Friday, January 20, 2017

He Left Me With A Song to Alike 
A man changes a person's life 
A son changes a father's life 

He Left Me With A Song (lyrical poem) 

It was early I recall
If I know a thing at all
When I beckoned to his call
My name’s written on some wall
He was pleasant and polite
But in truth no appetite
Or my truth was not quite right
For this time there’ll be no fight
For this your time come walk with me
Your time here is finally done
From all this you’re finally free
Your new life has finally begun
I woke up I think at dawn
To a window I was drawn
Something’s different they are gone
In my mind a cloudy song
It would take some time to set
No grave here for false regret
Just a walking testament
A bit harder to forget
For this your time come walk with me
Your time here it won’t last long
From all this a chance to see
Your new life when this one is gone
Every morning out I go
Things like me put on a show
With these feelings we don’t know
If your truth is really so
For this your time come walk with me
Your time here will soon be through
From all this then you’ll truly be
Your new life is all about you 

A person's life is changed by a strangers in this lyrical poem. The pattern of this poem is as follows: VVC, VVC, VC (V= verse. C= chorus), The poem does contain some metaphor and open ideas. As with all my lyrical poems, the meter is kept tight.

Before working at Chevron. I worked at the M and M restaurant. It was here that I would meet my second greatest teacher and influence on my life, David. The M and M was a large hamburger restaurant with a premade dinners served in deli style. David was the owner. I did everything from cooking on the grill, to busing (cleaning) tables, to waiting on customers. Let me explain how this happened. I started as a  busboy. It got boring fast, even though the M and M drew a healthy amount of customers, especially around dinner time. David taught me to be the best busboy I could be, and see what happens. I did as he suggested and I did get better. Even more, I felt this need to be, to do even better. Soon, in addition to busing tables, I was helping the dish washer. I was helping the waitresses deliver meals. Just when I thought I was really good at something, David taught me a few tricks. This would inspire me to do better. 

When I started to wait on customers, David taught me to listen. This was good for the business and me (tips). As I got better and better, David taught me how to cook the food for the dinners and how to work the grill. I got so good that at closing time there was only David and me. It was here that David set my mind loose on "truth". There is one truth: like 1 + 1 = 2. And then there is the "truth" in people's minds. For them this "truth" is just as real and sometimes more real than what we are taught. This from a restaurant owner. But think about it. It's a restaurant. People talk. Some listen.

"What is truth?" A very famous question. There is the truth and there is the truth in people's minds. Some call it a "belief system".  A person's beliefs go far beyond religion. Try human rights, when does life begin or how long should one boil  a noodle. Some beliefs can be changed or altered. Some cannot. This is important to keep in mind. Let's say we want everyone to be treated equally. Most people can adjust. For some reason, some cannot. Everyone should still be treated equally, but we should recognize that some cannot accept this (and possibly explore the why). People's "belief system", our " belief system" is very complicated. Some of it starts from the day we are born. Some are inhabited subconsciously. Some is learned. The challenge is when truth meets truth. How is it dealt with? How do we deal with it? We are entering a time when truths are being challenged. My "belief system" suggests understanding is the answer. Keep as many doors open as possible. What does your "belief system" say?  For everything starts and ends here. Most important is the key to everything,,, Enjoy.

Here's someone who will leave us with a song: 
R.L. Burnside "See My Jumper Hanging On the Line" 

Sometimes a father can learn from his son 

It may help to understand that many of the forces driving fathers and sons apart are natural life processes. Beginning in their early teens, boys begin to differentiate themselves from their fathers, often by openly rebelling against the home rule. Daniel Martínez Lara & Rafa Cano Méndez look at a father who tries to teach the right way to his son, in their short film "Alike". It was the winner of over 50 awards and nominee for 2016 Cartoon d’Or and winner of the 2016 Goya Award for best animated short film. 
It also wins the Aww Award. Find out why. "CGI Animated Short Film HD: "Alike Short Film" by Daniel Martínez Lara & Rafa Cano Méndez" 

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Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, 
and one teacher can change the world. 
Malala Yousafzai



  1. I enjoyed reading this poem Martin . Thanks for sharing.


  2. Yeah, it can sure be a whole can of worms. Especially now with the internet. Like sheep people jump on the bandwagon to "truth" that is about as true as me having a green glowing backside lol some sure won't change, but if one can be civil with others, nothing wrong with that, usually.

    1. Excellent, value added, points that you brought out.
      Thank you for your support

  3. Its hard to tell whats true and whats not now days. I guess we have to be true to ourselves and the rest will fall into place.

    1. Yes it is. Trust what is important to you.
      Thank you and bless you

  4. Fascinating thoughts and beautiful words. I especially loved "For this your time come walk with me
    Your time here will soon be through"

    1. Maybe it strikes a chord because this is your time.
      Thank you and enjoy your moment

  5. Wonderful post. Trust is so important and I love those short films. So creative!

    1. Thank you. You are so right.
      Glad you enjoyed

  6. My belief system is based on the awareness that I have a lot to learn, and gratitude that I can. There are a few things that I KNOW and hope not to change (equality is a good thing, cruelty is not) but most of the rest is subject to change as I grow.

    1. Great! I really appreciate you sharing this valuable way of thinking.
      Thank you so much

  7. You were lucky to have such a good teacher, that's what happens when we listen and do as we are told.

    1. Thank you, Yes, those were great days and great times