Sunday, February 5, 2017

Flowered Fields to Super Bowl Party: Expectations vs Reality 
Reality: a lover is gone... and then 
Expectations: a super Bowl party... and then 

Flowered Fields (English sonnet) 

The flowered fields of summer are all gone
Dark clouds now steal the stars away from view
Each day the bitter tears like rain anew
Each day I wonder on and on and on
The emptiness of dreams we traveled through
Now shrouds of doubt and hopeless faith they spawn
This pain and sorrow purpose for the dawn
This pain an unbelievable come true
Yet in the distance I can hear a song
It sings to me of wonders locked in time
A meaning which my soul can still discern
It’s her who calls my heart to sing along
It’s her who calls a love which was sublime
When flowered fields of summer do return 

The future looks bleak for this lover... and the draws this English sonnet. As most English sonnets, this one is divided into two parts. The first half (the quatrains) describes a sad ending. The triplet (the second half) describes a hope. One more note. Notice the repeating words in the first half (Each day, This pain). This disappears to return, in a big way, at the end of the sonnet. do the flowered fields of summer. 

Summers were always the top season for Arlene and I. One could say, we were the flowers of summer. The fields were our dreams. So many of which came true. It truly was a fairytale romance. 
Three month to her 50th birthday Arlene was taken away. I went on to accomplish many more things. The fields of summer were gone. After a time, I met, courted and married Amor, who had tragically lost her husband. Together Amor and I made lights reappear. Bright lights for a future as well as to the past. For a long time, all of the magic of Arlene and Martin were shrouded  in the clouds of confusion. "Why did she leave me?" As if Arlene had a say in her untimely death. All the dark clouds are gone. The fields of summer have returned, not only for tomorrow but of yesterday. ...and there is a voice singing. 

We humans are creatures of feelings. Some feelings are good. Some feelings are bad. Even more. Feelings season every aspect of our lives: the things we do, the things we think, the things we hear, the things we say, everything. Often-times feelings have little to nothing to do with facts. My favorite restaurant is Mona Lisa. Is it the best? Hardly. Everything is better there, for me, because I have always been treated first class there, many great memories are there. So the food, for me, is better there. The same holds true with negative feelings. So what do we do? It is easy to say, keep our feelings positive. Imagine a criminal court judge who is positive (or negative). Is justice affected? So what do we do? I don't know. I am not qualified to tell anyone how to manage their feelings. Especially, since I know I tend to have good feelings. How about you? Therein lays a clue. We are human too; with feelings to Enjoy. 

When it comes to feelings in music try: Adrian von Ziegler "For A Lost Love" 

Do our parties go as expected 

According to The Daily Meal the 10 most popular Super Bowl foods, ranked: #10 Potato Skins, #9 JalapeƱo Poppers, #8 Pigs in a Blanket. #7 Deviled Eggs. #6 Pulled Pork Sandwiches. #5 Guacamole. #4 Nachos. #3 Chicken Wings. #2 Chili. #1 Pizza. Then there is the party expectations. For this we turn to Jason Horton. Who is Jason Horton? Just a YouTuber. 
Then there's reality. "Super Bowl: Expectations vs. Reality" 

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Mattie Stepanek



  1. Hello, Flowered Field is beautiful and sad. I am not much of a football fan unless my hometeam is playing. I do have to say I am rooting for Atlanta only because I do not like Tom Brady. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

    1. Thank you for sharing these feelings and insights.
      Enjoy the week ahead. Look forward to your beautiful photos

  2. I can relate to this, when a loved one departs life is never the same.
    Excellence choice of poem Martin.


    1. I hope this brought you some good feelings.
      Thank you for the wonderful words

  3. Yeah, we all relate to how we feel. Whether that be person or restaurant. What is good for one sure isn't always good to another.

    1. ...or with all things.
      Thank you for the affirmation

  4. during hard times, I tend to think possitive and try to keep others in good spirit but ive also been told I have no empathy. But im me.

    1. There's good idea to turn things around.
      Thank you for shedding light on this valuable tool

  5. Wise. We all grapple with these same realities of aging and wondering; and your honest struggle reaches out to mine with companionship and intimations of different aspects of meaning. Thanks, M

    1. Thank you for this elegant and fond compliment.
      I appreciate all your beautiful photos and marvelous thoughts at your site.

  6. Your words seem to reach inside of me, the only flowers I've known this week are the flowers of death. I guess the flowers are representative of the garden we will all walk alone someday. Or perhaps, they are to leave a fragrant scent of life amidst death. I said my good-bye tossing that red rose upon the casket with tears in my eyes.

    Ok, going I need a tissue...

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your heart. I am with you.
      May you too hear the voice returning

  7. What a poignant and lovely poem. For every time there is a season it is said...

    1. Thank you. I'm glad you were so moved.

  8. Each time in our lives seems to flower and die--you have captured that so well Martin--

  9. oh i am so sorry about your dear wife Martin.this news is new to me so i am little shocked here.

    This poetry and your words my heart full of sorrow for a while!
    i agree it is easy to say than doing but let me share one fact of my felling that whenever i feel as low as death seems better than life i take advantage of my deep imagination through it i go to my grave and lay down ,i cover myself with tons of weight of mud and bury myself until my breathe start breaking my body struggle and i try to pull air in my lungs .
    that dark deep grave and my passionate sudden strive for breathing again make me feel the value of life .
    i get up from the grave come back to my current presence and think okay what ever it is STILL LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL AND WORTH LIVING!

    1. Your warm feelings are much appreciated. I now live with the magic memories we made.
      Thank you for sharing your valued insights and example.
      Unit next time