Thursday, June 1, 2017

Dreams Become Them to Terrible DJs 
Lovers look at dreams 
Two DJ wanna-bes share their dreams  

Dreams Become Them (poem) 

Have you seen them
Have you heard when
They arrive like the tide of the night
And stay here until they’re chased clear
By renewed and steadfast sight
Do you feed them
Do your words hem
To you and the people you should love
Your hopes’ sphere is what they revere
It is you they’re leery of
No more dreams Them.
No more girth Stemmed
They yearn what you lightly cast aside
Were once dear You held them so near
Now some shadow they abide
What’s the need then
What’s the world,them
What takes your dreams before they decay
What with fear was created here
Trust and hope will take away
Do you see them
Do you need them
Do you love and treasure and feed them
Now you’re here and youthfully clear
These dreams could really be them 

Lovers lost in the meaning of their dreams become this poem. This poem has three sets of rhymes. First there is the echo of the first two lines of each stanza. Then there are the story lines: three, four and five. Lines three and five rhyme with each other. Line four rhymes with all lines four. In the end rhyme and meaning become metaphors.  

It was not uncommon on weekends to see Arlene and I out walking with the kids, Peter and Robin. Peter was every little sister's dream. A big bother who would never shut her out. He was always there to protect her and make sure she was happy. They were a cute pairs. This alone made it a pleasure to take them out. One hot summer day, when Peter and Robin were very young, we went exploring Mountain Lake Park, in the Richmond district. We were following the path. Peter and Robin leading the way. When we got close to the lake. we left the path and cut across the grass. All of the sudden the sprinklers turned on. People sitting on the grass ran for the dry path, as did Peter and Robin. Arlene and I, on the other hand. took each other's hands and danced around one of the sprinklers. After a kiss, we stared into each others' eyes. How did we get here? As we were getting soaked, in our eyes, was all that brought us to this magic moment. (Arlene and I have had this experience before and would enjoy it many times again.) Oddly, the experience ended when the sprinklers were turned off. I can still see the expressions on Peter's and Robin's faces. There were their parents, acting like little kids.

Dreams. We all have them. At night. When we close our eyes. But there is more. We dream of what lies ahead; What we want to do with our life; That someone special; That place we have never been; That goal; and on and on. We have all heard, "If we can dream it we can be it." To be honest, I'm not sure if that is entirely true. For my work and for the Masons I did some mind boggling things. In my life there is much that I didn't do or left undone. (Make no mistake, I did have a pretty awesome life.) In my work and for the Masons the tasks were pretty specific. I believe therein lies the challenge.  We humans are diverse, dealing with diverse complexities. A paradox within a paradox. ...then the unexpected happens. Oh dear! Still and all, we can have an awesome and pretty unbelievable life. It starts with that warm beverage in the morning. What I mean by that, we all know those little things that makes us happy. Keep those things near (if even a happy thought). Adopt a "can do" attitude (maybe not today but I can do it). Realize it is our eyes that see the world. As our attitude changes, so does the world. Notice how we cause changes. The magic starts. Believe in ourselves. We are truly wonders. See it. know it. Then dream on; Create; Enjoy.

Let's dream on: Beethoven "Moonlight Sonata" (Cafe Del Mar version) 

Can dreams be complex 

1909 is the year Ray Newby, who was only 16 at the time, pioneered what has become a major cultural counterpoint. Today, the DJ world is a man's world with only 24% of DJs being female. The first DJ dance party was held in 1943, followed by the idea of using two turn tables in the 1950s. Why this brief history of DJs? Because Rudy Mancuso and Juanpa Zurita are dreaming of becoming DJs. 
Rudy and Juanpa becoming DJs? What's so complex about that? Just watch. "Terrible DJs | Rudy Mancuso, Juanpa Zurita & Marshmello" 

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The future belongs to those who believe 
in the beauty of their dreams. 
Eleanor Roosevelt



  1. Wonderful choice of poem compliamented by Beethoven's Moonlight sonata,
    I recall playing that on the piano when I was young, Wonderful memories.
    Thank you.


    1. Thank you. Wonderful knowing this made you drift for a while. I was a piano player too.

  2. Yeah, don't think anything we dream we can be. I'm sure I couldn't turn into Spiderman, but I can dream it lol have a realistic can do attitude though and away one can go.

    1. Good example. (but who knows the discoveries one might make) But a person with a "Can Do" attitude... Oo-la-la!
      Thank you once again for the great example.

  3. How wonderful dreams can be and how sweet you and Arlene were in the sprinklers! I very much enjoyed the poem as well.

    1. So glad this brought you enjoyment.
      Thank you for all of your support.

  4. I firmly believe we NEED to dream. And dream I do. Some may never become reality, and that is ok too.

    1. I believe dreams are very important too. It is amazing how close we can come.
      Thank you. Dream on...

  5. great poem and I loved your story about being playful in the sprinkler. A great lesson for your children.
    Dreaming is fun and I dream away easily on the moonlight sonata although I like the original one better.
    Interesting topic "if we can dream it we can be it" I think it is only true when what you dream is part of your purpose" At least that is what I like to believe :)

    1. I am happy that you really liked.
      I appreciate you sharing your thoughts.
      Thank you for stopping by.

  6. Dreams are the desires of the heart and the gateway to possibility. Through examining your dreams you can learn much about yourself, past, present and future. I am a vivid dreamer who dreams every night. Some mornings I may only remember a tidbit, but a tidbit is enough to get the wheels of the mind turning on the road to the desired destination.

    Where are you going? May your journey be safe and filled with wonder.

    How are you Martin?

    1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful dream. (it is very real)
      My journey is now my faith. But when I was young what dreams I made. I have been honored by many, even San Francisco.
      I have my wife and my memories to see me through the challenges ahead.

    2. Martin you have touched many lives and your life work and writings are a wonderful legacy of your journey in this world. Whatever challenges you face I am confident that creator will always walk with you in this realm and the one to come.

      Bright Blessings!

  7. An element of surprise when sprinklers come on and you aren't expecting.

    1. Thank you. That was a sparkling moment. I bet you had a few yourself.

  8. Hello, wonderful poem. I enjoyed your sprinkler story, what fun! Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend!

    1. Thank you. So glad to have given back for all of the joys you shared.
      The best in the days ahead.