Friday, May 12, 2017

The Dream to Dancing in the Street - without music 
Lovers dancing in a dream 
Four million people still don't know what's going on 

The Dream (round) 

A dream I had that started here with you
My fragrant friend my shelter for a kiss
For surely paradise is drawn from this
Just drifting here for wishes to come true
What cares I had your flowers do dismiss
A breeze whispers to life a gentle air
A soft reminder that we often share
Before we do resign ourselves to bliss
My promise of tomorrows meets me there
Where dancing dreams give meaning to the sky
While time forgot the meaning of goodbye
And reason as to meaning unaware
For now let’s put aside our need for why
And place an endless love within our view
Without this precious gift what will I do
Another dream is waiting your reply

Lovers happily lost in a dream of a round. In this round the middle rhyme form the outer rhymes of the next stanza. The last stanza leads back to the first stanza. Thus we have a poem with no beginning or end. If some of the lines seem to extend in meaning, remember this is a dream. 

Yes, Arlene and I were dreamers. Our best of our dreams was the ability and the opportunity to cast dreams for others to enjoy. Our dances were a good examples. People became young again. We held dances on boats. in gardens and even at the zoo, to stretch imaginations. One of our big parties was almost a disaster. Every year the Masons hold a party in honor of our widows. It is usually held in conjunction with Mother's day. Although usually a charming event, Arlene and I decided to take it one step further. We rented a facility in South San Francisco with a view of a lush green garden. Most of our guests were up there in years. They arrived as normal. We had small gifts,as was customary. The menu had a Polynesian flare. All the waiters wore Hawaiian attire. After dining it started. The lights flickered to the load of lightening. Hawaiian performers came from everywhere. Through some great lighting effects, the entire facility was transported to the islands. The whole transformation was a bit much for a few of the ladies, who had to be taken outside. Arlene and I thought we might be responsible for some hospitalizations. This was not well thought out. Luckily as the event went on everyone had a great time. But it was Arlene and I who nearly had a heart attack.

It got better. The entire event went way over budget. Many members of the Lodge were angry and felt that I should pay some retribution. I was nervous, was an understatement. Just before the vote, the secretary read a few letters. They were from widows, thanking the Lodge and telling what a good time they had. Not only did the vote go in my favor, men continue to try to outdo each other with the widows' party.

And what are your dreams? Easy for one to ask who had others to pay for his flights of fancy. But there was something else. The money was there before that widows' party. At one time there was no widows' party. Then someone used their imagination. Imagination. We all have one (somewhere), Remember, when we were kids? We didn't need a horse, to ride a horse. What happened? Just like muscles, imaginations require exorcise. Maybe we've become afraid. Maybe we've come to believe imaginations are just for kids. Maybe we believe that voice telling us we can't. Well, we Can. Believe in ourselves. We are wonders in a wonderful world and there is a breeze loose called our imagination. Ever wonder how beautiful a flower can be? Imagination. It is limitless. Do we see the possibilities? They are us. Enjoy.

The other side of dreams: Roy Orbison "In Dreams" 

Some people should not be dancing in the streets 

Research shows dancing not only improves overall physical health, it can improve your mental health by boosting your overall happiness. But take a gaze at this video provided by Strack Azar. It makes one wonder. 
Did I catch Mick Jagger drinking in this video? "Dancing in the Street // Silent Music Video" 

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You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep 
because reality is finally better than your dreams.
Dr. Seuss


  1. Imagination sure does require exercise, can't say I fail in that department though as away we go.

    1. Oh, I read you blog daily. You get plenty of exercise.
      Thank you

  2. Imaginatio0n is a wonderful thing, I watch young lovers walk along the beach when I'm there who seem to be in a world of their own.

    Loved both song of my era. Lovely to hear again.


    1. Sounds they aren't the only ones using their imagination.
      Thank you. Dream on...

  3. Among other things my family condemned my 'over-active' imagination. My adult self sticks her tongue out at them.

    1. And I'm sure your eyes shed a tear.
      Thank you for you being you.

  4. "Where dancing dreams give meaning to the sky"
    What a wonderful dance you gave the widows! So glad to know you, Martin

    1. Not as good as others who followed. Ahh, the spark of imagination.
      Thank you for yours.

  5. Well, my imagination and inner child are doing quite well. I am constantly dreaming as I keep my creative side alive and nourished. I woke up early and cleared my space and drummed, freeing up my imagination and mind to hear the next steps in the journey.

    1. I am so happy for you. Keep it alive. May I be a proof to you of the value of our gift.
      Thank you and dream on...

    2. Dreams may have come true for you, but It doesn't mean it will be true for all. We can keep positive though in hopes dreams will manifest

      Bright blessings

  6. What a lovely and beautiful poem. I'm glad your event for the widows worked out, you put so much thought and love into it. I'm glad you enjoy when my maidens have fancy hair...

    1. Thank you for your marvelous comment.
      It is a pleasure to see how your imagination flows through your art.

  7. Yes, love is transformative and colours everything in rosy hue.

    1. Sounds like you have some experience.
      Thank you. So good to see you.