue. It is the way many of our laws and regulations are handled. What can we do about it? Open our eyes and those of our neighbors and friends. Speak put. Speak out the truth in a positive way. (No one wins an argument.) Let our leader know our feelings. Working together will bring us one step closer to that better world. Believe we can and Enjoy.

Back to the sonnet: Babyface "You Were There" 

Ever considered a tattoo 

When it comes to getting inked (tattooed), 59 percent of women have tattoos compared to 41 percent of men, according to a new poll released by the Oxygen Network and Lightspeed Research. What’s more, 40 percent of women made their tattoo experience a shared one, often getting inked with friends and loved ones. Liza Koshy's friend, who looks a lot like her,  just recently got inked. She explains to Liza the meaning of some of her tattoos. 
Need an idea for a tattoo? "WHY I TATTOOED MY ENTIRE BODY"

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You don't love someone for their looks, or their clothes, 
or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song 
only you can hear. 
Oscar Wilde

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

It Calls To Me to Chained To The Rhythm Parody 
A memory of a song calls to a lover 
The meaning of a song escapes the memory of this Perry 

It Calls To Me (Martin verse) 

In a mist it calls to me
Portrait of a memory
Something lost won’t let me be
To its arms I’m bound to flee
Kisses calling from some past
Mid a song that couldn’t last
Heartbeats that were gone too fast
A forever there was cast
Dream that now is over me
Promises return at last
Passing chance to hold on fast
To its arms forever flee
There to linger midst the past
In sweet fruits of memory
Drifting from how can this be
From a love all this was cast
Why its arms I once did flee
In this dream I’m bound to be
Frozen times this memory
In a mist it calls to me 

Once again a lover is listens to a song from memory in this Martin verse. I got the idea for the Martin verse from the symphony form of music. A melody is introduced, It undergoes a development, to reappear changed. In a Martin verse four rhyming words are introduced. Four more rhyming word are added. The two sets of words are mixed up twice. The original words reappear in reverse order. A1/A2/A3/A4, B1/B2/B3/ B4, A1/B2/B3/A4. B1/A2/A3/B4, A4/A3/A2/A1  

After Arlene's passing and four years of mourning (more of respect than sadness), the Masons encouraged me to consider being seen with a women. I was working with many youth groups and they thought it would look better for my image. So it was that I met, courted and married Amor. Amor is much different than Arlene. Her biggest magic is making problems vanish. If there are bill problems, plumbing problems, car troubles, anything; Amor makes it all go away. It's not that she does anything directly. Her behavior or something she says makes any problem unimportant, vanish. There is only one problem. A person can die of happiness. Amor is that good. Into this bliss comes a mist. A mist of a memory of a life well lived. It happens in the quiet moments. One of the things about living a full life is that memories return in mass, making it confusing for a time to sort out what's going on. Arlene returns in memories. All the marvels of a life well lived. Amor knows it happens. She doesn't mind. She is self confident enough and she enjoys making me happy.

People may say how lucky. People may enjoy stories with a happy ending. I say we are all stories with a happy ending. Happy ending? With all the troubles in the world. Yes, there are troubles in the world. I have had my share of troubles. We all have troubles. I prefer to put my focus on the good things all around. When I go to the doughnut shop I do not ask for their worst cup of coffee. Yes, there are troubles in the world. There are waves upon waves of people working very hard to make a better world. There are simple acts of kindness all around. A man stealing a cell phone. A man giving food to a homeless person. Who do we focus on? (Not to mention that stolen cell phones can be made useless, valueless.) I am willing to bet that everyone reading this is involved in something good. How does it make us feel when our efforts take back stage to troubles? I believe, besides what the media is inundated with, that there are many, many more people working for the betterment of all than those causing troubles. The day of peace, the perfect world is coming. We, who are working toward that day. let us Enjoy.

Here's to memories: Andrew Lloyd Webber "Memory" 

Is there too much hidden meaning in some of our songs 

"Chained to the Rhythm" by Katy Perry is about people who live live far away from difficulty or unhappiness and who aren't willing to come down out of these "bubble[s]" to see real problems that need to be solved in the world. She doesn't specify the kind of problems and leaves it to her audience to apply her song to situations on their own though there does seem to be a pretty substantial political charge to this song. If that wasn't confusing enough, The Key of Awesome has created a parody only slightly more confusing. 
Rather than trying to figure this out, just laugh. "Katy Perry - Chained To The Rhythm PARODY! The Key of Awesome #118" 

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Keep all special thoughts and memories for lifetimes 
to come. Share these keepsakes with others to inspire 
hope and build from the past, which can bridge to the 
Mattie Stepanek


