Saturday, January 21, 2017

Wonder Which A Dream to Spatula Battle 
The wonder of a love 
The wonder of a spatula battle 

Wonder Which A Dream (Shakespearean sonnet) 

The sunshine of another Joyous day
Whose promise is the scent which thrills my heart
A wonder which a dream has sent my way
Which make each cherished marvel play its part
The light of hope that wishes will come true
Whose passing makes each moment yearn for more
A wonder which a dream has cast called you
Which brings a meaning what all this is for
The lonely cloud’s confusion is now gone
Whose purpose was a much less clue to me
A wonder which a dream had once brought on
Which made this world a better place to be
A wonder which a dream has once eclipse
The wonder which is found amid your lips 

A lover beholds a wonder in this Shakespearean sonnet. It should be no secret that this sonnet plays with wonder. Wonder is the subject of the third line of each quatrain and the rhyming couplet. A closer look at the quatrains and we will notice how tightly this sonnet is constructed. 

Courting Amor was very formal. I pulled out all of the stops. I was a "perfect gentleman" (which was easy since this behavior was expected of me with the young ladies' groups). I showered her with flowers and fruit baskets (which she liked more than candy). I made her girlfriends envious of her. I got know all of her friends and treated them right. They, in turn, helped me to win Amor. It was quite a courtship. One could tell, because Amor had a glow. There was only one this missing. Amor likes to stroll. San Francisco has an outstanding lovers' lane, in the Presidio. I had been courting Amor for almost two month. Lovers' lane, the mood, the moment... Amor couldn't take it anymore. She took me in her arms and kissed me. A cloud had been lifted. We were teenagers again.

Isn't it funny how something holds us back.Maybe it's that job we're after. Maybe it's it;s that something that we always wanted to try. Maybe it's that someone that we just can't talk to. The key word is "can't". But "can't" we really? Many blame it on fear. Fear may be what holds back many of our potentials. But there may be other things. Things beyond our control. Things beyond our senses. We may not even be aware. What can we do? Many people say get over it. Conquer your fear. I have another suggestion. It has been my experience that everyone is good at something(s). Life has a lot to offer. Everything in its proper time. Three things in one concept. It is our life. It is our time. Maybe we are afraid of doing something or maybe it's best that we don't do it. Telling someone (or our brains) that they are afraid (fear) may make things harder. Relax. Continue to grow. Know that everyone is special. You are special. Everything in it proper time. For now, Enjoy. 

For now, let me take you away: Lenny Ibizarre "El Viejo Pescador" 

Spatulas are not just for flipping food 

The spatula goes by many other names. Depending on what country you’re in and what particular food you might be preparing, it can be called a “flipper,” a “tosser,” a “scraper,” or, as some British prefer, a “fish slice.” Some think the spatula was originally a fly swatter. The folks at beatdownboogie think the spatula was once used as a weapon. 
Think they're crazy? Well, watch this. "SPATULA BATTLE 2!" 

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Be brave, young lovers, and follow your star. 
Oscar Hammerstein II



  1. What a lovely poem Martin? a joy to read.


    1. Thank you. I'm glad this brought pleasure to you.

  2. Pfft to fear at my sea, If I want to do something I do it. But yeah, there is a rationale one has to think about, like should it really be done.

    1. That is another useful way of looking at the whole issue.
      Thank you for the share

  3. Some fears are perfectly reasonable. A rational response even.

  4. What a sweet poem filled with love and inspiring words... Thanks for such thoughtfulness.

    1. You are quite welcome.
      Thank you for the compliment.

  5. This post really speaks to me, Martin. As you know, I have been haunted by a dream for many years, and had some fear around it, and felt blocked from it for a long time. Then suddenly when I had resigned myself it might never happen and was okay with that, I got offered it....there was only one response: yes. The only true limits we have are those inside ourselves. It takes a while to realize this. And wow! you know how to court a girl. Maybe you can give some mens' workshops? Smiles.

    1. Thank you so much for you kind words. Realistically, there were a number of factors at work, when I was courting Amor.
      You are right. There were things wrong within me too.

  6. Perhaps, the point of time never arrives and you realize you are just a dreamer with your head in the clouds as you watch your own dreams drift away into space. Maybe, you are a planter of dreams for others only.

    Lovely poem, your words make me cry sometimes...