Friday, February 10, 2017

Timeless to Gaming on the Down Low 
Some people are lost in timeless love 
Some people are lost in timeless video gaming 

Timeless (English sonnet) 

He feels her coming in the passing breeze
His promised love is not so far away
This promise from a lifetime of dismay
This precious dream to set his soul at ease
Her flowers were the purpose of his day
Each word within his heart he shared with these
Each wished for moment there her flowers sees
Amid their precious garden time did stray
Then came the time for him to say goodbye
His flowers were all there to keep him warm
So lonely was the smile upon his face
One day the garden caught a young girl’s eye
And there for her a love began to form
A love beyond all time beyond all space 

A love beyond the pages of time is revealed in this English sonnet. As most English sonnets, this one is divided into two parts. The quatrains (the first part) talks about a man who fell in love. The second part (the triplets) deals with a death and a discovery. 

This sonnet was inspired by one of my neighbors. Only a small removable wire fence separates my yard from my neighbor's yards.This was done to make our yards look bigger. The best gardener, by far, was my neighbor who lived to my left, Paul. What this fellow could do with flowers was amazing. The success I enjoyed with flowers was due to his advise. His wife, Mary, though she loved flowers, rarely went into the garden. I was amazed, Paul looked younger than he really was. He looked healthier, than he really was, too. After seven years of knowing Paul, he died. My neighbor, who lived to my right, and I did our best to take care of Paul's garden for Mary. After a few months Mary joined us in working in the garden. Mary now takes care of the garden. It is her way of being with Paul. What was really amazing, that spring, when Mary entered Paul's garden, the beautiful flowers returned. 

What happens to us after we leave this world? It is not my place to say. I believe that each person has the right of their own "here after" beliefs. Here are some facts. We are no longer that child, playing with friends, at lunchtime in elementary school. That person is gone. Only memories remain. Thomas Edison has long been dead. Every time we turn on an electric light, he returns (at least his memory). In nature, there is energy. Energy (as far as we know) never dies. It is just transferred from one thing to another. Love... there's a subject. We who have felt it know that it really exist. It goes beyond any attempt to explain it. Science and logic tries to limit it to chemical reactions. But love cannot so neatly be limited. It goes beyond any definition. It goes beyond time. Here are just a few wonders all around us. What happens to us after we leave this world? We will find out. For now, wouldn't it be more worthwhile to take in the wonders here and now? "Life is for the living", so Enjoy. 

Love love, flowers in a garden? Here we are: Secret Garden "Appassionata" 

And then there are video games 

More than 1.2 billion people are playing games worldwide, according to a state of the industry report by Spil Games. Of those, about 700 million play online games. That amounts to 44 percent of the world's online population, according to comScore data cited by Spil Games.  Gaming isn't always the most productive activity and sometimes it's better to do it in secret, like this husband and his bud, captured by Studio C.. 
Then the wife comes home. "Gaming on the Down Low" 

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Love is the voice under all silences, the hope 
which has no opposite in fear; the strength 
so strong mere force is feebleness: the truth 
more first than sun, more last than star. 
E.E Cummings


  1. This was so touching Martin, a tear jerker.
    Enjoy your week-end.


    1. Hopefully joyful love story tears.
      Thank you and may the weekend bring you joy

  2. Yeah, who knows what truly happens. But everything is energy and that energy has to go somewhere. Whether it goes some place grand or disperses into the universe and becomes vast nothingness, we shall see when we croak, or not lol

    1. Until then, let's enjoy one more dream here.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject

  3. Hello, pretty love poem. A lovely story about your neighbor Mary, I am glad she took over the gardening. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

    1. So glad this brought you some good feelings.
      Thank you for everything

  4. What deep and thought provoking words... The poem is powerful too.

  5. Lovely poem.
    If only we knew what happened to us after we die - we think we know, well some of us do but really have no idea, we believe in what we believe in.

    1. Thank you.
      Perhaps its best we don't know. Just enjoy this life and do the best we can

  6. Nicely done. I enjoy the technical breakdown too.

    1. Good to see you.
      Thank you for your valuable comments

  7. Not knowing where I'm going is what I don't 'like' about death. And I've written many words about what we leave behind, our temporary footprints, but our energy is alive and transfers, even if only to the ground to feed a tree eventually, means, a part of us remains behind, forever. Happy weekend Martin, and thank you for always visiting *smiles*

    1. Thank you for sharing your view.
      "Not knowing...", I think is one our greatest dilemmas.

  8. I agree that everyone has a right to have their own hereafter beliefs. They are interesting to discuss with others, aren't they? But yes...enjoy and appreciate here and now....and leave hereafter for as far in the future as possible!!

    1. Thank you so much for your affirmation.
      Let us be the light for others...

  9. Everything has energy and energy is transferable. I have no doubt where I will be going, but I am in no rush. I have been contemplating life, death and everything in between. When one passes I always say "not gone, just transformed" it brings me comfort.

    Martin, you have an amazing spirit and you know like souls will always find each other. It is the way of the universe.

    1. Great thought! When doing funerals, I often ask, "Did they have a good life?"
      Thank you for your wonderful praise.

  10. love cannot so neatly be limited
    It goes beyond any definition
    It goes beyond time

    Love is more of a feel rather than an act. It is beyond explanation and beyond space and time. Only those involved will get the feel. Incisive thinking Martin!


    1. Love the thinking here.
      Thank you for raising this edition higher with these thoughts.