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Silent Wishes to Expectation vs. Reality In Parenting 
Something challenges a lover's reality 
Reality challenges parents' expectations 

Silent Wishes (English sonnet) 

I whisper silent wishes to the breeze
With hope they’ll bring your kisses out to see
What sweetness lies inside such fantasies
To make them spare some tender time with me
Let’s risk an endless moment to be free
To follow kisses’ dreams where they may please
And kiss the stairway to eternity
Which lies amid such promises as these
But what would whispers know of kisses’ cares
Whose silent power oft ignites delight
Of wishes sparkling there within your sighs
As kisses flow reality impairs
Does dawn still flow aroused by dreams of night
My wishes silent whispers’ for replies 

A lover lost in wishes of kisses is lost within this English sonnet. In this this English sonnet the traditional quatrain form of: A/B/B/A B/A/A/B, is switched to A/B/A/B B/A/B/A, The first half has a lover seeking out a kiss. The second half starts with a dilemma. Then the kisses start. 

Before I start, this is not an advertisement. As everyone knows, I'm a kissing fool. Everyone in the Lodge knew it. That's how bad. this poor soul was. One may think teenagers are"too much" when it comes too kissing, but then there is Martin. In junior high school, after Malana (my first kiss) taught me how to kiss, the girls had fun with me. Malana was a good teacher. The kissing was ridiculous. When I met Arlene, I was a typical teenager, when it came to kissing. Keep in mind, Arlene was teaching me how to dance. This upped the opportunities to kiss. Skip ahead some 25 years. Arlene and I were in charge of dance parties and romantic "fools". One of our guests asked if we had ever heard of the Madonna Inn. (Not to be confused with the singer Madonna. The Madonna Inn was created by Alex Madonna.) I said, "No."
"Have I got a deal for you", he bragged.
Basically, I let him make a weekend reservation for Arlene and me at the Madonna Inn. If I didn't thoroughly like it, he would pay for my stay, If I liked it, I paid. I agreed.

Two weekends latter, Arlene and I drone down to San Luis Obispo and the Madonna Inn. Were we in for a surprise. The Madonna Inn is noted for their uniquely designed guest rooms. Each room is different. Ours was a spacious romantic jungle, complete with two trees and lot of topical plants (real and artificial). Click here for pictures of the Madonna Inn. The dinning areas were unbelievable. I can't speak highly enough about the service and personnel. There was only one thing that kept us from fully enjoying the Madonna Inn. It was the kissing. The whole fantasy is set up for romance (and they do a great job). Question: Did Arlene and I kiss more here or when we were teenagers? Needless to say I lost the bet. Or did I win it?

The Madonna Inn was one thing. but there are fantasies all around us. Easy for one to say who lives in San Francisco, the Bay Area, California, the United States, Planet earth, the Sol galaxy, the Milky Way... Get the picture? Did two teenagers kiss more than two mad adults? We are here and this is where it all begins. All that brought us here are the precious extras to move us forward. Forward to the kisses from life we so richly deserve. Forward to open our eyes to the marvels all around us. Forward to all that we appreciated, loved, appreciate, love... renewal. Renewal to move forward. Believe, know that we are wonderful. It all starts here. So, get out there and Enjoy.

A song from a kissing fool: Perry Como "If Wishes Were Kisses" 

What can be more magic than being a parent 

The "twos" are terrible is a myth, according to Susan Anderson Swedo, M.D., a behavioral pediatrician. Sometime during that stretch, it's almost certain that your sweet baby will be displaced by the Toddler From Hell: stubborn, argumentative, tantrum-prone, possessed by an almost supernatural will. Needless to say, dealing with this can be, well, terrible. However, if you keep your eye on the positive side of this stage and have some knowledge about how to handle it, you and your child will both benefit. We can still have some fun with the ideas of the "terrible twos", as Story of This Life did. 
Parenting can offer laughs. "Expectation vs. Reality [In Parenting]" 

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A kiss is a rosy dot over the 'i' of loving. 
Cyrano de Bergerac

Friday, April 14, 2017

My princess to Dance With Me 
For one couple the dance is over 
For one couple the dance has just started 

My Princess (lyrical poem)

Sleep sleep sleep my princess I will be along
At last the ball has ended
The last guest said adieux
We showed them all our special song
And hope that some attended
A dream we shared come true
And for a while the moonlight flowed
Young hearts reborn there in its trance
With thoughts of kisses in their glance
So unashamed the love they showed
Dream dream dream fair princess what could be so wrong
For one whom we depended
To earn the rest she’s due
Through all you kept our vision strong
And never once pretended
What lovers had in view
And for a while the moonlight flowed
And for that while we took a chance
To hold the world within a dance
Yet from that dance how romance glowed
Sleep sleep sleep my princess as we leave this throng
To worlds we have transcended
To realms of only you 

The last party has ended as a lover blesses his sweetheart with sweet dreams in this lyrical poem. This poem uses a variety of styles. The choruses use a normal rhyme style. The rhymes are contained within the stanza. The verses use a floating rhyme style. Each line rhymes with the same line of the preceding stanza. The choruses are four lines long, while the versus are three lines long, While the meter of the entire poem is consistent, the verses use a decaying meter (each line contains less beats). The poem ends somewhat abruptly (one verse instead of two). 

