Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Dreamer to Toasted Walnut Potato Salad 
A dreamer awaits  flower before joining the ocean 
A dreamer creates a new potato salad before joining the ocean 

The Dreamer (Shakespearean sonnet) 

There by a river destined for the sea
A dreamer awaits a flower to fall
And dance through his heart a moment set free
Paths toward forever will pay for it all
The music of life is there by his side
There mixed with surrender to feelings flow
There with his flower does all hope abide
As passions sublime is kissed by the show
Now ocean of ever waits one more dream
Through teardrops and rainbows endless delight
The scent of flowers brings Joy to its stream
It drinks in the stars which whisper goodnight
As grandeur of always danced in the sun
Dreamer and ocean again become one

A dreamer waits for one more dream in this Shakespearean sonnet. As one would suspect in a sonnet about a dreamer, this sonnet is alive in metaphor. For instance "a flower" could be a girl, a dream, an idea, a hope and much more. Even the course of the sonnet is open to interpretation. This was done so that the reader is in control. If this sonnet works well, the reader should get a different flavor with each reading. 

My life was pretty much a dream. The dream began in middle school when I met Mr. Johnny Land. I had a voice and he put me on stage. Mr. Land opened doors for me all the way through college. It was through Mr. Land that I met Arlene. When I was 16, I met David, the owner of the M and M restaurant. David would teach me strong work ethics. I was also a houseboy. One of my customers was the wife of a big shot at Standard Oil of California (now Chevron). Through her, I gained employment at Chevron. At Chevron, I met Devoy. Devoy and I started a movement called the Messengers Of Light. Then there was the whole dance thing. Arlene and I were good enough to enjoy a certain notoriety. I also enjoyed minor successes as a photographer, music and jingle writer. Besides being very involved with my children, I was very active in their schools and coaching. Arlene and I were blessed to have opportunities opened up to us. Through these opportunities, we got to see America. I had a dream job. My life was so good that when I joined the Masons, I turned my attention to the service of my fellow man. I had been involved in volunteer work for some time, but life had been so good to me that I turned as much energy as I could to serve. It was the least this dreamer could do.

Can everyone live their dream? I like to believe so. In truth we don't know. One of my dreams was to be  a music teacher. Something went wrong. I would eventually become a teacher of a different sort. There are many like me, whose dreams change, for one reason or another. There are some whose dreams die. I believe all children dream. When I grow up I want to be this. I want to do that. The greatness is not notoriety, but achieving "that" dream. As we grow life offers us opportunities and alternatives. Then there are choices. To do this we may have to do this or we may have to give up that. So here we are. Can we still live our dream? I like to believe so. The more important matter is do we believe it. Do we believe that whisper in our ear? Do we believe that wish that calls to us at night, in our sleep? Therein lays the beginning. Take the next step and Enjoy.

Maybe we can put this to song: Autumn Whispers "The Dreamer" 

I hope we like potato salad 

The word "potato" may refer either to the plant itself or to the edible tuber. In the Andes, where the species is indigenous, there are some other closely related cultivated potato species. Potatoes were introduced outside the Andes region approximately four centuries ago, and have since become an integral part of much of the world's food supply. Potatoes also make a great salad. Here to show us a new potato salad is Gregg, of You Suck At Cooking. 
In all the ridiculousness there is a recipe. "Toasted Walnut Potato Salad - You Suck at Cooking (episode 56)" 

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A dreamer is one who can only find his way 
by moonlight, and his punishment is that he 
sees the dawn before the rest of the world. 
Oscar Wilde


  1. Have to believe to some extent to get there, while remaining grounded a bit in reality. At one point as a kid I wanted to be a wrestler, sooooo glad that never came due. Rolling around with sweaty men, blah lol

    1. Think about it: Wrestling with rhymes (all of the times)
      Thank you and trips to your zoo

  2. Learning from your post today! Hey, I suck at cooking. Great fun video!

    1. So glad you had a good time.
      Thank you for the smiles.

  3. Has anyone ever told you that your life stories would make a great movie?

    1. Only me. But I'm a egotist.
      But thank you for the compliment

  4. What a wonderful poem, I especially liked "The music of life is there by his side
    There mixed with surrender to feelings flow" Dreams can be wonderful too...

    1. So happy this sparked your imagination.
      Thank you for expressing yourself

  5. Got to have dreams about something.
    Like the poem.
    One of my professions was that of a music and singing teacher in my spare time :)

    1. I thank you for sharing many of your dreams.
      Glad you enjoyed
      Ahh a fellow singer


  6. You have inspired me to write a Shakespearean sonnet and also reminded me of being rather lazy in writing free verse most of the time.Yours has a lovely flow like the stream into the ocean. Well done !
    I also like the way you share little snippets of your life .It is very generous.

    1. Thank you for that great compliment.
      I think you write from the heart.

  7. One must have a deram in life.
    Lovely poem and also the photo.


    1. We surely must.
      Thank you. It is gracious that you enjoyed

  8. Hello, I love the poem. I am a dreamer, sometimes they come true. Thanks for sharing. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

    1. Glad to have you at my side, fellow dreamer.
      Thank you and have a glorious weekend