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It’s Hard To Be A Fairy to World's Best DIY'S 
A fairy shares its secrets 
Liza shares her secrets 

It’s Hard To Be A Fairy (poem) 

It’s hard to be a fairy now-a-days
You’d wet your socks to know how low it pays
We dare not even think about a raise
Wet socks downstream won’t garnish any praise
You grant a wish that covers so much more
They’re richer, better, brighter than before
Since when did we need warranties galore
That magic carpet will not scratch your floor
It doesn’t matter what the size of tooth
I only pay a dollar that’s the truth
You got your car ungrateful little youth
I still have some more dollars so be couth
There was this guy who asked me for the power
To stop all time for just one half an hour
To find out why you only have to scour
He wanted pictures of you in the shower
The worst part of this fairy job of mine
Is everything we say it has to rhyme
And what would happen if we stopped one time
Let’s see… 

A humorous flight of fancy takes us away in this poem. There really isn't much to add or hidden in this poem. It is intended to be fun.  

While I was coaching youth soccer, I had an under 12 (years old) team called the Regulators. They were a very strong team, except for one young boy. The young man was very awkward and clumsy. In addition, he had very low self confidence. He was the worst player on the team. His parents wanted to pull him off the team, to save him embarrassment. I encouraged them not to. Let him play and let’s see what happens.

One day, in a game, there was intense action in front of the opponent’s goal. The other team managed to clear the goal area of the ball and all players, all players except this boy. He seemed like he didn’t know what was going on. While all this action was happening, he just stood there watching. One of our really powerful kickers launched a strong shot right at the goal. The goalie blocked the ball, with an impressive flying block. Somehow the ball stopped cold, right at the boy’s feet. He was within eight feet of the goal and no one was close to him. All he had to do was: kick the ball and not miss. If anyone could miss from that distance it was him. What transpired next seemed “more like hours” (for me) than the few seconds that actually passed. Everyone was either running toward the goal or the ball. The parents and team were screaming, “Kick, kick!” He did and made a goal! The parents all went crazy and ran onto the field to hug and congratulate the boy. I walked onto the field to apologize to the referee and the coach of the other team. I explained it was the first goal this boy had ever made.  We didn’t need the goal to win. 

I still see the boy, now a man, off and on. He finished college, learned to play guitar and plays in a band. While he is waiting to be rock star, he works as a computer technician. 

A great deal of my success as a soccer coach is stemmed in my understanding of the word "play". Play should be fun. The kids under my care were not professional soccer players. They were there to learn how to play soccer, get some exercise and have fun. This focus on fun kept parents around. Around and involved. This was the period in my life when I learned that part of winning was just by playing. If I had fun playing, I was a winner. At work, before I landed that great job, I became a better worker by uncovering the fun elements of the job. When I was put in charge of a work crew, the team's performance improved by adding some fun to the job. Doing the dishes is more fun karaoke style. Fun is everywhere (even if it is a reward for accomplishing something). Unlock that fun and work becomes play. Our day at our place of employment becomes a place for us to succeed. Our housework is waiting to be done better. Just by trying, just by participating, we win. All of life should be fun. Unlock the the doors and Enjoy. 

Back to the fairy for a moment: Derek Fiechter "Dance of the Fairies" 

Into DIY  - It's easy and funny 

Do it yourself (DIY) is the method of building, modifying, or repairing things without the direct aid of experts or professionals. Academic research describes DIY as behaviors where "individuals engage raw and semi-raw materials and component parts to produce, transform, or reconstruct material possessions, including those drawn from the natural environment (e.g. landscaping)". Now all this may sound a little complicated. Liza Koshy has some easier DIY's.
In fact, Liza insists they are the world's best DIY's. "THE WORLD'S BEST DIY'S!" 

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 


  1. A great poem, I suppose with the pace of life as it now is a fairies life is harder to fullfill especially leaving money for a tooth.
    Grand job Martin.


    1. So happy that you enjoyed
      Thank you and may a smile guide your day

  2. Very true, when you suck the fun out of things it becomes work and then who wants to bother with that? Kids, and adults, should enjoy things more and not get so uptight, mostly adults who are uptight and ruin it for the kids.

    1. Thank you - glad to have "The Pat" on the band wagon
      ...and thanks for bringing out the adult/kid thing

  3. Great poem and this is why we must look to the positive or we become bitter. Easy to focus on the one and not the other.

    1. ...and who would know about thinking positive better than Ginger Dawn
      Thank you

  4. A fairies job is never easy, as many just don't believe in these little sprites.

    You know that place between sleep and awake? That place where you still remember dreaming? That's where I'll always love you... Peter Pan. That's where I'll be waiting.

    Why does this come to mind?

    I hope you are well Martin...

    1. Great Quote!
      I lives in the imagination of a dreamer
      Thank you for all you do

  5. I am a fairy. Among other things I am the toilet paper fairy (replacing empty rolls) and the 'where is my?' fairy. It is indeed a thankless and poorly paid job.
    Smiling at your poem today. There is not enough fun in the world...

    1. So great that I could bring a smile to your face.
      Thank you - that is quite a compliment

  6. What a fantastical fairy poem! I very much enjoyed it. I'm glad you emphasized fun in your sports coaching.

    1. glad you enjoyed the poem
      life should be fun
      thank you

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you - Happy it brought you a smile

  8. I became a better worker by uncovering
    the fun elements of the job.

    Very true Martin. If work is dreary initiative and improvements are absent. Consequently productivity is low!


    1. You seem like a fun person. I feel the cheer you spread.
      Thank you