Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Promise Of Once Again to Groundhog Daying 
A day once again repeats a lovers' melody 
A day repeats once again and again and again

Promise Of Once Again (poem) 

A dewdrop rushes off to shares the news
The morning wakes as flowers fill the air
And music of new day stirs everywhere
While promise once again lends world its hues
Warm sun soft wind remove all past despair
The streams of dreams once more are crystal clear
As blossoms of what could be reappear
Excitement now awaits its finale flare
Another dewdrop does an eyelid sheer
As they take in sheer fascination’s spark
And wave of kisses guide them from the dark
The purpose for dawn’s seasoning is near
Now everything its meaning feels its mark
As picture of perfection always views
And once again its storybook renews
As couple reengage a lovers’ lark 

Once again the world refreshes itself in preparation for two more lovers in this round. A round has no beginning and no end. If we follow the rhyme scheme, we will notice that the center rhymes become the outer rhymes of the following stanza. The last stanza leads back to the first. (ABBA, BCCB, CDDC, DAAD) 

I wasn't always a gardener. The forth place Arlene and I moved to was a small house, in the Sunset district, five blocks from the Pacific Ocean. It had a large backyard, twice the size of the house. All the places we had lived before had no real garden, at least one that I had to care for. I could be like my new neighbors and let the backyard go. I figured, the rent included the backyard, so I might as well us it. Four blocks away was a great gardening center. I went there for some advice and direction, having no experience in gardening. Luck smiled on me. A person who knew me in high school worked at the center.  For the price of a few lunches he set me on my way. After two years, I became a pretty good gardener, I maintained a great lawn trimmed with flowers on the sides. The real magic happened when I discovered jasmine. I don't know what took me so long. The scent of jasmine has intoxicated me from the days of Arlene's and my honeymoon. I trimmed the fences with jasmine vines. As the plants took hold and the scent of jasmine entered our bedroom, Arlene became more attracted to the garden. It seemed that the kisses also increased. One more thing. My neighbors were becoming gardeners. One can only wonder what motivated them. 

Why did my neighbors, all of the sudden, become gardeners? There may be lots of reasons. I could have asked. It is and was a lot more fun leaving it to imagination. I wasn't hurting anyone. Imagination. Our greatest playground. There is no limit to it. There is nothing that we cannot do. It can be be good. It can be bad. We can control it. It can control us. What is real and what is imagination (especially in today's world)? He is a nice guy. Is he really? Let's turn to facts. Imagination can shroud the facts. In the world of imagination 1 + 1 can truly be any number we like. So is he really a nice guy? Enter the world of quantum physics. A world where even imagination is challenged. What are we to do? The major rule is: As long as it doesn't hurt anyone or anything. Respect other's peaceful imaginations. Respect as opposed to adhere to. Try, try, try to keep imagination in its proper place. And Enjoy. 

With all of this, a bit of relaxation is in order: Brian Crain " A Walk In The Forest" 

Imagine if the world kept repeating 

The movie  "Groundhog Day" concerns TV weatherman, Phil Connors (Bill Murry), who is forced to live the same Feb. 2 (Groundhog Day) over and over again until he gains some karmic insight into his life. It seems that Phil Connors wasn't the only one this happened to. Chris and Jack found one more unfortunate soul. 
Let's follow the events of this soul. "GROUNDHOG DAYING | Chris & Jack" 

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There are no rules of architecture 
for a castle in the clouds. 
Gilbert K. Chesterton  


  1. When unable to sleep I have seen the passing of dark to dawn , it is a most beautiful sight. Wonderful poem Martin. We have not far from here what is known as the "New Forset" where animals roam freely and have so wonderful walks.


    1. Sounds like life has blessed you with some imagination outlets.
      Glad you enjoyed the poem.
      Thank you for sharing a part of you

  2. I do love the scent of Jasmine. It is a lovely tea too. I wonder how James Joyce felt that his birthday was celebrated with a groundhog. I am pretty sure it is the same day. Wouldn't it had been funny if someone wrote a poem about it and ended it with Yes?

    1. I love jasmine tea.
      Yes, his birthday was on the same day. If we research hard enough, maybe, we can find some evidence.
      Thank you for this marvelous share

  3. Yeah, respect others imagination and one can be far happier indeed. If they aren't hurting anyone no one should concern themselves with it.

    1. Thank you for the affirmation. Another's imagination can be a source of pleasure.

  4. My imagination is constantly running. I have so many dreams and ideas.
    Great poem Martin.

    1. An oil company paid me for my imagination. Clue to you.
      Thank for the smiles of your imagination

  5. Strong scent has Jasmine the plant a prolific grower.
    Wonderful how you gardened and others joined in, often the case. All could see how beautiful yours looked it's no wonder they wanted theirs to look nice.

    1. Jasmine has a power over me.
      I like to imagine the ladies and the jasmine were the motivation, (hint, hint)
      Thank you for the share

  6. What a beautiful poem. I'm glad you inspired some gardening, plants are so lovely.

  7. I am a dreamer, the general rule is to be respectable of others dreams. Only the dreamer knows the "true" interpretation, but feedback can really cause moments of enlightenment.

    I too love the fragrance of jasmine in bloom. I am feeling all warm and fuzzy I might have to write a poem.

    1. Thank you for sharing your insight of a dreamer.
      I look forward to the poem.

  8. I remember the excitement of springtime to a gardener. I once had a gigantic garden. Now I am content with potted blooms.

    1. So nice to see you here.
      Potted blooms are a joy too.
      Thank you for the visit