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What Is A Dream to California Cardistry 
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What Is A Dream (poem) 

What is a dream
But hopes so depending on you
To make all their purpose come true
A fanciful flight
Your wings to ignite
What is a dream
A hidden stream
Of wonders waiting to break through
To change the world you thought you knew
A realm blazing bright
Awaiting your light
What is a dream
No matter theme
Of beauty coming into view
Reason can’t stop what dreamers do
Each wish out of sight
Your will shall incite
What is a dream
Living in gleam
Of fantasies an artist drew
And be that person always new
A secret held tight
Breaks loose to delight
What is a dream
Silently scream
Through magic moments known by few
Of cloudy times away you blew
A star of such height
Makes others unite
You are the dream 

A pattern of rhymes and meters leads us to a dream in this poem. Here we have a structured composition leading us to a dream. It follows a tight rhyme pattern and meter scheme. In five stanzas there only a total of three rhymes. The poem is a hidden message. Although the poem is very bright with a motivational ending, the poem is very structured. Dreams generally are not like that.  Many see dreams as much freer. So why is a poem about dreams written in so much order? 

Dreams became my specialty. Between my job at Chevron, the Masons, my volunteer efforts, my connections and associates and people who felt that they owed me favors, there was little I could not do. Although, I would remain active until 2010, I feel that 1998 was my greatest year. Arlene wanted to get away for the summer. She made her feelings known at a dinner table with two of my Masonic associate. One who was big on the Masonic Youth, to whom I brought a second hope. He was also the one who got us the deals on the rent a cars. The other was a Revolutionary War buff, whose father I would visit when he was in the hospital. Two days later, I get a phone call telling me about a self paced road tour of the Revolutionary War from Vermont to Virginia. I told Arlene about how we would be spending 1998's vacation. A Revolutionary War Tour. (I left out some of the details.) Arlene was rel excited (NOT). The last thing she wanted was to spend her summer learning about the Revolutionary War. On the plane to Rutland City, Vermont, the lights started to go on in Arlene's head. Martin wouldn't do this to her. She was right. The whole road trip was scheduled to take 8 days. I didn't tell this to Arlene or that she would be driving 4 different hot cars. (Arlene loved to drive.) We did miss one or two stops on the tour, but we took in many beautiful sights of the east coast. One of the beautiful sights ways the joy of Arlene as she was driving. Do dreams come true?

Do dreams come true? If you have been following me, you know I have planned many more extravagant things for Arlene. One of her dreams was to dive. Why not drive on the east coast? Why not drive hot cars? (Extras, to a dream.) Here we have a man who threw a dance in a lion house at the zoo, who made flags float in mid air, want to see his wife happy. Of course, I would belief that dreams come true. I had so much behind me.  I knew that I could. Then, with all that power, all that I really wanted to do was make a girl happy. So let's turn to us. Do we believe? Do we know what we want? Are we aware of the source of our power? If we said yes to one or more of these then we can begin. Begin to Enjoy.

How about a little dream music: Adina "Where the Sand Meets the Sky" 

The dream of cardestry

Cardistry is a name given to the performance art of card flourishing. The term is a portmanteau of "card" and "artistry". Unlike card magic, cardistry is meant to be visually impressive and appear very hard to execute. People who engage in cardistry are nicknamed "cardists". One of today's most talented cardist is  Zach Mueller. Zach is always pushing the envelope of this art. 
Here to amaze us is  Zach Mueller. "California Cardistry" 


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The biggest adventure you can take 
is to live the life of your dreams. 
Oprah Winfrey



  1. Beginning to enjoy the ride is sure the way to be. That way dreams can sure show.

    1. Spoken as a true dreamer
      Thank you and dream on

  2. I firmly believe we all NEED to dream. And dream I do.

    1. ...and make our drams come true.
      Thank you gentle dreamer

  3. This is a delight to read. I really enjoyed the theme, rhyme and meter.

    1. Thank you for this delightful compliment

  4. Dreams can be wonderful, I loved the poem. I'm glad you made so many dreams real for Arlene.

    1. Thank you, Dreamer
      May you dreams come true

  5. I believe in dreams,and dreaming big for yourself and your loved one ~

    Thanks for your visits andk ind words ~

    1. ...and so your dreams have the warmth to grow
      Thank you for the enjoyment you bring

  6. It's good to dream, get the brain working.

  7. Thanks for a wonderful read Martin.
    Dreams a great to have and even greater if and when they are achieved,


    1. Thank you
      Glad you enjoyed
      ...there was a time...