In 1999 I was master of the Lodge. This meant absolute power, as long as I did nothing wrong. This period tests a man. For some reason, this period was very hard on me. So hard that I was going to quit Masonry. I stayed on because one of the young ladies in one of girl's groups I was involved in asked me why I was going to throw it all away. So I decided to slow down. So here Arlene and I were. We had done so much. So many people, things and ideas had changed because of us. The world was spread at our feet. We lived beyond the need for money. (Others gladly paid our way.) We got to be young again. Here we were. No more parties to run or that we had to attend. No More Lodge responsibilities. Our kids had grown up. What were Arlene and I going to do? What a life we had up to this moment. The world awaited us, Here was our world. We had each other. So, day by day we did things to appreciate each other; Who we had become. Life is grand.

This was my life. Everyone's life is different. Everyone's path is different. One thread our paths have in common, every path of every person on earth, past and present, is satisfaction. Are we satisfied with what we did, with what we accomplished? Life is a wonder, We started off there and ended up here. Is this where we planned to be? From there to here there are many things to do. Did we do some of them? The relationships... the memories... are our treasure chest full? Time can be short or long, but we are only here so long. Our past is now memories. Hopefully, most good, satisfying. Here we are. Do we see the message? There will come a time when we can no longer... Before that time comes, remember we are here. What can we do better? What can we do to be satisfied? (Maybe we already are.) We are all wonderful. We are all deserving. Life is spread out before us. Take it in to the fullest. Find and claim our satisfaction and Enjoy.

Let's take a trip down memory lane: Frankie Carle "A Lover's Lullaby" 

 There are dances and there are dances 

Research  proves that dancing also reduces stress and tension for the mind and body. Studies by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute have shown that dancing also prevents heart disease in particular. Anwar Jibawi and Hannah Stocking insist these studies may not be entirely correct. 
Let's watch tis video and find out why. "DANCE WITH ME | Anwar Jibawi & Hannah Stocking" 

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Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. 
They're in each other all along. 
Jalaluddin Rumi

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Always to The Force Awakens To A Bad Lip Reading 
A lover's dreams take her to the stars 
Bad lip reading bring the stars back to earth 

Always (English sonnet) 

She stares across the ocean of her days
Returning to her in sweet memories
Which shares this precious moment with a breeze
Still whispering the promise of always
A love that promises to always please
And always tries to guide her through this maze
An always as all other hope betrays
And always sweetens memories as these
Now always and again the sun must set
To kiss another memory good night
And add its lavish luster to the moon
Now in his arms she casts aside regret
She dances with eternity in sight
Her always couldn’t come again too soon 

The always of this lover's dreams is the focus of this English sonnet. When one thinks of sonnets, the Shakespearean style comes to mind. (A/B/A/B C/D/C/D E/F/E/F G/G) Here is the English sonnet. It is also written in iambic pentameter (ten beats of soft followed by hard). It has two quatrains followed by two triads. The rhyme scheme is as follows: A/B/B/A B/A/A/B C/D/E C/D/E. 

This poem comes from a practice of Arlene. Every once in a while she would stare into her bedroom window. I once asked her what she ways looking at. She told me: Into her tomorrows. I had a real good friend who worked at Hertz Car Rental. Occasionally he offered me an unbelievable deal on a rental. I get a call, from him, one Saturday. He had a ride for me. I told him, I was low on cash. He said, "No problem." So it was Arlene found herself driving a Dodge Challenger Convertible down highway 101 to Monterey. Arlene loved to drive. It was a sunny Autumn day. The scenery was great. There's nothing as beautiful as a happy Arlene. While cruising the beaches of Monterey, we heard a horn honking. It was Arlene's old school friend and her husband. Long story short: Her friend got lucky and married a guy with money. She saw Arlene's car and not wanting to be outdone got her husband to take us all out to dinner. After dinner, we went dancing. When we drove back home, I thought to myself, what an unbelievable day it turned out to be. At home. after preparing for bed, I found Arlene staring into the window. 

