Thursday, January 5, 2017

Rains Refrains to Nerf Overwatch 
The rain of joy overpowers everything 
The rain of Nerf bullets overpower everything 

Rains Refrains (English sonnet) 

The rains that used to bring us so much joy
Remains to play on widows of my heart
Refrains that saw no ending at their start
Retains the beauty other flowers employ
Now strains remain of lovers far apart
Sustains this song that nothing can destroy
Maintains the hopes by which true dreamers toy
Unchains the kisses from the course they chart
Who fanes to fault two lover such as we
Explains that they once shared the same bright star
Detains imagination yet complains
Who reigns the clouds for all that love to see
Restrains of rainbows playing from afar
Regains the joy which we once felt in rains 

Memories cover up the sadness in this English sonnet. This a sad sonnet though it doesn't have a sad feel. It is divided into two parts like most English sonnets. The first part describes a love. The second part questions. Notice that a rhyme is established in the first two beat of ever line. This is to represent a memory.

Arlene and I used to enjoy walking in the rain. We live in San Francisco. It rarely rains harshly here. What a life we enjoyed in this beautiful city. Arlene died in 2002. Her 50th birthday was only months away. I made it through the darkness though the help and watchful eyes of my family, friends and associates. Volunteer and charity endeavors kept my mind occupied. I stopped going to parties. I announced that I would be retiring from coaching soccer. Saint Gabriel school asked if I could show some of my tactics to the coaches who would be taking my my place. While doing so, I bumped into people who were involved with Arlene when she was a basketball coach there. They told me great stories that came alive in my memories. People who missed seeing me at parties started sending me pictures. Pictures of them at parties we used to attend, With these pictures came notes of thank you and other good feeling. More and more good reminders would happen. I began to see a world where two young lovers reigned and won the hearts and imagination of many. Then came the rains. Arlene and I used to enjoy walking in the rain. 

Positive and negative. Here we have a story of two young lovers. Not only did they delight in each other's company, they brought about many positives. She died and negatives have a great chance of casting their shadow over all that was positive. Friends come to bring a positive light. Loneliness send clouds to blot out the sun. Memories restore the splendor of what once was. And so life goes as these friends meet to claim the day. How sad it is that Arlene died. But even sadder if we do not celebrate all she did well. All that she left for us. Our time together. So it is with all of us. Positive and negative are always plying to dominate each moment. We have a say in the matter. It is our life. We can add our weight to either or neither side. Positive or negative? It is our life. Enjoy. 

Let's reflect on the rain a bit: Rick Braun and Peter White "Kisses in the Rain" 

For those who positively like Nerf 

Most NERF guns hit around 30 mph, but the NERF N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire Blaster can shoot out darts at the staggering speed of 50 mph. That's quite literally as fast an adult lion or a reasonably sick Mexican free-tailed bat. This is important to know as we watch a new video by Corridor. The folks at Corridor have combined a video game ("Overwatch"), with action movies and Nerf to come up with this. 
This is a reminder to never run out of fuel. "Nerf Overwatch" 

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It's sad to know I'm done. But looking back, 
I've got a lot of great memories. 
Bonnie Blair


  1. Yep, positive and negative to everything. But we have to remember the positive to drown out the negative and create more positive.

    1. They are indeed everywhere. Let us bear in mind that some prefer negatives. Thank you for positively being positive

  2. Yes there is both. And we need both. But the negative is not a good place to dwell for long.

    1. Ahh, you are a student of opposites (We need one for the opposite to exist)
      Thank you for bringing this out

  3. What a lovely and thoughtful poem. I am glad you have such good friends and family.

    1. Thank you for sharing the good feelings

  4. Hello, beautiful poem. I try hard not to dwell on negatives and would prefer to think of the the happy memories. Have a happy weekend!

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed.
      You always show a very positive world

  5. For every negative there are more positives if you look for positives.
    Love walking in the rain if it's not blowing rain (later is the negative)
    The Notebook, now that was a nice movie in it's day!

    1. Positive thoughts from a positive person.
      Thank you for the blessing

  6. This was a joy to read. You're so right memories does cover up sadness in the heart.


    1. What a joy that you enjoyed
      Thank you for the good feelings

  7. She died and negatives have a great
    chance of casting their shadow over
    all that was positive. Friends come
    to bring a positive light.

    You are so privileged and blessed Martin! Good friends are hard to come by!


    1. They definitely came through in the darkest period in my life
      Thank you, friend