Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Our Magic to 6 Ameri-Do-Te Moves You Need to Know 
That friend who is always there to defend me 
6 martial arts moves that we need to know to defend ourselves 

Our Magic (English sonnet) 

I never had a friend as close as you
Who lets me know that everything’s alright
And always brought some comfort to my night
If I had problems we could see it through
For us the world was always colored bright
You showed me there was not I couldn’t do
And even how to make a dream come true
And all you wanted was to be held tight
Then came the day when she would test my heart
And tried to steal my love for you away
She thought she’d bring our magic to an end
My mind my soul and you can never part
No matter what the normal people say
My baby blanket’s love I will defend 

For those who are still talking to me: this was an English sonnet. The whole point of this sonnet is to mislead. First we have a guy and a real good friend. Then we are briefly introduced to a female. We assume that she is someone important in the guy's life. She tries to put end to the relationship between the guy and his friend. In the end she fails and we are delivered a punch line. The friend was a baby blanket. 

No. I don't have my old baby blanket. I have a comfy blanket. A comfy blanket is not just to keep one warm. It brings one a sense of comfort and/or security. It takes one away. After all we have and believe in a comfy blanket. Some give their comfy blanket magic powers. Others gain strength or confidence just admitting that they have a comfy blanket. Take the comfy blanket away and life still goes on. My comfy blanket was a gift from Arlene. Other being my comfy blanket, there is nothing special to it. It is quite plain. I use it when I'm writing, reading or just thinking, It is better than a hug, because it is never distracting. As I am getting older, it's hard to separate me from my friend.  Many think it is strange to see this old man wrapped in his blanket, especially in summer. Many, except my doctor. He has a comfy blanket too. 

I have my comfy blanket others have their lucky socks. There are countless special objects that hold some special significance. There is nothing wrong with these objects (says the guy with a comfy blanket). There is nothing wrong, as long as we don't turn over control. It is okay for me to wrap myself in my comfy blanket to be comfortable while I write. It is not okay if I can't write because I don't have my comfy blanket.  These objects, these things can be fun, that little extra. As long as they remain just that. It is important that we maintain control. It is our life. Life: as opposed to an inanimate object which only has power because we have given it. We have imagined it. We control it. By keeping our control over inanimate objects we may Enjoy. 

Need I say more: Andy Williams "More" 

So much about inanimate objects - What about assailants 

Bruce Lee initially trained in Wing Chun, the traditional Chinese system developed during the Shaolin and Ming resistance to the Qing Dynasty. Later, Bruce Lee rejected well-defined martial art styles, favoring instead the use of techniques from various sources. We don't have Bruce Lee. We have instead Master Ken. He has 6 easy to learn defensive move that might come in handy. 
Note - "Handy" and "will it work" are two different things. "6 Ameri-Do-Te Moves You Need to Know" 


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  1. This was great to read with it's twists and turns, Loved the ending.
    I think we all have that special kind of friend.


    1. Thank you
      It makes me feel good knowing you enjoyed

  2. Hello, cute poem and ending. My special friend is my hubby. Happy New year to you and yours. Have a happy day and week ahead!

    1. Aww, your hubby. Now that's sweet
      Thank you for the smile

  3. haha very true, give them control and it is rather umm sad. I need that to write, pffft, nope, just need a keyboard and fingers.

    1. Thank you for sharing who your secret friends are
      Look forward to their next escapade

  4. I suspect most of us have a comfy blanket (or its equivalent) or two. And giving anything control is dangerous. Our lives, us at the helm...

    1. Thank you for this affirmation.
      Our lives, us at the helm...

  5. I have a cozy blanket. I love to snuggle to it as I watch a movie or in the morning with a cup of coffee while blogging.

    1. That will work.
      So you, me and that doctor have something in common.
      Thank you and enjoy

  6. I think many a men have a comfort such as a blanket. Great poem!

    1. You might be right. I heard slippers were big.
      Thank you for dropping in

  7. OMG!
    how strange that the story that tells your beautiful poem i heard from my father in our native language as Urdu poem .
    i am overwhelmed by this poem and your lovely description about it that reminded me lots related to my dear father.
    most of us have their personal favorite things and they keep it with care for whole their life .my mom was one of them too.
    i too some toys that are older than me but i still feel scare to loose them as if i lost them i will loose much of my inner child .
    thank you so much for bringing pleasure to my soul .
    wishing you and precious family a Happy ,safe and Healthy new year.

    1. I'm happy that this awoke some fond memories.
      Enjoy those things that bring you pleasure.
      Thank you for sharing such richness in your comment.
      I glad to have brought you some joy

  8. That is a lovely poem.
    Don't have comfy anything and wondering why some people do!
    I'm comfy as I am :) lucky me !
    Andy Williams, was a soothing voice he has...

    1. I think our comfys are harmless "guilty pleasures".
      Enjoy your comfy (Yourself!) - we love that site.
      Thank you

  9. The poem is wonderful. I'm glad you have a comfy blanket, it's nice to have something a little extra.

  10. My baby blanket’s
    love I will defend

    Hank loves such a punch-line, Martin! It is one that is unexpected. It normally comes right at the end. It is one that will leave the reader smiling!


    1. Thank you for this heartfelt compliment