Even to me, this is a bit confusing. There is an old saying: "Money can't buy everything." I'm not so sure. Is this this just a saying to keep the "have nots" satisfied? I look back at all the things I have done. I consider myself to be lower middle class. Yet, I had very wealthy organizations financing my dreams. When I volunteered in the soup kitchens, I wondered who was paying for all this food. When I was working for Toy For Tots, I got hundreds of people involved. Hundreds of people, all buying $8 toy (some of them gave much more). That's a lot of toys. That's a lot of money. Improving the public schools took a lot of hard work. But it took a lot of money too. I like to believe one can exist beyond money. I believed Arlene and I had realized this. (There was still the monthly upkeep costs: utilities, food and such.) Then I realized, someone was paying for this. I remembered visiting people in hospitals. The more money they had, the better care they received. Then I remembered me. I was doing all this to give back for a blessed life, Then I remembered the countless other giving, working at my side. I have seen what money can do. I am confused. Yet, I am proud. I am amazed;. People are amazing. This, they will be my wealth. Money may be able to buy anything, but it is you I prefer to Enjoy.

Need some more inspiration: Mercedes Jones/Amber Riley "I Will Always Love You" 

Talk about confusing - A force awakens 

 At one point, Han Solo refers to many of the iconic vocabulary from the Star Wars mythos as “mumbo-jumbo.” This is the very same word the late Sir Alec Guinness so (in)famously used in interviews, when complaining about the dialogue he had been given for his role in the first Star Wars film. This is what Bad Lip Reading must have had in mind when they created their version of "The Force Awakens".  
May the force to control your laughter be with you. "'THE FORCE AWAKENS: A Bad Lip Reading' (Featuring Mark Hamill as Han Solo)" 

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Know this: I am addicted to you. I have tasted your mind, 
and I cannot forget its flavour. 

Monday, April 10, 2017

A Kiss Will Dismiss to Luncheon Lovers 
At one end we meet a couple dealing with an old romance 
At another end we meet the beginning of a new romance 

A Kiss Will Dismiss (Shakespearean sonnet) 

The day at hand a thread of something wrong
With song we set aside just yesterday
To play as we together make love strong
Along our path to lovers’ hideaway
A something feels so strained amidst the sound
We found from people we might soon become
Who drum a senseless beat into the ground
Till drowned with feelings which have all gone numb
So now we join the chorus of the noise
That toys with promises once made in vow
Somehow our dream maintains a sense of poise
In joys which lay embedded in our prow
Remiss to say it all comes down to this
Dismiss amiss with this another kiss 

A couple deals with the challenges of an aging love in this Shakespearean sonnet. This sonnet uses another form of a rhyme within a rhyme. The second syllable of each line rhymes with the last word of the previous sentence. The second beat of each stanza (first line) rhymes with the last word of that stanza, The sonnet ends wit rhyme madness. (How fitting when a kiss is coming.) 

It is no secret that I'm a sucker for a kiss. Let's put that aside. Believe it or not, there was a time when the husband made all of the household decisions. This included where the couple will go for fun. The wife might permitted to decide how the household might be decorated. I know, because Arlene and I came from this generation. I used to take Arlene out to places that I thought she'd like. Looking back, it would have been better, or easier, just to ask her. There was something less "manly" in taking the more logical route (asking her). Arlene gave every appearance I was doing a good job. She seemed happy. She looked like she was having a good time. One night I come home from work. Arlene says to me, "We're going out Thursday." That was all. She took me to my favorite Italian restaurant where they were having a rare live performance of Italian songs. It was a great evening. When the bill came Arlene paid it saying, "How did you like that?" Followed immediately by a kiss. I got the messages. In time I asked Arlene what she wanted to do for fun.

We are interesting creatures. This is the way things are done and, right or wrong. we do it. Then things change and we slowly wake up and adjust. Let's take women and men equality, as an example. There was a time when the males of our species was better designed to protect the family. It was the female's job to find a mate who displayed the best chances for the success of the family. This was the accepted norm As we became civilized we created structure, such as governments, so we might more productively work together. Some of these governments were matriarchal (run by women). The problem was male testosterone. Eventually, all female societies were conquered. It seems feeding a family, to them. was more important than an army. With the men in charge, women became second class citizens. That was okay (not really) because that was the way it was. We accepted it. Now, in . our more modern age, we are slowly waking up. Men and women are not equal, but should be respected equally. If a person (male or female) can do a job, they should be given the chance and the pay. Anything one sex can do, should be open to everyone. Men and women are different. The future holds vast challenges. By taking advantage of the differences of women and men and  making the two work as one we can meet these challenges. Remember, we have been asleep for thousands of years.There are "this is the way things are done" we have yet to realize. We will realize them. We interesting creatures are changing. We men are slowly seeing and appreciate the power and benefit of two sexes working as one, equally. We are part of that awakening. It is happening all around us. Marvel at this long overdue magic moment and Enjoy.

