Monday, January 16, 2017

Something to I Rap To Cats 
What is that something in a lover's heart 
What is that something that makes him rap to his cats 

Something (English sonnet) 

Dark clouds are gone another sunny day
The scent of hope now blossoms everywhere
The songs of Joy are loosed to thrill the air
My heart beats rhythms something’s on its way
It’s something grander than mere words can share
It’s something even time can’t snatch away
It’s something where sweet dreams may go astray
It’s something nothing can shape to compare
How do we choose our memories to trace
When daylight comes what feelings will still flow
When nothing’s left what will this soul turn to
Soon something will put reason in its place
As something happens even angels know
Another moment blessed with holding you 

A lover's heart sings out in this English sonnet. In the quatrains a guy in despair meets a lady who takes away the darkness. In the second quatrain an ostinato develops, as the guy tries to put a meaning to his heart. With the triplets the mood changes as the guy just gives in to his feelings. 

When Arlene died, I went into mourning. My mourning consisted of working very hard for the Masons and being very active in charities and volunteer work. I wasn't interested in dating or meeting other women. Because of my heavy involvement with youth groups, the Masons thought it best if I were seen in the company of a woman. So it was that I met Amor. There were others trying to get my attention. In fact, Amor wasn't one of them. I went after her attention. What attracted me to her (beside her looks) was her humor. I don't mean jokes. Amor can do or say things that are so cute that it makes me laugh. Laugh so hard that I know how I will die: Laughing at Amor's cuteness. As I got to know her, there was something more. At the time I couldn't put my finger on it. As we are married now, I was successful. After three years of marriage romance (and only one argument during the whole time), I fell ill. It was then I started to learn about that "something". I marvel at life. After a rough childhood, I did so much. I touched so many. For me, there was a strange order to life. Now, life has blessed me with Amor. Exactly what/who I need right now. 

Life is a marvel. I wonder at the many things I have done. I boast, that I have done thing that others only dream about. Then I meet others whose life seems to mirror mine. In 8th grade met a person who looked just like me. (There are other examples of this on YouTube.) The two of us met in a place, a time, a life. What are the chances that a teacher and I would meet. A teacher who would watch over me for my whole school adventure. Through this teacher, I would meet my other half. For me, there seemed to be an order to life. Everything in its time. Sound familiar? Life is a marvel. A gift to us. Perfect? What is that? Who or what defines "perfection"? Our perfection. Our life. The wonder of it all. Sculptured just for us. Could this masterpiece be better? Let's find out and Enjoy. 

Let's enjoy a masterpiece from a past: The Beatles "Something" 

Do we love our cats enough to write a song 

When a cat chases its prey, it keeps its head level. Dogs and humans bob their heads up and down. Sometimes we humans bob our heads to the rhythm of a good tune. Does a cat? Does a cat even care? Dan Bull cares. He cares so much that he wrote them a rap song for his cats. 
Dan's rap may not be the best but put to a cat video... "I RAP TO MY CATS | Dan Bull" 

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Lao Tzu


  1. Wonderful write Martin, When my husband passed away I turned to writing poetry. It was nine years later I met someone who I thought I could trust.
    Well he turned out to be a monster to put it bluntly.
    I enjoyed the Beatles song, one I certainly remember.


    1. Thank you for the compliment.
      Sorry to hear about your misfortunes.
      Your latest writings have a ray of light to them
      Hopefully brighter days are ahead

  2. Gather your rosebuds as you may.. seems apt here ..such a tender poem

    1. Thank you for florid response. It is most welcome

  3. Very true, things lead us down a path and then we have what we never knew we wanted. Or in some cases we have what we don't want, but that can be changed too.

    1. Glad that you concur and thank you for your take on this

  4. Life has a unique plan for all of us.

    1. Thank you for bringing out this belief.

  5. Your words touch me deeply and arouse a resounding echo.

    1. So happy you enjoyed.
      Thank you for the joy you bring

  6. Lovely that Amor came into your life at the right time. And you into hers.

  7. Hope is a beautiful thing in your poem and in your words. I'm glad for you that you've had such great loves.

    1. Thank you for sending me these eloquent feelings

  8. You are lucky to have found love twice...bright blessings to you Martin!

    1. Thank you
      Yes, life smiled on me.
      All the best to you