Thursday, April 20, 2017

Did I Imagine to Why I Tattooed My Entire Body 
A person looks back at an unimaginable life 
A person looks upon the unimaginable 

Did I Imagine (English sonnet) 

Did I imagine all of it away
So strange the kind of things which disappear
When even hiding places seem to stray
Where shadows do not have to reappear
Did I imagine all of it aside
So strange when pictures of a truth assail
The trace of grace left hidden there inside
This soul for many others did avail
Did I imagine all of it awhile
Before it ran a course through other’s lives
And put askew a world that they once knew
Did I imagine all of it would smile
While everything inside my body rives
Did I imagine you will see me through 

A person comes to grip with reality in this English sonnet. This sonnet takes advantage of the form to accomplish the second element of its style. In the quatrains the speaker examines his strange world. When he comes to the triads the pace seems to get more urgent as he arrives at the blessing. This illusion was accomplish by getting the reader use to three line between "Did I imagine...", then reducing the number of lines. 

Near the end of my disco days, I became a marijuana user. I had smoked it on rare occasions before, but I never really got into it. I can blame a lot of things for me getting heavily into it, but that would be playing the blame game. When I say "heavily" I mean I was stoned all day. All day except the time it took me to roll my first joint. I can tell people this about the effects of marijuana on people: it effects everyone differently. Those stoned people sitting around with the munchies is an "old wives' tale". There are some people who become much better when they're stoned. On the other hand, there are some who get worse. If those opposed to making marijuana legal got a hold of my friend Charles marijuana would never become legal. Then there are those in the middle, someplace. Me? I was an exceptional user. So good that my boss would asked me to work overtime and weekends. I would keep copy machines going in two offices and turn out pounds of exceptional work. I even taught myself how to play the guitar. Smoking marijuana made me a working fool. My boss even introduced me to eye drops and kept me stocked in breath mints and gum while at work. If anyone made the mistake of asking me a question. boy did I give them a detailed answer. I quit when my son, Peter, turn one. I was stoned and bouncing him on my knee, I asked myself, "Is this the father he deserves?' I have never used drugs since that day. It was just in time. Chevron instituted a strong anti-drug program. Arlene? She never really got into drugs. She preferred to watch and be prepared to catch this nut if I fell down.

As we know, marijuana has become legal in California. It is legal in many other states. Having seen, first hand, its effects on my friends, my feelings are mixed. What does have me perplexed is not the drug itself. Stick with me on this one. We were told marijuana is not harmful. Then I think of my friend Charles and the many more like him, who shouldn't use marijuana, (lots of people). Then we have one nut (in a million) who walks into a school to shoot his wife. Because of this one lunatic, all school securities are heightened. (I'm just using the school shooting as an example of the rare changing the lives of the many.)  As far as marijuana, both sides of the argument were not telling the complete truth. So I'm not so much perplexed about the marijuana issue. It is the way many of our laws and regulations are handled. What can we do about it? Open our eyes and those of our neighbors and friends. Speak put. Speak out the truth in a positive way. (No one wins an argument.) Let our leader know our feelings. Working together will bring us one step closer to that better world. Believe we can and Enjoy.

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Ever considered a tattoo 

When it comes to getting inked (tattooed), 59 percent of women have tattoos compared to 41 percent of men, according to a new poll released by the Oxygen Network and Lightspeed Research. What’s more, 40 percent of women made their tattoo experience a shared one, often getting inked with friends and loved ones. Liza Koshy's friend, who looks a lot like her,  just recently got inked. She explains to Liza the meaning of some of her tattoos. 
Need an idea for a tattoo? "WHY I TATTOOED MY ENTIRE BODY"

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or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song 
only you can hear. 
Oscar Wilde


  1. Marijuana might become legal in Canada on or shortly before July 1st this year. It should become interesting if it does. I'm thinking the Government will definitely make out on this deal by taxes.

    1. The bigger issue is how we (our leaders) deal with or issues.
      Thank you and Congratulations.

  2. Excellent choice of poem Martin, the iomagination can and do play awful tricks with the mind.


    1. It can indeed.
      Thank you. I'm happy that you liked.

  3. I've seen people use it and get dumber, really dumber. Also smoking it can give one lung cancer just as easy as cigarettes. So yeah, not all kittens and rainbows like the pot heads want you to believe. But alcohol is just as bad and that is legal. Mixed bag indeed. I've seen the oil help cancer patients though.

    1. I am perplexed over the lack of pros and cons this issue got yet fear got us to act without any thought.
      Thank you for bringing us your thoughts.

  4. It isn't the drug which it the issue but the users. Some people can drink alcohol without any problems. Some should never, ever drink. Ditto marijuana.
    Truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is becoming a very rare concept now. Sadly. I believe we need the whole picture to make decisions.

    1. I agree that the effect of marijuana on people is similar to alcohol. My concern is how these things are handled.
      What can we say about truth when even history is changing?
      Thank you for the input.

  5. I agree with what Elephant's Child says.
    Have an idea it's legal to use here in my State for medical reasons prescribed by a few Doctors only who have to have permission.

    1. Another issue... Doctors' prescriptions.
      Let's talk about your beautiful pictures. Thank you.

  6. As far as marijuana, both sides of the
    argument were not telling the complete
    truth. So I'm not so much perplexed

    Lots of attempts to portray it as being helpful and a wonder to helpless beings. But for a fact lots of brilliant minds were destroyed gone to waste.


    1. Like I said: It effects everyone differently. The whole thing is complicated.
      But let's keep smiling. Thank you

  7. Well the time I tried marijuana, I think I ate a whole bag of Doritos! I was also a giggly stupor. Not my thing. I'm on the line to it being legal. I do not think it is as bad as alcohol but again who knows until its "Legalized". Anything that alters your mind should be kept clear of.

    1. Truth is the main issue. Truth; not money or self interests or beliefs and the list goes on and on.
      Thank you for sharing your experience.

  8. What a fascinating poem, it plays with perceptions... I like the quote a lot too.