Friday, January 27, 2017

A Song Of Spring to Performance by 4-year-old Claire and Dad 
A lover proves his love to a flower 
A song proves the love between a father and a daughter 

A Song Of Spring (Italian sonnet) 

A youthful lad was strolling by a stream
The songs of spring were lilting through his heart
His soul beheld the flower of his dream
And to this dream he swore he’d never part
He brought his flower home to safely stay
And showered her with all that life could give
The lad would sing of love throughout the day
His flower’s smile his reasoning to live
Then came one day the smile no longer there
The lad with sadness could not bring it back
What callas care did he forget to share
What happiness did precious flower lack
And from his dream a gentle voice replied
It aired the words his heart already knew
And as he gladly brought her back he cried
The lad who’s laying somewhere in her view 

A lad proves his love to a flower in this Italian sonnet. There is nothing special hidden in this sonnet. This was done so that nothing distracts us from the message it contains. 

I was 21 when Arlene and I moved in together in our Place in the Sky. It was a small apartment on Twin Peaks, with a large balcony overlooking the eastern side of San Francisco. Imagine the unimaginable of a 21 year old boy moving in with his dream, in a Palace in the Sky, no less. It was 1972. When my eyes began clearing up I started to see there was a big difference between a boy and girl seeing each other and living together. My generation was raised with men ruling the roost. Women where exploring their independence. Arlene was one of these women. Moving out of her parent's house was part of her need for independence. There was this boy's challenge: build a relationship and break those old chains. That Palace in the Sky made things easier. Arlene and I saw and heard about our school buddies changing. Many were breaking up. Some of the girls took on their boyfriend's characteristics. In our Palace in the sky it was natural to see Arlene bloom. I, being young, saw the benefits Arlene's independence brought me. Since I wasn't controlling her, it was like we were always dating. As far as partner are concern, one plus one equals so much more (than two). By letting Arlene grow in her own way, in her own direction, she became so much more. As I grew older, I was so much more. As we grew older, we continued to date. As we grew older. the team of Arlene and Martin were hard to beat. 

I grew up in a male dominated world. I have heard and read ancient legends of matriarchal societies. Let me state that I am for equality. I believe men and women should be treated equally. My history as a soccer coach speaks for this. There are some challenges ahead. Men and women are different. Not just physically but our brains are wired differently. We could say that men are stronger. But women are more agile. They tend to live longer too. What we don't appreciate, yet, those matriarchal societies are much different than what we are used to. Remember that we live in a male dominate. male centered, male created world. A women's world would be much different. Those female leaders of countries are just acting out male roles. In the matriarchal society there was no war. There was no defense either. It had other shortcomings. The perfect world, at least for me, is a world where men and women are treated perfectly. A world which reflects ladies and men live here. A world we can all Enjoy.

Now for flowers of a different sort: York feat. Angelina "Ice Flowers" 

How cute do you want it 

Dave and Ashley Crosby. of Seattle, Washington, were college sweethearts who married when Dave was 22 and Ashley was two days shy of her 19th birthday. They had a daughter, Claire, who learned to talk at a super young age and early on could carry a pitch. The dad and daughter take the cuteness award on YouTube. 
Are you ready for some cuteness? "You've Got a Friend In Me - LIVE Performance by 4-year-old Claire Ryann and Dad" 

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If you love someone, set them free. 
If they come back they’re yours; 
if they don’t they never were.
Richard Bach


  1. Yeah, equality is something all should have. But we shouldn't forget our differences as well. Plus people, or society, shouldn't dictate what one should and shouldn't do, as far as work wise goes and such. As now if a woman is a stay at home mom she's looked down upon, can't have that, no no no. Pffft. Not all do it, but some do. Same with stay at home dads. If that is what works, to each their own and damn what society says.

    1. I believe the day is coming. But it is world we are not used to.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the matter.

  2. I think we should all be treated equal as far as love and feelings but Im one to believe that NO, men and women are not equal. We each have our own role and we were made different for a reason. A woman can not and should not be compared to the strength of a man and a man should not be compaired to the fragileness of a woman. But thats just me.

    1. You have touched on the strength of our union. Working togetherand treated fairly is good for everyone.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts

  3. A touchy subject for me sorry.


    1. That's okay
      Thank you for dropping by anyway

  4. No-one should be held back/stopped/diminished/shamed on gender grounds. We are all different and we all have things to contribute.

    1. I hear you and agree.
      Funny, as we get info about everyone, we may be gathering info to make this a better world. If only...
      Thank you

  5. What a sweet and lovely poem. I too believe in equality between men and women, I enjoyed reading your thoughts...

    1. Thank you. It is a real compliment to have caught your interest.