Let's get back to the sonnet and that kiss: Faith Hill "This Kiss" 

So how do couples meet now-a-days 

Dating advise is a dime a dozen. For instance, SpinFold asserts when a man first approaches a woman, she will base 7% of her initial impression on what he says, 38% on his style of speaking and 55% on his appearance and body language. Then we have Studio C. They seem to think the man in this video can attract women. 
Let us just enjoy. "Luncheon Lovers" 

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The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist 
expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. 
William Arthur Ward


Saturday, April 8, 2017

Someone Left Behind to Billy On Sesame Street 
They searched for one of a kind 
Billy searches for kindness and compassion 

Someone Left Behind (Martin verse) 

They searched but they just couldn’t find
That someone who they left behind
Who helped them when they were so blind
He truly was one of a kind
He taught them a new way to be
A pathway to new clarity
A dream from their past memory
That now has this chance to be free
Such wonders again they did find
This world of a child’s clarity
Where kisses were not memory
And every word was purely kind
Rejoicing in how can this be
Their troubles were so far behind
They wondered why they were so blind
So blind but alas never free
They saw he was not of their kind
So towards him they all became blind
Till once again they fell behind
They searched but they just couldn’t find 

They thought they had found the answer, but they were reclaimed by the blindness of status quo in this Martin verse. Martin verse uses five stanzas of four lines each. Though a meter is desirable, it is not essential. Once the eight words are selected they should not be changed.  The first two stanzas introduce the eight words. The third and fourth stanzas mix the words of the first two stanzas. The fifth stanza uses the words of the first stanza, in reverse order. 

This poem was more of of warning than what Arlene and I went through. The Masons is a fraternal organization. My job at Chevron was to "think outside the box". I am a trained stage performer. All these things and Arlene made me the right person in the right time. When I joined the Masons, I was picked up by a mentor, Jake, who guided me to my many successes. Personally visiting the sick and shut in was Jake's idea. Jake got me one of the Bay Area's top ritualists to be my personal teacher. Over the next six years I would set every word of Masonry to memory. My talent and Jake got me a spot on the line of officers, a seven year commitment. Ernie Bluer called for a rejuvenation over the seven years I was to serve. In my third year, Arlene came up with an idea: Maybe more men would attend the meetings if the ladies had some activities at the same time. This idea was so successful other Lodges adopted it also. After we were assigned to put together Lodge parties, Arlene and I searched to bring back members the  Lodge had lost to other organizations. Our dancing and success at parties made us welcome guests. Rather than taking away members, we came up with a better idea: Working together we can do so much more. This thinking was introduced into the family of Bay Area Masons. From this came a surprising offshoot. When a man wanted to join Freemasonry, we could make sure that man joined a Lodge in which he would be most active. A new way of instructing candidates was created. Rather than one man working with one mentor, men and Lodges could work together, in a school setting, with many teachers. Attendees and candidates were encouraged to give their opinions. which helped the fraternity grow. Yes, I was the right person in the right time.

Believe it or not we all make or cause changes. Life (all life) is a vast ocean and we are a lifetime of drops. What is drop, even a lifetime of drops, compared to the ocean? What if the ocean was the Indian ocean or the Mediterranean Sea? What if our life was a major rain or part of a long season(s) of rains? What if the ocean was drying up or never existed? Let's put aside the excuse: "We can't." The fact is: Most of the time, we can. One of our big obstacles is taking on too many things. The fewer our projects, the bigger change we will bring about. Believe there are others of like thinking. People who know how to work together are a wonder. What I'm alluding to: There are two people. Working together they become so much more (than two individuals). Know the power of positive. Use it to our advantage. With this thinking, how can we lose? We can only succeed. The world is changed because we are/were here. Taste the seasoning we add to life and Enjoy.

