Friday, February 24, 2017

Tomorrow to This Went Wrong 
One person who can wait until tomorrow 
Another person who wants thing right now 

Tomorrow (Italian sonnet)

Tomorrow he built castles in the sky
The dreams of children with no cause to weep
The hope of homeless comfort they might reap
The hearts of mothers never need to cry
Tomorrow he made neighbors make amends
They worked together to improve the school
Tomorrow he formed volunteering pool
Where mistrust sprouted now would bloom in friends
Tomorrow he will go to city hall
To show his fellows how to use their voice
Tomorrow he will help his church rejoice
Tomorrow he will coach some kids at ball
Tomorrow he will a park clean-up head
Tomorrow he will drive old folk to store
Tomorrow he will do all this and more
Tomorrow came and sadly he was dead

A man with great plans for tomorrow is the echo of this Italian sonnet. An Italian sonnet Is just like a Shakespearean sonnet except instead of finishing with a rhyming couplet it ends with a quatrain. In this sonnet, as time ticks by as "tomorrow" begins one more line of each quatrain. 

In Masonry the "line on officers" is a lesson in life (especially the top three spots). One of the lessons is: We only have this time. Make the most of it before it is over. This is the story of my biggest masonic failures. After I completed the line of officers, I became a personal officer's coach. One of my students was a man named Allen (Al). As far as memorizing, he was as good as most. His big challenge became apparent when he reached the top three positions. Al had these big dreams. When he was Junior Warden. he was going to do this and he was going to do that. When his year was over, he hadn't accomplished any of his dreams. Well, there is always next year. As Senior Warden, Al was going to do this and that again plus some more. I suggested he cut his goals down a bit. Al enjoyed himself, but at the end of the year he accomplished nothing. There was next year. Al was elected Master. I went over with him that this was his last year on the line. I told him to write down one thing that he really wanted to accomplish and put it in an envelope.  It was a sleeper year. Al was the first Master in over twenty years to not add a single thing to make the Lodge a better place. Al opened the envelope and saw what he wrote. Al left the Lodge but continued to pay his dues. After many years, he was all but forgotten, Al returned to the Lodge. He was in his uniform. At dinner he related his tale. For all his life he saw himself a failure. After failing the Lodge and the people who trusted him, his eyes were opened. Before it was too late, he made many sacrifices and work very hard for one goal. His dream of being a captain of a ship. Al is a Captain for the Red and White Fleet (a day cruise ship). 

One doesn't have to a Mason to be a part of this truth. There is only so much time. Many people waste away this time in talk, wishing, and idle dreaming. Not accomplishing anything solid. Try to imagine watching TV all day. There really are people like that. Even worse, there are people who do not attempt to pursue even one of their dreams. So sad. So real. There is only so much time available to us. Time is precious. Time is given to us to pursue our dreams. To turn our dreams into reality. To make our time here worth something. Yes, there is much that we can't do. Let us focus on what we can do. We can do so much more. So much more to make us satisfied. Us satisfied, not others. We are the ones that look back at how we used our time. Even more: I believe after we have realized a level of self satisfaction, it is human nature to assist others. To reach out. How important it is that we use our time wisely. Believe, know that we can accomplish our dreams. And as we do, Enjoy.

How about some inspirational music: Leonard Bernstein "Make Our Garden Grow" 

Some people's dreams are satisfied at a drive-thru 

There are a few claimants for the first fast food eatery to feature a true drive-thru, but In-N-Out Burger’s first restaurant, with its intercom ordering system and its lack of both inside seating and outside parking was likely the first to offer the complete drive-thru package. Fast food drive-thrus have been around for many years, still common errors happen. Here to share some of those errors with us is Liza Koshy. 
Perhaps we can relte to some of these. "THIS WENT WRONG!! DRIVE THRU WITH LIZA!" 

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Follow your dreams and use your 
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to make this a better world for tomorrow. 
Paul Watson


  1. Yeah, watching tv all day everyday or playing video games would drive me nuts. I like both, both that being the only thing, pffft no way. Have to keep on living life or all you get is nadda and a wider rump lol

    1. Even worse, I live in the Bay Area. Too much too do. But imagine, being held back from your dream...
      Thank you for sharing

  2. loved this meaningful Villanelle, I loved writing them too :)

    Also, the last lines are very good!

  3. Yes, we only have this time. Every moment matters

  4. I enjoyed the poem and your words very much. Time is indeed precious. We don't usually know how long we have...

    1. Happy you enjoyed.
      Thank you for all your support

  5. Very good writing themed and poem.


  6. Time is not promised to anyone, lovely poem.

    1. Thank you for that thought and the compliment

  7. A valuable lesson in this poem and story. Sometimes, we are so caught up in seeing the dream, we forget to live the actual dream. Some have no dreams and that is why they watch TV all day. They need others to help plant and cultivate dreams for them. If we think we will fail, we will most likley fail and sometimes we just fail as it wasn't meant to be, to many outside obstacles. We can set the path, but sometimes others throw us a curve ball to destroy what we have built. just my humble thoughts.

    I hope you are well Martin, life has been a series of darkness for me this month. Tell me, when will the light once again shine?

    1. Thank you for the good wishes and for sharing your insights.
      Sounds to me like you have a key and are having some difficulty finding that door. I wish I could help, but I have been very lucky. The light is shining. Something is preventing us from seeing it. Stay positive. Let it be our power and strength.

  8. Well written. After all, time waits for none. Loved the thought n expression in your poem. It's a valuable lesson to many.

    1. Thank you for the compliment and the nice thoughts.
      Appreciate your visit

  9. A reminder to make the most of now! very nice!

    1. Nice to see you here.
      Thank you for your input.