Sunday, January 29, 2017

Lovers' Fog to I'm sick Of This 
Two young lovers succumb to a tragic sickness 
A young lady succumbs to a not so tragic sickness 

Lovers’ Fog (English sonnet) 

A fog filled day which brought the lovers here
To sing again their song of evermore
And how the world enchained the height they soar
Its shadow loomed on all which they held dear
Was here they vowed to turn their love to lore
One act resolved to make their feelings clear
For lovers’ hearts what action was too shear
So to their end they knocked on death’s dark door
A gun to ever from his pocket drew
As she cried out to be the first to go
With gun to head one bullet and she dies
Before him how unreal the real then flew
In pool of blood laid person he loved so
Each droplet bears the bitter truth he cries

A tragedy unfolds in this English sonnet. The first half (the quatrains) is dedicated to the young lovers and their love. The triplets (the second half) describes the act and the outcome. Six lines, in the triplets, doesn't allow for much detail. This works well for the confusion of the moment. 

Suicide pacts among lovers, from which this poem is inspired, accounts for less than 1% of all suicides. It is common enough (or the planning thereof) that the PubMed Central (PMC) of the U.S. National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine continues to distribute warnings. Almost every year a news story breaks through and makes the news of a couple who sadly succeeded in their suicide pact. Those that did not make the news are unclear. The reason couples enter these pacts are many, Some are responses to pressures the couple is undergoing. Some are dangerous lovers' fancies. like that in the sonnet. The good news is that the PMC's efforts have been so successful that many suicide pacts involving lovers have been caught and resolved early.  

Feelings. It is easy to attribute it to youth, when they are led off by their feelings. What about mobs? What about advertisers control over us? What about giving up our freedoms in exchanged for our security? We are guided feelings over facts regardless of our age. This is highly understanding in a time when history itself is being challenged; When the media and news can no longer be trusted; When we don't know when and where we are being watched. Where do we turn? It is easy to simply say, follow the facts. What are the facts? Here is a fact: We are born and we will die. This is our time. It is important for us to be involved in those things that we feel are important to us. I believe we must arm ourselves and be defended by the honest facts that are important to us, by us. I believe that we should not put our good feelings aside. I believe by combining facts and feeling we may fully Enjoy. 

Back to the sonnet: Claudio Monteverdi "Lasciatemi Morire" 

Let's finish this with a sick laugh 

According to Smithsonian Magazine, the single best way to avoid getting a cold, aside from becoming a hermit, is to wash your hands. A lot. Use soap and wash them in water for 20 seconds. But if we're sick already. here's Liza Koshy. She has some suggestions to what we can do to take our minds off our cold. 
Yes, Koshy is her real name. It is not the sound our nose makes when we have a cold. "I'M SICK OF THIS." 

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People in blind love throw away common sense, 
conscience and comedy from the life.
Amit Kalantri 


  1. All I can say is VERY TRAGIC.....Life is precious.


    1. Life is indeed precious.
      Thank you and I hope you are alright.

  2. Never really understood suicide. I have most often seen it as the last cry of help. I find the sonnet a much more difficult pattern to capture emotions when writing but you do it very well Martin.

    1. Thank you so much for the warm compliment.
      These people are definitely in a different place.

  3. Such a thought filled poem - i wonder if it will always be.. if we love..than perhaps we will always lose in some way?

    1. I lost it - in a fun a wild way.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Some facts are universal indeed, but many sure get twisted along the way. Only way to avoid such things is be a mountain man in the woods haha. Suicide is far too rapid too, as so many think they have no way out.

    1. Love your analogy (hahaha).
      Thank you for adding your color to these thoughts

  5. Sadly I think murder/suicide is much more common than a true suicide pact. More common and not always recognised. And suicide is almost always a way to stop the pain by individuals who believe (rightly or wrongly) that they have no options left.

    1. According to PMC, you are right. Pain can be overwhelming.
      Thank you for your efforts

  6. What a poignant poem and powerful thoughts...

  7. when i think about the person who decides to die i try hard to imagine his state of mind but all that i get is that it is just about the way you look at things .
    Life is hard for all of us many times but few who give up don't realize what the life is ?

    Love gives reason to live more beautifully .
    Oh god that pretty girl in this video made me sick !

    1. I'm so glad the sonnet got you thinking. Life is precious. We are precious.
      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your valued thoughts