Need some more inspiration: The Piano Guys "Kung Fu Piano: Cello Ascends" 

What do cookies have to do with kindness and compassion 

Sesame Street was almost called 123 Avenue B, but it was changed due to the fact that it was a real New York City address. Billy Eichner, of Billy on the Street (a comedy game show) has come to Sesame Street looking for a little kindness and compassion. He is armed with cookies and has the Cookie Monster to assist him. 
Do we see a problem? "Billy on the Sesame Street" 

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Every single person is sacred. Sacred means special, 
precious, a treasure of true beauty. That means you. 
Amy Leigh Mercree

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Wonder Wanders to Next Top Model 
A lover wonders at a dream come true 
Then craziness wanders through a photo session 

Wonder Wanders (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Behold the dream of wonder standing there
Which wanders through my mind of what could be
The wonder of the possibility
That wishes will soon wander in the air
One wonders at such beauty is it real
To wander freely there before our eyes
Which wonder with the whispering of sighs
Which wander close with hopes a kiss to steal
I wonder if my dream is here to stay
Or will she wander back behind the stars
And leave my heart to wonder at the scars
Which wander with a tear back to that day
Behold my dream of wonder at your glow
The wandering lost soul that loves you so 

A lover allows himself to loose himself in the dream of this Shakespearean sonnet. Besides following a lover lost in a dream, this sonnet plays with words wonder and wander. As the sonnet progresses the two words alternate on each successive line. 

This sonnet reflects a behavior of mine. A long time ago, I was a photographer. My main teacher was my close friend Val. She was not only my teacher, she was my main model and big source of my clients. Val and I were close friends and that was it. Val didn't teach me about photography specifically, but about beauty. Val could drastically alter the way she looked, her feelings, by the way she applied her makeup. Through her, I learned there were levels of beauty. Not just esoterically, but in reality. When a model comes for a photo shoot, see it. Bring it out. Capture it on film. Okay, here comes Arlene. We were already married. In my eyes, she was already beautiful. Now I'm armed with "Val's eyes". I could now see and appreciate a deeper beauty. A beauty that knows no age. A beauty that is always new and refreshing. I could lose myself in Arlene in timelessness. It was hard to keep track of time when I was lost in Arlene. When I got into the charity business, "Val's eyes" helped me see the goodness in people. A skill that would become invaluable in my efforts. Years after Arlene passed, I started courting Amor. She would meet the wonder of "Val's eyes".

I believe, I have experienced, there is goodness in everyone. I admit, there are rare exceptions to my beliefs. I feel these exceptions don't deserve my time or energy. Most people are good and/or have a good nature within them. So why does it seem that there are so many bad things happening around us? Social norms, culture, beliefs, shock value, poor choices, environment and a vast array of reasons, but most of all the media. The media seems to be focused on our bad sides. Bad news sells. A few police officers act criminally, so all police officers are bad. We can go off on the media but consider this: Fear is bad. But fear makes a roller coaster good. Conflict is bad. But what makes a good American football game? People are generally good. People are involved in good things all around us. What good things are we involved in? Need more proof? Look at the world ten years ago. Overall it is better. Believe. Know. See. There is beauty all around us. The beauty of the human heart. A heart working toward a day. A day when our children can play together in peace and equality. Breath in the wind and Enjoy.

Back to the sonnet and a girl: Bruno Mars "Just The Way You Are" 

Beauty gone wild equals the modeling world 

Modeling careers are generally really, really short. Young women typically model only about three seasons. Every new runway show features about 70% new faces. Why, we may be asking ourselves. Here are three fresh faces, specifically Anwar Jibawi, Rudy Mancuso and Juanpa Zurita, to give us some insight. 
Some insight into silliness. "NEXT TOP MODEL | Anwar Jibawi, Rudy Mancuso & Juanpa Zurita"

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Love is the joy of the good, the wonder of the wise, 
the amazement of the Gods. 


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

We Are The Fairy Tales to How To Tell Kid Where Babies Come From 
Lovers share the secret of the heart 
Dad shares where babies come from 

We Are The Fairy Tales (Shakespearean sonnet) 

What need have we of others’ fairy tales
When we can be as stars within a sky
Can be so free to cast love’s dreams on sails
Which free the need to hold lingering sigh
They stayed to play amid our star kissed waves
When play gave way to secrets of the heart
Gave way to sway as passion misbehaves
In sway we stayed in love transformed to art
Refused the news of something might be new
Their news were views locked in some distant past
When views did snooze till life passed on through
Though snooze refused we woke them up at last
The need we freed creating tales of love
Still stayed and swayed in starlight from above 

Lovers free others lost imaginations in this Shakespearean sonnet. If we haven't noticed this sonnet contains a heavy word play. The second and forth syllables of each quatrain contains a four sound/word round. (In the first quatrain: need, we, be and free.) This represents a living playfulness. With this in mind, what happens in th rhyming couplet? 

