Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Words to If Parents Were Brutally Honest 
The truth about his words 
If parents' words were the truth 

Words (sonnet) 

He bared the words which set her heart to flight
Each passage was another dream come true
Enchantment was the picture which he drew
And wonder were the feelings he’d ignite
He spoke of heavens he would bear her to
Each wished for whisper sparked her soul’s delight
Each promise from his lips her whims excite
And then he freed the words of I love you
They spent their days with words of wonderment
The world she knew seemed very far away
She found her meaning in each verse he sent
Forever were the words she heard him say
And then one dawn such pain would she incur
For in the end mere words were all they were 

Fancy words fill this sonnet. We could lose ourselves in the dreams this girl heard in his words, until the bitter end (the rhyming couplet). This sonnet tries to use its form to signal something is wrong. By the end of the second quatrain we think we're in the midst of sort of English sonnet. Then comes a third quatrain with a different rhyme pattern. 

One thing that set me ahead of others was that I wasn't just words. Whether in romance or other endeavors, I was more than words. When I was with the sick and shut in committee, I did more than send cards and letters, I made personal visits. So it was with all of my charitable endeavors. This made me very popular. I feel. it raised the success level of my various exploits. My personal involvement attracted others who wanted to help. 

As far as romance, let me share one example. When I asked Amor to marry me, I did so at Joe's of Westlake. I managed to get all of her girlfriends there to witness the occasion. This was quite a surprise to Amor,who only expected a ring. The best was yet to come. The next weekend a limo came to pick up Amor. The driver was a man who waned to repay me. The limo had two of Amor's friends in it. They took Amor to a wedding dress store, It was then Amor found out I was putting together the framework of a big wedding for her. I had found out Amor's dream of a big wedding from her friends. Not only could her boyfriend fulfill her dreams. He knew her dreams. 

I don't need to tell anyone that there is a big difference between action and words. Talking about changing something and playing an active role in that change are two different things. One could succeed or it may not. The other is nothing but air. An idea, gone. We are better than that. We deserve more. The world deserves more. In today's world of the social media, getting actively involved is easier than ever before. Don't like how things are being done? Want to improve something? Write, phone (people in charge), be active in perusing your change or promotion. Get others to do the same. Even donating time or money is one big step further than words. Empty words, in themselves, accomplish nothing, but expose our weakness, our emptiness. Action demonstrates our strength. Our level of commitment in what we believe; In what we trust; In what we Enjoy.

Here's a song about words: Anthony David ft. India.Arie "Words" 

Our first words were from our parents 

Some parents interpret a string of "da-da" babbles as their baby's first words "daddy". But babbling at this age is usually still made up of random syllables without real meaning or comprehension.  Most babies say a few simple words by the end of 12 months. After this time a tabby can fully enjoy the sweet words coming from their parents' lips. 
But for the sake of making a funny video. "If Parents Were Brutally HONEST" 

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The language of friendship is not words but meanings. 
Henry David Thoreau



  1. Yep, just in life too, I see so many whine about things, but they never ever do anything about it. Life is too short to whine, you want something done, do it or shut up about it is all such people get from me haha

    1. You sure feel strongly about this issue.
      Thank you. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts

  2. I love it when A man listens to the womans wants and needs without her saying a word. Thats romantic.

    1. Women have a way of talking without saying a word.
      Thank you

  3. Actions so very often speak louder than words but words have a very real power of their own. Most of us have been knocked down by words, and some of us have been lucky enough to be built up or inspired by them.

    1. Are these just words or writings or speeches? Some word come alive through action (like poetry or your reaching out to touch someone).
      Thank you for bringing out this clarification

  4. What a beautiful poem! Definitely words and actions together are better than words alone. I'm glad to know you stand by your words.

    1. Glad you enjoyed.
      Thank you for your valued input.

  5. The fact that you did more than words alone would determine that success was more assured. It would take a lot of preparations and asking around that time may be a constraining factor though. Great lesson in human relations you've given here Martin (in extending sincerity and empathy to others)!


    1. Thank you for your gracious compliment and sharing your valuable thoughts

  6. Replies
    1. Lucky to win a kiss
      Thank you for your visit

  7. Wonderful Martin, so much one could moan abnout but it only makes ONESELF miserable as no-one wants to bother with sad people.
    Great to read.


    1. Excellent point.
      Thank you for calling our attention to this