Monday, January 30, 2017

Dreams' Dreams to Juggling Trick Shots & Other Awesomeness 
What amazement hold lovers' dreams 
What amazement holds us in jugglers' spell 

Dreams’ Dreams (English sonnet) 

Perhaps a dream might dare this to explain
Could wonders walk or happen by at all
A wish a star such memories recall
Each morning’s blossom was a new refrain
And just for this it seemed that time did stall
As reason oft would wonder off in vain
And just because was left there to explain
As all their world these lovers would enthrall
What wind now calls these lovers you and I
As we awake to greet creation’s dew
And in our wake past lovers stand and sigh
As in our glow heart rouse to once was true
So as a dream is left to wonder why
Let’s always hold to this a kiss anew

How do dreamers categorize their dreams is revealed in this English sonnet. This English sonnet uses quatrains and couplets. The first half unfolds the dreams of lovers. This being a bit ethereal, the second half deals with holding each dream as "always". 

Arlene and I enjoyed an unbelievable time in our disco years. There were many-a dream come alive back then. Our days as parents wasn't bad. We were personally involved with our children's education and the schools. Their success as adults is the fruition of our dreams. But how many have dreamed of being young again? Arlene and I were in our 40's. We managed to buy a house in San Francisco. Our children were pretty much on their own. Could life get any better? After three years of doing this and that, we were put in charge of parties for the Masons. We took a big risk with first events and were highly successful. The team of Arlene and Martin were in big demand. We became the dreams of many who were inspired by us and the events were put together. A major effect of all of the notoriety Arlene and I enjoyed was: We were young again. In our eyes and mind, the clock was set back. Imagine, being with your dream in times left long ago. Imagine, experiencing the inexplainable. Imagine touching a dream. What do we do? Share it with a kiss.

What is a dream? The simple answer is of course those things that dance around in our minds while we're asleep. Then there are those who take their dreams as hopes that someday will be fulfilled. Then there are people like Steve Wosniak, Thomas Edison, Galileo and the like. People who had far fetched dreams that we all enjoy. Then there are the dreams in lovers' eyes. Too real for words. The point is: dreams are much more. Another of life's gifts, life's blessings. And just as those things that dance around in our sleep, dreamers of the past have proved the reality of dreams is limitless. A limitless that includes us all. What is possible? How far can we achieve? What is right for us? Make no mistake about it. They are real. They are waiting. Waiting for us. Waiting for us to Enjoy. 

How about this for a dream: Narcotango "Otra Luna" 

While we are juggling around our thoughts 

The earliest record of toss juggling is a painting on the wall of Tomb 15 in Egypt's Beni Hasan cemetery complex. This tomb belonged to Baqet III, a provincial governor of Menat-Khufu (present day Minya) during the later years of the Eleventh Dynasty of Egypt. It depicts female dancers and acrobats juggling up to three balls, and one of the girls is juggling with her arms crossed. Juggling continues to amaze us today. The folks at Kuma Films have put together a video of some of today's top juggling artists. 
Sit back and enjoy as music, choreography and juggling come together to amaze us. "Juggling Trick Shots & Other Awesomeness!" 

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The biggest adventure you can take 
is to live the life of your dreams. 
Oprah Winfrey



  1. Dreams are most important in life, one has to have a dream to cling onto especially when things go pear shape.
    I enjoyed this poem Martin. Thanks for sharing.


    1. I am glad you enjoyed.
      Thank you for your thoughts.

  2. Dreams can sure spur one on. Although the weird kind that come at night can give one a wtf moment of three haha

    1. Weirder than talking into a phone so that one's message can be typed? It's a weird world.
      Thank you and see you on you site.

  3. Dreams are indeed a gift and a blessing. More so if and when they come true.

    Loved Pat's comment above too, btw :)

    1. You sound like a person who can make dreams come true.
      Thank you and dream on...

  4. A major effect of all of the notoriety
    Arlene and I enjoyed was: We were young again.

    Making oneself busy with certain activities will rid oneself of worries. It makes oneself feel young again! Very true Martin!


    1. Very true,Hank. ...and being the center of attention didn't hurt.
      Thank you. Always nice to see you

  5. The poem is lovely. A dream can indeed be beautiful. I am glad you've lived such beautiful dreams.

    1. Judging by your art, you have beautiful dreams.
      Thanking you for dropping by