Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Magic Door to Magic 3D Pen 
A couple discover magic through a door 
A lady's reality is challenged by the magic of a 3D pen 

The Magic Door (round) 

As we were going to the store
There was a man outside the door
He asked before we went inside
If we had time to see much more
Now time it seemed was on our side
The man was filled with so much pride
We told him we would gladly share
The secret he appeared to hide
The store door opened with a flare
But inside now was nothing there
Just go inside and use your head
A clue like that required a stare
Inside we thought of what he said
Then words across the ceiling spread
It didn’t take us long to see
To think of what we need instead
A car a house a money tree
A world of peace for you and me
A truck to take all this stuff home
And while we’re here let’s eat for free
As children our dreams let to roam
Here underneath our wishing dome
And dreaming it went on and on
What once was clear turned into foam
Now left in smoke with all else gone
And there you were as clear as dawn
The only wish I ever knew
And to your magic I was drawn
The man still waiting “Are you through
So little time so much to do”
But time and things worth wishing for
They all begin and end with you 

A couple discovers more than magic beyond a magic door in this round.  A good round has no beginning or end. In this round it is the third line. The third lime leads to the rhyme scheme of the following stanza. The last third line lead back to the first stanza. So the door awaits another couple. 

Arlene and I were really blessed. Although we both worked, each month we barely scratched some savings. At the end of the disco days we were deeply in dept. Our riches came from our friends and people we knew. The unbelievable deals on car rentals, travel deals, clothes and much more, were favors owed and gifts laid at our feet. Arlene and I were really blessed. It was truly a wonderland of magic. Here I was, with my childhood sweetheart (well, I was 15). Arlene was the definition of beauty. She was the other other half. We were that team. that dream. that star we all could reach, I still remember. We were on our way to Los Angeles in a fully loaded Pontiac Trans Am (arranged for by our friend at Hertz). We pulled over at a rest stop just south of Bakersfield, to take in the sunset and enjoy our hamburgers. Por Ellas by Julio Inglesias was playing on the radio. Great car, Great burgers;The most beautiful lady in the world. We both knew how life had smiled on us, Our problems were miles behind us. Ahead awaited another advenyure. I turned to Arlene and said, "It all begins and ends with you." 

Magic. Back in my school days, in my drama class, there was a guy, Diego, who wanted to be a magician. He practiced hard and was petty good. What was more amazing, this high school boy told me to learn and practice a few simple tricks. He said, "You'll see why." I took his advice and learned a few card and string tricks. We have all seen magicians perform their magic. Or have we? We know that a rabbit doesn't just appear in a hat. There are some people who try to figure out how the trick is done. There are some who just enjoy the performance. There is part of the magic. There is what a classmate said that I would see. The magic of an artist pulling a rabbit out of hat. Magic isn't limited to a magician or a stage. Magic happens to us all the time: an unexpected phone call, some money shows up when we need it, a date where everything just goes right, a deal on a rent-a-car that can't be passed up, things like that. Sure, there's a logical explanation. We could figure it out. Or we can take it in as the magic of life. As life unfolds its wonders to us, remember that part of the magic, We are part of the magic. ...and as the show goes on, Enjoy.

Let's have song about magic: Tao "Magical Moments" 

While we are on the subject of magic 

Magicians were very much involved in the birth of the movie industry. Not only were many magicians exhibitors of films, but many were involved as performers and producers. Harry Houdini made several silent films and was the creator of many special effects; magician George Melies bought the Robert-Houdin Theatre and exhibited the first motion picture seen in Paris. Now a days we have magicians like Michael Carbonaro who deliver magic to individuals so that we may enjoy the magic. 
Imagine a 3D pen. "The Carbonaro Effect - Magic 3D Pen" 

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Believe in yourself 
and believe in magic. 
Theophilus London



  1. A great poem and music Martin. Love is a most "Magical thing". wherever you are.


  2. Magic and magicians always fascinate. It is not just for kids. Even adults are taken up and left wondering!


    1. I am so happy you too are led by the wonder.
      Thank you for all the wonder you bring

  3. I like the rhyming poems :) .
    Ive never been musically tallented. Always wished I could sing, though I can put on a pretty good concert from behind my steering wheel.

    1. Thank you. Glad you enjoyed.
      Bet your behind the wheel concerts would make quite a video

  4. That is true, they fill one with wonder. And yeah, if you don't look too deep, magic can seem to be all around us.

  5. I love your poem filled with such mental magic... I'm glad for the magic in your life.

    1. Thank you for enjoying the poem.
      Part of the magic is your art.

  6. I always enjoy your poems and personal stories. True magic for us too to read these!

    1. What a compliment. You made this egotist blush.
      Thank you, thank you, thank you

  7. Wonderful word is 'magic', the magic of it all.

    1. You should know. You capture so much of it in your lens.
      Thank you

  8. really loved the rhythm of the beautiful poem.
    how amazingly you linked this nice poetry with your wonderful blessed life.
    you were so lucky to have such content life as it is a great blessing .
    before my marriage there were few rich families who asked my parents to get me married with their sons for whom my girl cousins were almost dying for but i said yes for man who was then just a clerk in office because i wanted to test my abilities of survival .

    1. Thank you for the compliment and your nice thoughts.
      We all follow life's wonders. It seems to me, your life turned out pretty special.

  9. Don't laugh, but I believe magic is real. What is more real than getting something you really need Just as you need it, what is more real than the hug you get when you are sinkin, the dreams you dreamt which turned into reality, how magic happens doesn't matter, recognizing it is up to the observer.

    1. You've met Diego too.
      Sounds to me, you have a clear view of magic.
      Thank you so much for this