Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Cold Winter to Shoes Yourself 
Tankas about the cold of winter 
Children in the cold of winter 

The River (tanka) 

I feel her passing
Her secret to the river
Which had no sparkle
On that cold and bitter night
That she chose to say goodbye 

Cold Winter (tanka) 

Swallowed by some wind
Alone and broken hearted
In his cold winter
Taken by the dark dark clouds
As the whole world turns to gray 

Winter Winds (tanka) 

What secrets they hid
Under the cold winter winds
Which blew through their lives
Causing couple to scurry
To warm blankets of their love 

Expressions  of the cold winter flow through these tankas. Classic tankas are easy to write. They do not have to rhyme. The syllable of the five lines is all that matters. The syllable pattern is as follows: 5-7-5-7-7. The modern tanka is freer.

Let's go in a different direction from the tankas. Winters in San Francisco aren't that cold. Never the less, when Arlene and I became parents, winters would find us indoors. Peter, our son, was no problem, Both Arlene and I interacted and played with him. Robin came into our lives, The women in Arlene's family treated Robin different. Where Peter got toys, Robin got clothes. Clothes became her toys. As Robin grew, during the rest of the seasons we'd go out to play. In winter (or at nights), try as I might, I was a clumsy father, in a woman's world. Though Robin enjoyed my efforts, I felt uncomfortable. A toddler teaching her dad how to dress a doll. I was the cook of the house. Winter, for some reason, meant more cookies, cakes and pies. I was making cookies and who should bring me the milk that I needed? It was Robin. And so it began. The kitchen became our playground. Robin would grow up to be a chef. She was honored by Zagat, a restaurant reviewing service, as one of ten Up and Coming Chefs in San Francisco. 

Sometimes we are blind to the obvious. Something dangles right in front of our face and we don't see it. It happens to everyone. It happens to world leaders. It happens to the common person. It can be something that we don't see or something that isn't really there but we can't or refuse to accept its nonexistence. It can be a total accident or it can be a well plan scheme. A scary example: we all have to have medical insurance or we will be penalized on our taxes. All of the sudden insurance goes up. When I was young, I could see all the girls who were after me. That time Arlene broke up with me, I could no longer see the girls. The media is constantly toying with us. What can we do? Stop. Take a deep breath. Remember, people are basically good. Remember, I am a victim too. If we find ourselves ahead every now and then, consider ourselves lucky. And with every step Enjoy. 

Now, how about a winter song: John Rutter "Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind" 

Now kids in winter 

Children often claim they’re not cold, when they go out in the winter snow. The truth is that kids are at the same risk of heat loss and hypothermia as adults are, and maybe more. This is a common problem as the Holderness Family points out' The only difference is most families don't turn to an Eminem rap. 
Seeing how well this works for the Holderness Family, we can cross this off our list. "Shoes Yourself | #EminemParody | The Holderness Family" 

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In the depth of winter I finally learned 
that there was in me an invincible summer. 
Albert Camus



  1. Ah, I do love winter. It us nice to have this extra time to spend indoor with my son but I do know the challenges of media/video games. I try to only do social media while the hubby is at work and son is in school. Their relationship is more valuable to me. Now as a parent, I have no problem fussing about get your gloves and wear a jacket. The cold can do damage and no need to put your health at risk. As a woman, I am glad you spent time with your daughter. Those moment are so important. Most men shy away from this and it is a shame. Honestly, I know many many men that cook better than me. Great post!

    1. Thank you so much for this insight into your life. The time we spend with our family will be the golden waves of life.
      It was amazing that a toddler saw what I didn't (the kitchen playground)

  2. Yeah, many a time we can be blinded to the obvious, until the "duh" moment comes and then we see, never to be blinded again.

    1. Sometimes I think the world is getting too complicated. (or we are led to believe this)
      Thank you for opening up

  3. I am indeed lucky. Very lucky. And aware that it isn't true for everyone.
    Sometimes metaphorical winter takes up too much space in people's heads and hearts. (Says the woman who loves the season.)

    1. Your comment is so real and welcome.
      Thank you and enjoy the season

  4. What lovely winter poems, they capture the season beautifully. How wonderful that your daughter became a chef!

    1. Glad you enjoyed.
      She is following her dreams...
      Thank you

  5. The world can be a terrible place, and sometimes our lack of insight, the way others behave, and our inability to see make it even worse. I think the middle tanka reflects this best--a speaker who gets swallowed by darkness that seemed to have been there all along, but he missed it.

    We can only hope to be able to see what truly is.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing these valuable thoughts.
      I agree with you
      May you continue to enjoy

  6. deep and touching expressions!

    how sweet and how wonderful that being with you in kitchen your dear daughter became a an established chief !

    In life no one is perfect .we all encounters with problems that come to tell us more about us and world around us so learning is anyhow is source of pleasure .
    song is beautiful and truly goes with season with it's gloomy melody .
    vidow made me smile as it made me feel like i am dealing with my kids as after each few minutes i ask them to put on their hat and socks and when i see after few minutes i watch them bare feet and head and it makes me crazy .
    wishing you a safe ,healthy Happy new year Martin!

    1. So happy you enjoyed this post. I appreciate the feedback.
      Thank you for your thoughts
      All the best to you

  7. She was honored by Zagat, a restaurant
    reviewing service, as one of ten
    Up and Coming Chefs in San Francisco.

    How nice Martin! Robin turned out to be not just a chef for the family but a real professional in the business. Great!


    1. Robin's career is a real plus
      Thank you for the kind thoughts

  8. Was good you and your daughter found common ground in the kitchen...then later in her life become a chef...

    1. It was amazing a toddler saw clearer than an adult.
      Thank you for the positive thoughts

  9. When winter winds blow,
    Under blankets one scurries,
    When one is alone.
    It presents many worries.

    Loved the post Martin.

    1. Thank you for this special gift
      So kind of you