Saturday, February 4, 2017

They Said to NFL 2017 - A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL 
A person is changed by what they said 
Laughter is brought out by what we think they said 

They Said (poem) 

I was wild
Had little control
When I was brought in they said
I talked to birds and butterflies.
Made pictures they called incident
The words they used confused, abused
It’s only you wee friend they said
Time moved on as it’s apt to do
They grew names teachers turned our minds anew
Whenever an old or different thought came to our head
Listen to what we say first that is what they said
So here I am released a man your youth
Inside abides a part of me is dead
I graduated now to search for truth
To filter through this head those things they said
Harden lips
Turn wings to bright stars
It’s there while there is still time 

A weight and a warning in this poem. This starts out as a free form poem. Something changes in the third line of the second stanza. The rhyming makes itself clear in the third stanza. In the forth stanza a meter (10 beats) is established. The last stanza is an echo of the first. It appears to have returned to free form. On closer examination, the last stanza has the same beat pattern as the first.

I was very fortunate in my school days to have great teachers. They helped me grow. I only had one bad teacher in all those years. Chevron Oil Company got a little heavy, brainwashing us employees to be positive. Who is going to complain about having to be positive, especially when we rewarded with money. So here I was a 40 year old child joining an old man's group, the Freemasons. Let me start off by saying, the Masons of 1990 were a lot different than we are today. My Lodge was about 50 years behind the times. Small wonder they were dying. I joined, mainly, because I don't know who my father was. The Masons are a natural "family tree". My ability to memorize and perform drew me a lot of attention. I attracted many teachers. I learned a lot from them, including how important it was that I acted just so. I listened and I learned, as did many in this faltering fraternity. After three years, I was put in charge of the public schools committee. With the help of a teacher, I lucked upon a radical new reading program (Stepping Stones to Reading). It went against the old ways of dealing with the public schools. But when the reading program was recognized by San Francisco everything changed. I was put in charge of parties that were highly successful. As rumors of my programs got around, I attracted others, who were trying to bring about changes in their Lodges. By joining forces and working together, we were able to bring the Bay Area Masons into the twenty-first century. With new members came new ideas and new hope. 

We are being bombarded all the time with "truths". "Truths" in how to behave. "Truths" in how in what to believe. "Truths" about what's right, Today more than ever. We are bombarded with "Truths". The news,  social media, our leaders, books, schools, employers, ads, and on and on... What do we do? What can we do? Be aware is one step. Look at our life. See how saturated we are. There are a number of sides to any issue. Seek out other view points. We don't have to accept other's views, just listen. It is their opinion. Maybe not our's. Everyone has a right to an opinion. Easy to talk, harder to act. Keep in mind this is your life. Never give up hope. Never give up on your dreams. Always know who is the real person in the mirror. There, in the mirror, is the real truth, Enjoy. 

Need a little inspiration: Jamie Houston "Breaking Free" 

A word from those in 2017's Super Bowl 

The first two Super Bowls were not even referrd to as the Super Bowl at the time. It wasn’t until Super Bowl III, the New York Jets vs. the Baltimore Colts,  that the name was coined. Now it's Super Bowl 51. What do the players have to say? 
We won't find out here, because Bad Lip Reading is in charge. "'NFL 2017' — A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL 

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Freedom is never more than one generation 
away from extinction. We didn't pass it to 
our children in the bloodstream. It must be 
fought for, protected, and handed on for them 
to do the same. 
Ronald Reagan


  1. Always know who is the real person in the mirror
    There, in the mirror, is the real truth

    Never give away what one is and what one hopes to do. One can only trust oneself for the truth! Very true Martin!


    1. So well worded.
      Thank you for the affirmation and this added value

  2. Yep, that is what we have to do. Learn to listen to other viewpoints but don't become sheep and get sucked in to so-called "truths"

    1. In today's world the powers to be have gotten very sophisticated. We are controlled and don't even know it. But we are together.
      Thank you

  3. Perspective! Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    1. So glad you had a good read
      Thank for the thought

  4. What a powerful post and your words were very intriguing.

  5. To thine own self be true was what I was brought up to believe,
    Most interesting to read Martin. Enjoyed it very much.


    1. That what I was taught too. But "they" have ways to make us believe what "they" want.
      Thank you. Nice to fascinate you

  6. stop listen and learn.. we are forever learning no matter how old we are.

    1. Great point.
      Thank you for adding this wonderful thought