Arlene and I may have slowed down: as young lovers. as we got older, or maybe transformed. The disco days were made for us. We were the princess and prince of the dance floor. Our parenting days left plenty of opportunities for holding hands, hugging and cuddling, an affection kiss or two. And when the bedroom door closed... When I joined the Masons, their parties consisted of dinner, drinks and maybe some live music. With our kids on their own, Arlene and I were going to movies, dining, theaters, the symphony, opera and such. When we were placed in charge of parties we introduced dancing. We did this by hiring a singer/dance instructor. Once we got the men dancing, the rest was easy. Dances were just part of the fun. With the money the Lodge had, the only limitation was imagination. The Masons were getting old and covered with dust. Arlene and I were the right people in the right time. Someone else, Ernie Bluer, called for a rejuvenation of Masonry. So we introduced train trips, visits to wineries. forests, haunted houses to name a few. Our dances became legendary. We danced on top of the city, out on the bay, in gardens, even in a lion house. Arlene and I were fairy tales. It was so satisfying seeing couples letting go. People were young again. The magic was spreading and contagious. What was even more rewarding to Arlene and me was that others took over where we left off. The magic that ignited in our time is still alive. 

As time ticks by we are getting older. Once we reach a certain age, there are things that we cannot do anymore. But our minds; There's a wonder. "You are only as old as you feel." I'm certain many of us have heard that one. According to a 2014 study done by scientists from University College London, people who saw themselves younger were generally healthier and over all had a longer life expectancy. (source: The daily Mail) How our minds think about ourselves effects how we look and how we look at life and the things around us. Change the way we think and we change the world. And who are we? How old are we, really? Grow? Glow? Our mind is a wonder. It can even attract to itself like things; Like joys. like interests, like thoughts, et cetera. Is there magic? Let us open our minds. Experience and Enjoy. 

Is there magic? Let's ask Barry: Barry Manilow "Could it be Magic" 

Imagination is equal to a dad answering a little girl's question 

According to WebMD, most children begin asking questions at the age of 3  to 4. One of the questions might be. "Where do babies come from?' This can be an uncomfortable situation. Here is New Zealander Jordan Watson, of How To Dad, to share with us what other dad's do when and if this moment arises. 
Note: any similarities to reality are similarities to reality. "HOW TO TELL A KID WHERE BABIES COME FROM" 

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The power of imagination 
makes us infinite. 
John Muir


Sunday, April 2, 2017

Endless Waves to Girl Genius Revealed 
The wonders in some tankas 
The wonders of a little girl 

Ways (tanka) 

Once there was a light
Flowing across ways it knew
Then it disappeared
Leaving others to wonder
What ways did it have in view

Endless Waves (tanka) 

Endless are the waves
Sparkling promise on bright sand
Under hope filled skies
Thrilling the wonders of life
On this paradise of you

Fields Of Time (tanka) 

In the fields of time
Some people enjoy their view
Lavishing in life
Wondering what waits ahead
While others weep their goodbyes

Wonders are explored in these tankas. Tanka (短歌 "short poem"?) is a genre of classical Japanese poetry and one of the major genres of Japanese literature. They are believed to have originated in the seventh century. The  classical  tanka is comprised of 31 syllables spread out in five lines, broken down thus: 5/7/5/7/7. Modern tanka writers challenge the classical tanka form. (A tanka being a "short poem".) 

As I went on with my charitable activities they got to be more than I could handle. Let's take my activity with Toys For Tots. Toys For Tots is a program run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve, which distributes toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy them gifts for Christmas. The Masons were big supporters of the program until 1965. I was assigned to rejuvenate it in my Lodge in 2003. By 2006 the Masonic family of the San Francisco Bay Area bought into the program. This was done by taking people, who thought that they were less than they were and giving them an opportunity to shine. The Masonic Toys For Tots program was taken to some of the business committees. One of the volunteers started up an amateur football league. Through the new Toys For Tots program some of the Masonic Lodges became supporters and meeting facilities of their communities. Other volunteers were brought in by individuals who learned how to let people shine. Masonry teaches that no one lasts forever. Hence, it was important to pass on my insights of running a successful Toys For Tots program to my successor. I passed over the reins in 2010.  

There is wonder in everyone. At least that has been my experience. It is easy for some people to take an idea and run with it. There is a world of individuals. who for one reason or another, can't or don't get started. I believe everyone wants to be more. This belief has helped many. Inside everyone is a foundation. of some sort. Maybe that foundation is a need, a desire, a belief or whatever gets that person out of bed. Build on that foundation and it gets better, stronger. The best way to build is success or confidence. So what does all this mumbo-jumbo mean? Believe that everyone wants to be better. If we are a leader or someone working with others, find/see that something that is important, of value in that other person(s). How does it match into the goal at hand? It is okay to get that person's help. Once found (and it will be found), formulate a series of steps toward achieving a goal. Each step should be success oriented. If we are working on ourselves or to make ourselves better, the idea is the same. It is important that each step is easily attainable. It is the power of success, confidence that lead us to achieve that wonder that we are. We are all wonders. There is a shining star in everyone. Believe, know, see and Enjoy.

How about a song to celebrate the magic that is us: Limahl "The Never Ending Story" 

There is nothing quite like the magic in a young girl's eyes 

The most famous member of the Magic Circle,  a British organisation dedicated to promoting and advancing the art of magic. is Prince Charles. He joined the club in 1975 after performing the famous Cups and Balls trick for members. Not quite Prince Charles, Michael Carbonaro, a magician by trade but a prankster at heart, can still wow us. More importantly, he can wow a little girl and her mother. 
Want to be amazed.  Keep your eyes on that big Rubic's cube on the table, "The Carbonaro Effect - Girl Genius Revealed" 

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No one, is a nobody. 
Everyone is special in their own ways. 

Friday, March 31, 2017

She Dreams to Rolling Stones 1964 without music 
A woman dreams of being young again 
The Rolling Stones young again 

She Dreams (sonnet) 

She dreams again about her days of youth
With eyes which added wonder to the sky
And lips cast kisses made the flowers sigh
A world where Joyous teardrops bore the truth
Those wrinkles were mere questions passing by
Does he still pine each moment they’re away
What shall she wear to help impress the day
She dreams about those days and wonders why
When did those magic whispers choose to stray
Amid the memory’s forgotten spring
Another hope another heart to sing
Another lost tomorrow to betray
Yet through his eyes her moods would gaily swing
She’s beautiful and time won’t change a thing 

An aging lady dreams of being young once more in this sonnet. This may look like a Shakespearean sonnet. But it is not. It doesn't follow the normal rhyme schemes. On closer examination the middle rhymes become the outer rhymes of the next stanza, A/B/B/A, B/C/C/B, C/D/D/C, D/D) This was done to imitate a flower's petals. 

Amor doesn't like to wear too much makeup. (Not that she needs to.) She does take an inordinate amount of time choosing an outfit. She will put on a minimum of three before choosing one. She will ask my opinion, which is always good (honestly good), but changes until she is satisfied. No matter how many times she does it, I find the whole routine funny, fascinating and new. It was one of the things that attracted me to Amor. Not only me, but people who enjoy having her around. She is funny and does funny things. Not stupid or dumb, but rather cute and fascinating. There is a freshness to her behavior. Her best friend is her mirror. Around it she keeps pictures of herself when she was younger and when we were courting. Now here is the riddle she deals with. Amor is much, much older than that young lady off on her own. It has been almost 10 years since those courting days. Yet there in the mirror is a truly attractive lady. It seems the years have been really kind to her. Or was it me telling her how beautiful she is. I tell her often and then she glances in a mirror (for this reason or that) to see if I'm telling the  truth. It is true. People tell her how young she looks. Her friends are showing their age. Why is Amor growing more beautiful? Here is the riddle Amor searches for in her mirror. 

The wonders of a woman. Make her believe she's beautiful and she becomes beautiful. There is a bit more to it. We must be honest. She must be truly beautiful to us. It cannot be just a bunch of words, no matter how good the intentions There must be some observable truth behind the compliment or observation, Something she and/or others can observe. With these criterion met, the woman becomes beautiful. More. The woman can do this on her own. She can tell herself she's beautiful. She sees it. and so it is. More, This process is not limited to beauty or women.  A student's improvement in school, someone's work performance, the way we are treated and a myriad of other opportunities. It is the power of positives. The process is simple, Positives attract positives. The more positives. the more positives are attracted. So the beautiful lady becomes more beautiful. This will not work for everything. If a person has no voice, that person cannot sing. They may be able to play the piano. We all are wonders. If we haven't yet discover the power of positives, get ready to be amazed. As wonderful as we are, we can be more. Welcome positives into our live and Enjoy.

If we need a reminder: Joe Cocker "You Are So Beautiful" 

Let's take The Rolling Stones and take away the music 

The Rolling Stones were formed in London in 1962. The original line-up consisted of Brian Jones (rhythm guitar, harmonica), Mick Jagger (lead vocals), Keith Richards (lead guitar, backing vocals), Bill Wyman (bass), Charlie Watts (drums), and Ian Stewart (piano). Stewart was removed in 1963, Just for fun, let's also remove the music. 
So here they are on the TAMI Show in 1964 in Los Angeles. "Musicless Musicvideo / ROLLING STONES 1964 live at the T.A.M.I. show"

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Aging has a wonderful beauty 
and we should have respect for that. 
Eartha Kitt